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Happy Friday!  Today’s blog will feature the latest single by Biffy Clyro that you’ll be listening for on The Zone.   And we travel back in time to remember Walk The Moon’s earlier great single “Anna Sun.”

Biffy Clyro are a polished Scottish BIG ROCK band.  The muscular shirtless rockers we know and love from their hit “Many of Horror.”  2013 has the lads in fine form, touring the UK arenas, and putting all their emotions down on Opposites (March 12, Warner).  The lead feature is called “Black Chandelier.”

Biffy Clyro – “Black Chandelier”

Cruising the information super highway, I found an acoustic breakdown from Flux FM.

I dunno if I’m a sucker for accents or what, but these guys always remind me of Frightened Rabbit…like if FR listened to soaring hooky riffs and took their shirts off 84% more.

anna sun
So how about Cincinnati popsters Walk the Moon quickly becoming the hottest thing since Foster the People?  Their song “Tightrope” is blasting up the Modern Rock Countdown, and the interest in the group has people hungry to hear more…so we’ll go back in time to a song that was popular on American modern rock earlier in the year and on the blogs/satellite the year before that…. slow build from Walk the Moon.

Their song “Anna Sun” is punchy!

The music video is even more fun…it is so popular with their fans that people now dress up and do their makeup to reflect the video when hitting a Walk the Moon show.

Go with yourself.

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Yesterday it was Robbie Burns Day.  A day to celebrate the life of the great Scottish 18th century poet.  Today is Australia Day… like Canada Day but backwards and upside down… less snow, more Vegemite. (is there anywhere to buy Vegemite in Victoria?  huh.)

I have been listening to a few bands form both Australia and Scotland lately and thought… if ever there was time to merge a playlist of these two geographically opposite Nations… its today.

Mixcloud: Mixtape >> North Sea // Coral Sea

01) Frightened Rabbit – “Scottish Winds” Selkirk, Scotland
02) Altas Genius – “Trojans” Adelaide, Australia
03) Biffy Clyro – “Many of Horror (live)” Kilmarnock, Scotland
04) Gotye – “Eyes Wide Open” Melbourne, Australia
05) Twin Atlantic – “Free” Glasgow, Scotland
06) Twin Atlantic – “Crash Land” Glasgow, Scotland
07) Angus Stone – “Broken Brights”  Sydney, Australia
08) Angus & Julia Stone – “Big Jet Plane” Sydney, Australia

I hope you enjoy!

Thank you for listening and go with yourself.

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Nothing  like a popular modern rock power ballad to get your emotions flowing on Wednesday afternoon.

Biffy Clyro is an esteemed rock band from Scotland.  The lead singer has a beard, a Scottish accent and they use strings… must be good.

The song “Many of Horror” is by no means new… but its new for us here at the Zone.  I jammed this song out during the Modern Rock Inbox today and really enjoyed it.

I think Coldplay wrote this same song like 12 times… but… no beard.

Biffy Clyro – “Many of Horror”


I am a sentimental being.  I’ll never deny that.

Hey Rosetta‘s new single is “Welcome.” It was a song I always enjoyed on the Zone, but it wasn’t till I heard Pol Plastino’s interview with the band on M0nday and then re-listened to the song that it all made sense.

The song is about one of the band member’s god-child.  Its a young girl named Madelyn and she lives in Victoria.


I know right?  Fucked up.

So now I listen to the song as a song written for a new-born baby girl and the “welcome” part of “Welcome” makes so much sense.

Hey Rosetta! – “Welcome”


Yeesh, Switchfoot is never a good idea to me… well until just the other day.

I’ve been playing Switchfoot singles on the radio for a lotta years but this is a song that I never really heard before last weekend at the Inn Love Wedding event.

I DJ’d the fashion shows and the final cut they wanted was a string cover of “Dare You To Move.” <– click the link its a pretty song.

Getting that string version brought me into the original from Switchfoot and listening to that cut, I thought what a neat wedding song. (I am obviosly not the first to think that… that String band covers great wedding songs so brides can walk down the aisle).

Chatting up Ceara from Kool FM, she said that “Dare You To Move” would be the only Switchfoot song she’d ever recognize… and I was “huh, that is like the one song by them I’ve never heard.”  I read too much Pitchfork or something.

Switchfoot – “Dare You To Move”

Well… there we go, a power ballady freakout on a Wednesday.  if you’re getting married or having a baby, some songs to think about.

Go with yourself.

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