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I was hanging out this morning at Propaganda, drinking a coffee and reading my book Sonic Boom.

The author talked about picking music for your brand, I loved this segment; “Don’t base your music choices on your gut instinct alone.  When you just add music that you like and that you think makes the ad better – with no strategy – you’ll find yourself endlessly arguing with everyone in your company who has his or her own opinion about the music. There won’t be a clear goal or agreement on the values the music is trying to convey.”

Working in commercial radio….this quote really spoke to the challenges of programming a mainstream radio station.


Email today from This Will Destroy You. The atmospheric rockers are on tour and in Vancouver on March 25th at the Electric Owl.

The record is called Another Language and came out last September. They released a music video last week for side-one/ track-one.

Here is the first single, “Dustism.”

Go with yourself.

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DJ Maddy Oh YEAH!

Thank you for making the time to listen to my selections.

A simple relaxing mix. Lots of electronic ambient and simple fuzzy pop music. The little set ends with a more organic epic rock sound from This Will Destroy You.

Click to Stream: I love you, but you’re terrible at…

My wife Coral is reading a book called “Eating Animals” by a gentleman named Jonathan Safran Foer.  He was talking about about the joy of the birth of his first child and how it was a second.  The quote is so beautiful and poignant.

” We could retell our stories and make them better, more representative or aspirational. Or we could choose to tell different stories. The world itself had another chance.”

Seeing as I tell stories for a living, the quote resonated with me and has rattled around in my brain for days now.  I came across a series of great songs in such a short amount of time that i wanted to get a second mix upon here for you and when i play these songs at home, i think about this quote.

As for the title of the mix… it began as a conversation i had with Coral last night on the couch.  She said, “I love you, but you’re terrible at frying an egg.”  i guess I make bad fried eggs.  they don’t look like the pictures in the Jamie Oliver cookbook!

It’ll be a mute point soon… as Jonathan’s book is turning Coral into a vegetarian.


DJ Notes

Baths – “Maximalist” (MP3)
Four Tet – “Love Cry”
Washed Out – “Feel it all Around”
Loscil – “Dub for Cascadia”
This Will Destroy You – “Happiness: We’re All In It Together”

Go with yourself.

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A bartender named Holly turned me on to this song from a band called Kyte.  Wikipedia reminds me of the epicness of Explosions in the Sky or This Will Destroy You; but with a wispy vocal melody.  Mighty good.

I met Holly last Saturday at the Rialto where I find myself DJing Saturday nights.  What a great place, it feels good to be at a place where I can really bite into my playlists and find some interesting music.  This gig found me because I sent a cold call email to the Rialto about a year ago when they did their renovations.  I asked if I could DJ, they said no… fast forward a year and there I am.

The evening forced my hand in finally investing in my production.  I headed to Long and McQuade and purchased a Numark NS7.  The NS7 is a controller that lets me use Serato Itch.  It simulates a turn table DJ rig, but I like it because it is smaller (it uses two 45s instead of LPs) and all contained.  I can set it up in our little home, practice, and break it down much easier than the turntables I had from Boitano.  I might have wanted to chose the Vestax VCI 300, it is smaller still than the NS7 and cheaper, but I wanted to play on something a bit more substantial… but I can see myself one day wanted something even smaller, when my skills improve.

My goal right now is practice, practice, practice.  I want to have at least a passable skill at blending and mixing two cuts together.  The NS7 also has lots of fun and user friendly features to create loops and rush around a track, maybe one day I’ll be able to really birth some interesting sonic creations.

In the future, I will need to get an accountant (thank you John!), register the old business up, promotional material and I think we’ll need a new laptop.  I just didn’t have the money or the guts to finance one right now.  Coral and I are hoping that after her layoff is final, we put some money in the bank and my DJ business stabilizes and becomes legitimate I can invest in a MacBook Pro or something equally fancy pants (do I *really* need a Mac?  I mean all the other DJs have one…).  The Toshiba is a temperamental lady these days, but she serves like a wiley veteran of foreign wars and so far hasn’t had any meltdowns or tantrums during a set (well it did the other night but no one really noticed!).

After the laptop, my next goal is a mobile set of speakers to rock a shindig that is not rigged for a dance party and build a visual component for my performance.  Then Coral and I will need a bigger home to store all this stuff and build my studio to make my historical podcasts and Coral was saying something about living somewhere where it snows in the winter and we have a barn… OK, breathe… now I am getting way ahead of myself.

First, practice, practice, practice.

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They are from Texas, they sound just like Explosions in the Sky and its my new fave of the day.  The band is called This Will Destroy You.

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