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Capital Rock City #40 is done.

Download: Capital Rock City #40

On the show today I was very lucky to get the chance to talk with Dan, Lewis and Tyson from Acres of Lions.  They brought the new record “Working” and we fired up three tracks from the album.  If interviews with bands are not your bag, fast forward to 3 minutes to get right to it.

Set List

01) Acres of Lions – “Closer”
02) Acres of Lions – “Working”
03) Acres of Lions – “Entertainment”
04) theset – “Little Ones”
05) Said the Whale – “This City’s a Mess”
06) Everyone Everywhere – “Oxberry”

Lewis’ brother Elliot is in theset and he chose “Little Ones” to fire up on the show.

Said The Whale is fronted by this cat named Tyler and I know Tyler from way back in 1999-2000ish when I was in a band.  Tyler was 15 and in a band called My Buddy Dave. I used to play them on my CiTR show, The Morning After Show.  Tyler has always been a quality guy and its great that he is still making music.  Take a moment to track down some Said the Whale.

That’s it for this week.

Next week some Justin Hewitt, Bronze Age, maybe something from Edmonton… and who knows.  If you’re in a band and want to be featured… email works, jeremy@thezone.fm.

Go with yourself.

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Capital Rock City is ALIVE!  Thank you to Computer Guy at Vicstream.com for not only the file hosting but also the technical support and love.

I am trying a few things so lets see if I can get CRC #39 to stream on a yahoo media player.

Capital Rock City #39

Blasted!  I could not get the yahoo media player to stream on my blog.  I sent a letter to the WordPress people hoping maybe one day they’ll make the site compatible with it, but until then.  Right Click and save the above or below link.  Or just click it and it might start playing on your computer.  It did on mine.

DOWNLOAD: Capital Rock City #39
DJ Notes

01) Everyone Everywhere – “You and Me and the Moon, Dude”
November 2008’s Zone band of the month.  The boys have cut some new tracks since we last heard them on the Zone.  This is one of the new ones.
02) The Racoons – “Be My Television”
Our current Zone band of the month.  Performing January 29th at Evolution Nightclub.
03) Laura Smith – “I Spy a Monster”
You’ll hear an oboe on her record, but no cello… what gives?
04) Paper Cranes – “Telephone (demo)”
Ryan drives a scooter.
05) Seven Year Old Poets – “Layers”
One of the most pleasantly surprising songs.  I think this track is the stand out on episode 39.  I am not sure who the female guest vocalist is, but sure is swell, gosh darn it.
06) Jon & Roy – “What I Need”
Jon & Roy are starting to do some good things.  This is their third single from the album “Another Noon.”  The boys have shown some interest in being a guest on the show some time in February.


So what do you think?  Please take a moment to leave some feedback  What I am looking for specifically is:

– do you like the format of the show?  Does it serve you being a 30 minute program?  Could it be shorter?  Do you demand MORE and want it longer?

– would it be better having the songs broken down into individual downloads?  I have thought that maybe that would be better, but then maybe the bands would less inclined to give me the songs as they might as well keep them for their websites… but I could always ask, you’d be surprised how people respond if you are brave enough to ask

– more insight or less?  too much banter or not enough?  do you care to hear the bands for an interview or shut it and play more music?

If you like the show, like really like, please share this link with friend who also have a passion for independent music.

I’ll produce another episode next Monday.  Special guest is slated to be Tyson from Acres of Lions and likely we’ll at least spin the new single “Closer.”  I really want to spin their new song “Working” but we’ll see what the record label thinks of that.

Thank you for taking the time to download my podcast.  If you like CRC #39 you might also jive on the PolcastGo get some.

Go with yourself.


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As for the RSS, here’s how it works from itunes.
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