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I sometimes wish I kept more stuff…. that seems weird when people are always wanting to shed things…but back before I got a smartphone (and i was late bloomer) I didn’t take too many pictures. And I didn’t keep too many mementoes.  I was thinking about it today as I was trying to remember those first couple Rifflandias.  I still have my Rifflandia 1 ticket stub but can’t really recall the shows.  I just remember how it worked.  I barely remember Riff 2 except I DJ’d the Thursday night upstairs in the Clubhouse at the Strathcona.  I was able to go downstairs to see Said the Whale and Dan Mangan which was rad.  I remember Riff 2 had line-ups, or people complaining about them but I just wandered around to venues with no people and stumbled into Lucky Bar where there was hardly anyone.  The Laundronauts played and I think they had a bubble machine?  Finally I ended up at Element (which is now Club 9one9) and I was able to see Holy Fuck!

There were some issues at the radio factory because head-office wasn’t sure if The Zone should be associated with an event featuring a band called Holy Fuck!  Apparently someone had complained direct to head office about…I dunno, rock & roll…but things were patched and Riff 2 was gold.

Riff 3 I think was the year it rained a bunch and I met Melissa Auf der Maur in the Veneto.  Neat.

Right, Holy Fuck!

Their song “Lovely Allen”…yup still a favourite.  The show down in the basement on a drunken night so many moons ago was brilliant and it is one of my few memories still in my brain of Riff 2 (that and Dan Mangan’s beautiful eyes).

The Rifflandia Magazine for Riff 6 says that Holy Fuck have a new record in the works?  That’s cool, their Tumblr is light on the info and I think Pitchfork stopped caring about them in 2010.

This song is recent-ish….

So let’s party like its 2009 on Friday, September 13th.  12:30AM at Sugar Night Club.

Holy Fuck, what time is it?  I gotta wake up in 6 hours to take the kid to school.  Go with yourself.

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Starting to get pretty excited for some upcoming releases from some of my favourite bands.  Here is a little run down of what gets me all hot bothered between the legs ears.

The National – High Violet (May 11th)

I remember reading sometime ago, the guitar player from the band was talking about the creative process for crafting the songs that will end up on this new National record.  He was naming the drafts after Civil War battles!  Its just so nerdy, I love it.

The National are one of my all time fave bands, so the day this comes out, I’ll be grabbing the digital and the vinyl copy for my collection.  And if the gods smile on me (no tix yet and its sold out!), I’ll be front and center at Sasquatch Festival when they take the stage.

Download: The National – “Bloodbuzz Ohio”

Band of Horses – Infinite Arms (May 18th)

Very romantic music, I have a couple BOH records and they remain a constant favourite for both Coral and I. We’ve also been fortunate to see them a couple time (or three for Corj) and every time, its better than the last.

I should start setting aside money now as there are a lot of records in May already that I’ll need.  You can have a listen and watch a video for the song “Compliments” by clicking right heeeeerrrrrre.

oh, and also playing Sasquatch!

The Hold Steady – Heaven is Whenever (May 4th)

A day after my brother Matt turns… hmmm I’m 30, my little sister is what?  25?  Matt must me turning 27?  Does that sound right?  my Mom will have to back that up, the point is, I know what I am getting my OTHER brother for a wedding gift!  The new Hold Steady record.  CJ, god bless ’em, went to live in London for the better part of a year sometime ago and one of the highlights of his working holiday was getting a chance to see one of our favourite bands in London!  How rad is that?  Then the man got tickets for us to see them in Vancouver last fall but I jammed out.  Bad brother I be.

The Hold Steady made some changes to their sound on this record, most notably, no more keys… who’ll be tickling the ivories on the new disc?  less piano balladry?  I don’t know about that, some of my fave Hold Steady songs are the ones with some heavy piano melody.  You can hear the song here and get all nostalgic for Boys and Girls in America era Steady.  Also listen for this new single on The Zone’s modern rock inbox.

And because I love torturing myself… another band I might miss if a miracle doesn’t happen and I don’t get me some Sasquatch tickets!

Holy Fuck – Latin (May 11)

Holy Fuck have a name that some people find offensive.  Calm down… if you look at it in the right frame of mind, it actually might be a very spiritual branding?

Holy Fuck changed my world in the fall of ’09 when they melted my brain into a sooty, chalky ooze in Element Nightclub during Rifflandia.  Its electronic, its epic, its organic, its living, its  a lot of things and with no (or much) lyrical content… it can be whatever you need it to be.

“Lovely Allen” will always remain one of my favorites and because they write that perfect song, they’ll get the benefit of the doubt that the new stuff will crush.  The first feature track is called “Latin America” and you can download it here, for free if you provide an email address. (on the player, its says MP3, click on that.)

A lot of you readers of the blog that have been enjoying some of the chilltastic beats I have been posting should really get a good experience from this song (and its free and painless to get, so go get).

Stars – The Five Ghosts (June 22nd)

The Stars’  2004 record Set Yourself on Fire, should go down as a Canadian indie rock classic.

It travels throughout all sorts of lonely and/or adorable themes.  I listened to that record pretty heavy when it came out and still enjoy going back to re-explore it from time to time.  I wasn’t as keen on “In Our Bedroom After The War” though I really wanted to be.  I think this might be the record where I bounce back into the Stars fold.  The first single sounds very solid to me in the first few listens.

You hit play and it jumps right out at you.  Then Amy Milan takes over with her beautiful voice, and I’m in love again.  And because the internet totally rules… why not download for free? like why not, really?


That what I am looking forward to in regards to new music coming out next month (and June I suppose).

Another half baked idea I had was to try and start collecting Beatles music on vinyl… but seeing as my record player is on the fritz and I don’t have the wall space to display the album art, maybe that idea will be put on the back burner for now.

Go with yourself.

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A day late a buck short… I’m writing the report… oh wow, Blink 182?  really?

Capital Rock City #71 is a couple days late, and I apologize to you passionate CRCers out there who wait breathlessly each and every week for your fix of some fine BC rock & roll.  Corj and I took Mads on a trip of the interior, then yesterday was just way too busy and I was sick and blah blah blah… yeah.

Today is the day, and I thank you for finding Capital Rock City and downloading the show.

Download: Capital Rock City #71


DJ Notes:

01) Vince Vaccaro – “Costa Rica (acoustic)”
02) A Trophy Life – “Samonite (I was Way Off)”
03) TV Heart Attack – “A/O”
04) Daniel Wesley – “Pilgramidge (live on The ZAS)”

Vince Vaccaro crafted a video for an alternate recording of one my favourite VV cuts, “Costa Rica.”  Whenever I play this song for someone they become a Vince fan.  Both my sister and Coral love the song.  The video is an excellent DIY creation and well worth about 3 minutes of your time.

The only thing Vince… I noticed a shot of Vancouver radio station The Peak 100.5, but no clips of The Zone?  next video I’m sure.

Our September Band of the Month ’round these parts is a group called A Trophy Life.  You can hit the Band of the Month PAGE on THEZONEDOTFM and download some songs for totally free man.

TV Heart Attack is a Vancouver band that I have featured on the show before.  Peak (and former Zone) music director James Sutton turned me on to the group.  They recently competed in the Peak’s Performance Project where they were a finalist.

TVHA’s new record is called Lost in the Sway and is available now at finer record stores or on iTunes.

On October 20th I will have been married for 9 days AND I’ll be able to get my paws on the brand spanking new Daniel Wesley record.  Before taking off on holidays last week, Daniel came by the Zone and recorded a song called “Pilgrimage.”

The shows today starts with a fine taste of the group Holy Fuck.  I love this group with features the dude from the band By Devine Right!  remember them?

Holy Fuck is going to be in Victoria for the Rifflandia Festival and as luck would have it, they are playing on the only night I have free that weekend to hit a rock show!  Rifflandia looks amazing this year and I wish I could check out more shows… I know a few Morning After Show readers would be interested in Sam Bradley yup, he’s playing too all you R Pattinson fans.

Next week on CRC 72 I am hoping to have the boys of Saul in the studio.  Steve of the band Rotterdam and his set of Vic metal for CRC 73 and then maybe Two and I will be ready for the special live acoustic CRC 74?  maybe?

That’s all I got, thank you for downloading Capital Rock City and if you like the show, please share it with a friend.

Go with yourself.

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When I am not jamming out the Zone @ 91-3 I do enjoy me some CBC Radio One.  Today they had these guys from a website called Strike TV on the program.  Strike TV is place for writers in Hollywood to tryout some ideas on the internet.  One of my favourites was a show called “House Poor” starring the chick that plays “Kelly” on The Office.  Too funny.


I wanted to share some recent downloads with you.

A band I am quickly turning into a bit of a fan of, is a group based out of Montreal called Contrived.   Members of Wintersleep and Holy Fuck.  Wintersleep is great and we play them lots on the Zone, but Holy Fuck?!?  Yeah, the track “Lovely Allen” is a killer song.  These two dreamy Canadian popsters teaming up can only spell good.
Check out the airy jangle on the track “Keepsake.”

and if you don’t know Holy Fuck… here is my fave song.

yeah, that’s good.

Another record I wanted to check out was a band called Ashes Divide.  By my understanding, this is a one of from the dude that brought us A Perfect Circle.  At first I wasn’t completely sold on this disc… but I find, as i work away I constantly go, “hmmm what is that?” and look on my computer to find that it is an Ashes Divide song.

Check out the video for a song called “The Stone.”  Yeah, it ain’t no APC but until Maynard and Billy get off their asses for some new music, this will serve.

Glasvegas is a band starting to gain major traction on The Zone.  This Scottish group consists of a couple brothers (at least I think they’re brothers).

Watch the video for Geraldine.

The Midway State is a band out of Toronto that I like, in the same way I secretly like the Fray.  Piano pop-rock.  I am a sucker for this type of shit.

Ok, I have some more to write, but my computer is such a piece of shit that I want to throw it off a canyon and into a fast moving river full of sediments.  So that is all for now.  I’ll continue I hope, tomorrow from a work computer.

I do hope to get a new computer, but sadly that will need to be a Spring project as our monies are all tied up till then.

Go with yourself.

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