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Vancouver in November

Late November in Vancouver? Not bad…not bad.

I got a cover song for you today. Atlas Genius covering The Weeknd’s friend-zone anthem, “The Hills.”


Go with yourself.

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They say the rains are a comin’ to Vancouver this weekend. It might rain more in the next two days then it has rained all summer. And I’ll be taking a long weekend in Victoria while my wife is in Seattle. Ha. Ain’t that the way.

Decided I better get after THIS day as best I can with a Yolk’s food truck poached egg and seat with a view on the street.


Hey Music Blog reader… Jamie and I have been working on a new webseries taking you on a tour of Vancouver’s fine craft breweries. I’d love if you took less than 3 minutes to watch this. Maybe even share the video? Views are good. Thank you!


Tomorrow will see new records from Carly Rae Jepsen (who I kinda love right now) and Atlas Genius.

Ms Jepsen doesn’t have her new single on Soundcloud which is a major bummer. But Top 40…you know?

I’ll take this remix. It bangs.

If there is any justice in this world, Carly Rae Jepsen will have the biggest pop record of the year.

Atlas Genius channels a little Imagine Dragons with this cut from Inanimate Objects.

Have a great weekend!

Go with yourself.

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Beautiful day in Vancouver. Coral took the kids to the waterpark in Port Moody.

I have some music today from Atlas Genius. Atlas Genius have been teasing their upcoming record, Inanimate Objects, over the past few weeks. “A Perfect End” has the band working with Big Data.

Talking to Consequence of Sound the band says, “This song started as a jam we had with Big Data at our place in Los Angeles. I always have visions of a large, ornate, golden chandelier crashing to the ground when I think of this song. The end of one thing is always the beginning of something else, and there is always gold and diamond to be salvaged.”

Atals Genius will be hitting the road with Passion Pit….dates coming when they come. Look out! Record is out at the end of August.


Papermind remixed Lauv‘s “The Other.”

What a chill song.

That’s all I got. Off to Victoria with Coral this weekend. Talk to you next week. Go with yourself.

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atlas genius

Adalaide, South Australia’s preeminent bad boys Atlas Genius are back with a new record on August 28th called Inanimate Objects. The brothers Genius had a couple Much megahits on modern rock radio with “Trojans” and “If So.”

The new song is called “Molecules.” Sounds like Atlas Genius to me…bright, sunny pop rock that will slide in perfectly on one my summertime playlists. Maybe a perfect song for my trip to Kelowna this weekend. It is supposed to be 38 degrees by Sunday. I’m DJing at a nice lake front hotel. My wife’s Dad will likely have the boat out on the water some time. It should be a time. Yeah, Atlas Genius will sound great soundtracking the weekend.

You can pre-order the new record now if you’re into it…or catch up with the band as they continue to tour hard in the USA.

6/24 – New York, NY – Central Park SummerStage w/ The Kooks & Joywave
6/26 – Milwaukee, WI – Summerfest w/ The Kooks
7/11 – Denver, CO – KTCL Big Gig
7/16 – Albany, NY – WEQX Show
7/18 – Boston, MA – 92.9 Earthfest
7/24 – Columbus, OH – CD102.5 Show
7/25 – Detroit, MI – Mo Pop Festival
8/2 – Philadelphia, PA – WRFF Festival Pier
8/22 – Minneapolis, MN – Cultivate Festival

Go with yourself.

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atlas Genius

Aussie brothers Atlas Genius put out their first full length record, When It Was Now, in North America on February 19th.  This single, “If So,” first showed up as part of FIFA 2013 on your favourite video game system.

If you dig “Trojans” you are getting more of a good thing with “If So.”

Go with yourself.

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New York based Brother/sister group Blondfire have a Metric vibe if that’s your thing.

Then a remix!

They also do a delightful cover of Atlas Genius’ “Trojans” but I can’t find it online right now… and its time for a sandwich.

Go with yourself.

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Last weekend, I traveled to Sequim, Washington.  What a crazy and wonderful adventure.  I didn’t know you HAD to make a reservation for the Coho Ferry that goes from Victoria to Port Angeles.  I arrived two hours early Saturday morning and it was already full.  Well that fucking sucks Black Ball.  So it was a race to the BC Ferries, across the border, down the I-5.  West at Burlington, over a bridge, along a windy Whidbey Island road, another ferry to Port Townsend, around a bay and on to Sequim.  I arrived at 5PM, just in time for Stacy and Les’ wedding!  What a drive.

Their wedding ended earlier than I thought and there wasn’t much going on… so I went to Seattle.  I drove to Bainbridge Island, took another ferry and got to Seattle at 12:30AM!

I drove around Seattle for a bit then went, ahhhh I’ll just drive home.  Stopped around Mount Vernon and slept; woke up… and back home on the ferry 24 hours after I got on BC Ferries.   Good adventure, good people.

I woke up on Sunday to a couple emails alerting me to new comments on my blog.  Some chick going off on an old blog post about Puscifer.  Weird.  But that’s the internet, people that don’t know you, can discover an old blog post, take it out of context and shit on you.

Maybe I should delete the post?  She’s the second person to send me an angry tirade over a couple sentences.


I do have a great remix for you today.  I have been loving Atlas Genius’ song “Trojans” for awhile now.  Today I got a facebook message from my second best English Mate Rob letting me know about his new monthly mix.   Lots of cool jams.  My attention drifted to a remix from the Aussie band by Lenno.  nice.

Atlas Genius – “Trojans” (Lenno Remix)

Download MP3  >> Soundcloud

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Yesterday it was Robbie Burns Day.  A day to celebrate the life of the great Scottish 18th century poet.  Today is Australia Day… like Canada Day but backwards and upside down… less snow, more Vegemite. (is there anywhere to buy Vegemite in Victoria?  huh.)

I have been listening to a few bands form both Australia and Scotland lately and thought… if ever there was time to merge a playlist of these two geographically opposite Nations… its today.

Mixcloud: Mixtape >> North Sea // Coral Sea

01) Frightened Rabbit – “Scottish Winds” Selkirk, Scotland
02) Altas Genius – “Trojans” Adelaide, Australia
03) Biffy Clyro – “Many of Horror (live)” Kilmarnock, Scotland
04) Gotye – “Eyes Wide Open” Melbourne, Australia
05) Twin Atlantic – “Free” Glasgow, Scotland
06) Twin Atlantic – “Crash Land” Glasgow, Scotland
07) Angus Stone – “Broken Brights”  Sydney, Australia
08) Angus & Julia Stone – “Big Jet Plane” Sydney, Australia

I hope you enjoy!

Thank you for listening and go with yourself.

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It is funny how songs can get rooted in your head.  I have a couple currently battling to be played on repeat.  Dinosaur Bones, a couple AWOLNATION songs, Blitzen Trapper‘s new record… and this slinky pop song I heard on XM’s Alt. Nation last night.

Adelaide, SA is Australia’s 5th largest city and ranks high up on the list of Most Liveable Cities.  Turns out they have the internet or something too… as I was able to hear music from this Adelaidian? band Atlas Genius.

These kids seems all right by me.  The song reminds me of the underhanded bright shiny pop rock that’s been so hot as of late.  Bands like Phoenix and The Kooks get tossed around when describing.

Have a listen to this!

Atlas Genius – “Trojans”

Download MP3 >> Atlas Genius

I really wanna go to Australia sometime.  I think we’d get along.

Go with yourself.

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