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Wow, just like that and Christmas is over. The adventures, good times, family, presents, dinners, treats. All done.  Back to the grind.

And what does the DJ who has everything get for Christmas?  Music silly.

My lovely sister-in-law Alyx found me a couple vinyl records to add to the collection.  The first up is the Japandroids’ second record which is actually a collection of their first two EPs.

No Singles ain’t blowing my mind in awesomesauce.  But even a casual reader of my blog should know they are one of my favourites and this record helps in my collection (though oddly I don’t have Post Nothing on vinyl?  weird.)

Where maybe the musical immaturity  falls a little short, the vinyl packaging is great.  Beautiful white vinyl, nice cover and the record comes with a picture book of the Japandroids life circa 2006-2008.  Lots of concert shots from little bars mostly in Vancouver and poster art.

It was funny… for Christmas I didn’t really ask for anything… but come to think of it… and it took my brother reminding me, I needed a new amp for my record player.  Actually, my brother thought that was what I was gunna for him. Derrrrrr…. hmmm, his 30th Birthday is when?  November?  Maybe then?

If you see or have an old amp for sale, let me know!  I want two of them.  One for me, and one for CJ.

Alyx was a doll and got me TWO records… and I guess she reads the blog as she knew that one of my great misses of 2010 was being slow to the resurgence of the Deftones.  She said she was going to try and track Around the Fur down for me, but no dice.  So Diamond Eyes it is!

My man Jon Williams talked far more eloquently on his Top 10 of 2010 than I will here as I am still new to the record and learning the songs.  I only had a chance to drop the needle on this record once and it was Christmas morning, uhhh, yeah, didn’t mesh then.  But maybe a different time it will.

Coral and my folks both got me iTunes gift cards! Huzzah… so tonight I took some chances on some albums that got great hype over the year on Pitchfork but I was unsure on.

Sleigh Bells, LCD Soundsystem, James Blake, and Flying Lotus.

Getting a bunch of new music can be blessing (well it is) but also a curse in that of these 6 new records… some will rise to the surface with repeat plays and some sadly will drift away.  Maybe I’ll blog in a month on what is still getting plays and what is not.

The Flying Lotus and James Blake will be good electronic music in the lounge for the nights when I feel more modern and less classics.  Maybe LCD Soundsystem has a party rocker or two that can go in a progressive dance set and Sleigh Bells will live in the indie/eclectic playlist for now… but we’ll see with repeat listens where they end up.

Lastly a couple singles.

Cage the Elephant‘s new record Thank You, Happy Birthday is out in January… the single is “Shake Me Down” and both Coral and I love it on the Zone… so it can live on my computer for home listening for sure.  In fact… this is a 45 I want to find too.

The other single is kinda silly, but I got the song stuck in my head and this is the best I could on iTunes.

Coral has had a fairly hilarious and ultimately fulfilling fascination with the straight to video British tween drama Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging… based on the popular book series  Confessions of Georgia Nicolson. I suppose in Coral’s defence, she might have been 16 when the first one came out?  So nostalgia compelled her to watch the film adaptation what 3 times?  In the last 3 days?  Go on-demand video!

The story centres on  15 year old Georgia and you know… boys.  errr, they’re so infuriating sometimes you know.

She falls for a one Mr. Sex God and wouldn’t you know it, he’s in a band!  The  Stiff Dylans… great band name, and they play a song a bunch in the film called “Ultra Violet.”

I searched for the song on iTunes, but no dice… some more searching and I found it by a singer named Joanna.  That’s it, that’s her stage name… back to branding school for her… or American idol? or whatever, but the song sure enough is on there.  So I downloaded it.  And its terrible, not in a good way.  Doh, that .99 gone to the Itunes monster.

Now I’m thinking?  Do I download a couple Bruce Springsteen records?  Some 50s jams?  Or call it a night and leave my iTunes windfall for another night?

OK, good talk.

Go with yourself. 

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The march to 1,000 weekly downloads of Capital Rock City continues with… uh, you downloading my podcast?  But it really kicks into gear when you unleash the social media revolution and share my work with your friends and ex-boyfriends.

Be groovy, download: Capital Rock City #69 TODAY!


DJ Notes:

01) Saul – “Wasteland Anthem”
02) The Paper Cranes – “The Cavalier
03) Lizzie and Simon – “Mermaids and Kings”
04) Cage The Elephant – “Back Against The Wall (live)”

The more I listen to Saul’s latest work, the more I am impressed by the chunky fullness of the sounds.  I do have a soft spot in my heart for riff-rock (I grew up in the suburbs of Vancouver jamming out CFOX) and this music kinda reminds me of Chevelle.  I don’t know what will propel Saul to an opening slot of a Hinder concert, being a “rock” band can be a hard row to sow with a song about cheating on your girlfriend or drugs (of hopefully both).  I am not sure if I’ve heard that break-out single from Saul yet… but maybe after a couple more listens.  A few weeks back I jammed out a track called “Never Enough” and that song had a nice hook, so maybe I’ll need to revisit that cut or maybe a couple cuts for CRC #70.  If you have some thoughts, I’d always love to hear them, in the comment section of my blog (or http://www.thezone.fm/jeremy readers can email me jeremy@thezone.fm).

I have a minor obsession with the CBC show The Tudors.  I just discovered the program recently, and outside of the news and hockey, its the only reason I visit the Ceeb these days.  The King in The Tudors is such a dick, but all the lady’s of the court are smoking hot, so I can see why the dude was always fucking anything in a dress and not managing his realm very effectively.

This attitude would eventually… well a century later, boil over to the First English Civil War. Supporters of the then King Charles would be called cavaliers.  A cavalier is either, depending on which end of the pike you were standing, bold, dashing, religious, loyal, Calvary men of the King or… godless, drinking, frivolous men. I’ll need to have another listen to the Paper Cranes cut to hear who Ryan is singing about.  I did like the prayer of one Cavalier before battle: “O Lord, Thou knowest how busy I must be this day. If I forget Thee, do not forget me.”

Liz Beattie sent me a track to feature on my podcast this week, “Mermaids and Kings.”  its alright, I like “Wherever You Go” from last week’s show so much better.

*photo courtesy of Two

The show ends with a clip from chit-chat/live performance with Cage The Elephant.  The song they played is called “Back Against The Wall.”

That’s all I got, thank you for downloading my podcast and please take a moment to find it in iTunes music store.  You could rate it (highly I hope) leave a comment, subscribe to it… sure.  And if you liked the show, maybe you’ll tell a friend about it.

Go with yourself.

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thanks Two for the awesome pictures. *all pictures are from Two in this post.

Monday night had a trifecta (I don’t know if that is a word or not), Monday night had three great modern rock bands invade our Island for a show at The Royal Theatre.

Before the concert all three bands came by The Zone to hang out and The Silversun Pickups and Cage The Elephant made it to The ZAS.

Here is the audio of their interviews/live performances.


Check out the stream of the event at http://thezone.fm/jeremy

we had some technical issues during the Silversun Pickups of our broadcast feed (which is what this recording is of) so the first couple songs are heavily distorted which is a real shame.  The end of the performance is decent.

The interview with SSPU was a little more awkward as we couldn’t hear each other too wel and were on a stage with everyone, so it takes me a second to get comfortable… so yeah, first half of the interview is a little weak and I apologize for that, but our second talk about the recoding process half way through the set is a little bit better.  Brian gets all James Hetfield at the performance and away we go.  Brian is singing/guitars and Nikki is playing bass.

They perform four songs:

01) “Growing Old is Getting Old” (worst of the audio)
02) “Panic Switch”
talk about recording/song craftsmanship/drilling holes in pianos
03) “Substitution”
04) “Lazy Eye” (best of the audio)

After the show on Monday, you might have found the SSPU playing bubble hockey in the Games Room of the Strathcona Hotel.

Check out the stream of the event at http://www.thezone.fm/jeremy

Matt Schultz and I talk about who he likes better, SSPU or Manchester Orchestra, what is better? a tour bus or hotel room, what are some of his favourite bands, who is he singing about in the song “In One Ear” and what is the best part of the great state of Kentucky.

I thought the interview was alright, but later that night at the Royal, I ran into Matt (he was hanging out drinking and watching the other bands in the seats with all us plebes) he was very apologetic.

After the show the groups was off to drink at local peeler bar The Fox.  (and Manchester Orchestra was at Smiths for pints).

The band performed a couple songs with brother Brad and guitarist Lincoln.


01) “Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked”
02) “Back Against the Wall”

I hope you enjoy.

Read Mike Devlin’s Review in the Times Colonist

Two’s Flickr inclusing pics of CTE and SSPU
Two’s Vimeo of the live performances


Go with yourself.

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I have this Plants and Animals t-shirt that I love love love.  Whenever I wear it out in public, people always come up to me and say, “Plant Sand Animals… ha ha, nice.”  I just nod and smile, its not worth correcting them.

I had one of those magical weekends filled with family, friends, sun and lakes.

On Sunday, Coral and I packed Mads, her Mom and sister up in the Jeep and headed to her Uncle and Aunt’s place on the beach of Lake Cowichan.

Lake Cowichan reminds me so much of summer’s at Bob’s cabin at Christina Lake.  For the hour and a bit drive from the city to Cowichan I quickly crafted a playlist.  Here are some selected faves from the list.

Off to Cowichan

01) Phoenix – “Love Like a Sunset Part 1”
02) Phoenix – “Love Like a Sunset Part 2”
03) Phoenix – “1901”
04) Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – “Zero”
05) The Rural Alberta Advantage – “The Ballad of the RAA”
06) The Rural Alberta Advantage – “Four Night Rider”
07) Cage the Elephant – “Ain’t No Rest for The Wicked”
08) Foals – “Balloons”
09) Friendly Fires – “Jump in The Pool”
10) Hadoukan! – “Declaration of War (Whip Remix)”

The first ten tracks are a great illustration of what I’ve been feeling lately.

Phoenix have this epic instrumental cut on track 4 of their album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.  I always thought it would have sounded for more promising as the opening of the record, but hey, I’m not a French rock star.  Its a very pretty slow jam and I think it lends itself well to the radio hit, “1901.”

“1901” is where we pick this show up and the design was, we’d be just climbing into the Jeep during our opening track, adjusting volumes, doling out the McDonald’s breakfast and getting the A/C set… by the time we were on the highway and feeling good, “1901” would be firing up and the drive could really begin.

After picking up Alyx we b-lined for the Douglas and headed north.  Coral’s current obsession is the YYY’s “Zero.”  She can’t hear it enough so it had to come with us.

I have the Rural Alberta Advantage in my head most days lately… I thought I better add a couple.  I love to sing along to RAA at the top of my lungs and really strain to find the emotion in the songs.

Cage the Elephant is one of Coral’s Mom’s fave son the radio right now, neat.

Foals have that fine dancey rock beat going on, this would be a great example of something I’d fire up at The Clubhouse on a Thursday.  Then some chick would fly upstairs because she can’t dance to it.  I laugh (on the inside) apologize for have the audacity to play something interesting and quickly find something retarded that everyone knows the words to and the cycle continues.  Whatever, its a small victory if I can get a few punchy ones in before the request for Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” comes in.

Friendly Fires and Hadoukan! are also what I call alternative dance songs… I think, if /when I become a better vinyl/serato DJ and look the part, you know… I’ll belt my jeans just below my bum and wear some sort of 80’s neon either on a t-shirt of fanny pack…  I’ll be able to pull off spinning this music in a nightclub and not be bothered about it.

As it stands now, thou Hadoukan! should change any young lovers dancing world, it does not. To be honest, I didn’t get it the first couple listens either, but now the song “Declaration of War” lives in my brain.  This song might make a gnarly workout track for you kids that actually… you know, work out.

I guess I better hit The Patch to find me something ironic to wear and practice my DJing.

This video is not the Whip remix, but a groovy video still.

Go with yourself.

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I enjoyed an amazing BC Day weekend.  Saturday, my fiancee Coral and I took Madelyn to Beacon Hill Park to feed the ducks then off to Bear Mountain Stadium to watch the Victoria Rebels defeat the Okanagan Sun 34-21 in their football season opener.  Sunday we trucked off to Lake Cowichan for a day of swimming, beach, boating and sun.  I am a little sun burned.  The playlist for the drive up included Coral’s current fave, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Zero,” some Cage the Elephant, Phoenix, Interpol, Japandroids and The Rural Alberta Advantage.  Plus some electro sounding Hadoukan!

Monday, back to it broadcasting a BC Day holiday program.

Holidays are always a little slow on the Zone Phone (250-475-0913) but my-oh-my, the first three phone calls set up a “one of those” type of days moment.

The first call was some champion trying to be funny, “why do all radio DJs sound the same?

Then someone wanted to know if it was true that Lady Gaga is of The Third Sex?

and finally, Hep C outbreak at Thetis Lake.

Those were my first three calls sitting down for a BC Day afternoon… ahhh good times.

Download: BC Day on the Zone Phone

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and I wanted to include the Silversun Pickups but they did not want to be included as they “disabled embedding by request.”  c’est dommage Silversun Pickups.

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