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Started the day today with a hike at Buntzen. Coral and I had Jack and he’s only 20 months, so I won’t say it was an arduous hike…but we also made it to the Viewpoint and Jack walked pretty much the whole there, and the entire way back. That’s impressive. He was attacked by exactly zero cougars. I’ll call that a win.


Alison Mosshart, Jack White and Company have shared another song off their September 25th record Dodge And Burn.

We’ve already heard The Dead Weather’s “I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)” and now we have this barn burner. “Cop and Go.”


Muse covered CHVRCHES. I am not going to come on here and tell you I love this cover. But it is a thing.

I wanna end with this beauty remix of Panama.

Off to Foo Fighters tonight at Rogers Arena. Coral is going to drop our daughter Madelyn off with me and we’ll check that out together. Dustin at CFOX asked if I had ear protection for her and I said, “the Foo Fighters aren’t *that* loud.”

And he said, “get ear plugs you dummy, you’ve already wrecked your ears and so NO bands are loud to you.”


Go with yourself.

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“The Township of Esquimalt wants to ditch the Victoria police in favour of the RCMP, Mayor Barb Desjardins revealed Tuesday afternoon.”

That’s what the Times Colonist newspaper read today.

I don’t know how wise of an investment this will be for Esquimalt considering the RCMP might be pulled out of BC over the next few years.

I do know, that if I were Mayor, I’d be doing things differently in Esquimalt.

Mixcloud: ZAS >> No Law in Esquimalt
Download MP3 >> No Law in Esquimalt

Go with yourself.

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I am so happy about a couple points.

01) Chris from Regalia in the Fan Tan Alley set me up with a 45s record box.

02) Ditch Records on Johnson Street in downtown Victoria sells contemporary 45 singles!

I had to buy some. In the end I settled on three. They’re cheap, but not free and I didn’t want to spend much more than $20.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the As and the Bs of some of my new music.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to music.

Click to stream from Mixcloud: Playing 45s – Here’s Your Money Back

01) The National – “Bloodbuzz Ohio”
02) The National – “Sin-Eaters”
03) The Dead Weather – “Die by the Drop”
04 The Dead Weather – “Old Mary”
05) Japandroids – “Art Czars”
06) Japandroids – “Racer-X”

Almost can’t wait till my next payday to buy some more.  I talked to Fatso at Smiths Pub and he said he’ll have me on June 14th to play some music from Coral and my vinyl record collection.  Maybe I’ll see if Nana will watch Mads and drag Coral out too (a bunch of the records are hers after all) for some beers and olden tyme music.

oh… and the final cut, “Racer-X” is a cover song from a 1984 ep by a band called Big Black.

Go with yourself.

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