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The Zone Phone was fired up last week when it came to talking about a recent BC Supreme Court ruling that lets people camp in the park.

Purevolume: Tent Cities / Jeremy can NOT grow a mustache


I got an email from a Zoner named David.


I understand the homeless situation, and with closing mental health and shelter beds, we’ve intensified their plight. But parks are not the solution. You camped, you moved on. Did you plant a vegetable garden on the lawn of a park in Thunder Bay? (My hometown). Did you dig a latrine?

You were a transient, not a squatter. You said “The parks are for everyone, even the homeless guys…” or words to that effect. You’re right. But this camping is NOT using the PUBLIC parks for their intended purpose, and that’s wrong. I suggest that when a tent city is set up, it denies use of that portion of the park to the remainder of the public and that it is illegal to deny me and my family that access.

This judicial ruling may be the best thing to happen to homelessness. I’ll bet the backlash will trigger the powers to be to open the mental health beds again. Then there will be adequate beds for those who chose to live in this fashion.



I am very happy to report that I will be a judge for the 2009 Juno Awards.  Best Children’s Album.  Right-O.

and the lobbying begins with this epic video from Zoner Wendy and her son Evan.


AJ recently had her first son, a boy named Byron.  And like me, little Byron enjoys some AC/DC… or the alphabet.  I enjoy both, equally.


The Zone is asking, What Would You Do for Nine Inch Nail Tickets?  Today we have two Zoners going to head to hea don the Zone Phone in a battle of attrition.  They must sing “Row Row Row Your Boat” on the Zone Phone, longer than the other dude.

Here is Devon really going for it.


Go with yourself.

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