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WATCH >> Nico Vega “Beast”


Nico Vega is a Los Angeles rock & roll band who busted into the mainstream’s consciousnesses when their 2009 single “Beast” was used in the TV commercial for the video game Bioshock.

Nico Vega is now soaring and getting ready to release their album Lead to Light.  They have a tour with Crash Kings gearing up. Check out the dates to see if one works for you.

Go with yourself.

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A Day late a bucks short.  I get it.

Ok, so Beast was on the show last Wednesday and I am a lazy fuck… so here is the interview today.

Interview: Beast


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John in the morning on KEXP turned me onto this music video.

Pretty video from classical composer Craig Armstrong featuring Evan Dando of Lemonheads fame.  Song is called ‘Wake Up in New York.’  Not gunna lie, I kinda want to live in New York at some point in my life, and I think Coral wouldn’t object to that.

and this is an interesting track that you can download if you like.

The group is called O+S and the song is ‘We Do What We Want to.”

Click and listen: O+S – ‘We Do What We Want To’

Not bad right?  Sorta dreamy and sweeping.


Montreal band Beast is on the show today at 3PM!  wow.  Tune in please.

Zone Show #170
@ Lucky Bar
Doors: 8PM and done in time for The Daily Show.

Go with yourself.

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Last night was the all candidates meeting.  It was an interesting time.  It was basically 14 people all saying the same thing, differently.  hmmm.

Earlier today I took part in the 2nd annual MARPAC (Maritime Forces Pacific) Media vs. navy hockey game.  It was a close one, but media did lose 6-4.  Navy potted an empty netter (my fault, I missed the puck when I had the chance) right at the end.

But man was it fun.  They treated us spectacularly, felt like a “real” hockey game.  Jerseys, marching band, national anthem, intermission.


I filled out a ton of questionnaires today in regards to the election.  I’ll post them tomorrow… This weekend, Coral and I will be doing some door knocking.  Next week we are taking a mini holiday to Port Angeles!  No, really, we are.  The boat is $12.50 each if we walk on.  We’ll find the cheapest motel we can walk to and we’ll wander the town. and maybe get drunk.  and probably get wet.  I think the rain has finally come and it ain’t leaving till March.


I created my Movember page.

Check it out and make a donation please.


Lastly… hmmm.  Some dude who was in the Power Rangers back in the day just got convicted for a horrific murder.


Yeah… its real… and terrible.

So that got me thinking about the Power Ranger… started getting the wikipedia all going (when I should be studying sewage treatement… bad Jeremy, bad!) and I stumbled on Amy Jo Johnson. The Pink Ranger.

Pink Ranger Amy now puts put music… and is on the CTV Police show “Flashpoint.”  Good for her.

I went to iTunes, and sure enough, she has a few albums.  They all sorta suck, but way to try.

Everything you need to know about Amy Jo Johnson.


Johnny B. Shields at the ole Zone Facotry is all about Beth Hart lately.

Beast’s “Mr. Hurricane” is the iTunes free single of the week.  Go get it!

Grey’s Anatomy was another gooder.  The show had some groovy indie rock as per.  I liked  the last track played.  Shady Bard’s “Torch Song.”

Myspace: Shady Bard

They also jammed out a track by Erin McCarley’s “Gotta Figure This Out”… but I think she is a socialist or someone that doesn’t care about money because her music… well the song featured on the show seen by millions today is not available for download… so no .99 cents for her.

MySpace: Erin McCarley

and I think the show featured Brazillian Girls doing “Good Times.”  Which is weird, but also wonderful.

Coral stumbled on this singer songwriter feller form Vancouver (kinda…. he seems to be a citizen of the world that has or maybe IS living in the terminal City).

I believe our hero, Sam Bradley is friends with Robert Pattinson… aka Edward the glittery vampire from the Twilight series.  And they wrote a song called “Too Far Gone.”

and its sorta good.

Myspace: Sam Bradley


OK, that is all I got.  I am tired.  i should have started writing earlier, because then I could have given more.  But right now, I want to jam out the songs I just blogged about and decompress.

Go with yourself.

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