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Coral’s sister came by last night to deliver her Christmas present that finally arrived in the mail.  She ordered Jimmy Eat World’s Clarity album on vinyl for her.

I’ve blogged before about how special this album is.  Growing up, I wasn’t too into JEW.  I knew their hits on the radio and lumped them (wrongly) in the bin with the other pop punkers of the late 90s/early 00s.  It wasn’t till Coral and I started firing up that I got a chance to listen to Jimmy Eat World.  She had told me she was a fan.  not a word of lie, I judged her…. congratulations, you like radio friendly pop songs.  But she quickly corrected that notion and fired up Clarity and even Static Prevails is a solid record.  After grounding in those discs, I was able to re-explore the more popular albums Bleed American and Futures with a new appreciation.

Wiki: Jimmy Eat World Discography

Jimmy Eat World is now one of my favourite bands.  Last night, Coral and I warmed up the LP player and listened to the record again.

Aside from my temperamental amp, it sounded good.  As much as I love collecting records and all the production and ceremony that comes with playing them, it is a little much always having to get up flip the record.  And Clarity is a double disc!

Coral stayed on the computer where she was hard at work crafting her new twitter profile (add her up! http://twitter.com/jesuiscoral ), but I put Mads to bed, fired up a pot of coffee, turned off the TV and most the lights and just sat on the couch listening.  Good times.

I came to the conclusion that if/when we get around to building or acquiring the new living room shelving Coral has planned, I’ll need a record cubby (oh and that new amp!).

If you’re new to the whole Jimmy Eat World thing… go download that entire Clarity record.  Then you can dive into Bleed American and Futures, then go back for the older stuff and Chase This Light.


Now that Coral is back home, she might get her blog turned back on and she made a twitter account.  I absolutely adore the graphic she used on her page.

Its from an artist named Audrey Kawasaki. So pretty.  We flipped through some of her art last night while listening to our LPs (after Jimmy Eat World we launched into The Rural Alberta Advantage).

Maybe when we get our finances squared away in the next couple months we can get a print for our home.


The other night I stayed up late to watch Vancouver’s Japandroids on Jimmy Fallon Show.

I love Japandroids, then i saw the show and was like… wow.  Sounded amazing, and the all the buzz, their t-shirts.  The guitar player guy was jamming out a plain-yet-bold shirt with Vancouver street names and the drummer had a CJSF t-shirt.

We had some talk on the twitter about trying to replicate a Victoria edition.  I’ll be sure to let you know if anything comes from the brainstorming online.


Lastly, I was reading Huckdoll the other day where she was talking (amongst other things) about the movie (500) Days of Summer.

She said how much she enjoyed the soundtrack, which both Coral and I also adore.  The big stand out song for us is by an Aussie band called The Temper Trap, “Sweet Disposition.”  You might recognize the song also from The Modern Rock Inbox on The Zone or on the TV for the Mercy TV show trailer.

Go with yourself.

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Doh!  I didn’t save the audio from my most recent interview with the Quin twins, Tegan & Sara.  But Two took pictures so I have photographic proof!

Interviewing Tegan :: 20091221

Interviewing Tegan :: 20091221

Sara and Tegan Quin :: 20091221


Ok, I wanna run and get a couple last minute presents and need to be back for noon to get the bird ready for the oven, the presents wrapped and the first rum and eggnog down the hatch (might even have a couple Winter Ales hiding somewhere).

So punch up Its a Capital Rock City Christmas! look at Eric Porchers’ inspirational Christmas message, try to find Vancityrockgirl’s Breakfast Muffins and I’ll see you maybe tonight at the Clubhouse or rapping at cha on The Zone on Boxing Day.

Oh that film 500 Days of Summer was cute… Mika Friday Night Lights chick is barely in it; but Zooey The chick from Elf is super adorable so its all good.  That’s all I got.

Merry Christmas …. with yourself?  sure.

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