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Open Relationship
Calgary’s annual music festival Sled Island released their line-up today.   Spin magazine talks about some of the major highlightsI scanned the lineup to try to track down some Victoria connections.  One band that jumped out was Victoria’s Open Relationship.

This local punker group recently picked up their second “M” Award for fave hardcore band.  I hope they utilize that uke on the next record…or better yet, I can bring The Zone’s ukulele down to the studio and we can create the Wall of Ukes.

Their 2012 DIY 7-inch is called Born Weird.  Its bratty and raw, I love the title track.  Its how I imagine Madelyn growing up (except right now she is concerned with being pretty, but she watches more Disney than maybe is healthy).  But the “I don’t want to brush my hair” line stands out to me for sure.

The line-up is pretty groovy. Lots of bands I want to see… I liked that Vancouver’s White Lung is in the mix.

Then I started poking around at some of the other bands whose names I’ve read on the blogs and music zines… and one that I enjoyed was form Miami.  Torche.

Its bad to stereotype, but when I think of Miami, I don’t think of music like this.

For one thing, the black hoodie and denim vest combo with a beard would be too much in the heat.  I guess everything is air-conditioned there, so you could just stay inside and be hard-as-fuck all you want.

Pitchfork says that one of their strengths is their ability to skirt the pop line with their sludgey grunge.  An example they shared was this beaut from 2008, “Healer.”

Go with thy self.

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Not blogging everyday (or twice) really is a kick to the junk of the old hit counter.  Viewership is down.

Being famous on the internet is hard work.  Maybe I should just dance awkwardly for 5 seconds in a terrible music video?

Not blogging, doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. Far from it, that’s why I haven’t been blogging!

Coral and I are hard at work trying to figure out our car situation.  God bless me Mom and Dad, they let me use their old mini-van for my DJ business.  BUT by the end of this month, the lease on our Jeep is up, and we’ll need to figure something out.

My goal on our next car is to buy or lease a vehicle that has a payment that is less than our current Jeep lease.  Looking at Honda Civics the other day… and maybe we found our car.  Perfect four door, affordable, easy car for Coral to go to work in and tote our child.  While being fun and modern and generally awesome.  We’ll see if we can make that work over the next few days/weeks.

DJing lots of weddings and on July 6th… Coral and I will be doing our World Locally Famous Husband/Wife Vinyl DJ sets at Smiths Pub.  Fun attack!

Lastly… been jamming out tons of great new music.  TONS and T O N S!

One of my faves right now… and likely a future add to the record collection is Bon Iver.  His new s/t album is getting major huge buzz and rocked Billboard last week with sales that put it at Number 2!

Have a listen to this!

Bon Iver – “Calgary”

Download MP3 >> Calgary

Go with yourself!

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Summer time and in our little family that means road trip time!

Coral and I have done a few and this summer is no exception.

We haven’t hammered out all the details and founds beds to sleep in every night but so far the plan has us cutting through the hills and mountains on a mighty trek around lakes and beyond the horizon to scenic Alberta.  We are thinking of starting in Banff.  Coral hasn’t been there since she was a kid and the last time I can remember being the birthplace of the National Park is when Bob, Paul and I cut through there on our Cross-Canada Adventure in 1998.

I think we might also check out Calgary before pushing North to Edmonton.  The largest northern city (outside of Santa’s workshop) in North America.

And since used cars cost less there, I am sure we’ll at least pass into Wetaskwin.  We’ll see.  I think I’ll need to do the West Edmonton Waterpark and we’re thinking of bringing our bikes… so a river bike ride?

Then we’ll swing back into friendly territory after sacking Edmonton (BC Total WAR!) and head to Kelowna.  If it times out right, we’ll be there for the long weekend and might get a chance to see Acres of Lions who will be there too! They are playing the Center of Gravity Festival and it would be so cool to hook up with my man Tyson in his old hometown and see his band.

Plus! some desert bike riding will be in order and we might actually check out one of these wineries that everyone speaks of. hmm?  Maybe.  For sure, the Kelowna Waterpark will be on the itinerary.

The adventure ends on Vancouver Island where we’ll be joining my folks camping somewhere beyond civilization (like basically anywhere north of Nanaimo).

Can’t wait!  We just got to track down a bike rack.  Do you have one we could borrow?

Go with yourself.

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Funny story, I am out at The Station House pub on a Friday night.  Meet a couple rad Zoners and we get to talking about the “podcast where I lay down some sick beats.”  Oh Capital Rock City?

That’s the one.  The one guy tells me he downloaded it once and loved the music bed I used… OK, nice and the other guys says he follows it every week… but has never heard it!  He reads about it from my blog, Facebook, The Zone dot FM.

I wonder, are there others out there that follow Capital Rock City from the blog/facebook but don’t actually download the show?  Hey!  You’re the guy I need the MOST to take the next step in our relationship, I’m ready, you’re ready, let’s take this to second base and actually download Capital Rock City.

Slide your hand inside the bra of radio and download: Capital Rock City #72

And since we’re both feeling really sexy tonight, maybe you’ll consider subscribing using this handy dandy RSS feed or searching ‘Capital Rock City’ on iTunes and having the podcast delivered to your computer every week.


DJ Notes

01) The Paper Cranes – “Telephone”
02) Dan Kosub – “Blue and Gray”
03) Said the Whale – “Camilo (The Magician)”
04) We Are Seven – “Soul Fever”

Right, so this week I was supposed to have Saul on the show… pushed them back to next week.  This week I start by saying “Said the Wheel” instead of “Said the Whale.”  Ha, I talk for a living.

Miranda of The Paper Cranes comes on CRC 72 chit-chatting about the BREAKING NEWS that the pride of Esquimalt will now be a duo.  whoa.

Uh oh, I have to fire another fact checker here at Capital Rock City.  I asked for bands on Facebook and Jessica McCool sent me a link to one of her faves.  I assumed the dude was from Vic (or maybe Van or something) and included his music, which I thought was pretty good.  Turns out the man is from Toronto!  Zoinks, not very 100 mile audio diet of me.  My bad.  Talented song writer, very cordial in the emails we exchanged, so whatever.  Free song on a podcast.

* fun fact * Jessica McCool used to be a weekend announcer on The Zone circa… hmmm, 2003?  2004?


Daniel Kosub

by the by, I am actually from Victoria. I just live in Toronto at the moment.

3 minutes ago

Daniel Kosub

Said the Whale are great stuff…we did a show in the Sault! All the great West Coast music is making it really tempting for me to move back west.
4 minutes ago

Tyler from Said the Whale came on the show to talk about the character in his song “Camilo.”  He is a real dude and he performs magic card tricks at parties.

Look for Said the Whale in Victoria on September 24th playing in Element as part of the Rifflandia Festival.

We call CRC 72 a podcast with an acoustic ditty from We Are Seven.  cool band name, based on an olden days poem.


that’s all I got… oh, you know that band The Dudes?  Yeah check out their song “Connected.” They do a shout out to Victoria!  True story.

“I’ve been alive/2005 Victoria/I laid a lot of high fives”

I remember that!  The guys have always had a special place in their heart(s) for our Island city because they do some of their biggest crowds outside of Calgary here.  They too will be part of Rifflandia.  A Zoner called into the show letting me know about that.  thank you mystery Zoner person.

That’s all I got.  If you like the podcast or think maybe someone you know might, please share the link with a friend and I’ll talk at you next week.

Go with yourself.

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Oh Victoria, remember when you used to have a world class Folk Music Festival?  Ahh goodtimes… if it wasn’t for Nick and Dimitri and Piers and Coral at Atomique putting on Rifflandia (plug in 3,2,1…details this afternoon on the show) we4’d having nothing fun to do…

Now this festival looks like something I could get into more than any damn Stampede!


Now part of me thinks that Coral, Mads and I will be in Deadmonton in and around these dates.  Is Calgary an arduous ordeal from the Champion City?  I mean, Glen Campbell?

I’d see him in Vancouver or Victoria, you know… if either city had a reason for the hero of Galveston to come, but sadly, there are more pressing concerns in Medicine Hat and Spokane.

Time to head to the show… go with yourself.

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