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More local Victoria music for you.  Victoria’s Johnny Galactic have a new record out on November 26th called “Keep Off The Grass.”  Fricken hippies man.

Johnny Galactic lay down folky acoustic ballads….slow jams.  They have more than a couple that I like, but I think my favourite is “San Francisco Babe.”  Band features long time homeboy Adam Puritch (Armchair Cynics).

Simple, pretty music.

Go with yourself.

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Class of 84’s new song is called “Old Bones, New Blood” and this bratty punk tracks is about getting old and loving to skate!

CO84’s Jono McGee helped produce Start With A Cobra and these firecrackers are also singing about skating, I think.

We have a new band of the month at the Zone, they are called The Perfect Trend.  This Nanaimo screamo-type band will play Evolution on March 25th!

The show ends with former ZBOTM Maurice.  They played live on The ZAS last week and I included the performance on this here podcast.

Thank you for downloading Capital Rock City, if you like the show, please tell a friend.

Download: Capital Rock City #92

You can subscribe to the show and have it delivered to you weekly and for free by using this RSS feed or finding ‘Capital Rock City’ on iTunes.


DJ Notes

01) Class of 84 – “Old Bones, New Blood”
02) Start With The Cobra – “Hot Rails”
03) The Perfect Trend – “Aaryn”
04) Maurice – “Kerosene (LIVE)”

Class of 84’s new record cover.  Looks pretty good eh?

Jono from the band is also involved with Start With The Cobra.  He sent me a link to Phillips Beer here in Victoria.  Inside select 12 packs of yummy beer, you’ll find a download code to get a bunch of Start With The Cobra songs.  Fun.

The new Zone Band of the Month is The Perfect Trend.  The Nanaimo band is working hard trying to elevate their game to rock star status.  So far they have opened for a ton of bands, traveled and toured everywhere.  Planning a trip to Toronto for Canadian Music Week and hanging out with Adam Sutherland recording a new record.  We’ll get a chance to see them March 25th at Evolution.

The show ends with a liver performance form Maurice.  Mike Devlin wrote a good article about their trials, challenges and successes.

Maurice is off on a cross-Canada tour with the Armchair Cynics.  Awesomesauce.

Next week on CRC 93, talking about Tyson Yerex and his move to Against Me for their Canadian Tour, Jeff Kalesnikoff is playing with Theset and we’ll check out a new band called Look Medusa!

That’s all I got, go with yourself.

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I woke up this morning to find a pile of shit in the middle of my kitchen floor.  How that pile shit came to be is a story with roots that stretch back to Friday night.



Friday night Coral and I had a date night.  It was payday, Margot took Mads for the evening, and the movie Pirate Radio was playing (fun movie BTW).

As luck would have it, I started developing a head cold Friday afternoon at work, but I didn’t want to cancel the first night in forever when Coral and I had a chance to hit the town, spend some money and have fun so I manned up and trudged on.

After the film, I was pretty sick and when we got home I crushed a cup full of NyQuil and headed off to dreamland.

The thing about NyQuil is that it is a horrible narcotic.  NyQuil is supposed to pass you the fuck out so can sleep well and get better medicine (that is what the commercial says right?)  But I just ended up having lucid dreams and at 4AM, I woke.  Sick  but very much awake.  I couldn’t sleep so I woke up and watched infomercials and music videos.  They still show videos on the TV overnight, neat.

I didn’t get any better and by 6AM I needed to sleep because I was working at The Zone.  I didn’t want to call in because I was already filling in due to the Zone being short staffed with holidays going on.  I trudged in and kinda half slept, half push buttons.  By 3PM, I was full on sleeping in the chair at the Zone and wiping snot off my face.

Sadness, Saturday night was my brother CJ’s 28th birthday.  I texted Coral and told her there was no way I’d be in shape for dinner, but if I slept maybe I could do the hockey game.

I came home had a little nap… then found the DayQuil.  Looking back now, I would call this the TSN turning point.  I felt like a regular champion and met up with the boys for CJ’s birthday feeling no pain.

A few beers and an S-Kings shutout victory later, I am at Sugar to see Armchair Cynics/Acres of Lions/Vince Vaccaro.  I am drunk… nothing out of the ordinary for a night club on  a Saturday night.

The show ends, its 1 o’clock in the morning, Coral’s sister drives me home.  I hang up my coat, put away my cell phone and wallet, lock up the house, gear down and climb into bed with Coral.

I wake up in the morning, go into the kitchen to get a pot of coffee going and to my shock and horror, someone… or some thing has shit smack dab in the middle of my kitchen floor.

I yell to Coral, “Coral!  Someone broke into our house last night and shit on the floor!  or like a dog maybe…”

“A dog didn’t shit on our floor, you did!”


“Well it makes sense, you peed on the floor in the bedroom.”

wow… Coral had to fill me in on what happened in the middle of the night.

As I said, I rolled into the apartment a bit after 1AM, geared down and went to bed.  But what really happened shocks and frightens me.

Coral says she woke up at 4AM to see me sitting naked on a stack of CDs in the corner of our bedroom.  It was dark and all she could make out were eyes that looked like a raccoon’s at night and my hand pushing my penis down as I urinated on the floor.  She screamed at me, “what are you doing?”  I answered back matter of factly, “going to bathroom.”

“On the floor in the bedroom?”


“well you are.”

That must have spooked me, she says I got up and ran out of the room like a naked jangly alien.  She said I went into the apartment and she could hear me crashing around and I was gone for some time.

I came back to the bedroom and crawled into bed like nothing happened.  Coral turns to me and asks, “why did you pee on the bedroom floor?”

I reply, “no I didn’t, don’t be crazy.”

“Yes you did, I saw you.  Right over there,” and points to the corner of the bedroom.  I get back out of bed, turn on the light and investigate.  Would you look at that, I peed on the floor of my own bedroom.  I then go back to the kitchen and return with a cloth and start cleaning.  Go back to bed.

I remember none of this.  I woke up this morning and was genuinely horrified to find dumps on my kitchen floor.  Coral said she can only imagine that it happened while I was crashing around when I ran out of the bedroom. She speculates that maybe I thought I was outside squatting.  But still, questions remain, are there any more surprises around our home? Is my sleepwalking something to expect in the future? And if so, can there be a way to corral me into the bathroom to do my deeds, or even a bucket somewhere?

DayQuil is a hell of a drug.

I am not one to get blackout drunk, but there have been times in my past where I’ve put on similar productions and almost all of them begin with me being sick, taking cold medicine, then drinking.

Many moons ago, my band had a show at The Cobalt and I was sick.  I swallowed a variety pack of sudafeds, DayQuil and whatever else was around.  The band headed down to the Cobalt and I started pouring back their cheap draught beer.  By the time it was Smut Peddlings Sam’s turn to rock the stage I was not me anymore, I was some other creature.  I don’t remember the set at all.  But it was one of the few shows we taped and it was both horrible and heroic.  I spent much of the set doing one of two things, screaming obscenities at the skids and punks watching our set or laying on my back doing a Jim Morrison free form thing.  It was terrible.

At one point, some guy was heckling the band and I stopped down and started calling him a Megadeth wanna be mother fucker or something.  He whipped out his dick and started flopping it about.  Then he picked up a chair and threw it at me.  So I grabbed the chair and hurled it back at him and the bouncers came and peace was restored.  Set continued.  I sang lyrics to songs we didn’t have, different words to the wrong song. A real rock and roll tragedy.

After the set I went up to Wendy the manager to apologize and she said, “are you kidding?  That was great!” and handed me a pile of money.


Then there was that time I was down at the beach in Gordon Head… but I think I’ve told enough embarrassing stories for a night.

Go with yourself.

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Remember kids, every time you download Capital Rock City, a unicorn is born!

Here it is: Capital Rock City #78


DJ Notes

01) Armchair Cynics – “Believe”
02) Armchair Cynics – “Never Gave it a Chance”
03) Armchair Cynics – “Can’t Sleep”
04) Armchair Cynics – “Kelly”

me and Ryan

Today is a fun CRC.  my friend Double R came by the studio with a copy of his band’s latest album, Starting Today.  We talk about life in the Armchair Cynics, what happened to Adam Sutherland the guitar player, the new guitar player, some of the lyrical meanings and stories behind a few songs.  The flaming armchair on the cover, music videos.  good times.

Did you know that the Armchair Cynics have a CD release party in Victoria on November 14th @ Sugar?  Or how about the fact they play Vancouver on December 16th @ Venue?

Now you do.

That’s all I got this week.  Thank you for downloading Capital Rock City.  If you like the show, please help spread the word and tell a friend or share the link.

Next week should have JP Maurice coming by the studio for a live performance and somewhere down the pipe, the live CRC is starting to take shape.  Date/time,place, featured artist still being hammered out.

Go with yourself.

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Happy Tuesday, time to punch up an all new Capital Rock City. Thank you for finding my weekly Victoria rocker podcast.  The march to 1,000 weekly downloads, as always, continues.  You’re doing your part for me when you share a link with a friend or post a little sumtin sumtin on your social media network.

Please download: Capital Rock City #77


DJ Notes

01) No Don’t Stop – “Bleached Bones”
02) Sunday Buckets – “Aftermathmatics”
03) A Trophy Life – “Samsonite (I Was Way Off) [live]”
04) A Trophy Life – “New Song [live]”

I was hoping to have JP Maurice on the show this week, but while I was away getting hitched in Vegas, he went and moved to Vancouver!  SWA?  The man did say he’ll try and make some time to hit the CRC studio sometime in and around Halloween.  So maybe CRC 78 or 79… or maybe 80?  Beggars can’t be choosers, so when he comes, he comes.

The show starts with a real interesting and dirty ditty from Cowichan Bay.  Jess is my kindred musical doppelganger spirit.  We have a similar taste in tunes and spend times late at night on twitter sharing music.  She sent me a heads up the band No Don’t Stop.

Sunday Buckets got their name from the days when they first came together.  They mostly had Mondays off work and would jam Sunday nights and drink beers… I guess by the bucket?

We’ll have a chance to see our October Band of the Month on Thursday, October 29th at Evolution night club.  Wear your costume!  Pay no cover, win prizes.

What the heck is “aftermathmatics?”

The show ends with some acoustic rock and roll from The Zone’s September band of the month, A Trophy Life.  ATL is currently in Ontario doing a tour of malls.  Fun.

That’s all I got this week.  Next week?  hmmm… maybe I should drag Double R into the studio with a few pints and we’ll tear into Double R’s new record “Starting Today?” What say you Ryan?

Go with yourself.

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Thank you for finding my weekly Victoria rocker podcast, Capital Rock City.  As I continue the march to 1,000 weekly downloads I ask that maybe you’ll share the link to this podcast with a friend or on your social media page.

Download: Capital Rock City #68

Here we go!


DJ Notes

01) Funk Vigilante – “On Top of the World”
02) Goodbye Beatdown – “Feel Your Pain”
03) Lizzie and Simon – “Wherever You Go”
04) Black Hat Villain – “Rain or Shine”

Funk Vigilante reminds me of my old vigilante hat.  Many moons ago when I was snot-nosed suburban hipster, I went to the Warped Tour in Vancouver.  During the show I found this trucker hat (remember when those were so hawt!) that had the top cut off so it looked like a real D-bag styled golf vizer thing.  Written in sharpy marker was the word “vigilante.”  Cool.

Funk Vigilante describes themselves as:

The album is called “Civil Disobedience”  it’s like one of those hot lava burritos, blended up, and poured right into your listening hole.

which is much better than anything I could write.

The Goodbye Beatdown are a Vancouver band that is increasingly spending more and more time visiting us here in Victoria.  They’ll once again be here for a show on August 20th at Lucky Bar.

Liz Beattie was (maybe still is?) the bass player for Machina.  Remember that band?  Lately I notice she performs as The Liz Beattie band or on MySpace as Lizzie and Simon.  Simon is the keyboard player for Maurice and together they make some pretty indie pop.  Cute attack!

I end the show this week with Langfordians, Black Hat Villain.  You’ll get a chance to experience their post-grungy sounds live at The Station House Pub on Saturday, August 15th when they suppoert the Armchair Cynics.

Thank you for trying something new with your music and discovering some great Victoria rock & roll.

Go with yourself

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