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photo: Webmeister Bud

Well how ignorant of me…. I didn’t post my acoustic songs from the Gaslight Anthem‘s Brian Fallon.  One week ago today, Mr. Fallon stopped by the Zone for a chitchat and live performance.

Gaslight Anthem – “45” (acoustic)

Gaslight Anthem – “Desire” (acoustic)

Very pretty.


I got an email from the distant and savage wilds of Northern Canada… Edmonton.  Brandy Taylor was saying she can’t play Christian Hansen‘s new song “C’mon Arizona” enough on the radio.  Let’s have a listen.

Christian Hansen – “C’mon Arizona”

Brandy says, “Seriously, fave song we’re playing right now. And he says ‘bosom.’  Sooo……”



Um what?  Nice.  Coral and I got married on this day in 2009.  Yay us.

Go with yourself.

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Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem will be on the radio show this afternoon.  Handwritten is a solid record.  I remember buying this album while the family was on our roadtrip to Alberta.

I am pretty sure my copy of Handwritten does not include the deluxe covers!  The record ends with Nirvana’s “Sliver” and Tom Petty’s “You Got Lucky.”  I did track those songs down for us to listen to, but I want to start with the single “Handwritten” which is my favourite song on the record.

The Gaslight Anthem – “Handwritten”

The Gaslight Anthem – “Sliver” (Nirvana cover)

The Gaslight Anthem – “You Got Lucky” (Tom Petty cover)

Beauty.  if you’re going to the Arena tonight for the show… I’ll see you there.  Save me a high five.

Go with yourself.

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New Gaslight Anthem!  How exciting.  The record will be called Handwritten and is due out July 24th.  Perfect summer rock & roll.

The New Jersey rockers first single is called “45.”  Frontman Brian Fallon talking to Rolling Stone says; “This song felt to us like we still had something to say in this long line of rock & roll tradition. (…) It made the path clear as to what we should do next. Sometimes you just have to leave things behind . . . turn the record over.”

The Gaslight Anthem – “45”

Go with yourself.

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It was a slow day at the radio factory today so I took a long lunch to head downtown and get p to one of my favourite pastimes, record shopping.

Victoria has a few great record stores and my faves are Talk’s Cheap (556 Pandora) and Ditch Records (635 Johnson… but moving to Fort).

Today I was on a quest to continue my 45s collection and bought a combination of both classic and contemporary singles.  A great reflection of how i listen to music at home, new and old.

Have a listen.

Mixcloud:  Spin 45s >> Livin’ For You

DJ Notes

The first song is a cover from the Gaslight Anthem.  In November they released this limited edition rendition of the Rolling Stones’ “Tumbling Dice” from Exile on Main Street.  Great package and the vinyl is a brown marble-y look.  Comes with a download card for the MP3 and the b-side, “She loves You,” is also not from the album American Slang, unless you downloaded it from iTunes… then it was one of the bonus cuts.

The National‘s second single is track one, side one from High Violet.  A song called “Terrible Love.” Great song, but not the one I played for you, instead I went with the b-side, “She Was a Kindness.”  “She Was a Kindness” was later included on the November re-issue of the album.  Being a fan and buying the record when it came out means I get punished so I need to acquire it later.  The cover continues the Mark Fox art theme… this single has a picture of Untitled (The Ark). The internet says my National single should be violet vinyl which would be so bad ass, but sadly, it is just plain jane black.  Sad face.

Next we travel back to 1964.  UK band The Shadows are known for popularizing the four piece rock band.  Lead and rhythm guitar with bass and drums.  This song is an instrumental.

Also in 1964 (I think), The Blues Magoos recorded their first single for Verve Records, “So I’m Wrong and You’re Right.” I first heard about the Blues Magoos on a 60s on 6 XM show.  The DJ Cousin Brucie talked about how they were a favourite of his during the 60s.  I thought, “alright, if this old DJ was from the 60s and this is what he listened to, they must be good!”

Moving forward almost 10 years and I found Al Green’s “Let’s Get Married.” I thought this jam from 1973 might be a good wedding type song and Al Green is always popular during my sets at the Veneto Lounge.

The final song is from late 70s Canadian punkers Teenage Head.  Formed in Hamilton, Ontario… Teenage Head had a minor hit with 1980 single “Let’s Shake.”  Sounds a whole heck of a lot like The Ramones.  Its a fun catchy one for sure.

Thank you for listening to my mix.


Yesterday, it seems someone thought it would be hilarious to drop a canister of dye into Goldstream.

Thankfully, the dye won’t have any long term environmental impact.

It did create a little drama on the radio.

Mixcloud: ZAS >> Green River

Go with yourself.

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“Formally the task was to supply things that men want.  The new necessity is to make men want the things that machinery must turn out, if civilization is not to perish.  The problem before us is not how to produce the goods, but how to produce the customers.” – Samuel Strauss

“Sell them their dreams.  Sell them what the longed for, and hoped for and almost despaired of having. (…) Sell them this hope and you won’t have to worry about selling them goods.” – Helen Landon Cass

“Remember! When the gay community is granted personal freedom, ours get taken away.  How? shhhh.” – Stephen Colbert

The Colbert quote has little do with the capitalist  theme above, I just thought it was funny.  Here’s another, “Hey California, you make good oranges, keep it up!”  that one is all me.

Last night I wandered home from the Cambie with more than a couple beers and a few shots of a variety of liquors rattling around my brain.  I was thinking about the above quotes but for the life of me could not recall them.  So the weird sheep post came out of my head (and a bunch of other junklit that I deleted thankfully before posting!).

Drunk blogging is both hard and dumb.  I seriously sat at my computer in the dark at 2 AM pecking away at the buttons.  It took forever to barely hack out a couple wah wah wah paragraghs, and when it was all done I said, ” I can’t post this shit.”  and deleted it all.

Except that bizarre line and the sheep.  But what I wanted to talk about was the Strauss quote.  Samuel Strauss was an interesting cat.  He was the editor for a newspaper in New York called the New York Globe in and around 1917ish.  Fun fact, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! originated as a feature in the globe and is now a giant entertainment company owned by… Jim Pattison, same dude that signs my pay cheque and owns the Zone.

Strauss moves out of Manhatten and settles in some suburban village outside of NYC and publishes a weekly called The Villager.  Strauss is interesting because he was a critic of “Consumptionism.”  He says that consumptionism is “the science of compelling men to use more and more things.”  Oddly, Strauss was an influence on Edward Bernays.  Bernays was one of the founding fathers of modern public relations… which you know, you can thank him for or deride him for.

There isn’t a lot on the internet about Samuel Strauss, but from what I’ve gathered, I like his style.  He lived in a time of new capitalism or the second industrial revolution, the 1920s (I guess he lived at the end of it).  When companies where manufacturing things at an alarming rate and needing an insatiable appetite to consume from the people.  As the blog began, its not the things that is the problem, its the people to buy them.

And here were are in 2009, and things are the same as it ever was.  Maybe I don’t need all the new radio sets, washing machines and telephoney do-dads that Roaring 20s Jeremy might have lusted after, but today… the product is media.  A never ending supply of it, and what I need is eyes and ears.  Time and attention is the new money.  Media companies today need to pry time from you the way Henry Ford tried to pry dollars out of your wallet a century ago.



And in other news… many Zoners that have a few experience points living on planet Earth, will remember Layne Mitchel.  God bless’m, he’s in Deadmonton cheering on any hockey team in the post season except the Oil.  He also makes an exceptional podcast, but THIS EPISODE in particular is magical.  Features his interview and a live performance from The Gaslight Anthem.


weird, I got a mad lust for some Refresh Tazo Tea?  Just came over me in a wave, I could smell it and the ghost of its flavour is lingering on my tongue.  (that was a cool sentence, but I lifted most of it from a Spoon song).  I think we rock Tazo brand at the Zone, or we used to… that must mean its time to stop jibber jabbering on this here blog about things I still don’t know too much about and get to work… so I can jibber jabber about things I don’t know too much about… alright.

Go with yourself.

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Coral, Mads and I are off to Lower Mainland to solve all the gangland murders and look for chocolate eggs (maybe catch a Gaslight Anthem concert and hit the Morning After Show 10th Anniversary Party too), so no blogs till at least Monday next week.

Go with yourself.

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Happy 24th Birthday to my sister Andrea!


I got some fun emails today and I’ll go over those in a moment but first I want to talk about Capital Rock City and The Gaslight Anthem and some other random music notes.

Capital Rock City has been a bit delayed.  Sara wants the show to be super duper before it ends up on the Zone’s website.  So I am going to “test” it out here on http://www.jeremybaker.ca and your feedback will be paramount.  Computer Guy at http://www.vicstream.com has be clutch in setting up some internet server space to host the show and the technical support needed.  There is this really groovy media player at Yahoo that I LOVE.  When I figure out how to use it and how to easily upload audio then I think I can take the blog to another level.


David Eleanor dropped the Gaslight Anthem‘s new record The ’59 Sound on me yesterday and it is living on my iPod and in the Jeep right now.  Sounds too much like Bruce Springsteen, Killers circa Sam’s Town and a dash like The Hold Steady.  All good things to me.  Solid disc.

The record has almost knocked Frightened Rabbit from the top spot on the musical chart of my heart.  Almost.  I am trying to track down Glasvegas‘ new record as well.  If I can get a copy from work then that will save me the $9.99 from iTunes.  Glasvegas’ interview scheduled for this afternoon has been shifted to tomorrow.  If/when I figure out the media player, I’ll post some audio here.

The Stills will be live on the ZAS on Friday afternoon right after Connect Three. and as above, maybe I can learn how to post some highlights on thee blog.

!AND THIS JUST IN! (like seriously while typing, Sara popped her head in the door)…  Sam Roberts is likely live on the ZAS tomorrow or Friday AND #27 D Lloyd from the Victoria Salmon Kings on Thursday around 3PM… yikes busy couple days.


In  iTunes news, Acres of Lions brand spanking new single, “Closer,” is available now for just .99 cents!  Get on it.

Do the RIGHT thing and help our friends out with a buck!


The other day I talked about Jaydiohead.  Not every Zoner found it as amusing as I did.

—–Original Message—–
From: Rob [mailto:***@hotmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2009 5:36 PM
To: dave@thezone.fm
Subject: Jaydiohead?

i was freaking disgusted that the zone would even consider playing this shit that makes my ears bleed! i went to radiohead at the thunderbird stadium and it was the best show ive ever seen, and hearing that same amazing music played with gangsta rap over it talking about how hes got to murder his homie is really a sad attempt on trying to make jay-z’s crappy “art” listenable so for the love of god stop ruining an amazing modernrock band with a crappy re mix. this is the zone…not 95.3, i mean come on! whats next nelly and flava flav getting jiggy over deathcab for cutie


Rap = crap indeed!


and some more on Steak Sauce.

—–Original Message—–
From: Kelsey [mailto:***@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2009 8:39 PM
To: <Jeremy@thezone.fm>
Subject: Re: Japanese Steak Sauce Recipe

Hey Jeremy,
Thanks for that, I am gonna try it this weekend. On your blog recipe you don’t have cream or milk listed in the ingredients- was that a mistake?

Sent from my iPod


Hey Kelsey, this the recipe you’ll want to try first.
A Japanese Village Type Steak Sauce
makes a bunch, so consider halving the recipe

1 cup toasted sesame seeds
1 1/3 cup Vegetable oil
1 cup low sodium Soy Sauce
1/3 chopped white onion
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

Vancityrockgirl would recommend trying something healthier than a cup and a third of vegetable oil.  She says you could even halve the amount of oil and it *should* still be cool.


Coral took off to Paris today at some bizarre time so it is just me and Maddy (and Nana of course helping out HUGE!).  We crawled around.  Practiced our walking and then took Auntie Andrea to Red Robin for her birthday.  I think Monk’s two top front teeth are coming it!

Baby is still alive.

Dad: 01
Forces of Evil: 0

Go with yourself.

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