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Earlier today I blogged about Japandroids singer/guitarist Brian King’s Vancouver Street shirt.  See the video of him rocking that shirt!

Pol Plastino mentioned on the ole twitter machine that we should make up a Victoria version… and well, here is the prototype courtesy James_LRR.

We were inspired by Japandroids for the idea, but Adrian messaged me that the design for this shirt has roots from a Beatles t-shirt design.  This is a pretty cool: Experimental Jetset

So I guess my next step is finding a groovy t-shirt to print it on and someone to print it.  Anyone know how or who to get that part done?

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Wow, when was that video taken? Summer of this year?  Amazing how much more hair she has now.

We were at Zellers doing some shopping and Mads loved tearing through the store.  Just the other night we were in Zellers to buy some clothes for a family portrait and Mads bolted and started running through the aisles and displays of clothing.  It was quite the dash.  I wished I had a video camera strapped to her to film from her perspective and I posted:

I’d love to mount a video camera on Madelyn and set her loose in a Zellers. about 17 hours ago from TwitterBerry

Then James and Two tweeted back the technology exists!


@jeremy_baker it can be arranged.


@Jeremy_Baker I can hook you up with a camera. 🙂


Should we make a date?

Merry Christmas

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Thank you for finding Capital Rock City #80.  I hope you like my weekly indie rocker podcast so much you’ll consider sharing it with a friend, subscribing and rating/commenting on iTunes and of course, coming back next week for CRC 81 LIVE from the Black Stilt Coffee House.

Download: Capital Rock City #80


DJ Notes

01) Acres of Lions – “Dance Sequence”
02) Said the Whale – “Goodnight Moon”
03) Hannah Georgas – “The national”
04) Missing Starla – “Girlfriend in a Coma (III)”
05) Porchlife – “Who Are You”

The show starts with AOL’s new music video song “Dance Sequence.”  What a groovy video, if you haven’t seen it click here.

Acres of Lions are in action locally on Saturday the 14th when they support the Armchair Cynics.


I tell the story on the podcast about my daughter Madelyn’s current obsession with book the “Goodnight Moon.”  She is not the only one, Said the Whale wrote a song inspired by the book (and its not the only literarialy inspired song on the podcast this week… how smart).

Hannah Georgas wrote a song about The National!  I *heart* The National so I had to hear this song.  So pretty.  what a gem.

Twitter: Said the Whale
Twitter: Hannah Georgas

Missing Starla finally heard an old podcast I did where I told the story about their name.  Victor sent me an email:

(…) The first is a slow mellow song called Girlfriend in a Coma Part III. It’s a song inspired by Douglas Coupland’s Book called, Girlfriend in Coma, which was inspired by the Smiths song: Girlfriend in a Coma(hence the part III). What’s also interesting about this song is that it is in a contest on ourstage.com and is riding in 15th out of 593 entries. So, if people want to go and vote for it or other independent artists they can do so at http://www.ourstage.com (…) Awhile back on your show you talked about the band Missing Starla and how they got their name. It seems we share a link: Irene and Derrick have come to some of our earlier shows ha!. We wanted to thank you for mentioning us on your show. Sorry, it took so long we recently got word that there was a blurb about us at the Zone through Franco.

If you are interested we would love to do a feature with you or be involved somehow with your show. Here is a link to our webpage: http://www.missingstarla.com

Presently, we are playing a show in Langley on the 12th, back in Vancouver for the 28th at the Yale and real soon going to start working on a new record.

Once again, thank you so much for that blurb, we appreciated it and I hope we can work together one day soon.

All the best,

Missing Starla


and show ends with a classic Vic indie rocker, Porchlife.  Wow, my email from Nick the Viking sums this up best:

Hey man – I’m sending you 6 files via yousend it – 2 demo tracks and 4 lives tracks from Porchlifewe found em in an old pizza pops box haha


the sound on the demos is ok, i’m sure you’ll cringe at the live stuff though.

the band was made up of Steve Baker, vocals (still doing music, just not publicly much unfortunately – has a killer voice!) – Ted Gowans, guitar (now Tegan and Sara)- Dono Rush, bass (now hitting the charts on Kool FM with Santa Clara) – Cory Monteith, drums (some actor or something I think…haha)

it was recorded in 2001 and I think the demo tracks were done by Adam Sutherland back when he was in Limestone! crazy.

enjoy man.



Good times.  Thank you for downloading my show and I hope you’ll take the time to share the link with a friend.  Talk to you next week.

Go with yourself.

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*Phillips Brewing Company’s “Blue Buck.” picture courtesy of Ali The Zone Ranger

BOITANO!  What did you do?  This is why breweries in Victoria can’t have nice things.

Many moons ago, Phillips Brewery, the Pride of Esquimalt, was kindly persuaded by a Vancouver Brewer to change the name of the very popular Blue Truck beer to Blue Buck.

It was a sad time in the history of Victoria, but like generations past, we moved on.  Yet the indecencies continue.  Sara P and Boitano were invited to the Phillips for a Fringe Festival Party.  Sara would not confirm exactly how many IPAs Boitano had in his belly, but the man himself admitted… a “few.”  FYI… If you are ever pulled over by a cop and he asks, “have you had anything to drink tonight?”  You never answer, “a couple,” or “a few” unless you enjoy having your car towed.  You need to give an actual number… I learned that from a Vancouver City Cop… right…

So Boitano drinks a couple and then has to use the washroom and BAM!  Runs through the new Blue Buck robotic mascot and completely murders it!  Will it ever end for Matt Phillips?

Boitano has this to say for himself: I bet the Blue Buck was already broken when I LIGHTLY bumped it and it fell! Either way…I’m sorry Matt Phillips! – @Boitano913


Talking alcohol, yesterday the twittersphere barfed when Rod Phillips (no relation to Matt) posted on his twitter an unbelievable deal.  Be one of the first 50 people to re-tweet his post and you could purchase a bottle of wine for just two bucks!

You know that mantra, “if its too good to be true, it probably isn’t true?”  Well throw that shit out the window, because last night, I drank a bottle of $2 Spanish wine! Then I finished off an old bottle I had kicking around… and drank a beer.  Huzzah to a mid week drunk!  Thanks Rod.


I read this article today and thought it was neat.


Forgotten Expedition to Canada Revealed in Centuries Old Letter


I’d like to end the blog today talking about oranges.

I love them.

That is all, go with yourself.

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This is pretty cool, The Silversun Pickups are on their way to Victoria for a Zone Show tonight and included a picture on their twitter of the Ferry ride.

Yesterday, when I was on the ferry, back from our Kings of Leon concert adventure, we saw whales!  no rock stars, but man, there were so many whales out there on the water.

KOL was a fun shit show.  Coral, Alyx, Gord and I bee-lined downtown to this little pub called Dix.  Dix serves up its own micro-brew, Red Truck.  Why do we know and love Red Truck in Victoria?  Because that fine brewery sued our friend Matt Phillips and made him stop brewing his Blue Truck. (I mean calling it “Blue Truck,” he still brews it as Blue Buck).

What ever, I forgive and I order and you know what?  Good, no Blue Truck, but a quality micro-brew at a decent price consider we were in the tourist ghetto on Vancouver.  Prices were actually pretty decent at Dix.  James and Holly showed up with James’ brother and James let us know you can eat peanuts by the bucket in Dix and toss the shells on the floor Big Bad Johns style.  Fun.

Coral and I wobbled over to GM Place after the Whigs, a couple more beers and KOL hit the stage jamming out one of my fave tracks, “Be Somebody.”

Txts from that night:

me: they totally played sex is on fire!

james: I got crabs!

me: Hey remember that time holly gave me the aids?

James: Remeber that time they played sex is on fire and I got a total semi

They basically jammed out all the hits, good set, humble guys, loud crowd then back to Coquitlam for some John B. Pub.

My sister, her BF and my brother Matt joined us and we slammed back some dirt cheap Molson.  The cover band asked for requests and I said, “KING OF LEON, SEX ON FIRE!”

The band said, “only if you sing it!”

OK.  Um, my sister has the footage somewhere.

The next day was a sunny one and we headed to the water park in Port Moody which is one of the finest family parks I’ve ever seen.  I think I have a new mission from god, and its to build a water park in Esquimalt.


right, dreams aside.  Good times.

Go with yourself.

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I blogged about the fine man, Daniel Delaney last week.  He is the guy who has the mighty job of traveling North America and reviewing  street food.  Lucky!

Check out his show: Vendr.tv

We ended up becoming BFFs on Twitter and we unleashed its awesome power to hook up a quick Q&A.

Do you care to listen? then click right…. HERE

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Just in case you missed it.

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well that is the forecast.

I have always been pro-snow.  I am wee bit concerned if it dumps and dumps tonight while I am DJing.  I know the Jeep will fine, but what if it scares people away from tipping pints?  I am some what encouraged by this story in the Times Colonist today.

Shoppers Out in Force Despite Snow

+++ uh oh, just got word from Bret at the Strath:

Hey man,
Just got our of the managers meeting and as the weather looks poor tonight I have been instructed to cancel the show. They think the clubhouse will close early. Sorry man.


And once again, David Armano blows my marketing mind.

The Human Feed

Go with yourself.

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