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I was reading about Motorhead’s new line of sex toys.


Neat. But while reading about them, I came across this most excellent cover of “Sympathy For The Devil” by Lemmy & Co.

I did this radio bit many moons ago where I pretended to pee in Jon Williams’ tea mug…and with pissing in mugs being red hot in the news right now I was trying to find it. I guess the signal was lost to the noise on the FM radio all those moons ago and I didn’t save it.

But my journeys reminded me of a couple great cover songs. I LOVE this Kings of Leon cover of Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own.”

And Jesse Roper’s Stevie Ray Vaughn is also super cool.

Finally…how about Titus Andronicus’ cover of The Weeknd? Dig it!

Happy Tuesday that feels like a Monday. Also first day of school. Took my daughter to her first day of grade two. I moved back to the city I grew up in…and my kid is going to the same elementary school I went to. What a trip.

Go with yourself.

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It was a slow day at the radio factory today so I took a long lunch to head downtown and get p to one of my favourite pastimes, record shopping.

Victoria has a few great record stores and my faves are Talk’s Cheap (556 Pandora) and Ditch Records (635 Johnson… but moving to Fort).

Today I was on a quest to continue my 45s collection and bought a combination of both classic and contemporary singles.  A great reflection of how i listen to music at home, new and old.

Have a listen.

Mixcloud:  Spin 45s >> Livin’ For You

DJ Notes

The first song is a cover from the Gaslight Anthem.  In November they released this limited edition rendition of the Rolling Stones’ “Tumbling Dice” from Exile on Main Street.  Great package and the vinyl is a brown marble-y look.  Comes with a download card for the MP3 and the b-side, “She loves You,” is also not from the album American Slang, unless you downloaded it from iTunes… then it was one of the bonus cuts.

The National‘s second single is track one, side one from High Violet.  A song called “Terrible Love.” Great song, but not the one I played for you, instead I went with the b-side, “She Was a Kindness.”  “She Was a Kindness” was later included on the November re-issue of the album.  Being a fan and buying the record when it came out means I get punished so I need to acquire it later.  The cover continues the Mark Fox art theme… this single has a picture of Untitled (The Ark). The internet says my National single should be violet vinyl which would be so bad ass, but sadly, it is just plain jane black.  Sad face.

Next we travel back to 1964.  UK band The Shadows are known for popularizing the four piece rock band.  Lead and rhythm guitar with bass and drums.  This song is an instrumental.

Also in 1964 (I think), The Blues Magoos recorded their first single for Verve Records, “So I’m Wrong and You’re Right.” I first heard about the Blues Magoos on a 60s on 6 XM show.  The DJ Cousin Brucie talked about how they were a favourite of his during the 60s.  I thought, “alright, if this old DJ was from the 60s and this is what he listened to, they must be good!”

Moving forward almost 10 years and I found Al Green’s “Let’s Get Married.” I thought this jam from 1973 might be a good wedding type song and Al Green is always popular during my sets at the Veneto Lounge.

The final song is from late 70s Canadian punkers Teenage Head.  Formed in Hamilton, Ontario… Teenage Head had a minor hit with 1980 single “Let’s Shake.”  Sounds a whole heck of a lot like The Ramones.  Its a fun catchy one for sure.

Thank you for listening to my mix.


Yesterday, it seems someone thought it would be hilarious to drop a canister of dye into Goldstream.

Thankfully, the dye won’t have any long term environmental impact.

It did create a little drama on the radio.

Mixcloud: ZAS >> Green River

Go with yourself.

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