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Lots of new music to start the show. Vancouver band Whitfield told me about their new album Tornado Cutie so I found a cut that has a nice Killers vibe to lead off the show.  Jell, a former Zone Band of the Month, still working hard and some new music from them.  A demo from Old Man Solie.  The show ends with a live performance from The Racoons.  Thank you for downloading the show, please please, please take four seconds to search for ‘Capital Rock City’ in the iTunes store and subscribe/rate/comment.  Thank you.

Download: Capital Rock City #84


DJ Notes

01) Whitfield – “Top of the World”
02) Jell – “Nothing Left to Say”
03) Old Man Solie – “Lot 9” (demo)
04) The Racoons – “Room to Operate”
05) The Racoons – “Tangiers”

CRC 84 begins with the theme song to my current fave show, “In The Night Garden.”  And why not?  I love that little Makka Pakka, isn’t that a pip?

Whitfield is a band I know of because of my Whale watching/Car Selling friend, Brendan.  He turned me on to these guys some time ago when he popped by The Mix Tape at the Clubhouse one Thursday.  Josh finally sent me an email and here we are, enjoying the opening cut to their record “Tornado Cutie.”  Great album title eh?  Whitfield would sound great for fans of the Killers or Bravery.

Jell is jamming out a concert on Friday at Sugar with Aegis Fang!  Which reminds me, I really show fire up some Aegis Fang again the show.

A couple weeks back, we all enjoyed the LIVE CRC 81 from The Black Stilt.  Well, maybe we ALL didn’t, but I had fun.  While wandering the coffee shop I ran into a worker there who was also a musician and he put his demo in my hand right there!  And you’re hearing it today!  Be gentle with your critique, it is only a an early demo, but I love hearing these raw sounds.  Very groovy party rock.  Might be better suited to summer cocktails then Christmas Rums.

The show ends with one of my fave Vic rockers, The Racoons.  They came by the Zone Afternoon Show to perform “Room To Operate.” But I demanded satisfaction and to hear “Tangiers.”  So they did both. awwww, I love those guys.

Next week on the podcast, not really working on anything to special so I’ll troll the net for some fine rock & roll.  BUT the week after, I’d LOVE to do a Christmas Capital Rock City… any bands have a Christmas song to send me?  jeremy@thezone.fm.

Then I’ll do a “Best of” as chosen by me… in 2010, already lining up a couple shows.  Aidan Knight will come, and perform and play songs from his favourite Vic rockers (and some Black Tie Social!) and then I am trying to get Forestry in here too for a CD release show.  their record is out in January 2010.

That’s all I got.  Go with yourself.

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Comedian Jon Lajoie will be in Victoria on December 15th to perform at the MacPherson Playhouse.  Today I had a chance to talk to him on the radio.

We talk about his love for Rebecca De Mornay, his character from the FX show “Taco,” and a bunch of his internet videos.  We end by talking about the weather because I’m cool like that.

Download: Jon Lajoie on The ZAS


Last Friday, Vic (now Van) band The Racoons came by for a chat and live performance.

Download: The Racoons on The ZAS

Go with yourself.

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Oh Sara P, this is way too weird.  This is why 14 year old boys should not be allowed to write movies.


How is this for raddest job alive!  The other day on the ZAS I was talking about Against Me! drummer Warren Oakes getting fired/quiting amicably with the band to open a burrito shop in Gainsville, FLA.  Today I get word that former Shins drummer Jesse Sandoval left the band to open a mexican food cart?

Nice.  I love mexican food and I love rock and roll, so far, so good, I like these stories.  BUT then I continue to read the story, and there is a man that travels the WORLD America trying out street vendor food.

Watch it, its good: Vendor TV – Portland

I have often spoke of my dream to open a sandwich cart called “The Paper Bag Princess” but now, if it ever happens… I’ll be so yesterday’s news.

Closer to home, there is a dude that has a blog that talks nothing but burgers… and next week, I’ll be meeting with Donald to review a burger! fun.

After sandwiches, my next passion is a good burger.  Maybe I should have Donald come over sometime and make him a burger! mmm.  I wanted to review the Canoe burger and that was our original plan, but the dude ended up hitting that place last week, so next week I want to do Pluto’s and then Coral and come too and we’ll eat burgers and talk about them all intellegent like.


and lastly on a non-food related front, just a great article from my man Devlin at the TC about one of my fave Vic bands, the Racoons.

Read All About it!

That’s all I got, go with yourself.

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Click and Listen to: Capital Rock City #57

Thank you for finding my Victoria rock internet show Capital Rock City. Lots of great music this week (just like every week right).  Find Capital Rock City in the iTunes store for a free weekly subscription or use the Zone’s handy dandy RSS Feed.


DJ Notes

01) Doc Currie – “Eastern Shore”
02) Aegis Fang – “Ghetto Man”
03) Saul – “Too Quick To Judge”
04) The Racoons – “Secret Song”

I met the boys in Doc Currie last week at Logan’s opening for The CFC (not to be confused with the Couples for Christ). DC is just two just guys doing the drums and guitar thing.  Lots of audio weirdness.  Two was thinking they sounded like Modest Mouse, I disagreed and pulled some threads of Japanadroids out.  But listening to “Eastern Shore” again on Capital Rock City… it is a little more noisy and experimental.

Aegis Fang!  Lets do it, this Thursday at Sugar for Beats and Babes 2!


The good kids in Saul asked me a couple weeks ago if they could use a clip form the Zone Afternoon Show in an intro to a song on their new record.  I said, “yuppers!”  And now you’re hearing it on Capital Rock City.  man, those were some good oranges.  I still remember them.  And to tie CRC 57 in to The Paper Cranes, Miranda went to Save-On and bought some oranges too.

The Racoons are on tour right now… Ontario maybe?  They’ll be back in Victoria for a show at Sugar on June 12th.  new ep, “Islomania” is out in Early June as well.

The “secret song” at the end of the “I’d Rather Be Sailing with” ep is a song that lead singer Matt describes as their “National sounding song.”  The National are taking FOREVER to follow up Boxer, so the Racoons will have to scratch that itch for me.

That’s all I got.  Thank you for downloading Capital Rock City.  If you like the show, please share the fine music of Victoria with your friends and pass the link on your social networks.

Go with yourself.

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Capital Rock City #52 has been birthed and wants you so badly to download it… or him… or I guess her, download her.  sure.

Download and Love: Capital Rock City #52

and remember my friends, when you subscribe to Capital Rock City from the iTunes podcast section or RSS the program, the HMCS Winnipeg foils another batch of savage Somali pirates!

01) Eat The Weeds – In My Fading Memory
02) TV Heart Attack – A/O
Oh Snap! – Involuntary
04) Jell – Pin Me Down
05) Cheers in the Belfry – Alcoholism
06) The Paper Cranes – I’ll Love You Till My Veins Explode

Gosh darn it, those kids in the Paper Cranes look down right adorable, and I recognize a couple from???… Tha Racoons!

Thank you to Miranda for taking the time to gossip about The Paper Cranes having a couple songs featured in a new MTV Canada Hills wannabe show?  alright then.  As blogged on Perez Hilton.

But this is getting ahead of ourselves, the interview with Miranda is at the end of the show.

I start CRC 52 with a surprisingly wonderful song from a performer that goes by Eat The Weeds.  I posted her story the other day on this here blog.

Sara P discovered this band from Vancouver, TV Heart Attack and wanted to share it on the podcast.

Oh Snap! used to be the band Sanijav which is Vajinas with a ‘J’ spelled backwards.  Yup.  So they changed their name and became the Zone Band of the Month.  See you at Evo on April 30th for showcase performance.

New Jell takes the band in a poppier direction.  If I remember, these boys used to have a more classic grungy sound.  But maybe I’m getting old and forget.

The Belfry is a performance space in scenic Fernwood… also the name of this Vic band that had spent some time in Montreal.  But now they are back jamming out their folksy alt rock.

and that’s that.  Please download my podcast and if you like it, please tell a friend.

Go with yourself.

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Had a lot of fun crafting this weeks local rocker show for TheZone dot F-M.  I had to wheel out the record player and even used the old Denon CD cart machine.  My mic sounds off, I think someone came into the studio the other day and fiddled with the EQ.  BWOAR Stupid gremlins! I didn’t catch it till after we were done, and this is the one take special, so it had to fly.

Please Listen to: Capital Rock City #47

You can also SUBSCRIBE to Capital Rock City in the iTunes Store and/or RSS feed this puppy.  And remember kids, when you RSS or subscribe to the podcast, a baby orca is born.

Let the name dropping begin!

DJ Notes:

01) The Laundronauts – “Hard water”
02) The Laundronauts – “That Kind of Laundry”
03) The Laundronauts – “Outta My Head”
04) The Racoons – “Tangiers”
05) The Racoons – “Secret Song”
06) Saul – “Open Your Eyes

The Laundronauts are my new fave band strictly because they released their single on white vinyl.  How hipster.  I had so much fun cracking out the record player and listening to the music.


Matt from the Racoons was back in town visiting his Mom and sister Jane.  Jane (and Alix) came over on the weekend and helped Corj and I sort out the bedroom and closet for some spring cleaning.  She had in her hot little hand the new racoons EP.  I had to have one.  So I asked Matt on his way to the 3PM ferry to hop into the Capital Rock City studio.

We talk about nerdy music stuff, The national and how great they are AND it is committed to tape, Matt said he’d perform at Coral and my wedding.

oh, and it turns out I was sharing emails with Dave from Saul.  Dave from the band emailed me needing some radio jibber jabber for a song on their upcoming album. Fun.  So you’ll hear a wee taste of the Zone Afternoon Show on the new Saul when it comes out.

That’s a podcast.  I hope you like it.  I want to drag JP Maurice into the studio sometime and I got a Facebook message from Katie Sly the other day.  She has a new band and I’d love to invite her down when they have a demo to share.  Word on the street is that Jets Overhead have a new record out in the Spring too!

Still hammering By A Thread for an interview and my lead on Chixdiggit ran cold.. sadness.  What else?  Maybe some more music from Edmonton?  Adam Thompson might make a future appearanc on the show with a group called The Faunts and I have been talking to Lindsay in Winnipeg about a contribution from her, so we’ll see.

Go with yourself.

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CRC #42 is ready for your listening pleasure.


Have a Listen: Capital Rock City #42

DJ notes:

01) The Racoons – “Old Hearts”
02) The Racoons – “Be My Television”
03) The Racoons – “Islomania”
04) Vince Vaccaro – “City at Sunrise”
05) The Matinee – “San Diego”
06) Jet Black Stare – “In This Life”
–> Jeff Johnson

All the Racoons songs that you heard on the podcast you can download for free if you click the Racoons name at the top.

Vince is working on a new record and he was kind enough to share a demo from the recording sessions with me.

Check out this crazy email from Lazy of The Matinee:


—–Original Message—–
From: matt@thematineemusic.com [mailto:matt@thematineemusic.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 11:25 AM
To: Jeremy@thezone.fm
Subject: a song for you

Hey Jeremy…. here ya go! Bit of a busy weekend, I celebrated both mine and my girlfriends’ birthdays… so yeah….. still hurting a bit. In other news, did you know that Bob’s place in North Van burned to the ground last week ? He lost everything. And the bastard just rolls with it with a shrug. What a guy!

This tune is called San Diego, and it is about an unpaid speeding ticket I got once on a road trip to California. True story. I still haven’t paid it, so now there is a bench warrant for my arrest in Weed County. The fine is up to $1200 and the collections calls me twice a week. I never answer. And never will! Just can’t drive down there anymore.. or I am going to the slammer!

Cheers bud, new tunes to be recorded next month that I will send your way too.



Bob’s place burned down?  SWA?  I need to call that cat pronto.

The final band is a Vancouver group that sounds mighty CFOXish called Jet Black Stare.  Before Lazy was rocking the Matinee, he was in a group called Ten Ways From Sunday and even before that… The Salad Kings (who I used to play on the Morning After Show on CiTR!  so that is some time ago).  Lazy played with his friend Jeff.  Jeff left Ten Ways to go solo… and his musical journey has taken him into band production and recording.  So if you’re in a band and thinking that you liked the style of Jet Black Stare, fire Jeff an email:  bwe@telus.blackberry.com


That’s all I got.

Next week I am working on the first live to tape Capital Rock City.

Capital Rock City #43 :: Live from The Clubhouse
featuring a special live acoustic performance form Acres of Lions

the week after that I hope to have a chance to talk to the Paper Cranes and maybe some music from South Africa. neat.

OH!  and you can now subscribe to Capital Rock City on iTunes.  Search Capital Rock City in the iTunes store and subscribe please.

Go with yourself.

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Capital Rock City is ALIVE!  Thank you to Computer Guy at Vicstream.com for not only the file hosting but also the technical support and love.

I am trying a few things so lets see if I can get CRC #39 to stream on a yahoo media player.

Capital Rock City #39

Blasted!  I could not get the yahoo media player to stream on my blog.  I sent a letter to the WordPress people hoping maybe one day they’ll make the site compatible with it, but until then.  Right Click and save the above or below link.  Or just click it and it might start playing on your computer.  It did on mine.

DOWNLOAD: Capital Rock City #39
DJ Notes

01) Everyone Everywhere – “You and Me and the Moon, Dude”
November 2008’s Zone band of the month.  The boys have cut some new tracks since we last heard them on the Zone.  This is one of the new ones.
02) The Racoons – “Be My Television”
Our current Zone band of the month.  Performing January 29th at Evolution Nightclub.
03) Laura Smith – “I Spy a Monster”
You’ll hear an oboe on her record, but no cello… what gives?
04) Paper Cranes – “Telephone (demo)”
Ryan drives a scooter.
05) Seven Year Old Poets – “Layers”
One of the most pleasantly surprising songs.  I think this track is the stand out on episode 39.  I am not sure who the female guest vocalist is, but sure is swell, gosh darn it.
06) Jon & Roy – “What I Need”
Jon & Roy are starting to do some good things.  This is their third single from the album “Another Noon.”  The boys have shown some interest in being a guest on the show some time in February.


So what do you think?  Please take a moment to leave some feedback  What I am looking for specifically is:

– do you like the format of the show?  Does it serve you being a 30 minute program?  Could it be shorter?  Do you demand MORE and want it longer?

– would it be better having the songs broken down into individual downloads?  I have thought that maybe that would be better, but then maybe the bands would less inclined to give me the songs as they might as well keep them for their websites… but I could always ask, you’d be surprised how people respond if you are brave enough to ask

– more insight or less?  too much banter or not enough?  do you care to hear the bands for an interview or shut it and play more music?

If you like the show, like really like, please share this link with friend who also have a passion for independent music.

I’ll produce another episode next Monday.  Special guest is slated to be Tyson from Acres of Lions and likely we’ll at least spin the new single “Closer.”  I really want to spin their new song “Working” but we’ll see what the record label thinks of that.

Thank you for taking the time to download my podcast.  If you like CRC #39 you might also jive on the PolcastGo get some.

Go with yourself.


And this just in from Computer Guy: if you want to RSS Feed this bitch.

As for the RSS, here’s how it works from itunes.
1. Open itunes.
2. Click on Advanced.
3. Click on Subscribe to podcast
4. Enter http://www.vicstream.com/crc/podcast.rss

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