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Jam opened a new location in Vancouver on Beatty….I walked by it the other day around 11AM…and it was not too busy. Returned today with Jack and Coral, lined up down the block. Bullshit man.

No worries…Meat & Bread was just down the street, so we went there. Great tunes smashing while we ate meatball sandwiches.

Go with yourself.

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Wow, just like that and Christmas is over. The adventures, good times, family, presents, dinners, treats. All done.  Back to the grind.

And what does the DJ who has everything get for Christmas?  Music silly.

My lovely sister-in-law Alyx found me a couple vinyl records to add to the collection.  The first up is the Japandroids’ second record which is actually a collection of their first two EPs.

No Singles ain’t blowing my mind in awesomesauce.  But even a casual reader of my blog should know they are one of my favourites and this record helps in my collection (though oddly I don’t have Post Nothing on vinyl?  weird.)

Where maybe the musical immaturity  falls a little short, the vinyl packaging is great.  Beautiful white vinyl, nice cover and the record comes with a picture book of the Japandroids life circa 2006-2008.  Lots of concert shots from little bars mostly in Vancouver and poster art.

It was funny… for Christmas I didn’t really ask for anything… but come to think of it… and it took my brother reminding me, I needed a new amp for my record player.  Actually, my brother thought that was what I was gunna for him. Derrrrrr…. hmmm, his 30th Birthday is when?  November?  Maybe then?

If you see or have an old amp for sale, let me know!  I want two of them.  One for me, and one for CJ.

Alyx was a doll and got me TWO records… and I guess she reads the blog as she knew that one of my great misses of 2010 was being slow to the resurgence of the Deftones.  She said she was going to try and track Around the Fur down for me, but no dice.  So Diamond Eyes it is!

My man Jon Williams talked far more eloquently on his Top 10 of 2010 than I will here as I am still new to the record and learning the songs.  I only had a chance to drop the needle on this record once and it was Christmas morning, uhhh, yeah, didn’t mesh then.  But maybe a different time it will.

Coral and my folks both got me iTunes gift cards! Huzzah… so tonight I took some chances on some albums that got great hype over the year on Pitchfork but I was unsure on.

Sleigh Bells, LCD Soundsystem, James Blake, and Flying Lotus.

Getting a bunch of new music can be blessing (well it is) but also a curse in that of these 6 new records… some will rise to the surface with repeat plays and some sadly will drift away.  Maybe I’ll blog in a month on what is still getting plays and what is not.

The Flying Lotus and James Blake will be good electronic music in the lounge for the nights when I feel more modern and less classics.  Maybe LCD Soundsystem has a party rocker or two that can go in a progressive dance set and Sleigh Bells will live in the indie/eclectic playlist for now… but we’ll see with repeat listens where they end up.

Lastly a couple singles.

Cage the Elephant‘s new record Thank You, Happy Birthday is out in January… the single is “Shake Me Down” and both Coral and I love it on the Zone… so it can live on my computer for home listening for sure.  In fact… this is a 45 I want to find too.

The other single is kinda silly, but I got the song stuck in my head and this is the best I could on iTunes.

Coral has had a fairly hilarious and ultimately fulfilling fascination with the straight to video British tween drama Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging… based on the popular book series  Confessions of Georgia Nicolson. I suppose in Coral’s defence, she might have been 16 when the first one came out?  So nostalgia compelled her to watch the film adaptation what 3 times?  In the last 3 days?  Go on-demand video!

The story centres on  15 year old Georgia and you know… boys.  errr, they’re so infuriating sometimes you know.

She falls for a one Mr. Sex God and wouldn’t you know it, he’s in a band!  The  Stiff Dylans… great band name, and they play a song a bunch in the film called “Ultra Violet.”

I searched for the song on iTunes, but no dice… some more searching and I found it by a singer named Joanna.  That’s it, that’s her stage name… back to branding school for her… or American idol? or whatever, but the song sure enough is on there.  So I downloaded it.  And its terrible, not in a good way.  Doh, that .99 gone to the Itunes monster.

Now I’m thinking?  Do I download a couple Bruce Springsteen records?  Some 50s jams?  Or call it a night and leave my iTunes windfall for another night?

OK, good talk.

Go with yourself. 

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