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*Phillips Brewing Company’s “Blue Buck.” picture courtesy of Ali The Zone Ranger

BOITANO!  What did you do?  This is why breweries in Victoria can’t have nice things.

Many moons ago, Phillips Brewery, the Pride of Esquimalt, was kindly persuaded by a Vancouver Brewer to change the name of the very popular Blue Truck beer to Blue Buck.

It was a sad time in the history of Victoria, but like generations past, we moved on.  Yet the indecencies continue.  Sara P and Boitano were invited to the Phillips for a Fringe Festival Party.  Sara would not confirm exactly how many IPAs Boitano had in his belly, but the man himself admitted… a “few.”  FYI… If you are ever pulled over by a cop and he asks, “have you had anything to drink tonight?”  You never answer, “a couple,” or “a few” unless you enjoy having your car towed.  You need to give an actual number… I learned that from a Vancouver City Cop… right…

So Boitano drinks a couple and then has to use the washroom and BAM!  Runs through the new Blue Buck robotic mascot and completely murders it!  Will it ever end for Matt Phillips?

Boitano has this to say for himself: I bet the Blue Buck was already broken when I LIGHTLY bumped it and it fell! Either way…I’m sorry Matt Phillips! – @Boitano913


Talking alcohol, yesterday the twittersphere barfed when Rod Phillips (no relation to Matt) posted on his twitter an unbelievable deal.  Be one of the first 50 people to re-tweet his post and you could purchase a bottle of wine for just two bucks!

You know that mantra, “if its too good to be true, it probably isn’t true?”  Well throw that shit out the window, because last night, I drank a bottle of $2 Spanish wine! Then I finished off an old bottle I had kicking around… and drank a beer.  Huzzah to a mid week drunk!  Thanks Rod.


I read this article today and thought it was neat.


Forgotten Expedition to Canada Revealed in Centuries Old Letter


I’d like to end the blog today talking about oranges.

I love them.

That is all, go with yourself.

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Our baby girl Madelyn turned one on Tuesday.

And because I yap on the radio for a living, I talked about oranges (and Madelyn).  Dad better send one out to Maddy O on her birthday during the Picks @ 6!

Have a Listen: I am Happy For Two Reasons


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