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Please Download and Subscribe to: Capital Rock City #55

Thank you for taking a moment to find my podcast.  if you like the show, please subscribe to the podcast from the iTunes podcast section or use the RSS feed.  And most importantly, please share the link with a friend.

DJ Notes:

01) Jets Overhead – “No Nations”
02) Way to Go Einstein – “Insensate”
03) Immaculate Machine – “Sound the Alarms”
04) Japandroids – “Young Hearts Spark Fires”
05) Flawed By Design – “Exit Strategy”
06) Hollydene – “Enemy”


That’s all I got for now… I’ll flesh out the notes later with some commentary and links when I have more time.  Right now I have to hop on the radio and do my show.

Jets Overhead are likely somewhere in China right now spreading the Canadian Rock and Rock ethos to a billion people.  New Jets record is called No Nations and we’ll get our chance at it on June 2nd.

Way to Go Einstein messaged me on Facebook after noticing Fake Shark – Real Zombie on CRC 54.  This band is also from the lower mainland but I was like, yup…send me some music!  They have a bit of a Radiohead thing going on.  I find the song to be very melodic and pleasant to listen to.

Trolling around Pitchfork, I read a review of Victoria’s Immaculate Machine that was not great.  Pitchfork was rather “meh” on the whole High on Jackson Hill which would be fighting words of Shaynebo Bright reads the review (he LOVES Immaculate Machine).

Read: Pitchfork’s Review of Immaculate Machine
The Read: Pitchfork’s Review of Japandroids

Pitchfork might not like their accessible Victorian pop, but they lurves them some Terminal City fuzzy lo-fi rock.  Japandroids have an interesting sound that maybe reminds me of Vic due Bloody Wilma?  Maybe a little?  I should get some Bloody Wilma for the podcast.  They also remind me a bit of that band Fucked Up.  Right, the song I picked for CRC 55 was the one the reviewer in Pitchfork highlighted as the best… so if you didn’t “get it” then maybe Japandroids are not for you… and in the 6 degrees of the Paper Cranes which CRC has turned into… Japandroids are on the same record label as The Paper Cranes.  neat.

May 20th @ Lucky Bar

I met one of the guys in Flawed By Design a couple Tuesdays ago at The Clubhouse.  He was friends with this guy I know named Brenden.  We jibber jabbered… one thing leads to another and it turns out as is generally the case… he’s in a band, I have a radio show, we should be friends.  An MP3 was sent and I really like it.  Maybe a *little* dated with the screamo style, but i miss screamo so I’ll let it slide and give the song a thumb up!

Ended the show this week with another strong cut from Hollydene.  Still don’t know too much abouyt the kids in t he Hollydene, we recently became BFF on Facebook, so maybe over time… I’ll learn their 5 favourite records on a desert island and their ABCs off Facebook notes and it’ll be like we went to high school together and used to party every week down by the river (no really, in high school, I used to party down by the river).

The march to 1,000 continues so please take a moment to help me and share a link for the podcast with a friend.  Subscribing on iTunes or by RSS feed is huge too.  Thank you so much for finding the show.  And I am always looking for new music so if you’re in a band or have a favourite indie rocker you want to share, please email me at jeremy@thezone.fm .

OK, good talk.

Go with yourself.

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Listen: Capital Rock City #43

or subscribe on iTunes.  Actually please do subscribe on iTunes.  Go into the iTiunes store and search for ‘Capital Rock City’ and it’ll shoot up.

01) No-Fi Soul Rebellion – “Lets Pretend”
originally from Alaska, now calling one of my fave towns home, Bellingham USA!  Thank you Brandon for sharing this band with me!
02) Justin Hewitt – “Close Your Eyes”

03) Franco – “Date with Destiny”
February Zone Band of the Month.
04) Luna Riot – “Song of the Rising Stars”
Luna Riot review in the Province.
05) The British Columbians – “In the Leaves”
Folky rock that sounds pretty from the Terminal City.  Thank you to Todd for sharing this song with CRC.
06) Langdon Auger – “Too Many Dudes”

Couple things went down for this weeks Capital Rock City.  Tuesday, The Clubhouse booked a big party of convention people.  Great for business, but I couldn’t record my first live-to-tape Capital Rock City with Acres of Lions.

It will still happen, but the first one will have to be with a different band?  Anyone want to volunteer?

Tyson said they’d be down to record one for me in April.

The other plan was to have Miranda and Ryan of the Paper Cranes on the show.  But on Monday (when I record the show) I ended up at the Victoria Film Festival.  Miranda and Ryan will be next week for CRC 42.

The film festival was very fun.  I saw 14 short films!  It is too bad that there is no place on this planet for easier consumption of this great art.  My favourite films I couldn’t even find websites for, let alone streamed on Youtube.  Hey film makers… if you make a film and want people to actually watch it, you have to distribute it.  (shakes head).

There used to be a TV show on the CBC called Zed.  Do you remember that show?  It must have been on TV around 2000?  I was living with Paul in Burncouver (or was it Vanaby?) and we smoked a lot of pot.  The show was basically a film fest every night.  Then it stopped.  WTF CBC… Stoners are Canadian tax payers too you know.  I like Strombo… but I’d have a nighty time explosion in my pants if my evening went Strombo at 11P then Zed at midnight… or who knows, maybe Zed is still on?  I can’t find it and have never seen an ad for it.  Anyways… the show was basically a collection of short films, animations,  and avant-garde music videos presented for an hour or two every night from mostly Canadian but also world film makers.

The only issue I had with the film fest is a personal one… I was tired and it was along night.  I went from The Zone directly to the film fest and sat on a hard chair for 4 hours.  Great films… but long night.  Like longer than Titanic!

During intermission I was hungry as shit.  So  I left to find some food, but in the end all I wanted was a coffee.

I wander back into the film fest and the lady taking tickets turns to me and says, “do you know where to get any food around here?  I am starving!  I had to rush from work to the film fest and I ate no dinner.”

“Me too!” I reply, “I just found this coffee.”

“Did you know coffee is an appetite suppressant?”

“No I did not.”  Then I related the story to her about the time time I ate an apple.

“one time when I was doing my show I said on the air that was very hungry and during the commercials I was going to eat an apple because I love apples.

“this lady phones my show and says to me, ‘Jeremy did you know that apples are appetite suppressants?’ and I said really?  when I am hungry and I eat some food my appetite is suppressed? who’d have thought of that?”


That’s all I got, if you like podcasts check out Pol’s fantastic audio adventure The Polcast.

Go with yourlsef.

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Did you know?

That when I post some audio, you don’t have to download it, just put your cursor over it and a handy dandy player thing will appear and you can enjoy it simply.  For example, Pol Plastino’s podcast, the Polcast.

Try it out: Polcast #46 :The Time Phone

Neat huh?

Speaking of Pol… the dude had his car towed!  SWA?  The story.

Try it Again: Pol Had His Car Towed!


I am a busy cat over the next few days.

Tonight, I’ll see you at the Racoons show at Evo.  You know its special because Coral and I have Nana looking after Mads.

Saturday is Coral’s BIRTHDAY!  Holy moly.  And we’ll be celebrating by hitting the High School Music on Ice… THEN on Sunday, come join me at the Clubhouse for Super Bowl.

Right, go with yourself.

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I do watch me lots of morning television but I can not always be up first thing to see it, especially after a night of DJing at the Clubhouse, and I missed Erick’s coffee snafu!  Astrid’s reaction is well worth the price of admission.  Oh live television…

no worries Erick, despite your lubberly moment, our bromance lives on.


Thank you for taking the time to download Capital Rock City.  I am chit-chatting with a band and a venue to create the first live-to-tape Capital Rock City.  If you like CRC you might also jive on Pol’s Polcast.

Have a listen: Oh, Fluffernutters!

If you dig it, maybe consider subscribing to the Polcast on Itunes in the podcast section.

and also for your downloading please, direct from The Zone dot F-M, some live Nine Inch Nail tracks from their Victoria show.  Some gooders too, like:

and Only
and even The Hand that Feeds

plus so much more.  Go get some.


Go with yourself

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Capital Rock City is ALIVE!  Thank you to Computer Guy at Vicstream.com for not only the file hosting but also the technical support and love.

I am trying a few things so lets see if I can get CRC #39 to stream on a yahoo media player.

Capital Rock City #39

Blasted!  I could not get the yahoo media player to stream on my blog.  I sent a letter to the WordPress people hoping maybe one day they’ll make the site compatible with it, but until then.  Right Click and save the above or below link.  Or just click it and it might start playing on your computer.  It did on mine.

DOWNLOAD: Capital Rock City #39
DJ Notes

01) Everyone Everywhere – “You and Me and the Moon, Dude”
November 2008’s Zone band of the month.  The boys have cut some new tracks since we last heard them on the Zone.  This is one of the new ones.
02) The Racoons – “Be My Television”
Our current Zone band of the month.  Performing January 29th at Evolution Nightclub.
03) Laura Smith – “I Spy a Monster”
You’ll hear an oboe on her record, but no cello… what gives?
04) Paper Cranes – “Telephone (demo)”
Ryan drives a scooter.
05) Seven Year Old Poets – “Layers”
One of the most pleasantly surprising songs.  I think this track is the stand out on episode 39.  I am not sure who the female guest vocalist is, but sure is swell, gosh darn it.
06) Jon & Roy – “What I Need”
Jon & Roy are starting to do some good things.  This is their third single from the album “Another Noon.”  The boys have shown some interest in being a guest on the show some time in February.


So what do you think?  Please take a moment to leave some feedback  What I am looking for specifically is:

– do you like the format of the show?  Does it serve you being a 30 minute program?  Could it be shorter?  Do you demand MORE and want it longer?

– would it be better having the songs broken down into individual downloads?  I have thought that maybe that would be better, but then maybe the bands would less inclined to give me the songs as they might as well keep them for their websites… but I could always ask, you’d be surprised how people respond if you are brave enough to ask

– more insight or less?  too much banter or not enough?  do you care to hear the bands for an interview or shut it and play more music?

If you like the show, like really like, please share this link with friend who also have a passion for independent music.

I’ll produce another episode next Monday.  Special guest is slated to be Tyson from Acres of Lions and likely we’ll at least spin the new single “Closer.”  I really want to spin their new song “Working” but we’ll see what the record label thinks of that.

Thank you for taking the time to download my podcast.  If you like CRC #39 you might also jive on the PolcastGo get some.

Go with yourself.


And this just in from Computer Guy: if you want to RSS Feed this bitch.

As for the RSS, here’s how it works from itunes.
1. Open itunes.
2. Click on Advanced.
3. Click on Subscribe to podcast
4. Enter http://www.vicstream.com/crc/podcast.rss

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