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Last weekend, I traveled to Sequim, Washington.  What a crazy and wonderful adventure.  I didn’t know you HAD to make a reservation for the Coho Ferry that goes from Victoria to Port Angeles.  I arrived two hours early Saturday morning and it was already full.  Well that fucking sucks Black Ball.  So it was a race to the BC Ferries, across the border, down the I-5.  West at Burlington, over a bridge, along a windy Whidbey Island road, another ferry to Port Townsend, around a bay and on to Sequim.  I arrived at 5PM, just in time for Stacy and Les’ wedding!  What a drive.

Their wedding ended earlier than I thought and there wasn’t much going on… so I went to Seattle.  I drove to Bainbridge Island, took another ferry and got to Seattle at 12:30AM!

I drove around Seattle for a bit then went, ahhhh I’ll just drive home.  Stopped around Mount Vernon and slept; woke up… and back home on the ferry 24 hours after I got on BC Ferries.   Good adventure, good people.

I woke up on Sunday to a couple emails alerting me to new comments on my blog.  Some chick going off on an old blog post about Puscifer.  Weird.  But that’s the internet, people that don’t know you, can discover an old blog post, take it out of context and shit on you.

Maybe I should delete the post?  She’s the second person to send me an angry tirade over a couple sentences.


I do have a great remix for you today.  I have been loving Atlas Genius’ song “Trojans” for awhile now.  Today I got a facebook message from my second best English Mate Rob letting me know about his new monthly mix.   Lots of cool jams.  My attention drifted to a remix from the Aussie band by Lenno.  nice.

Atlas Genius – “Trojans” (Lenno Remix)

Download MP3  >> Soundcloud

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I went home for lunch today.  Coral went to get a haircut and Nana was over watching Mads and I crafted a yummy portobello mushroom sandwich.  Success.

Nana and I sat down to the news and our sandwiches at noon like we used to do when she looked after Madelyn more often and out on the street we noticed cops everywhere.  They had the street blocked off and the SWAT team out, an armoured car, the dogs and officers everywhere.  Standing around in the pouring rain waiting for “Andrew” to come out peacefully.  I guess Andrew thought if he ignored them long enough, they’d go away?  or maybe he was truly and magnificently coked out and thought it was a cruel extension of the Star-Trek rerun he was watching…. I dunno, but he had other ideas than surrendering.  And so the good folks of the Victoria Police Department huddled in the rain.

Now this “Andrew” character, Coral I know him well.  He has some of the most dramatic tantrum and domestics outside our building.  They tend to happen more often in the summer but they also happen any day.  Wednesday morning at 4AM?  “Sure I’ll call my girlfriend a prostitute crackhead whore and she can yell worse back.  And it can spill it on the street and continue for over an hour.”

There will be no one missing Andrew when he finally gets dragged out of his apartment to spend two-years-less-a-day at Wilkinson.  It’ll be almost 2 years of bliss for me.

Drives me crazy.  I hate the “law” and the “government” as much as anyone and I truly believe we should be free to govern ourselves however we feel fit, but when your idea of a drug filled bender interferes with my life, we gotta problem and you gotta go.  In the olden days, Andrew would be tossed outside the walls our village and the Sasquatch would take him away.


Maybe this ties in, or maybe it doesn’t, but did I see on the news yesterday that California and Washington State are thinking of legalizing it?

I seem to recall that whenever talk of legalizing hits BC, the anti-druggie lobby says; “but what George W. do to us?”

Looks like nothing.  He ain’t the president anymore and if California and Washington legalize it, its open season.


On a hockey note, the Abbotsford AHL team The Heat had their first sellout of the year last night against the Manitoba Moose.  I saw in the paper that the Heat average about 3,700 fans a game, less than the ECHL Salmon Kings.  Could Victoria rock an AHL team?  Could we wrestle the Canucks affiliation away from Manitoba but before Abbotsford does?

The Heat are the only team in west for the AHL.  Rumblings I’ve heard speculated on say the AHL wants to come out west.  Could the AHL pickup the top ECHL west coast teams?  Victoria vs. Abbotsford rivalry would be amazing.

The Mighty Ducks don’t have an AHL affiliate and are the only team without one…. hmmm.

Go with yourself.

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