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Daniel Wesley Interview


I was cruising around my Facebook the other day, and there was Daniel Wesley facebooking away the status of his new album.  I messaged him and asked him to call my radio show.  He did.  Here is the audio.

Interview: Daniel Wesley On The ZAS

“Facebooking” is that a verb?  Not as a cute as “twittering.”

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I was cyber stalking your profile when I came across an ad for The Zone on Facebook.

The Zone’s Ad

If you’re on Facebook, don’t be shy, add me up and find the Zone’s facebook group.

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Mongol was pretty good.  Tells the story of Genghis Khan in his early life.  Follows him as a boy that kinda gets the short end of the stick.  Then as a young man fighting to first regain his freedom, and later to rescue his wife, and later still he fights for freedom (he gets captured again and put in a Zoo… SWA?).  then he unites all the Mongols into a glorious fighting forces and heads West to Russia.  End of epic film.

Part 2 is supposed to come out in 2010.  hmmm, Olympics or Genghis Khan laying into some Christian Knights?

The thing with the movie that sorta irked me is, how come Genghis Khan was such a rad warrior.  When I watched Batman, it made sense… Christian Bale goes off to some secret monastery of shadowy ninjas and beats the shit out of Liam Neeson and swims in ice water.

Granted, Genghis Khan did swim in ice water and live… but the fighting doesn’t make sense.  In the early part of the story, he is little more than a slave or hobo.  Then they fast forward and he’s Heath Ledger in a Knight’s Tale.  They don’t connect the lines.


Oh man… I just watched the Knight’s Tale trailer again and it brought the LOLz.


In G n’ R news, this story made me giggle.


Prodigy are putting out a new record, and my man Dave Grohl is drumming.  Like me, he is a Dad and rocks the facial hair.  We’re like twins.


James posted this video on his Facebook. Some dude dancing to Beyonce’s “Put a Ring on it.”

I am not too sure if James does a whole heck of a lot of programming at The Peak, or just watches quirky videos all day.


This commercial got sent to me from a Zoner named Gina.  It is four minutes long, but I think worth it.

In the Doghouse


I do spend a lot of time of Facebook, but I am not member of no Facebook army.  WTF is wrong with society?

Facebook Hooligans Trash Brit Ad Exec’s Home

That story is reason #25 why Madelyn is NEVER going on the internet.


Nine Inch Nails is tomorrow night!

Coral and I got a babysitter and are jazzed on the show.


Thank you for hitting my Purevolume site.  I posted some audio there the other day and put the link on my blog and I got a few hits.  Thank you for taking the time.

Go with yourself.

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I woke up to a really cute email today from former Central Saanich mayor hopeful Sean McNulty.

Is this the same idiot who commented on my blog? And if so, what are you doing on my friends list?

OMG!  I am the same Jeremy Baker!  You got me bud… oh, wait I posted my name, website and email.

Sean’s Blog

* my comment is #14, go me!  I dunno, maybe its asshole-ish but I thought it was very diplomatic.


The other night I was DJing at the Clubhouse when I got a message from Coral.

DUde! Someone just spent like ten minutes trying to get into our apartment, and not able to get the key in. I heard all this swearing and started freaking out. I opened the door and was like “Um excuse me?! and this super drunk chick tried to push past me and then looked inside and was like “What?!” and the guy with her was like “I think we got the wrong floor!!” And then they just turned around and walked away without saying a word!!! (Im assuming that it was one of the girls from upstairs)

Jesus, could you imagine?  Coral is home alone with the baby late on a Tuesday night and this happens?  The worst part is the chick didn’t even apologize.  She turned around and walk away!

I wanted Coral to write a passive aggressive note and post it in the elevator.

Dear Neighbours,

The next time you you go out and get wasted at the pub and bring some skank guy back to our apartment building, please make sure you get the right apartment unit. Some of us are mothers home alone with our children.

If some of you writers can think of something better, please post it.  I seriously want to post something on the community board and send it in to Passive Aggressive Notes.

Passive Aggressive Notes is great.  One common theme is work place dish pits.  a bone of contention at The Zone.  I think Tindy would geta real kick out this one.

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