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Dead Eyes Open

I’ve always had the idea or the dream to start my own radio station.  You know, be the creator, not the labour.  The barriers to fire up your very own flamethrower are significant if your name is not Ted Rogers but I don’t think it is impossible.

I have a couple theories on how I’d do it on a small scale that could/should earn me a living while providing a unique radio experience for whoever is in range to tune in.

Last night I was up late researching some technologies to launch my station and also reading about the riveting world of radio advertising.

While researching how much radio costs, and why it is effective… I somehow spun off topic into the world of Zombie comic publishing.

Turned out to be an inspiring read from a man that created a comic that is a little avant garde by even Zombie comic readers standards.

He posted on a  forum looking for advise on how to market his quirky comic.  His elevator pitch was brutal so it is hard for me to explain what his comic is about (which maybe is step one for the man), but the advise from the community was/is great.

Low-Cost Marketing Ideas for an Off-Beat Graphic Novel

The authors name is Matt Shepherd and his day job is as an advertising copy writer, nice.  By night, he makes comics.

His Zombie comic is Dead Eyes Open and from what I can gather, its a Zombie comic about a man who is a rational father, but also a member of the undead! ahhhhhh!

Matt, being the artist has created a world, found a publisher, published his book, was not happy with its sales, took matters into his own hands and went vigilante marketer.

He now posts his comic for free on the above Dead Eyes Open link for you to read with artists commentary and of course… a link to buy it, if you like Matt’s comic.

What I liked about reading all the ideas on marketing and reading Matt’s story is the possibility.  Matt had a unique idea, was passionate about it, and did it.  He found an audience for his very bizarrely special story.  There is an audience out there for every story.

Go with yourself.

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That is a picture of Corj and I after Jamie and Allie’s Halloween party.  I had a good time, all things considered.  Everyone from The Zone went to what looked like a rager at Katie and Adrian’s, but Corj and I had been invited to her good friends some time earlier so we went there.  To compound my poutyness (Mozilla says Poutyness is not a real word… silly Mozilla)… I drove and stayed stubbornly sober.  It was a real, “Dear Diary, Why does God hate me…” sorta moment.  But truth be told, I had a good time.  Jamie’s friends are real rippers.  I don’t party with them very ofter, but each time is a good time.

I watched this tiny girl they call “Pizzle” dominate the beer bongs.

She is the girl standing up.  She slayed the bong so fast, that by the time I got my camera ready for a pic she was saying between foam burps, “I win.”


I am having a Daddy Daycare night tonight.  Just finished watching a pretty good game between the Flames and Kings.  Entertaining.  I was hoping the Kings would edge out the Flames as that would be good for the ‘nucks… but  the Flames held on.  Fun to watch, so I’m not complaining.

I am so tuckered out.  Coral and I went wandering earlier today.  We left our place at 2PM and walked down to Rona for a hammer tack.  The wicked machine lets me “hammer” staples into telephone poles.  Then I took her to the West Bay Walkway.  She had never been and it is a glorious fall walk.  We regretted not bringing the camera.  next time.

Then on the journey home we began putting up posters.  Then after we got home and put Maddy down for a nap, I went back out and put up even more posters.  I have almost tacked up my first 200 posters and it seem that I have barely dented the neighbourhoods.  A few in West Bay, a few around the High school, a few around Craigflower/Tillicum and a few on Rock Heights.  By the time it was all down, it was 7PM… and dogs is tired…


Coral went out with her girlfriend and I am home listening to music and surfing the net. Saw this video… made me LOL.

Reminds me why I am not a big city DJ.  These guys out of Montreal made the ultimate prank on Sarah Palin.  These radio stars form Montreal pretend to be the French President.

Now this is how you make some publicity for your radio show.  I should take some notes.

The story is all over the press.  Like here on the Ceeb.

and over here from WaPo!

The only thing more fun than listening to the prank call is ready the CBC comment board… where does this ignorant people come from?  wow.  If I worked at the CBC I would be so sad.  it would seem my audience would be all mentally deficient… then I would think, “Am I mentally deficient to attract all these people to my website?”

yeesh… ti was just a joke… and in Sarah Palin’s defense… she handled herself alright considering she thought it was the French President and he was asking bizarre questions.  She stayed polite at all times and tried to steer the conversation back to more positive territory.  But then you read what people write and its’ like WTF?

She should have figured it out and you know some poor PR flak is getting her ass handed to her right now.  But in the end, it was funny.

Some person on the CBC was saying that if they had pranked Obama it would have been a hate crime.  Hardly… Obama would have likely picked up on it way sooner and maybe even had some fun with it.  He’s a funny guy (actually, McCain is a funny guy too… they should pranked him).  That, and generally, people smart enough to pull off such an epic prank, wouldn’t target Obama because they like him.

Here is the kicker from the WaPo story: Obama’s campaign spokesman Robert Gibbs, commenting on the prank, said: “I’m glad we check out our calls before we hand the phone to Barack Obama.”


Now… you want to see who has the keys to the planet?  this shit is spooky.

This one is from Al Jazeera, so yeah… but an interesting view non the less.

Yikes, and these people have the right to vote!  and the right to bare arms!  both of them!  at the same time!

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