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Local homeboy Ross Crockford shows up on Living in the City to talk about what Victoria looked like in 1862! Like did you know… Johnson Street used to be a gully? a gully full of dead bodies!?! SWA? Fortunately, our fore-fathers/mothers… rightly fearing a zombie uprising, had prisoners move them to Pioneer Square on Quadra.  Now there are no more bodies (that we know of) buried under Johnson Street… yet the threat of Zombie apocalypse remains. Stay vigilant.

Listen to this! Living in the City – Victoria in 1862

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I am slowly beginning work on my epic historical podcast and step one is reading John Jewitt’s first person account of his stay on Vancouver Island.  Luckily his book is over 200 years old so it is free on the internet.  I have only read the introduction written by another Doctor years later.  He traveled to Vancouver Island in the 1860s, and his account of our region is amazing.  So worth the time to read.

The Adventures of John Jewitt

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*Phillips Brewing Company’s “Blue Buck.” picture courtesy of Ali The Zone Ranger

BOITANO!  What did you do?  This is why breweries in Victoria can’t have nice things.

Many moons ago, Phillips Brewery, the Pride of Esquimalt, was kindly persuaded by a Vancouver Brewer to change the name of the very popular Blue Truck beer to Blue Buck.

It was a sad time in the history of Victoria, but like generations past, we moved on.  Yet the indecencies continue.  Sara P and Boitano were invited to the Phillips for a Fringe Festival Party.  Sara would not confirm exactly how many IPAs Boitano had in his belly, but the man himself admitted… a “few.”  FYI… If you are ever pulled over by a cop and he asks, “have you had anything to drink tonight?”  You never answer, “a couple,” or “a few” unless you enjoy having your car towed.  You need to give an actual number… I learned that from a Vancouver City Cop… right…

So Boitano drinks a couple and then has to use the washroom and BAM!  Runs through the new Blue Buck robotic mascot and completely murders it!  Will it ever end for Matt Phillips?

Boitano has this to say for himself: I bet the Blue Buck was already broken when I LIGHTLY bumped it and it fell! Either way…I’m sorry Matt Phillips! – @Boitano913


Talking alcohol, yesterday the twittersphere barfed when Rod Phillips (no relation to Matt) posted on his twitter an unbelievable deal.  Be one of the first 50 people to re-tweet his post and you could purchase a bottle of wine for just two bucks!

You know that mantra, “if its too good to be true, it probably isn’t true?”  Well throw that shit out the window, because last night, I drank a bottle of $2 Spanish wine! Then I finished off an old bottle I had kicking around… and drank a beer.  Huzzah to a mid week drunk!  Thanks Rod.


I read this article today and thought it was neat.


Forgotten Expedition to Canada Revealed in Centuries Old Letter


I’d like to end the blog today talking about oranges.

I love them.

That is all, go with yourself.

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Coral and I got busy this weekend.  We have almost organized the homestead.  I went rooting through Madelyn’s closet and dug out the record player.  Just needed to find a home for it.  An adventerous trip out to Wal-Mart and we moved the TV off the mantle and onto a TV stand and now the record player has a home!

My record player is my old man’s that lived in our family home throughout most of the 80s and into the 90s.  It is a Hitachi Direct Drive Turntable HT-350.  I don’t know if that is a good record player or not, but it is the year 2009 and its still spinning 33s.  I had this old beast set up in my old Fernwood apartment.  The top is covered in wax from candles and there was a candle spill down one of my speakers.  The speakers are the newest part of the rig, my old man bought them for me as a present when I first moved out on my own or soon after.  The amp is an an ancient Kenwood KR-4600 from the 70s I bought at a flee market in Aldergrove (maybe ? or maybe Cloverdale) when I was living with Paul in the basement of that shithole in Burncouver.  Some guy had the bed of a pick-up truck full of old stereo equipment.  He sold me that Kenwood for $20.  He said, “kid, this Kenwood is older than you and it’ll work!”

These days, the amp has some connection problems when I fiddle with any of the knobs.  I might need to take my amp in for a tune up…and heck, the LP player could use a tune up too.  Alix was saying something about a store that sells juke-boxes out in Oak Bay or something where the guy can fix up and refurbish my archaic audiophile instrumentations.


Here is my weekly top 9!

01) The Replacements
02) The Decemberists
03) Boards of Canada
04) Explosions in the Sky
04) Maria Taylor
06) Braid
06) Bright Eyes
08) The Promise Ring
08) The National

God I love Sunday.


I have an exciting week coming up.  I have a new project that is paying me a good living wage to do what I do best.  When it is finished and my client is satisfied I’ll be sure to share it here.  It might be a new business venture for me.  I am jazzed on the concept because it is a job that remains focused on my core values as a person.  It feels good to get paid and recognized for what you fundamentally do.  Plus I can continue to rock the Zone and live in Victoria!  Those are such massive benefits.  I might actually start a real-life business and pay taxes and get a website and everything!  as Madelyn would say, “OooOoOoH  wow Da-dy.”

on the non-profit front, I have two new podcast ideas to try and launch in conjunction with Capital Rock City.  Both are spoken word and of a more serious nature.  I doubt I have the energy for both but I think I will try a demo of both a see what I like more.

The first idea is a history podcast.  Tackling a story or idea of Vancouver Island history every week.  I like history and there isn’t a good history podcast on the iTunes store… maybe I can be the guy that makes it.

The other idea is a farming podcast.  I am working with a farming family on Madrona Farm in Saanich on some fundraisers to help save their farm from the pressures of development.  The family are real characters with an encyclopedic knowledge of organic and sustainable farming.  It would be a shame to not share their passion for your food with you!  It’ll change the way the way you think about your salad greens, that’s for sure.

That said, if the podcast doesn’t get off the ground, a mighty rock concert will.  Details for the concert will play out on this blog as they develop.  If you’re in a band and you want to take part, please don’t be shy and fire me an email.

My coffee is running low and its almost time to flip the Fleet Foxes record to the B-side so I’m out like trout.

Go with yourself.

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