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Not gunna lie…when I first saw that Four Tet had teamed up with Champion…I thought it was gunna be DJ Champion. But it is not. Some other London based Champion.

Go with yourself.

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I wish I was as cool as Four Tet.

Kieran Hebden has been locked int he studio for past 10 months, working on some music. He has already shared a couple songs and today we get a beauty called “SW9 9SL.”

He says we’ll be getting a new album later this year.

Happy Friday!

Go with yourself.

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I really should have written a blog yesterday. So much new music to get to.

Let us begin in Philadelphia and a record I will for sure be picking up on October 30th. Beach Slang‘s The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us. Compact disc, digital, and cassette (so hot right now) but the jewel in the crown will be one of those 800 press vinyl from the Polyvinyl store.

NOISEY“…packs in their trademark hopeless romanticism and a lust for nostalgia over emotional vulnerability.” 
Grand Stand: “The feelings of youth and vulnerability lie at the core of Beach Slang‘s music, which is part punk, part pop and all catharsis. It references the ghosts of the Replacements but keeps one foot firmly rooted in the present. It’s fun and it’s serious. It’s sad but it isn’t.”

I love it.


Silversun Pickups from Silverlake, California (or is it Silver Lake?) have a new record called Better Nature out on September 25th.

Check out this short-film for the single “Nightlight.” The film was directed by Mike Pellington…Mike Pellington, you mean the same guy that directed Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy?” Yeah THAT Mike Pellington. You’re watching Meg Steedle who might recognize if you watched Boardwalk Empire.


I just posted some Four Tet the other day…and now this? A recently re-discovered Four Tet song posted up on Soundcloud.

Let’s have a listen to “BACK2THESTART.”

Free download? This song will be making the lounge set. 100%.


What else… right… a remix of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car.” I *feel* like I’ve heard this song, or a remix like it before? No matter…. Classic song, sounds good. Also a free download.


Tomorrow I should have a remix of Tove Lo’s “Bodies.” and working on interviews with Mumford & Sons, Royal Blood and Atlas Genius.

Go with yourself.

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Feeling like a little ball of energy lately. Building on some radio ideas and I think I’ve hit on a podcast idea.

I’ve been struggling with my Numark NS7ii DJ controller. I was about ready to light i ton fire this past weekend. The machine has never really worked as advertised. On my old Intel 2 Duel Core Macbook Pro…it glitches, or locked up. The Serato and Numark people were both like, “it’s your computer.”

I bought a new Macbook three weeks ago and the second time I use it, glitches hard. Sunday night, it wouldn’t even play a single song. I plug in my old Macbook, works the best it has ever worked. I don’t know. It is frustrating especially now as I am thinking of trying to DJ a lounge night somewhere in Vancouver. I’ll need it to work. I’ve been on with the tech support people at Serato, and yapping with my friend Tyson (who programs hardware for a different music company) and we (they) think we have it figured out. I hope. PRAY. Tyson thinks it’s a software conflict too.

“The best controller ever built. period.” Jeeeeezus. To be fair…when it works…it works so gloriously that if I get this thing sorted out, I am sure I’ll change my tune and be singing its praises.

Which brings me to today’s song. Four Tet. I’ve been thinking of my lounge set lately. And all the great chill wave and downtempo artists I used to play at the Veneto Lounge like Four Tet. In Victoria on the weekend I stumbled into Ditch Recorts (to buy Kurt Vile…well actually I wanted Titus Andronicus‘ new album but it was $40!) and I found a 2015 record from Four Tet. Four Tet’s new album is called Morning/Evening. Keiran Hebden inherited some Indian music from his grandfather and pulled some samples out of a 1983 song called “Main Teri Chhoti Behana Hoon” by Lata Mangeshkar.

Toro y Moi happens to have some new sounds too…and I always enjoyed his stuff.


I was putting my kids to bed tonight when it dawned on me that one day I won’t. Sometimes it’s a chore. Sometimes I don’t want to do it. But then when I don’t have to, I’ll miss it so much.

I was talking to my Dad the other day about how funny and great little baby babble is. I kinda wish I could record it all the time and save it for when I’m an old man. My Dad said I really should make a pint of recording. The thing is, as soon as I pull out my phone (so far at least) Jack stops babbling. Like he knows…or he gets distracted by the phone. I strapped him in to the car seat today on a quest to buy more coffee beans and I got 15 seconds out of him before he saw my phone and was more interested in swiping at it.

Go with yourself.

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Happy Friday!  Friday tends to be the day when I think the most about remixes, chillwave, down-tempo… which I know sounds counter-intuitive to the ragers that most people have their sights set on…but hey, I’m a Friday cocktail lounge DJ.

My memories of the time when Coldplay released X & Y are of a record that felt underwhelming.  My opinion has changed over the years and I appreciate the slow dance, feel-her-up songs from their third album.

New Jersey producer Aylen has traveled back to 2005 to put a remix spin on single “Fix You.”


Ultraista is a UK act featuring Laura Bettinson’s vocals bouncing around the sounds of producer Nigel Godrich (Radiohead) and Joey Waronker (Beck, R.E.M.).  Thier self titled record came out in the fall.

Four Tet is cool.

Happy Friday, stay safe, Merry Christmas.

This was on the radio today… some history on SANTA!

Go with yourself.

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Well that was interesting.  Testing out some new equipment last night… was thinking that while I work, I’d like to test it out with some Four Tet.  The computer I was on had no Four Tet so off to the iTunes store to grab a song.  While I was there I noticed that he released a brand new record that night!  How serendipitous.  Usually you read stories and reviews and tweets.  I must have missed the articles, or be following the wrong folks, or I’m the only one that cares.

Four Tet has his own record label and his new record, Pink, collects a bunch of vinyl only releases from his label over the past year.

Four Tet – “128 Harps”

Really pleasant and easy sounds to listen to while working.


Youngblood Hawke is a band from Los Angeles, California.

The group has an interesting story.  The name is based on a a character from an old novel which I have never read.  The principle members were in a band that seemed like that were reaching success.  The group was called Iglu & Harley and in 2010 they had the chance to play Coachella.  But something happened and the band dissolved.  I believe they quote, “dissolved due to a creative clash.”

BUT, Simon Katz and singer Sam Martin stayed with it and formed a new band… and here we are.

I got a text from Simon at the Veneto today saying the self-titled EP is fantastic.  The single we’re featuring on the Zone is called  “We Come Running.”

Youngblood Hawke – “We Come Running”

Punchy energy.  Catchy.  Good times.

Go with yourself.

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I don’t have a lot of time to write… but I do have a couple songs I am jazzed to share with you.

BUT first…I want to make a playlist of 2000s post-hardcore/screamo but my Mac is starting to chug and needs a tune-up.  Garageband (the program I use for my podcasts) was being glitchy and slow… I don’t imagine I’ll have the money to upgrade the Mac till June at the earliest, so no podcasts for a bit unless I make it at work.


Four Tet – “Jupiters”

Download MP3 >> Four Tet – Jupiters

Regular friends of the blog know how much I LOVE Four Tet… new music is always welcome and will be immediately will go into rotation during my sets at the Veneto (Friday nights… and select Saturdays until they find a guy/girl).

This song has a huge intro before locking into a traditional Four Tet beat. Good times.

and now this…

Wow, has it been three years since the last Passion Pit record?  New album is called Gossamer is due on July 24th.  Mr. Pit will be busy this summer playing all kinds of festivals including Seattle’s Bumbershoot in September.  First single is called “Take a Walk.”

Passion Pit – “Take a Walk”

Its hard to say if this will be a mainstream radio song.  It is pleasant enough, but does the s9und cut through?  if you have thoughts on Passion Pit leave a comment.

OK, I better get to work.

Go with yourself.

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