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“Feels like there’s oceans between you and me.”

Ugh… sometimes a song comes up on the music stream that just nails it.

“I want you, from somewhere within.”

I heard the Seafrit song “Oceans” today…what a perfect song for a grey day living across the Salish Sea from Coral and the kids.

I know the Georgia Strait is not that great a distance and I’m being dramatic. Still, this song is a gem.

Hey how about this Snow Patrol song about love and distance?


Since we’re hanging out in folktown, let’s have a listen to the Folktronica stylings of Howard. The dude is from Brooklyn. His record is called Religion. Sounds good like the type of song you’d hear in a Zach Braf movie.

Happy Tuesday! Off to Hindenberg again tonight to check out CiTR’s Shindig. If you’re in Vancouver and going out, see you there!

Go with yourself.

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Dear internet,

Feels good to be back to a kind of regular day at the radio factory.  Today I only met Jim Pattison, Canada’s forth richest billionaire.  Yesterday I was wandering around East Vancouver in the rain at 7:45AM.  Its been a couple of interesting days to say the least.

Monday, I hopped on the ferry with 100.3 The Q! music director Scott James to see Ed Sheeran and Snow Patrol at their sold out Orpheum show.

It was a bit of a whirlwind as Scott and I rushed to the 3PM ferry to discover it full.  We walked on and abandoned Scott’s choice 1991 Honda CR-X.  We took the PCL into Vancouver and checked into the Rosedale on Robson. No sooner had our bags hit the bed, we were taking the elevator down for a quick pint and then the show.

The Orpheum was packed for the show.  Ed Sheeran is a young gentleman from the UK via Hollywood (or vise versa?  He was born in the UK, but moved to LA).  There was a considerable amount of hype surrounding this folky-hip hoppstery-beat boxer (seriously he does a variety of things).  Immediately I ran into a group of girls excited for Ed!  His show was exceptional… I’d say my biggest concern was that it was too short.  I’d be surprised if he played more than 4 songs.  You can tell he is young and enjoying the crowds.  He is still learning how to handle the huge audience… Musically; he was on-point.

I personally prefer his folky Damien Rice type stuff over the beat-boxing raps about his ginger hair.  That is why I recorded his hit, A-Team.

Ed Sheeran – “A-Team” (live 20120430 Vancouver)
Download MP3 >> Ed Sheeran – A Team

Snow Patrol headlined the show.  I had heard through the hype-machine that Ed Sheeran was blowing SP off the stage every night.  I didn’t get that vibe myself.  Not because Ed Sheeran was bad, but because Snow Patrol’s sound and stage is just bigger.  Ed can’t… he was one guy beat boxing and layering his own music.  Impressive trick for sure… but Snow Patrol sounded way bigger and fuller.  Plus they had the lights and screens…

Scott was at the Coldplay show the other day in Vancouver and basically likened Snow Patrol to a little Coldplay.  Snow Patrol is good, but Coldplay are the masters.  And I think what I took from Scott after seeing both Snow Patrol and Coldplay… is that Coldplay is one of the biggest bands in the world for a reason. But we couldn’t quite pin down what that reason is… Scott says a lot of what Snow Patrol does, Coldplay does, but with Chris Martin it came off as more believable?

Gary Lightbody is flying around the stage, doing a humility schtick, talking to the audience and being very flamboyant and upfront.  And then there were maybe 6 other guys back in the shadows behind him making the music.

The set also felt light for me, which is probably good… I was never bored or scratching my head during a song selection.  They played most the hits from all their records and they played my favourite song “Set Fire to the Third Bar” off Eyes Open.  I hit record (a little late) for this song.

Snow Patrol – “Set Fire to the Third Bar” (live 20120430 Vancouver)

Download MP3 >> Snow Patrol – Set Fire to the Third Bar

After the show, it was a quick beer then bed as we had to be on an early ferry… but seeing as things weren’t going right for Scott and I… we missed the PCL Bus at 7:30 and had to wait till 9:30AM.

Rolling with the adventure, I took the time to wander down Main Street into Chinatown… see the East Van sights as the city was waking up and found a coffee shop.

Go with yourself.

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The Victoria Record Club will be meeting Tuesday, April 24th at Smiths.  And I guess we’re feeling pretty basic because it is Top 5: side one, track one night.  Everyone in the club is supposed to come up with their favourites…then we’ll play selections from the lists at Smiths for a couple hours.

What does “side one, track one” mean?  Basically its a hipster way of saying… song number one on a record or album.

To me, side one, track one is hugely important and needs to do one of (or all of) three things.

01) It should be your best song.
02) It should be ripper.
03) It should introduce the listener to your album.

Breaking this down… rule number 1 is vitally important if your band is new to the world and I’ve never heard of you.  Your first song needs to immediately  grab my ears or you’re gone.  When I hosted the Morning After Show in the days when the internet was still new, it was hard to learn about bands and music streaming was not really out there.  I had to actually put your CD in the CD players and in real time listen.  If your first song was some artistic fuckery, as rad as you probably are… I just skipped to the next CD.  Cold.  But that is how it was when I had a pile of wannabes wanting airtime at 3AM on a 1000 watt FM in Vancouver.

Now… if your band has some history, or track one truly is some great studio fuckery… then jam on rule 3 and have the song be a great movie-esque introduction to your band.  A song that did not make my list (but was close) was The Appleseed Cast‘s “Ceremony.”  Huge jam, instrumental.  So perfect and sets the tone for a great album.

Instrumentals and studio fuckery is not your style?  I respect that.  and what?  Your best song is a ballad and maybe not the best side one, track one? OK (if you’re not an indie band… indie bands should still always put their BEST song first) then rule number 2 applies to you.  A ripper.  Hit my head holes with sonic choiceness.  And I will love you and grind through the dip of your shitty song two (and maybe three) to revel in the emotional depth of your stunning ballad.  Snow Patrol‘s Eyes Open kinda does this.  They want to save the jam for the single and track 2 “Hands Open” then bust your heart open with track 3, “Chasing Cars” so you get the highly energetic and lead single “You’re All I Have.”

wah wah wah…. here is my list.  If you’re a regular reader on my blog, there shouldn’t be too many surprises.  And actually, maybe you could leave me a comment if you think I screwed up my own list.  Keep in mind, the purpose of this exercise was to dig through my collection of records… so my rule was, I have to own the record.  if you think, “fuck this guy’s list! Imma make my own!”  Awesome, share the link in the comment section so I can check it out.

01) Smashing Pumpkins – “Cherub Rock”

Making a list of favourite music is always a personal experience and so I begin with some personal history.  Siamese Dream is a hugely important record for me growing up and a vinyl I only recently added to my collection.  “Cherub Rock” invokes rule 2 of Jeremy Baker’s Rules of Side One Track One.  Not the best song on the album, but the best song to hook you into the fuzzy reverberated world of Billy and company.  “Cherub Rock” is number one on my list because it does an exceptional job of telling the story of the album.  You can hear this song… and probably make your mind up whether you wanna stick around.  The album is great because if you do, you get rewarded with a collection of interesting and classic alternative songs.

02) Interpol – “Untitled”

The great albums like the great baseball teams have a strong lead off batter.  Its a role player who gets on base so the power hitter can drive in a run and the team as whole wins.  To me… I am hearing rule number 3… “Untitled” sounds like the opening credits to Turn on the Bright Lights.  Its mysterious.  Paul Banks barely sings anything… but its so emotional.  It reminds me of American Beauty when Kevin Spacey breaks the third wall and talks to the audience and says that his character dies.  Then the movie really starts.

“I will surprise you some time.  I’ll come around. When you’re down”

What an intriguing promise.  Now deliver… and they do with a masterpiece record that to this day remains Interpol’s best.  This song is not only side one track one of an album, but side one track one of their discography.  whoa…

03) The Replacements – “I Will Dare”

My favourite song from my favourite band.  And it happens to be track one, side one off their album Let It Be.  This song has done a lot to make my life better.  It was the first replacements song I heard that got me to explore more about the band.  It has gotten me through some ups and some downs in my life.  Repeated listenings as I ride this rock around the sun year-after-year bring me renewed appreciation and different interpretations.  I will probably love this song forever.

I’ll say this a rule 1 song.  Best song, Right up front.

04) Mission of Burma – “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver”

Another rule 1 song on our adventure of my Top 5: side one, track one.  The best MOB song at first listen.  The beauty of the great bands… once you’re hooked, other songs emerge as “favourites.”  But it is undeniable that “Revolver” is a powerful hook to demand attention.  You give it and the song is rewarding.  Stay with the record and you’ll quickly find other amazing songs on Signals, Calls and Marches.

I must have the Rykodisc 1997 track listing… not the original and not the Matador reissue in the 2000s.  Huh.

Up to this point, it was actually pretty easy.  I almost went right to my record pile and pulled these four records out and knew in my heart this was the list.  Then the 5th pick.

I hmmmm’d and hmmmm’d some more on a few records.  Its pretty late so my kid and Coral are sleeping.  I have my headphones plugged in (and I noticed Madelyn was playing ‘records’ because there is some damage to Numark… MADELYN OLIVIA!!!!)… and this was actually fun… playing a whole bunch of record in my pajama pants trying to find the right 5th… in the end, it came down to The Appleseed Cast, Braid’s “The New Nathan Detroits,” Japandroids and a couple Band of Horses and National LPs… but in the end, I could not deny….

05) Bon Iver – “Perth”

Side one, track one off Bon Iver’s Bon Iver record is just so god damned pretty and lush.  Another number 3 type of lead off track…. Bon Iver is doing the Bon Iver thing to introduce you to the album.  Then he gets to the jam, but only after you eat your bread.

And its called “Perth” and I have a weird romantic fascination with that far off city… that actually know nothing about and will probably never go to.  But a song called “Perth” gets my attention…. silly reason to be on my list, but its true. (and not the only reason)

After you listen to this song, you should be pretty primed to listen to the whole album.  And if all you hear is “Perth” well… you get the idea of what Justin and his band of merry Wisconsinites are all about.

And that is my list.  If you took the time to read this far and listen to some of the songs, thank you for indulging me.

Tomorrow I reckon I’ll get into the new Jack White if I have the time or talk about another great song I heard on Sons of Anarchy.

Go with yourself.

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The answer is sometimes simple.  Watching Shameless and the music as always…very good.  Do I think it fits the show?  No.  I read an interview with the music supervisor once and rolled my eyes with a “c’mon man!”  The music is good…but almost too good.  Its over thought.  Which works for me, and works for Coral…but don’t pretend.

“Kline says she is able to expand on its characters — and seeing as the Gallaghers are not a mainstream family, the music isn’t either.”

I don’t really feel Fiona Gallagher reading a whole lot of Pitchfork.  I’m just nit-picking, the music is awesome.

Coral watched a couple episodes last night and a few songs stuck out for her.  At the time, watching the show, it was hard to place.  But she went to bed and I was bored so to the internet I went.  One was Josh Radin’s “Winter.”  Damn, we even have that record!

The other was hard to place then a quick internet search and of course I remember… the Snow Patrol guy’s “other” project Tired Pony.  I listen to the song away from the TV and it sounds like Snow Patrol’s “Set Fire to the Third Bar.”

Tired Pony – “Get on the Road”

On Friday, Cait Fraser at the Veneto had me download a song that she loves.  She says its her “get ready to go out song.”

The band is from Melbourne, Victoria and they’re called Little Red.  Neat pop-rock sound.  It appears they’ve had a few minor Aussie hits…the song “Rock It” is friendly enough.  Give it a spin.

Little Red – “Rock It”

I remember in the summer of 1995, my friend Bob got tape or compact disc of the record of Let Your Dim Light Shine by Soul Asylum.  We jammed that album heavy and it remains to this day one of my favourite albums.  I can still throw it on and I get that gnarly deja vu feeling.  I didn’t know too much about Soul Asylum at the time.  There was no wikipedia and I was too 15 to care… but when I got older and started at CiTR, I was picking through the records in the vinyl closet and discovered a massive hoard of old Twin/Tone and A&M recordings from the 80s.  Like what-the-fuck…because in 1998 we actually said all the word, what, the, fuck.  So for a few weeks at 4AM, I dropped the needle on all sorts of weird jams from David Pirner and company. Long before I loved the Replacements, I loved Soul Asylum.

OK, back to 1995, this story doesn’t really have a point so you can stop reading.  But in 1995, Bob and I played Soul Asylum heavy rotation style like kids do.  That and we had limited funds so we probably only had like this album, maybe G&R’s Spaghetti Incident and a handful of Megadeth records and tapes.

So you’re 15 and emo as fuck and Soul Asylum is depressing and emo and it all just works.

Fast forward to today (or maybe yesterday? or maybe the weekend?) and I am tired.  Like tired to my bones.  I am so tired that I am also tired of being tired. And that thought swirled around my brain.  So clear, so fuzzy.  I was tired of being tired. I could not get no rest… I knew it was Soul Asylum, I knew it… and it HAD to be from Dim Light… and sure enough, track 14.  Eureka.  You won’t believe how happy rediscovering this song has made me.

I was waiting for a chain reaction with the missing link
Waiting for that trickle-down forever circling the sink
I was tired of being tired
I could not get no rest
So I kept sleep-walking and talking in my sleep
Yes I did my best

Soul Asylum – “I Did My Best”

The whole record is so spot on.  I wouldn’t say the above song is my favourite, I just really feel it today.  But you might remember “Misery” or “Just Like Anyone” from the 90s.  That second song’s video I remember getting played on Much all the time. And holy moly, is that a young Claire Danes?  Why yes it is… and she is getting taunted by those mean girls! i hope she doesn’t go all Carrie on them at the school prom!… oh what’s that? you’ll just grow majestic wings? Atta girl!

I like music and I like you.  Go with yourself.

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