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Langley punkers Gob have been making music and performing for over 20 years! The band has released 9 records over that time including 2014′s Apt. 13.  Gob will be playing a show July 3rd at The Imperial. I had a chance to chat with Theo from the band.


Current Swell

Victorian west coast roots rockers Current Swell have released a new song off their most excellent 2014 record Ulysses (seriously, the record is essential west coast listening). I have many favourites off the disc and “Bad News” is one of them. A somber cut, the music video talks about ”drug addiction is an illness, not a crime.”

We’ll get a chance to see Current Swell in Squamish on August 6th.

I love music. Go with yourself.

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This morning I awoke to a perfect and cold winter day (and still a scratchy throat).  Coral was running a bit behind and I still have the Chevy Cruze, so she asked me to take Mads to Step-Up to Pre-School.

Driving back to The Zone, I was jamming out Pol Plastino and he punched up Gob’s “Ming Tran.”

“Ming Tran” is from Gob’s 2002 ep F.U. EP.  I remember this record being big on the radio back when I worked at a Starbucks in Vancouver and we’d sing it all the time.

Back then, I used to listen to Gob all the time and play them on my radio show, The Morning After Show (hence the name of this here ole blog). My favourite, favourite Gob song was “Self-Appointed Leader” off 1998’s How Far Shallow Takes You. Back then, I didn’t really get how radio “works” so I’d call up David Hawkes (best DJ!) on CFOX at night and request the song. He’d tell me it was a great cut and take a minute to talk some Vancouver rock and roll with me and then play “What To Do” or some other Gob-esque type song that might have been getting a little attention.  Pop-punk (or ponk) was pretty popular in the late 90s and early 00s.

Gob – “Self-Appointed Leader”

I was pretty new at CiTR in the winter of 1998 and Gob’s record was new (and my show was a new Canadian music show so…..) and I played it quite a bit.

As I grew a bit more sophisticated in my musical taste, taking the bus out to Vancouver at least once a week, turning 19 and going to shows, and starting my own band… I really got into the Vancouver band By A Thread. Their debut album The Last of Daydreams came out in November of 1999 ( I think, no wikipedia for these guys that I could find).

I loved them.  I played this record on my radio show all the time and made a point to see them live when I could afford it and had the time.

By A Thread – “Surface”

By A Thread – “The World To Me”

To this day, The Last of the Daydreams remains one of my favourite records from those early mornings on the radio.

Listening now, it does sound a little dated and obviously, DIY. The album cover has graphic design of so many indie bands of the era… so sometimes its hard to separate the nostalgia from the quality.  But it doesn’t really matter.  By A Thread was a big part of my soundtrack growing up.

By A Thread – “Crushed Beneath”

Go with yourself.

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According to my Last FM page, here is what has been getting the most play at home over the past 7 days.

01) The National
02) Jimmy Eat World
03) Face to Face
04) By A Thread
05) Explosions in The Sky
06) Coheed and Cambria
07) Led Zeppelin
07) Braid
07) Fleet Foxes
10) The Frames
10) Grand Archives

That sounds about right.  As you might notice, heavily influenced by the top 20n records thing I wrote the other day, revisiting some albums.  And Explosions in the Sky get played all the time.  They’d be higher on the list, but their songs are about 8 minutes each, so they get half the spins of say… Face to Face.

In car, its all the new Franz Ferdinand or even some Gaslight Anthem.


Madelyn turns one next Tuesday.  The big birthday party in on Sunday, fun.

She almost walks, she almost talks… but almost doesn’t pay the bills! do better baby!


I was thinking about adding some work to make some more money.  Before I even advertised that I was looking for work (kinda, there were some emails and some rejections or no replies…), two companies contacted me looking for my expertise.  Neat.  No deals closed so no job attained yet.  But if it happens then I can’t wait to share some future projects on here.

The work will be welcome.

We decided to up our level of catering for the wedding a few notches (OK a bunch of notches!).  Our good friend Alix works for a company called Feys and Hobbs and they do A-list event food.  We had a fairly frugal budget but they asked to make a bid anyways.  Sure enough, their price was above what we could pay but the quality is way above… so two things happened… we asked our friend Alix to get on her knees (as in begged, nothing sexual  you filthies!) to her boss for us to get us a better price (achieved) and Coral’s father stepped up with a contribution for our catering.  So Coral and I are basically back to our old financial commitment for the B-level food but we can deliver the A-level experience to our family and friends.  Needless to say, Coral and I are very happy and grateful.

Thank you Alix and Rob and Roberta!

This generosity comes on top of money already contributed by my folks which (depending how much people drink) should cover the bar… so the next morning when you’re puking up my Feys and Hobbs in the toilet cuz you’re so hung over, you can cheers, Grandma Mom and Grandpa Jack!


It has been a challenging month for me but is now looking up.  The Clubhouse had a great crowd on Tuesday which I hope is the start of some momentum heading into Spring.  I have some stellar ideas and some contacts to try and make those ideas reality and finally a couple promising leads on some more work so I can pays me bills and save for our wedding.  Actually last night I started sketching out a game changer concept for wi-fi radio! whoa, blew my own mind last night.  Bad cuz I didn’t get much sleep, good because… well its a good idea.

Next week, an interview with the local author of the book “Becoming Batman,” Dr. Paul Zehr.  Capital Rock City has an interview with Carpenter, in town Friday to open for Gob @ Lucky Bar.  I am working on interviews with Chixdiggit and John Franco of By A Thread.

Go with yourself.

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