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expo 86

My buddy Alex posted on his Facebook that he discovered an “almost mint condition” Expo ’86 poster cleaning out his parent’s place.

Nice. He was giving it away, so I met him downtown today and he gave it to me! Amazing.

Thanks Alex! We met at a taco shop on Hastings called La Taqueria. It is Taco Wednesday? 6 tacos for the price of 4. And they had horchata on  the menu. Wait…doesn’t Vampire Weekend sing about horchata? Yes, side one, track one from their 2010 record Contra. After indulging…I get it, delicious.

Go with yourself.

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free hugs

After my radio show the other evening, I came across Samareh and her “Free Hugs” sign and I asked her what’s up…..

The hug was pretty good. Not like Holy Wayne from the Leftovers change you life…but a solid 7/10, would recommend.


Screwing around at the radio station…we’re all butt hurt that we aren’t lighting money on fire in the desert in California this weekend. Maybe you are too?

Go with yourself.

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Half way through this week and I couldn’t be happier. Some weeks rage by, others are a grind. This one is a grind. Busy and I feel like I’ve been chasing every day. It is mentally exhausting.

I did turn 36 on Sunday. That was fun. We went snowshoeing up at Seymour with our friends Jen and Bob and their new baby Cameron. Then Coral and I went out with our daughter Madelyn to a Moxie’s in Surrey for a birthday dinner.

After dinner and cake, I had to excuse myself to the washroom. And while sitting on the toilet I shazamed a couple songs. Is that weird? Probably…whatever, I shazamed a couple tracks while on the shitter.

I heard a song from J. Roddy Walston I hadn’t heard before and now all week I’ve been obsessed. It’s either podcasts or J. Roddy pumping on my stereo.

And how about that new The Last Shadow Puppets song “Bad Habits?” It doesn’t suck. My man Stone at CFOX said, “have you listened?”

Sadly I had not, I read the story…and then moved past it. I’m glad Stone made me take a couple minutes.

Go with yourself.


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Me and Maddy Snowshoeing
Happy Monday my music blogger friends.

The Morning After music blog is coming to you from scenic Vancouver. The city sits on a fjord/inlet and at the base of the some mountains. My daughter has been bugging me to take her up into the snow ( she wants to ski but doesn’t know how yet) so I thought we’d try some snowshoeing.

We went to Grouse last weekend to play in the snow but that place is crazy busy and expensive, so I took her to the less insane Mount Seymour (the other local mountain is Cypress where they had some 2010 Olympic events…and Whistler is about an hour and half north).

During our hike I rolled tape…you know for 7, she was a trooper and it was a great afternoon.

Our soundtrack for the drive from the ‘burbs up to the mountain… that Aquilo ep Painting Pictures of a War.

Merry Christmas!

Go with yourself.

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I was reflecting on the year that was in music and put together a couple mixes. The first one is some of favourite songs and records of 2015.

2015 was a year of change for my family. We moved from Victoria to Vancouver. And for the first part of the year I lived in the city by myself, commuting back to the Island on weekends. I spent a lot of time listening to records commuting on the skytrain or on the ferry. When I was with the family, we always had something playing on the car stereo on our adventures and road trips.

Not sure what record I listened to the most…. Kurt Vile, FIDLAR, Beach Slang (and weirdly Waters) were all played a ton. Catfish too come to think of it.

This list is mostly stuff I listened to between headphones. I think I should make another list of what got blasted in the car, it would sound a little different (more Imagine Dragons and Modest Mouse and Ryan Adams).

And then I wanted to reflect on some of favourite songs I cranked at CFOX after a year at the station. It was a fun year. Hit some great shows, festivals, adventures with my family, and getting back into the grind of living in a bigger city. Plus the challenge of trying to elevate my radio performance in a competitive market. Great times. Here’s the soundtrack.

Assistant Program Director Dustin Collins called the set, “Delicious & Rich.”

Go with yourself.

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Mike Chang at VancouverTrails.com shares his top 5 favourite late summer hikes near Vancouver.

Mike says the best thing about a late summer hike….no bugs.

01) Garibaldi Lake – Check out that stunning turquoise water.

02) Wedgemont Lake – Mike says this hike is a challenge, but the temperatures are forgiving this time of year. And a glacier? C’mon!

03) Goat Mountain – First off, great name. Second, pair it with Grouse Grind and feel the burn. I think they serve beer up there somewhere too. Hey UBC, I see you!

04) St. Mark’s Summit – You’re gunna get some prime-time Howe Sound views.

05) Mount Seymour – You’ll need to hit this one before the snows. Winter is Coming.

Do you have a favourite hike in the area? Perfect for late summer and early fall? Post it in the comments…I am always looking for new places to explore when I get a day off.

Go with yourself.

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cj matt and me

Hanging out with my brothers at a family friend’s wedding on the weekend. CJ is in the bow tie, Matt is telling an out rages story and I’m on the right.

It was a pretty great couple of days. Wedding on Saturday, wandering Lighthouse park with the family on Sunday…and I *may* finally got my Numark NS7ii controller to work after a firmware update.


I’ve been thinking of this Buzzed article a lot lately. 31 Pictures That Show How Crazy Woodstock Really Was. The story mentions that 2 people died and 2 people were born AT Woodstock. Wouldn’t be something to catch up with the two people born at Woodstock and find out what their life was like/is like?


Loving this Eau Claire remix of Saint Motel’s “My Type.” That Saint Motel song will always remind me of driving around Portland listing to 94/7 Alternative Portland. They must have played that song every other hour. Heavy rotation.


Go with yourself.

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Up late…. working working. Feeling a bit behind the 8-ball after a couple weeks off. I want to get the radio show firing on all cylinders. Need to update my wedding DJ business, present myself as a Vancouver wedding DJ, update the website, upgrade equipment. Bought a new laptop today. I am excited about that. My old laptop is a 2010? Macbook Pro. Some old Intel Core 2 duo processor, 4 gigs of RAM…it just lost the ability to keep up with Serato DJ and the Numark NS ii.

i feel confident I’ll be able to compete in Vancouver against the other wedding DJs once I polish up the website and upgrade some equipment.

I had some other thoughts about what I might want to do for another job or to expand my production. I’ve been looking into Projection mapping…following this person on Instagram called Ayramultimedia. Their stuff looks amazing and I wonder if I could create something like that for a wedding reception?

And still I have some other ideas. God dammit.

Spent the night bouncing around the information superhighway researching things. All the while, this song we bouncing around my head. Remember last fall when Eastside was briefly a thing?

I feel like there is still so much I want to do tonight, but I must sleep. Madelyn has day camp tomorrow. Coral and I are (and Jack) are meeting her friend Jane at Burgoo. THEN, I need to focus on putting together a radio show. Huge day in front of me…and still the gears turn in my head.

This blog isn’t really about anything. Just writing things out.

Go with yourself.

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perfect day

It feels like summer already in the Terminal City. The walk into the radio station felt great.

Last night I had the chance to check out UK band The Temperance Movement at The Media club. The band is touring clubs right now in front of their opening slot with THE ROLLING STONES in June. Wow.

There is a lot of hype behind these guys. Loudwire gushed over their club gig last week in LA. Their single “Take It Back” is starting to climb the charts on US rock radio.

before their show yesterday, which slayed, they stopped by CFOX and performed “Take It Back” in our studio.


Every month or so, Vancouver performer and writer, Sara Bynoe hosts #TeenAngstNight. She invites people to the Cottage Bistro on Main Street to read from their teenage journals and diaries. The evening is pretty fun. Here are a few clips from May 19th, 2015.  The next one will be July 7th!

Go with yourself.

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I read the stories last week of the young woman who was sexually assaulted on a Canada Line skytrain.

This story follows one that Vancity Buzz is tracking about a serial “pick-up artist” harassing women on Robson Street.

These two stories were playing out, unrelated to each other or to me personally, until yesterday when I read a Facebook post from my friend Christy who was fuming because she had just been groped on the 99-B line. I asked her to call into the show to share her story. She said, “No it’s ok. This shit needs to stop.”

I know this isn’t a music post, I hope I don’t kill your vibe on Hype machine too badly, but I feel this is an important story and some compelling audio.

Go with yourself.

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