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Glee TV star Cory Monteith and his band Bonnie Dune stopped by my radio show today for a special edition of My Turn.

Cory selected some of his favourite songs and hosted the show.  Then his band performed a couple songs live on the radio (for I think the first time).

I captured all the talky bits, the live songs and then the studio Bonnie Dune cut as well.  Its one 25 minute-ish file that you can download or stream.

My favourite part? Justin (lead singer/guitar) talking about his dream opening gig would be with Jimmy Eat World…. SWA? nice. Or Cory’s prediction that the Canucks take the San Jose Sharks in 4 games.

Cory Monteith on The Zone @ 91-3

Download MP3 >> May 13 Cory Monteith

And Michael Reid of the Times Colonist wrote a great article with some background on Monteith, Bonnie Dune and a wonderful shout-out to The Zone:  Times Colonist

Go with yourself.

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Cory Monteith is my homeboy.

Victoria’s favourite son, Cory Monteith took 5 on the set of Fox Broadcasting’s Glee to chit chat with me again on the radio.

Download: Cory Monteith on the Zone Afternoon Show, again

The first time Cory came on my show, we talked about growing up in Victoria and his rise to Hollywood to land on the popular TV show Glee.

We talked about his early indie rocker band Porchlife.

Then Cory honoured The ZAS with an epic shout out on The Hour.

This time, we pick up in Hollywood where Cory is hard at work on the set of season two of Glee.  He didn’t really want to talk about too many spoilers… they sing a Madonna song?

So I ask him, are you gunna be a movie star yet or what?  And he explains that process.  My phone connection with Mr. Monteith is kinda weak so most the interview is just me riffing off what I barely hear from him… I think I watch too many late night talk shows on TV.

That’s all I got, thank you for reading my blog.

Go with yourself.

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stolen without a gun from Cory Monteith's twitter @frankenteen

Last night (11/17 2009), Glee star Cory Monteith was the guest on Strombo’s The Hour.

If you click the link you can watch the episode; around the 38 minute mark George and Cory talk about his Victoria band Porchlife and Cory sends out some love for my podcast.  Thank you Cory!

Listen to the Segment: Cory Monteith Talks About Capital Rock City
The Original CRC Podcast: CRC #80

During the little segment, Cory couldn’t recall how I came up with Porchlife demos.  I got an email from a Zoner named Nick The Viking who sent me the demo files.  Thank you Nick! and thank you Cory for the mention on the CBC.  It may not have translated to a rush of hits for the podcast, but it made me feel like a rock star late last night.

Go with yourself.

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Download: The Wayback Guy Interviews Cory Monteith

This week on the Modern Rock Countdown, The Wayback Guy had the chance to sing with Glee star Cory Monteith.

The Wayback Guy is produced by Mr. Sheldon Hovde.

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Glee Cory Monteith

It was a magical few minutes I shared with Victoria’s Cory Monteith.  Cory plays the character Finn on the musical situation comedy Glee.

My day begun today trying to track down Cory (see, I supposed to interview him on Monday but uh oh… I forgot).  We were exchanging Facebook messages at around 10 something this morning when I heard Whoopi on The View (I watch it daily) say, “Coming up, actor Cory Monteith from Glee…”  SWA?  That’s a trip I am messaging the guy right now on Facebook.

Low and behold, in New York they have the internet and he messaged back.

Have a Listen: Cory Monteith on The Zone Afternoon Show

Cory and I talk about how great Whoopi is, how he landed the role of Finn on Glee, growing up in Victoria, his fave actor on Glee is Jane Lynch because she is hilarious, and he used to be in a band in Victoria called Porch Life AND they actually played a Zone show or two at Steamers opening for old Zone Bands of the Month!  wow.  Oh and he is friends with Tegan and Sara guitarist Ted Gowans.

OK, good talk.

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