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Holy shit, so you remember the email I got from Lazy earlier today.

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From: matt@thematineemusic.com [mailto:matt@thematineemusic.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 11:25 AM
To: Jeremy@thezone.fm
Subject: a song for you

Hey Jeremy…. here ya go! Bit of a busy weekend, I celebrated both mine and my girlfriends’ birthdays… so yeah….. still hurting a bit. In other news, did you know that Bob’s place in North Van burned to the ground last week ? He lost everything. And the bastard just rolls with it with a shrug. What a guy!

This tune is called San Diego, and it is about an unpaid speeding ticket I got once on a road trip to California. True story. I still haven’t paid it, so now there is a bench warrant for my arrest in Weed County. The fine is up to $1200 and the collections calls me twice a week. I never answer. And never will! Just can’t drive down there anymore.. or I am going to the slammer!

Cheers bud, new tunes to be recorded next month that I will send your way too.



Well, it turns out that my good friends Bob and Jen (pictured above holding Mads) are in fact homeless!  About a week ago, their apartment burned down.

From the Horse’s Mouth: Bob telling the story

Can you even believe that?  Luckily they had insurance and lots of friends and family to help out where they can.

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Yeah, that just happened on The ZAS.

Jay-Z vs. Radiohead in Jadiohead land.

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I think I want to trademark the word “swa?”  I have never had a trademark before.

Onomatopoeia is cool!  AND trademarkable!

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hmmm.  I might not let Madelyn get away this in 16 years, but I am also not a rock star.   They have different rules.

Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Hosts a Party with Suicide Theme.

$323,000 for a party?  neat.

Go with yourself.

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