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OK, not exactly BRAND new…last week maybe? New enough for me. I have loved Band of Horses for many years. They are definitely a band that both my wife and I enjoy together which makes them special to me. Coral notice don her timehop that it was on this day, 9 years ago that we moved in together to this hip condo on Yates Street in Victoria. 12 months later we had a little baby named Madelyn and had bought a place. Huh.

New record is called Why Are You OK and will be out in June. Read some details on Pitchfork.


Coral and I did a brewery tour on Saturday. (video coming soon!)

Vancouver Brewery Tours showed us a great time….if you’re ever in Vancouver and want something fun to do to get you out in the city, drinks some good beer, and learn a few things you gotta do it.


Sunday was a gardening day! Hadst eh kids in the garden getting dirty…and maybe a little too much sun. Yikes!

Now I better get back to it. Monday and it is sunny and hot in Vancouver. Feels like a summer holiday out there. I should have worn jorts to work.

Go with yourself.

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Maddy on the lake
Happy Tuesday… hammering through a ton of emails today. Try to pluck out the gems and yeah, there were many.

Also I just want to say, I had a great weekend. Lots of work, but some time for play. My daughter went camping with Grandma and Grandpa (and aunts, uncles and cousins) at Cultas Lake. She had an amazing time, and as I said on the previous blog post, more lake time is in her future. She excels at lake floats. I’m so proud of her.

I’m sorry, the gems, let’s get to it. Iron & Wine teamed up with Band of Horses’ Ben Bridwell for a new record called Sing Into My Mouth. The record is out on July 17th and features a collection of covers. The share track today is “The Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” by the Talking Heads.

How perfect is this song?  C’mon. This track should become the first dance song of every hip wedding couple this summer…and the slightly less hip next summer.

And a couple more listens.

Tracklist looks interesting. Let’s go!


1 This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) (Talking Heads)
2 Done This One Before (Ronnie Lane)
3 Any Day Woman (Bonnie Raitt)
4 You Know Me More Than I Know (John Cale)
5 Bulletproof Soul (Sade)
6 No Way Out of Here (Unicorn / David Gilmour)
7 God Knows (You Gotta Give to Get)  (El Perro del Mar)
8 The Straight and Narrow (Spiritualized)
9 Magnolia (JJ Cale)
10 Am I a Good Man? (Them Two)
11 Ab’s Song (Marshall Tucker Band)
12 Coyote, My Little Brother (Pete Seeger)

Sing into my mouth

Go with yourself.

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photos by Christopher Wilson

photos by Christopher Wilson

S is singer/guitarist Jenn Ghetto.

When I used to DJ at Veneto Lounge in Victoria, one of the bartenders, Katie, loved this group called Carissa’s Wierd. So much so, she made me download a record so i could play a song or two for her during the evening.

Carissa’s Wierd played their final show in Seattle at the Crocodile back in 2003. Two of the guys would leave to form Band of Horses. Then one of those guys would leave BOH to form Grand Archives. (their 2008 s/t is still a an all-time favourite of mine)

OK, rewind, back to Ms. Ghetto. Jenn Ghetto would also continue making music under the banner S. She is now putting out tunes on the Hardly Art label (a sub label of Sub Pop, Carissa’s Wierd’s old label).

Her forth record is called Cool Choices. A couple spins off this disc are great. “Vampires” is good, but “Brunch” is perfect.

S is on tour with The Thermals. No shows in Vancouver but a bunch in Seattle.

05.01.15 – Seattle, WA – Neumos %
05.13.15 – San Francisco, CA – Brick & Mortar Music Hall # * +
05.14.15 – San Jose, CA – Cafe Stritch # * +
05.15.15 – Los Angeles, CA – Echo # * +
05.16.15 – Costa Mesa, CA – The Wayfarer # *
05.17.15 – San Diego, CA – Soda Bar # *
05.22.15 – Seattle, WA – Barboza # *
05.23.15 – Portland, OR – Mississippi Studios # *
05.25.15 – George, WA – Sasquatch
06.27.15 – Seattle, WA – Repair Revolution
06.28.15 – Seattle, WA – Cha Cha
07.11.15 – Seattle, WA – West Seattle Music Fest

% – w/ Sera Cahoone, The Horde and the Harem
# – w/ Hutch & Kathy
* – S will be performing as a duo for these shows
+ – all-ages show

And let’s explore some Carissa’s Wierd.

Grand Archives

What the fuck, A-sides win right…. you know this one.

Go with yourself.

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Amazing heads up from my radio friend Madeline over at CBC Victoria.  She shared this link from a design blog that posted about a flower arrangement inspired by Band of Horses most excellent 2006 record Everything All The Time.

READ Author SarahB’s Sound Garden: Everything All The Time

Living in the Garden City, many of us dabble in the world of making things grow.  How wonderful would it be to theme that patio jungle after a favourite band, album, or song.

SarahB created an arrangement based on a favourite record of both myself and my wife Coral.  We love this album and have been fortunate enough to see Band of Horses in concert a few times.

The arrangement is base don the ancient looking forest depicted on the cover.  The seen reminds me a lot of what we’d discover trekking through the bush on our Island.

The blog post takes you through a step-by-step process of playing with the colour green, ferns, mosses, and flowers.

What a fun project inspired by and amazing album.  Though Band of Horses might not be your pick… I am sure you have an album or band that could shape your garden and personal space.

Go with yourself.

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Today twitter earned its keep….a tweet from Band of Horses got me very excited for yet another September release.  September 18th will feature the release of Band of Horses’ forth studio record, Mirage Rock.

Pitchfork has a track listing and a music video for the single “Knock Knock.”  Because BoH are my homeboys, I pre-ordered the album off iTunes…and for my loyalty, they sent me side one, track one.

Band of Horses – “Knock Knock”

In the pantheon of BoH records…their latest, Infinite Arms is my least favourite (but I love the album cover the most?…sure).  Already, just a couple listens in, and I jive on “Knock Knock.”  So here’s to hoping.


I got a few favourite bands and one of them is Frightened Rabbit… they too took to the twitterverse to say, new record on the go and an invitation to watch the trailer for an upcoming documentary/tour film.  Makes me wanna hit Northern Scotland….that’s saying something considering I could really live a long life without needing to visit another rainy, mountainous, wet, Islandy, landscape.


Local homeboy and all-about-man-about-town Simon Ogden was telling me to check out the new Dirty Projectors record Swing Lo Magellan.  So weird but so hypnotic.  I am not saying this is an everyday kinda record… but there are a couple jams on this album that turn the brain crank in new and interesting ways.  My first time through I went, WTF?  I thought maybe Simon was experimenting with the bath salts… but the second time through (or third, or forth) the album made more sense (kinda).  I clearly don;t have it figured out.  Who knows, maybe its bad?  But so bad it tricks you into thinking its high art?

I heard a couple songs I enjoyed and one of them was the title track.

The Dirty Projectors – “Swing Lo Magellan”

That song has a real cool retro vibe.  And I do feel it fitting in at Veneto Lounge. And seeing as Simon is the head bartender/manager there…I can understand how he heard it and maybe thought…. cocktails!

The guitars on the whole album are so pleasantly jangly.  Everything is a little off-kilter and unsettling.  If you are turned off by traditional pop and want to weird the fuck out for awhile… headphones, low-light and this album.

I don’t follow Dirty Projectors on twitter… so I don’t have a tweet form them, but I do have one from Cloud Nothings that caught me eye…


Ohio’s Cloud Nothings tweeted: “funniest thing i’ve seen lately is that pitchfork interview with the twin shadow guy

OK Cloud Nothings, I’ll read it.

That’s all I got.

Go with yourself.

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10) Band of HorsesInfinite Arms

The third studio record from Band of Horses didn’t get the mad crush of love that their previous two records received but I ended up playing at home and during my lounge sets.  I will always love the song “Laredo” and so much of what I perceive to be a Old Western?Mexico/Desert vibe.

Band of Horses – “Laredo”

09) Vampire WeekendContra

We’ll need to stretch our memory back to one of the first big hyped releases of the year for this LP.  Vampire Weekend’s anticipated follow-up Contra is number nine on my list.

VW never had huge traction on the radio with their quirky blend of world beats filtered through privileged Brooklyn/Hipster/Ivy Leaguers.  I loved Vampire Weekends first album but I enjoyed this one so much more.

Now I know what horchata is.  Nice.

Vampire Weekend – “Taxi Cab”

08) Arcade FireThe Suburbs

A monster number 1 record and grammy nominated album from the Arcade Fire.  When this disc came out, we had it on pretty steady at the Veneto and the single “Ready to Start” enjoyed a residency at number one on The Zone’s Modern Rock Countdown. There was a lot I loved about this record.  Mostly the nostalgic story lines of growing up in the suburbs, because hey, I grew up in the suburbs.  For a feature song, I will chose one of Simon’s faves off the record.

Arcade Fire – “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)”

06) Frightened RabbitThe Winter of Mixed Drinks

Another record that didn’t receive wide-spread praise or seem to do a whole lot onto further push FR onto the mainstream conciseness.

Being a heavy user of their previous music, I was hungry for a new disc.  I was downloading anything that leaked or squeeked out leading up to this record so maybe I was little too primed, but they are one of my fave bands period, this disc got jammed out.  It might not have changed my world like the first time I heard Frightened Rabbit, but it is still a great record of melodramatic rock and roll.

My favourite cut was the first single and it remains so today.

Frightened Rabbit – “Swim Until You Can’t See Land”

06) Broken BellsBroken Bells

The dude from the Shins, that dude named Danger Mouse… joined forces like the Dinobots to create one sexy masterpiece.  I don’t even want to speculate how many babies were conceived this because of this record.

Lots doesn’t seem like an adequate word.

Listening to a randomized playlist on my iTunes one time, this song came up and it has become on my favourites off the record.  maybe sounds a little more Shins and little less Danger Mouse, but that’s cool. I believe this song made it on Coral and my one year anniversary mixtape.

Broken Bells – “October”

05) Jimmy Eat WorldInvented

Another band that does no wrong by me.  Since I’ve been with Coral, JEW has held a special place in my heart and they earn that chance to make a record and I immediately go out and buy it.

I like their 7th studio record because I found it enjoyable outta the box much sooner than it too me to get into their previous Chase This Light.

Chase would grow on me but I liked how there were more than a couple song son this disc that I liked right away one listen in.  And others that I would grow to love with repeated listens.

My feature cut is a romantic song (but hey, aren’t all JEW songs sappy?) that I believe also made it on the 1 Year Anniversary mixtape.

Jimmy Eat World – “Littlething”

04) Four TetThere is Love In You

No record had a bigger influence on me from outside my normal perspective than this electronic disc from the UK’s Kieran Hebden… aka Four Tet.

Around this time last year I bought my DJ rig and by January I was experimenting with DJing simple beats.  Right around the time this record came out.

A very modern, simple, and relaxing record to put on to soundtrack my days events.  Coral bought this record on vinyl and when I do fire up the record player, The is Love In You is a go to.

Its four sides so I almost go right to side D track one so I can hear the most wonderful song on the record.

Four Tet – “She Just Likes to Fight”

I could listen to that song forever on repeat and never go fully insane.  Shit, I might get smarter.

03) The Black KeysBrothers

I was late to The Black Keys party, but when I finally got the invite, I dived in hard.

The whole swampy bluesy core styled rock music happening right now seems to originating from Akron, Ohio.

To pick a single feature is impossible.  Pol likes “Howling For You” and Allie likes “Everlasting Light”

I’m gunna go with the more blue-collar dirge.

The Black Keys – “Too Afraid to Love You”

02) Middle Class RutNo Name No Color

Rock and Roll has returned.  For me, the Renaissance was felt with Japandroids. But there are only so many fuzzy retro rocker songs to hear.  The Black Keys kept me marching to the beat locked in.  Then Dave Sawchuk lighted up Sacramento’s Middle Class Rut during our weekly music meeting… and became evangelical.

Rarely do I hear a song that captures my imagination so completely and immediately.  I felt like a little kid with excitement to hear “New Low.”  Downloaded it and then the record.  And since then, it has become such a huge record in my life.

It is a bit of a grinder and lyrically it can be depressing.  but I do find something uplifting to their tales of the working man’s lows.  My ultimate fave is the lead off cut from their record.  Sometimes I go for drives in the Cruze just so I can play this song at maximum volume.

Middle Class Rut – “Busy Being Born”

01) The NationalHigh Violet

We all have favourite bands and The National is my favourite.

The day this record came out and they had a vinyl copy down at Ditch I went to get it.  I remember that day.  I rode my bike and it was really nice out.  Then I went to Canoe Club to meet with Don about some music stuff.  While waiting for him I was chatting with the waitress… she had never heard of The National. WTF?

So I cracked open the record and gave her the free download MP3 card so she could check it out.  I hope she did.

The first single “Bloodbuzz Ohio” to me is masterpiece song.  But after repeated plays of this album I do have a few key cuts.  A song that always stuck out for me has a weird military theme.

The National – “Lemonworld”

Thank you for reading my Top 10 and checking out some new music.

Some old lists:

Top 10 Zone Shows of the 2000s
My favourite records of the 2000s
Top 10 Records of 2009
Top 10 Records of 2008

Go with yourself.

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Getting in the Halloween spirit with a half-hour collection of songs with “ghosts” as the theme.


Thank you for taking the time to listen to my mix.

Click and listen: Mixtape >> Ghosts


DJ Notes

Memphis leads off the mixtape with a most fitting Ghost song… Torquil Campbell, the male vocal ying to Stars‘ Amy Milan’s female yang… put out a great little side project album many moons ago.  I saw him perform at Logan’s back in like 2006, and it was mighty.  I always remembered this cut because its so darn spooky.

The next song features a white Motown artist.  SWA?  I know right, a white guy that made MoTown magic back in the 60s and 70s.  Only in Canada.  R. Dean Taylor was born in Toronto, Ontario back when the Leafs lost the Stanley Cup to the Bruins (1939).

He recorded a song called “At The High School Dance” in 1961 which garnered some local success and his next song “I’ll Remember” charted on legendary Canadian rock radio station CHUM.  The success promoted our Maple Leaf Rocker to move to Detroit…this historic occasion also marked the last time a Canadian would ever willingly move to that city yeesh.  R. Dean taylor would get hired on by Motown as a performer and writer and would have a moderately successful career.  Go Canada and obscure white Motown artists!

I make a mean game of dumping on Matthew Good, but the fact of the matter is, I like a lot of his songs.  Apparitions are ghosts and “Apparitions” is on the list of favourite Matt Good songs.

Did I ever tell you the story of running into Matt Good at a gas station convenience store on Burrard street and I ran around the store heckling him till he left? Yeah, I’m an asshole and wouldn’t do that again if I had the day back.  But it made sense at the time.

Hey Matt Good, if you google yourself and my blog comes up and you remember that time some skinny douche bag gave you a hard time in a gas station convenience store…. Sorry.

The only time we ever really dabbled with Band of Horses on the Zone… the song was about ghosts!

You should be familiar with Wintersleep’s “Weighy Ghost.”  A more mainstream cut that got ample play on the radio.

Mother Mother is hard at it right now, working on a new record (due January).  Currently “Hayloft” is the most requested song on the Zone Afternoon Show, but believe this hype! Its not even the most quirky song on the album O My Heart.  Put this “Ghosting” song in your ear-hole and ruminate.

The National are my favourite band, so when I had a song on my iTunes with the word “Ghost” in it… well it had to make the list.

Riot Act, Pearl Jam’s seventh studio record and first post-9/11 and post Roskilde Festival Accident record has a song called “Ghosts.”  Rad.  I do like me some Pearl Jam… and going back to read about Riot Act after jamming out “Ghosts” and now I want to hear the whole record.

yee-yah… Riot Act is a great record.

The mixtape ends with a haunting cut from Spoon’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga… “The Ghost of You Lingers.”  Shit’s going on in my right ear… whoa, then my left.  Stereo sound.

Go with yourself.

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Band of Horses latest record Infinite Arms didn’t get stellar reviews… but personally I really enjoy the record.

Pitchfork was saying it is ideal for long drives through the wilderness and I can attest to that (if you consider parts of Southern Vancouver Island wilderness) as I rocked a BOH album in the earliest hours of the morning after a wedding in Shawnigan Lake.

The NEW BAND OF HORSES VIDEO features lots of two of my favourite things… driving and the desert!  its like a match made in heaven as my future will one day call for living in a dusty desert village.

I would imagine that the “Laredo” in the song is a reference to the Texas border city but there are little Laredos all over the US, Mexico and the original village by that name is in Spain.

There are even some Laredo place names in BC. There is a Laredo Inlet, Channel and Sound. Neat.

When I go there one day, I’ll rock “Laredo” by Band of Horses and think about an aquatic desert and what a mind fuck that would be.

Go with yourself.

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ahhh, it happened today.

My grandparents are in town for my brother’s wedding.  They brought my little cousin Conner from Kamloops too.  I met up with them this morning before the show to have a coffee.  We walked the West Bay Walkway into town and I stopped by Ditch… and huzzah, new shipment of Band of Horses records.

The reviews have not been stellar, but I am still really excited to listen to it.


Go an email about buying record player guts to build my own turntable and so far not encouraged.  the pieces are all very pricey.  Too much for this guy.  I think I’d rather buy a Rega already put together…. for now.

For Scheu Analog parts, the followings are available.

1)       Standard motor with housing (chrome or black) and controls (plus string) – $769
2)       Power supply for standard motor – $89
3)       30 mm, 50 mm and 80 mm platters – $319, $454 & $883
4)       Bearings for 30 mm, 50 mm and 80 mm platters $319, $319 & $389
5)       Bearing oil – $1
6)       Premium motor with housing (black) and controls (plus belt) – $1,459
7)       Power supply for premium motor $69

yikes. The hunt continues.


Check out this tour diary from Plants and Animals, too awesome.

Go with yourself.

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Yesterday I was hard at work (or uhhh hard at watching Zone Sound tech Russ) fixing my Kenwood amplifier and Hitachi Turntable.

I am happy to report that the Kenwood sounds much better after cleaning the contacts and we eliminated a ton of the scratchy sounds it was having.  The record player needs a more substantial make-over.  I am thinking a new motor.

For now I have an old Numark of Boitano’s.  Same one as Jess!  It spins the platter at 33 1/3 so it’ll do.

Got me thinking it might be time to find a more substantial piece for the home.

Coral has a lot of reno ideas for our house, so stealing away the cash at a big expensive player right now might not work.  But I have been researching tons and I might be able to MAKE a good machine for a decent cost.  I could be a do-it-yourself kit and with my brother CJ’s help, make it look very pretty like this maybe?

The company that makes these beasts is called Audiowood.  I think they are woodworkers (like my bro) that buy kits, and then assemble.

I think they look bad ass indeed.

As for the guts of a record player.  A couple that look promising are Rega out of the UK and Scheu Analog out of Germany.

I’ll need to do some more research to find the best cost vs. quality and have at it.


I went to Ditch Records today to buy the new Band of Horses.  I know it has gotten terrible reviews, but I don’t care.  I still want to have a listen myself.

Sadly they were all sold out of Infinite Arms.

Talking to the guys I asked them what record players they sell and the owner Jeremy (yup same name as me!) said basically used and cheap.  That is what people ask for. Zoinks… got me thinking about an article I read yesterday on Analog Apartment.  They are interviewing the owner of a record store in some hipster neighbourhood of NYC:

To someone just getting started with vinyl, any words of wisdom?

Get a good turntable. So many of my customers say to me, “Where can I get a cheap record player?” I don’t get that. The whole point of vinyl is superior sound quality, so it defeats the purpose if you buy a crap record player. I know times are tough now, but save your pennies, search online, and get a good turntable and needle. (…)  Building a record collection is a wonderful, exciting thing. Have fun.

From what I’ve learned… doing it right and to the best of your ability the first time, always pays off.

If its the home reno’s from Young House Love blog, or building a turntable, I’ll want to do better than I’ve done thus far in my life.


In other news…

The Veneto Lounge is celebrating one year of not going out of business!  Huzzah!  On Wednesday, May 26th there will be a party starting at 6PM.

Their award winning tapas will be circulating the room for free, cocktails will be featured and after my show on the Zone, I’ll be selecting and presenting the music.

Birthday cake?  You know it!

Go with yourself.

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