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matt good performing

Our Lady Peace and Matthew Good will be touring together across Canada in 2018. The tour wraps up on March 31st at the Abbotsford Center.

When CFOX announced the show, I got some questions from listeners wondering about old comments Matthew Good made about Our Lady Peace back in 2000. The guys tackled the question then talked about why now is the time to tour together.

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matt good performing

Matthew Good came to visit us at CFOX’s Ugly Grey Box Studio today. We chatted about the final song on his 2015 record Chaotic Neutral, “Los Alamos.”

Then he played it!

We’ll get a chance to see Matthew Good at The Vogue on November 13th and 14th.

11/06 Victoria, BC – Alix Goolden Performance Hall *
11/07 Campbell River, BC – Tidemark Theatre *
11/09 Nanaimo, BC – Port Theatre *
11/13 Vancouver, BC – Vogue Theatre * 
11/14 Vancouver, BC – Vogue Theatre *
11/16 Kelowna, BC – Kelowna Community Theatre *

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VICE had an article today about how hot D&D is right now. I was like, “awesome.”

Yesterday, Matthew Good stopped by my radio program and we got to talking about his new record, Chaotic Neutral. The title comes from a character alignment in Dungeons & Dragons. When you buy a physical copy of the album, you’ll get a print of his hand drawn fantasy map for a place called Scarrow Foregate.

Matt Good’s love of cartography was inspired by medieval cartographer John Speed and also Jeffrey Beebe.

If you want to dive more into our complete conversation, here is the audio from our discussion.

We talk Dungeons & Dragons, map cartography, medieval typography, his scrapped record, finding inspiration and the changing tastes of Matt Good, touring and his challenges, his trip up North this summer, kids, Holly McNarland singing on Chaotic Neutral, Bones from Midnight Oil playing bass, and a 20th anniversary book of all his songs’ lyrics. Buy the new record Chaotic Neutral on September 25th.

Buy Chaotic Neutral on September 25th and SEE Matt Good also on the 25th at HMV on Robson. Tour announcement is coming next week.

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Chatoic Neutral

Check out the brand new Matt Good music video. The video was filmed in Oshawa and feature Matt roaming the city with live wolves!  Crazy!

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Matt Good
New Matt Good music is available today.  The single is called “Had it Coming” and it’ll be from a record called Arrows of Desire (September 24th).

What do you think?  First listen I wasn’t blown away,m but with a few repeat listens I’ve really started to feel the groove.   Its a pretty simple pop song.  Chorus picks up and its easy to singalong with this track.

Matt Good will be on stage in Victoria on Saturday, July 13th as part of Rock The Shores.

I don’t feel like Matt Good is reinventing the wheel with this song.  And maybe in the pantheon of so many great Matt Good (and band) songs…this will be a track that is part of it.  Nothing more, nothing less.    The first few comments on his soundcloud page have people raving.  My man Two was meh (and he is a fan).  Who knows, maybe a couple more listens… and I’ll LOVE it.

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Getting in the Halloween spirit with a half-hour collection of songs with “ghosts” as the theme.


Thank you for taking the time to listen to my mix.

Click and listen: Mixtape >> Ghosts


DJ Notes

Memphis leads off the mixtape with a most fitting Ghost song… Torquil Campbell, the male vocal ying to Stars‘ Amy Milan’s female yang… put out a great little side project album many moons ago.  I saw him perform at Logan’s back in like 2006, and it was mighty.  I always remembered this cut because its so darn spooky.

The next song features a white Motown artist.  SWA?  I know right, a white guy that made MoTown magic back in the 60s and 70s.  Only in Canada.  R. Dean Taylor was born in Toronto, Ontario back when the Leafs lost the Stanley Cup to the Bruins (1939).

He recorded a song called “At The High School Dance” in 1961 which garnered some local success and his next song “I’ll Remember” charted on legendary Canadian rock radio station CHUM.  The success promoted our Maple Leaf Rocker to move to Detroit…this historic occasion also marked the last time a Canadian would ever willingly move to that city yeesh.  R. Dean taylor would get hired on by Motown as a performer and writer and would have a moderately successful career.  Go Canada and obscure white Motown artists!

I make a mean game of dumping on Matthew Good, but the fact of the matter is, I like a lot of his songs.  Apparitions are ghosts and “Apparitions” is on the list of favourite Matt Good songs.

Did I ever tell you the story of running into Matt Good at a gas station convenience store on Burrard street and I ran around the store heckling him till he left? Yeah, I’m an asshole and wouldn’t do that again if I had the day back.  But it made sense at the time.

Hey Matt Good, if you google yourself and my blog comes up and you remember that time some skinny douche bag gave you a hard time in a gas station convenience store…. Sorry.

The only time we ever really dabbled with Band of Horses on the Zone… the song was about ghosts!

You should be familiar with Wintersleep’s “Weighy Ghost.”  A more mainstream cut that got ample play on the radio.

Mother Mother is hard at it right now, working on a new record (due January).  Currently “Hayloft” is the most requested song on the Zone Afternoon Show, but believe this hype! Its not even the most quirky song on the album O My Heart.  Put this “Ghosting” song in your ear-hole and ruminate.

The National are my favourite band, so when I had a song on my iTunes with the word “Ghost” in it… well it had to make the list.

Riot Act, Pearl Jam’s seventh studio record and first post-9/11 and post Roskilde Festival Accident record has a song called “Ghosts.”  Rad.  I do like me some Pearl Jam… and going back to read about Riot Act after jamming out “Ghosts” and now I want to hear the whole record.

yee-yah… Riot Act is a great record.

The mixtape ends with a haunting cut from Spoon’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga… “The Ghost of You Lingers.”  Shit’s going on in my right ear… whoa, then my left.  Stereo sound.

Go with yourself.

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