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Eli from Two Friends reached out to the blog to share his production team’s songs.

This “Pacific Coast Highway” song is bright and fun. Hey I took a road trip on that highway once with my wife Coral and our daughter. Awww, fun times. Nostalgia.

Here is their newest song. Born new to the world today!

ohhh jeezus are you kidding me? A remix of Tove Lo’s “Cool Girl?” I love that song.

And being a modern rock radio DJ for the last …bunch of years….I know and love The Killers.

Happy Friday! Throw me a follow please on the twitter. @TheMASBlog

Go with yourself.

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Happy Saturday…a wet one in Vancouver. We just got back from a nice day out at Cultas Lake. Tomorrow we’re back off to Harrison!

Just finished trolling for some new tunes for the setlist at the Starlight Casino tonight. Here are a few remixes that caught my ear.

Ace of Base? OK….

And one more of JT’s new one?

And now I’m outta time.

Go with yourself.

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Jack! Come back jack!

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Squamish Valley Music Festival this weekend. Coral and I are heading up on the Sunday so we’re excited for that.

New music! Young Galaxy are putting out a new record on October 30th called Falsework.  First single is “Body.”

PaperBag Records also commissioned a short story to go along with the record.

During the writing and recording of the Falsework, Young Galaxy and Paper Bag Records commissioned Scotiabank Giller Prize winning novelist/blogger/journalistSean Michaels to write a story that would work as a campaign piece to the album. Read the story here.


Twin Circuits and Tier 3 teamed up to remix Tove Lo’s “Bodies.”

Go with yourself.

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I really should have written a blog yesterday. So much new music to get to.

Let us begin in Philadelphia and a record I will for sure be picking up on October 30th. Beach Slang‘s The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us. Compact disc, digital, and cassette (so hot right now) but the jewel in the crown will be one of those 800 press vinyl from the Polyvinyl store.

NOISEY“…packs in their trademark hopeless romanticism and a lust for nostalgia over emotional vulnerability.” 
Grand Stand: “The feelings of youth and vulnerability lie at the core of Beach Slang‘s music, which is part punk, part pop and all catharsis. It references the ghosts of the Replacements but keeps one foot firmly rooted in the present. It’s fun and it’s serious. It’s sad but it isn’t.”

I love it.


Silversun Pickups from Silverlake, California (or is it Silver Lake?) have a new record called Better Nature out on September 25th.

Check out this short-film for the single “Nightlight.” The film was directed by Mike Pellington…Mike Pellington, you mean the same guy that directed Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy?” Yeah THAT Mike Pellington. You’re watching Meg Steedle who might recognize if you watched Boardwalk Empire.


I just posted some Four Tet the other day…and now this? A recently re-discovered Four Tet song posted up on Soundcloud.

Let’s have a listen to “BACK2THESTART.”

Free download? This song will be making the lounge set. 100%.


What else… right… a remix of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car.” I *feel* like I’ve heard this song, or a remix like it before? No matter…. Classic song, sounds good. Also a free download.


Tomorrow I should have a remix of Tove Lo’s “Bodies.” and working on interviews with Mumford & Sons, Royal Blood and Atlas Genius.

Go with yourself.

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The dark pop continues to dominate today. Toronto’s Young Wolf Hatchlings (sometimes branded as YWH) sent over their remix of Tove Lo‘s red hot breakup jammer “Habits.”

They pitched the vocals way down low… added some guitar flourishes and little solo at the end. Nice.

YWH are Jarrel Young and Waqaas Hashmi. The duo met in University and have been producing out of TO’s Dream House Studio. That’s the place where the likes of The Weeknd, Crystal Castles and Metz go to record.

Things picked up for YWH when they worked with former Small Sins frontman Thomas D’Arcy to rework his cut “You Lovely You.”

I’m looking forward to YWH’s Party ep… fun electronic jams.

Go with yourself.

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My friend Misty posted this story the other day about a guy sailing around on a 50-year-old wooden sailboat that he restored.

Check out Twenty-Eight Feet.

The short documentary features a song by Ben Howard called “Old Pine.”

“Hot sand on toes, cold sand in sleeping bags. I come to know that memories were the best things you ever had.”

Ben is in the studio working on new music, but it was nice to dive back into this older cut.  great camping song.

As weather turns to summer on Vancouver Island, I think about camping, hiking and beach vacations and this song is the soundtrack.


Another British singer-songwriter fellow I came across today… James Bay. Don’t judge me, I clicked on his song today because his name is the same as a neighbourhood of Victoria.  True story.

Songwriting is difficult. There’s this little critic in my head, and all he ever says is “no, no, no, no, no.” Sometimes, (if I’m lucky) he says “maybe”, and once in a long while, he’ll say “yeah, alright.” That gets really frustrating, really fast.”


Finally… we travel to Sweden and the alt-pop of Tove Lo.

Ebba Nilsson performs her style of music under the banner Tove Lo. Her record Truth Serum came out in march and the song “Habit” is rising. A full length album will come later this year from island Records.

Talking to Billboard Tove Lo says of her breakup anthem, “At first I didn’t want to write something bad. But, when it was all over, being in that state of mind … I need to use that when I write. I can’t not.”

Elle explores the success of her song about heart-ache and discovers she was a grunge kid growing up.  Hey Lo, me too!

“Lo cites Nirvana and Courtney Love’s Hole as early inspirations. As a teen she was immersed in grunge culture, her hair dyed black. She has a tattoo of a cartoon-like girl harnessed to the back of a bumble bee inked along her left upper arm and says she only owns two pairs of shoes: Dockers sneakers and Candies.”

Elle describes the style of songwriter and her contemporaries, Robyn, Icona Pop, Mo, Lykki Li, as “Swedish femme pop.”

The music video is pretty choice.

Go with yourself.

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