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Inspired by my friend Dave Sawchuk and a new afternoon show sponsor, Horus Bikes… I think I wanna get a bike to commute to work everyday!

So that means I am selling my Honda Jazz scooter.  Which I love, but sadly I fear that if I bike to work everyday, the poor scooter will be neglected.  I’d rather it went to a good home.

As you know from reading my blog (I hope), I LOVE scooter riding.  If you think you might, or know someone who does, please have a look or share my Used Victoria ad with them.

Link: Honda Jazz 2006 $1,800


Just got back from a quick trip to Coquitlam to visit my family and celebrate my brother Matt’s 27th birthday.  Ran into some some old friends from High School which was kinda random.  Its not like metro Vancouver is a small town or anything.  Saw a friend named Lisa and her little 5 month old girl at Metrotown and ran into Jen on a first date!


In other less exciting news…

No more Sasquatch trip for  me because I’m an idiot and did this:

ugh.  So ignorant.  Generally I feel Coral is the crazier driver and I am the zen one.  Coral stresses in traffic, speeds, tails people.  I always figured she’d be the one totaling the Jeep.  But ah, Murphy’s Law, the guy that scooters to work in the sun/rain/sleet/hail/wind everyday… takes the Jeep out on a Friday morning for some errands (dry cleaning FYI), backing up and run into a cement barrier.

It smashed into the side/rear of the jeep above and beside the bumper.  I don’t know if the Jeep is made of out of paper mache, but it sounded like an IED went off as I gingerly backed into the metal capped cement corner.  I thought I was in Afghanistan briefly.  As I didn’t see the barrier at all and the parking lot was empty, it was a mighty surprise.

“what the fuck was that?!?”

I fly outta the Jeep and… oh, right… the giant cement barrier.  Since I missed the bumper, the cement barrier cut into the Jeep like a Spartans spear and did some serious damage.

So I have to make a claim to ICBC and that little “uh-oh I forgot” will cost me $500.  About what I planned on spending on booze/food in Washington.  Assuming I could get a media pass.  If I had to buy scalper tickets more.  So instead I canceled my holiday and will stay home to DJ and make up the $500.  Lame.

That’s all I got.  Go with yourself.

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“The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower becomes the lender’s slave.” – Proverbs 22:7


Whoa, I watching the National last night when they did a segment on biblical scripture being used for financial planning.  Who could think I’d get inspiration from not only the Christian Church but also Americans for financial reform?


Its bloody hot out!  Its all anyone talks about on their twitter feeds, or facebook or on the radio.

Whenever it gets this hot out, I always remember listening to Big Wreck’s “That Song” as a seventeen or eighteen-year-old kid.  It was insanely hot that summer and the family stereo was in the living room of my parent’s place in Coquitlam, the hottest room of the house.  I put the song on repeat and just lay on the floor jamming it out.

Now to this day, the song reminds me of summer… but the lazy, hazy late afternoon summer days.  Hanging out at home, bored and waiting for something to happen, which is basically the best times as a teenager.

This hot weather reminds me how much I truly enjoy my scooter.  It is just plain fun tooling around on that thing in the summer time.

The one issue we’re having at the Casa La CorJ is sleep (oh and lack of sex, Coral won’t let me touch her in this heat!).

I read about some neat innovations and I think I want to MacGyver something up tonight.

One method calls for filling a pan or bucket with ice, then placing the bucket in front of the fan, like a poor man’s air conditioner… and if there is one thing I am, its a poor man!

The article had more than a couple tips so I am sure I’ll find something that works.

Go with yourself.

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Huzzah birthday cake!

What day am I on?  I am losing track… six?  Friday was three so this must be six.

The weekend was spent in Coquitlam which was a sea of work to pull off.  My girl is a trillion miles away drinking 3 euro bottles of wine in Paris and I was left to fend for myself.  Saturday was my 29th birthday.  I decided to spend it in Coquitlam with Grandma Mom and Grandpa Jack (who wants to be referred to as the Father of the Father or Faf?  SWA?).  It was an early morning for Mads and I.  Thankfully I had packed the night before so we got up and hit the road first thing.

My buddy Bob came over Saturdat night with his girl Jen and they had a present for Madelyn.


Yeah, they brought her an Oiler’s track suit.  Bob was like, “she could walk into the arena with Ethan Moreau and people would think she was on the team.”  ha, too funny (and adorable).

Jen drove Bob and I downtown to catch the Sam Roberts show.  Randomly we bumped into Marisa who we went to high school with.

The show was pretty rad.  Sam brings the noise.  After the set, some pints in Yaletown and then a late night dash to reach skytrain before the last train.

Sunday, my brother Matt and I rolled into the Glasvegas show at Richards.  They are moving the club to the old A&B Sound on Seymour which is neat but sad.  I walking around that part of town with Matt telling him what used to be where back in my day.  I am not even that old but the physical geography of Vancouver has changed so much.

Glasvegas was an interesting juxtaposition of sounds and style.  Matt and I sensed something was up when the we walked in and some dude that thought he was a a cotton picker from the 1930s Deep South was jamming away at the guitar and singing about “pain.”

After his set, the music they played was 1950’s Dirty Dancing type music.  like this song from 1957.

The boys (and girl) in Glasvegas took the stage and they didn’t look at all like my preconception.  I was expecting an Interpol-y / Franz Ferindand-esque group of hipsters, but what I got was some Rockabilly looking Scottish dudes.  They were very striking on stage.  Their music is epic and grandiose.  Richards was full and the band elicits a passionate fan.  Many times I heard the audience sing with group.  They added to the whole experience for me as I really only know the song we play on the Zone, “Geraldine.”

They got to “Geraldine” about half way through the set and the song lit the club up.  The next song after the radio hit was maybe the band’s weakest song, so they let me down a bit.  Their drummer is also very awkward.  The guitar player and bassist however bring some energy.  They whirl around the stage banging and attacking their instruments or barking and howling their harmonies.

The lights added to their mystique.  They had bright yellow flood lights behind them that made the stage look like there were shadow puppets on stage performing.

The music sounded like a mix of 50’s pop songs and Interpol.  Unique and interesting.


Six or so hours after Matt and I got back from Richards, Madelyn and I were up and battling Vancouver traffic to the ferry.  By the end of the weekend, I was a veteran of ferry travel with Mads.  We worked it with the old ladies, played with the kids and devoured some ferry breakfast (mmm eggs scooped from a warm vat).

Day Six

Baby is still alive

Dad: 06
Davey Jone’s Locker: 00


I sat down with Tyson, Lewis and Dan this evening.  Their band, Acres of Lions, has a new record out in February.  They brought an advanced copy and we played three new songs on Capital Rock City.  Episode #40 will be posted tomorrow.

Go with yourself.


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