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You can’t help it when you listen to chillwave… you think the beach.  Even if you live on an Island adrift in a cold Pacific sea… people still hit the waves.  Coral is just driving home from Tofino right now and took this picture yesterday of some brave adventurers enjoying the ferocity of the Ocean.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart are an indie hipster band out of NYC.   Their music is pleasant for sure… but what I am really feeling today is music from their new remix EP,  Acid Reflex.

One of my favourite chillwavers, Washed Out, remixed the song “My Terrible Friend.”

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – “My Terrible Friend” (Washed Out Remix)

Download MP3 >> The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – My Terrible Friend (Washed Out Remix)

Such an easy song to waste away to… I’ve had it almost on repeat while doing my work here at the Zone.

Go with yourself.

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bwoar, I want fight my toshiba.  It somehow (well I somehow) toggle the French characters on, and I have no idea how I do it or any idea how to turn them off without resetting the computer!  Now I want to fight technology!


OK, I broke down a resetted the old computer.  I really do need to learn to toggle the french characters off.  I tried searching on google but didn’t find very much that was helpful.


Its Friday the 13th!  wow, spooky.

The top referrers to my blog this week are (not including The Zone dot FM or my social networks):

Drowning in Kids

Thank you!


Since we’re jibber jabbering (or I’m going on about lists) lets have a look at the first ever Jeremy’s Top Bands.

I signed up for Last FM last week so now I have my own personal chart of fave bands on my media player at home for the week.

01) The National
02) Propagandhi
03) The Killers
04) Bruce Springsteen
05) The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

and my write in vote is The Boxer Rebellion which I’ve been jamming out at work in the studio but I don’t have a Last FM scrobber thingy there.


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  Coral says she doesn’t celebrate the day, but I do… so we do. Ha.  I am hosting an event at Element tomorrow if you’re looking to party on a Saturday night.  Bring your special someone or come with friends.  We have all sorts of fun shenanigans planned!

Before the big day, I think we’ll cook up a scrumptious dinner.  I saw David Fey and Rod (My aunt Melanie’s brother) on A Morning today cooking up something I’d like to attempt.  But try finding a website with the details and you’ll be disappointed.

Should you be fortunate enough to get laid on Valentine’s Day… Kid Carson posted this neat-O! link on his twitter.

Devine Pleasure Poses?  Yes please.

OK, I better get in the shower… its almost 11!  I got a ton of work to do today.

Go with yourself.

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