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Coral got me some records for Christmas and my brother got me the new Kings of Leon so it was time to add another row to the wall of records.  I saw those two British Guys that design interiors and the one always wears outrageous flowers on his shoulder…  Colin and Justin?  Those guys were on the Ceeb last night (I was watching the show Toronto about living in Toronto for some reason, I have no desire to live there… but I think its neat watching local TV shows for places where I don’t live) and they were talking about the need to change living spaces every season like you would your hair, or clothes… or at least change every 4 or 5 years like you might your car.  Now I don’t have the cash to redecorate the home but I can add another row of records.  Coral and I are also planning on moving the TV off the fire place mantle to a little stand and then digging the record player out and putting that up on the mantle with the MP3 player.  Nice, tangent.

Coral bought me the Cut//Copy single for “Hearts on Fire” and Fleet Foxes record.  She liked the look of the Cut//Copy single better than the album and I agree.  I asked for Fleet Foxes not because I LOVE them (they are good and growing on me.  Coral actually got me to take a second listen… “White Winter Hymnal” came up on a playlist I made over Christmas and every time she went, “What is that?”), I asked for Fleet Foxes because the record has a Medieval village scene on the cover which I thought looked pretty rad.  Musicians into history are musicians that I am into.

My brother bought Kings of Leon’s new record for me because he hears me yapping about on the Zone all the time.  Then I bought the Mission of Burma record because “That’s When I Reach for My Revolver” is one of my all time favourite songs.

I fired up my Mission of Burma DVD last night and got out the level and measuring tape to square it all off.  I commented to Coral that this record represents maybe the 4th time that I have purchased the song “That’s When I reach…”  I discovered the song when I bought a compilation of 80’s alternative music.  Fell.in.love with MOB.  Had to own the actual album (on CD) Signals, Calls and Marches.  Then I was hooked.  They happened to be signed to Matador Records at the time and had put out a new record, The Obliterati.  So I bought that and a Matador compilation that had a MOB song I didn’t have.  This lead to me needing to buy their old full length LP, Vs.  When I bought Vs. I saw that it was an extended bonus thingamajig that is all the rage these days, and Signals had the same treatment… so I bought Signals again!

Now I have Signals on vinyl hanging on my wall.

I am a fan.

Every band hanging on my wall I am generally a fan of.  I own all the LPs I have on CD and/or MP3.  In the case of the National… I have their albums and I go out of my way to see them live.  The first time they came to Vancouver was to open for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.  CYHSY was all the rage at the time, a real hipster group and I was temped to go to Vancouver to see them then… I would have had my first encounter with what would go on to become one of my favourite groups.  But I did not… and The National would go undiscovered by me for at least another year.  Then one day Tyson came over ot my place when I lived in Fernwood.  back then, Tyson had a subscription to eMusic, and the beauty of that service is that Razer can log on anywhere and access his music and “share” it with friends.  He added a ton of music that night including “All the Wine” by The National.  That one song, randomly added to my computer by Tyson on an evening of pints hooked me.  I became a fan.  A champion of the National.  Boxer came out soon after (or maybe around the time I was exposed to “All The Wine” and I bought it and it was one of those life changing records.  The National came to Vancouver to play at Richards last summer when Coral was pregnant and Razer, Cherylann, Coral and I all took the boat over for the show.  It was one of the better rock show I have seen live (and I’ve been to far more than the average music lover).  Coral and I put the record up on the wall.  The next Spring, The National got the nod to open for REM.  Luckily I love REM… Grandma Mom and Grandpa Jack watching Madelyn and Coral and I spread out on a blanket at Deer Lake, drank some Strongbows and enjoyed the sounds and park while listening to The National.

I am a fan.

and as long as The National or Mission of Burma or (insert your favourite band HERE!) has fans that will pay whatever price and travel to see them.  Buy their record first and buy the same record in multiple formats, they will never go hungry.

Some bands connect with their audience in that profound and important way and some do not… or do they?

Here is a piece of an article I read in the 2008 Year in Review with Monday Magazine.

Still waiting

In our May 1 issue, we ran an article about local musician Anne Schaefer’s latest project, a concept album called The Waiting Room. She’d secured a Canada Council grant to record the disc and was holding a big concert, to be recorded and broadcast on CBC Radio Two, as a way to raise enough funds to get the album finished.

While the concert went well and made it to broadcast (hear it online at cbc.ca/radio2/cod/concerts/20080503annes), it didn’t raise as much money as Schaefer would have hoped; the album has been recorded, but it hasn’t been mixed, mastered or manufactured yet. With the release of a follow-up to her critically acclaimed Twelve Easy Pieces temporarily shelved, Schaefer has been forced to take a job—her first in 15 years, as previously she’s been able to make a living as a self-employed musician.

“One of the things I’m trying to do as the director of Larsen’s School of Music is create classes and workshops and interesting projects so that I can offer employment to as many of the talented musicians in this town as possible,” she says of her current job. “Most of them are struggling to make a living as well and have not been accessible to the greater community if they’re not teaching privately, which is a real shame.”
Is this article a celebration of Anne’s career or damnation of the “system” that will not embrace her music?

To me this article is a celebration, so then I don’t understand what they’re saying.  Anne has been able to NOT work in a traditional power structure for 15 years!  For more than half my life, Anne has done what most of you reading this blog and what most of the people reading Monday Mag dream of… freedom.  After her 15 year run as a professional musician Anne was FORCED to take a job, and what job did she take?  DIRECTOR of Larsen’s School of Music.  The boss.  BECAUSE she worked for 15 years as a musician she  is rewarded with a job that allows her to continue to play music, learn and share.  This is a job that I can not do because I have not grinded away for 15 years as a professional musician.

I am some what led to believe that Anne might not be an overly successful musician in the sense that after her 15 year run, she could not find the capital required to mix her record.  She received a grant.  That is nice.  Her budget and vision was more extravagant than the grant so she picked up her socks and put on a concert.  She asked her fans to come to the show and support her art.  They did not meet expectation and she continues to wait to put out the record.

What went wrong?

Hard for me to say, as I don’t know Anne, and I don’t know the whole story… just what I read in Monday Mag and what kind of tone or moral the magazine was trying to instill.

I believe that Anne’s problem is that she was unable to motivate 1,000 true fans in her 15 year odyssey of music.  Anne doesn’t need more government funding, or more grants, or more Monday Mag articles wagging their fingers at society, or 15 more CBC channels.  Anne needs some real fans that will buy whatever she records, every time.  She needs a me.

The best singer songwriter you’ve never heard of.

Go with yourself.

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I was jamming out Terra’s blog today (as I do most days) and she said that I one of her top referreres? neat.

hmmm, My top drivers for traffic here as of today are Vancityrockgirl, Terra, Jamie and Laura.

Fun.  Thank you guys!


I finally got through my Top 10 of 2008.  But I have a feeling I am missing some gems.  If they come to me later, I’ll fix that on here.  We’ll explore my top 10 in Youtube video magic.

10) Jack Johnson – Sleep Through the Static

I just put this record here to start and then as I thought about it, yeah I like Jack Johnson… so what?

09) Mother Mother – O My Heart

Fun poppy band from Vancouver.  I played this record a ton over Hallowe’en.

08) Bloc Party – Intimacy

There are a ton of cool songs off this record.  “Signs” showed up on Gossip Girl last night during a big scene.  “Flux” is my favourite but isn’t a “true” single as it was recorded between albums and included on the North American physical release of Intimacy only.

07) The Hold Steady – Stay Positive

This record didn’t change my world like Boys and Girls in America, but the disc did get lots of play and still lives in the Jeep.

06) MGMT – Oracular Spectacular

I think this was 2008…

05) Plants and Animals – Parc Avenue

One of my best surprises on the year, a go to when making a playlist, and a favourite night out with Coral back in the Spring.

04) Grand Archives – The Grand Archives

Another favourite for late nights when I am alone or feeling lonely.  The song “Swan matches” is the soundtrack to Madelyn’s birth and the first few days home from the hospital.  Actually this record should be number one… but I already handed it in, so I’ll call it a strong 4.

03) Radiohead – In Rainbows

A record that got lots of spins int he winter of ’08 and one of Coral’s favourites.  We had a Valentine’s Day dinner at home when Coral was pregnant and we put this disc on front-to-back and it was perfect.

02) Coldplay – Viva La Vida

No record got more play over 2008 in the Jeep than Coldplay.  It was the soundtrack to our summer holiday and big part of the hype for Pemberton.

01) Kings of Leon – Only By the Night

fuck this album kills.  Its a tie between Akon (anything he touches) and “Use Somebody” as my song of the year.


I also really jived on Alkaline Trio this summer, Nine Inch Nails, if only for the outrageous concert, I am late to the party, but Fleet Foxes is growing on me.  I listened to a ton of top 40 and dance music and Cut/Copy stood out.  Fucked Up is also new so I have not had time to digest it fully, but pretty rad.  Deerhunter is another solid one that I just downloaded but haven’t had time to full appreciate.

One of Coral’s faves might also include Jason Mraz.

hmmm, how’s that?

Go with yourself.


ACK!  I forgot Beck – Modern Guilt

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Coral and I finally got to putting up our Christmas Tree.  Its a lot of work, putting up Christmas Trees.  But in the end, I feel so much better having done it.  I think I’ll keep it p till January 7th… which is like Ukrainian Christmas I think.

Our home is now very festive, until tomorrow when Madelyn wakes up and RAMPAGES everything.


o rly? Coral.


I was not feeling a blog at all after all the work.  Coral and I somehow got on watching Los Angeles  news which was mega depressing.  We flipped it over to A, and it was almost as depressing, except nearer to us, so back to KTLA it went.  I think the CBC is the only station that manages to be serious and less scary.

So now I am typing away, my computer is as slow as shit.  James is coming over on Thursday so hopefully we can track down what is bogging it down so savagely.  I have not been into writing lately, I read other people’s blogs and they are so good.  The ladies I read put WAY more “out there” into internet land.  They share.  Crazy fights, feelings, relationships, drama…you will find it all on someone’s personal blog.  My blog, less so… I just jibber jabber and things.

I was thinking about this the other day.  There has been another round of babyitis infecting the Zone office building.  A few staffers have made the announcement that they expecting kids.  Very exciting, got me thinking back to when Coral and I were expecting Madelyn.  People were sharing their birth stories with us and it would inevitably go something like, “Oh wow, you’re pregnant, let me tell you about our first child!  Man, I’ll tell you, I was in labour for thrity-seven hours.  All my women bits where tearing and bleeding… the doctors would give me no pain killers.  They were amazed I could withstand so much excruiatingly violent pains, they said a man would have passed out hours ago.  But not me, I felt it all.  So the forty hours dragged on, oh did I say thirty-seven earlier?  it was forty.  Forty-two hours of labour, my child came, she was born backwards and with spikes.  The doctor said it was the most painful way to come.  Doctor?  heck no, the doctor was sick, I actually delivered the baby myself.  Lost a lot blood.  Oh man, kids are special, I am so excited for you!”

and then, you sit there all pale and meekly thank them for sharing their joyous birth story with you.

Did I mention my computer was as slow as shit?

All I tell Dad’s to be is, pack some food.  And leave as soon as your girl passes out.  Go home and have a shower and brush your teeth, then on your way back to VGH, stop at the drive-thru and get your girl an epic burger.  She earned it.


We got to dream up our annual top 10 list at the Zone of our favourite records and this year will be a challenge.  I do have some favourites but to be honest, I don’t really have ten STAND outs.

Hmm, I remember listening to a lot of Coldplay, Kings of Leon, Beck, and RadioheadMGMT on my walk to work.  Plants and Animals was good.  Fleet Foxes sometimes.  hmm, right.  Does Akon count?


Casey-Jo sent me some clips from A TV when Eric from the morning show put my picture on the TV last week.  After Movember.  I fired it up on the Youtube.

Now right at the end he sorta has a laugh… hmmm?  And he showed me on TV during some witching hour when no one watches… hmmm indeed.  Does he have no respect for the sash?  I had my operatives at A track down Eric’s cell phone so maybe I’ll call him tomorrow on the show.

Anyways, thank you Casey-Jo for taking the time to send me some clips.

Time for a tub and some book read’n.  Go with yourself.

Oh, riiiight, Casey-Jo also sent me this wonderous track.

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I WAS in love with iTunes Genius… and I do still sorta like Genius, but sometimes it makes me go WTF?

I wanted to base a playlist on Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody.”  Brilliant song.  I did get a wonderous song from Rogue Wave called “Eyes” which is special and a song that made me sad in Pinback’s “Fortress.”

But then a whole bunch of other crud… mind you, all this “crud” is on MY hard-drive… but still, Genius was down-right  well… genius with yesterday’s “Pennyroyal Tea” playlist.  I guess I just expected genius everytime.


Coral and I just finished watching Grey’s Anatomy and I am not liking the lack of nurses on the show.  Nurses are a big part of getting healed and they are never anywhere to be found… it is always some crying, over-sexed doctor saving the day.  I haven’t had too many encounters with the health care system (ouch wood) but I pretty big one was the birth of Madelyn.  And it was nurses that were the for the whole ordeal and it was nurses that make you feel better.  Sure, doctors swoop in from time to time, but it was nurses who did all the work.  There should be more nurses on Grey’s Anatomy.


A couple stories in the news today that had me looking cock-eyed at the computer and wondering, “wow, this my community.”

Times-Colonist: Felon Steals Again Minutes After Being Released By Police

A 33-year-old man, already out on probation for breaking into a house, was picked up two weeks ago and taken to Victoria police headquarters for allegedly stealing a camera from a car. He was processed and released back onto Caledonia Avenue, outside headquarters. Undercover officers watched in amusement as he walked half a block away and, barely out of the shadow of the police station, returned to old habits.

“Within five minutes he breaks into another two cars,” said Sgt. Grant Hamilton, police spokesman.

Neat.  Imagine if that was your car and you had to pay the $300 deductible.  grrrr.

The police are cool about it, god bless ’em.
Both Hamilton and Bown were reluctant to criticize the justice system for its role in handing out sentences that appear to do little to deter career criminals. They said police simply focus on doing their jobs, which is only one part of the law-enforcement process.

“It is definitely a concern of ours that these people come and go from jail, but it’s a bigger social issue of what to do with these people,” said Bown.

“We can’t put everybody in jail. There’s just not enough room.”

I get that, can’t throw every criminal in jail… but you know what?  I bet we could find a cot or something to roll out for this guy, I mean he really wants to be in jail.


This story is tragic.

CBC: Loss of Man in fatal crash involving mountie unbearable

The SAME cop that was involved in the taser death of the Polish man at YVR killed a 21 year-old because he was drunk driving… and wait for… is suspended WITH pay.  Sadness.

But you really want to get fired up… read the comment section on the CBC.  People got a serious case of eye-for-eye going on… these are our neighbours…. yikes.


Its enough to drive a man to drink.

and this libation from from Vancityrockgirl is just the thing.

the digital topsoil:

  • 2 parts espresso vodka
  • 1 part kaluha
  • 1 part butter ripple schnapps

Now that is a shooter cocktail I can get behind.

Go with yourself.

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I thought I liked oysters, but it turns out, not so much.

I went for a beer last night with Double R and his woman friend Katie.  We got to talking about Double R’s infamous birthday party back in 2006 (slaps for shots, deep fried turkey, mud stains on the floor, blood stains on the floor, David Eleanor past out on the grass).  One of the highlights was Drunkle BBQing up some oysters in the half shell.  Coated in garlic, butter, spices, bacon, and who knows what else.  I really like those oysters.

Fast forward a few months and David Eleanor is dating my sister, and the three of us hit Ferris’ for some baked oysters.  Now those were good too.

But today, I tried some fried oysters and I felt a little ill.  Too bad, because oysters ain’t cheap… even though they made me a little sick really sick, I kept on slurping those butter soak seafood stinky fatty things back.


I did buy a mighty fine raincoat today.  Our jar budget is finally paying dividends.  Corj and I looked in the bank account, and after making our first wedding payment, we still had a couple bucks.  Monsoon season is starting on the Island and I commute by scooter.  I had a raincoat, it was this wonderful dated piece that my folk bought me back in like 2000 or so, for Christmas (maybe older).  The coat served me very well over the years.  The zipper was broke, and it was worn in places, but it still kept me fairly dry and I am a dude, so I don’t update my wardrobe too often.  A couple weeks ago, I was helping my brother build a deck and I left the coat behind.  It wasn’t such a big deal because September has been so sunny, but now I think the sun is gone and won’t be back till June.  I need a coat.  I bought a coat.  The end of my story.


Remember this film?

The second half of the trailer for American pie features the song “laid” by British group James.

Everything you need to know about the band James.

Turns out the group has a new album and Pitchfork actually liked the the thing.
You can have a listen to some of the new tracks on their MySpace page.


The dude from Mastadon sucker punched King Khan!


Travis Barker (Blink 182, +44, Transplants) got in a plane crash today!


Kings of Leon are on Saturday Night Live tonight.  Neat-O gang.


uh oh, Madelyn just took a nice crash while I type this and started wailing, I better get to Daddy work!  Go with yourself.

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iTunes ‘Genius’ has some interesting picks today.  I used Kings of Leon’s “Sex on Fire” as the base and somehow P!nk’s new one came up (yes I have P!nk’s new one on my iTunes).  We didn’t fight long, I forgave iTunes because she included a couple hits from my fave band The National and one from the Hold Steady.


I read an article today about Canadians fleeing stress and moving to the Tropics.

Canadians Flee the Stress of The Cities for Place Like Costa Rica

The article says that some of us are rejecting this crazy consumer culture for an easier way in the jungle.  Maybe eating monkey?

An extensive survey released late last year by an economist at the University of British Columbia found that people overestimate the amount of happiness they’ll get from material things.

So the answer is to run away to a sunnier place.  It would be a lie if I said I have never thought of it.  Sometimes I get so stressed out and tired.  Some guy wrote a book about meditation called It Begins With Silence.  Maybe one day I’ll actually read that.  I typed “Begins With Silence” into a search engine and I found a t-shirt that says, “Music Begins With Silence,” and I was like whoa…

One thing I used to do a lot more of to decompress and self medicate was listen to music.  Listen for the pleasure of listening.  It helped that A:  I had no baby, and B: I walked an hour a day which was valuable time to listen.  Lately, I have been listening more and it makes a difference.

It has been awhile since I’ve heard a song that I love, like L O V E.  and finally I have that again.  I have a crush on the new KOL track “Use Somebody.”  Like a 12-year-old, I fire this thing up on repeat.  The song is one of those rare gems that actually makes me feel better just from listening.  Sorta like booze, but I don’t puke up any foam.  Driving to Hugos last night, I pushed the limits of the Jeep’s stereo with the song.  Motivational…

Got me really fired up to spin at Hugo’s.  My Tuesday night is coming to an end on October twenty-something… 21st maybe?  Is that a Tuesday?  Yesterday was pretty slow, everyone kept telling me, “don’t worry Jeremy, EVERYWHERE is slow,” which sorta made me feel better.  The night picked up a bit and the people that did come were a good time.  I will miss my Tuesday nights… come the end of October I’ll need to find another job.  There are a couple plans floating around right now, so we’ll see what pans out.  If I end up doing a dance night, I think I want to do something reggae-ish and call my night the “The Tropic of Jeremy.”  That makes me laugh every time. Every time.

The other idea I had was creating a small production business crafting mini-infomercials or content commercials for businesses.  They can use them as commercials that educate or edusell, or even as podcasts on their websites… I dunno.  Still kinda heshing that out in the brain.


On my show Friday, Victoria rockers theset will be coming by for an interview and live performance.

theset is truth

They play a show on Friday night at the White Eagle Hall and then its off on a tour.  They’ll be heading to Deadmonton so I emailed Adam at Sonic 102.9 about meeting the boys and having a listen to their new album, Neveroddoreven.  Adam sent me a band from Edmonton to check out called The Wet Secrets.

The Wet Secrets

Adam says, ” We’re playing the snot out of Secret March, and its getting a phenomal reaction.

ewwwwww, snot.

Next week I am filling in for Dylan on the morning show.  So far I am looking forward to an interview with author Sarah Kramer on the 24th and an interview with author Patrick Lane on the 30th.  Maybe I should try and hook up an interview with the “It Begins With Silence” guy?  I’d be into learning more about that.

For the Is Dave There? game I want to try and track down some famous Daves.  Like Dave Babych… but maybe also David Lettermen and David Suzuki.  Any other famous Daves you can think of to try and call so people can win prizes?


Coral and I took Madelyn for shots yesterday.  Amazingly she did NOT cry for the first one and barely cried on the second.

We got her standing up a bit on her wobbly legs (some pics are posted on my Facebook).

She baby babbles.  Baby babbles very loudly.

She just babbles on and on and on…. its like, “Jeezus baby, would you just shut it and play a bloody song already!”

She is whip smart.  Always exploring and learning about her world. I have said it before… she is not going to be a doctor or an astronaut, she is going to be a doctor on a spaceship!  Maybe after she discovers how to travel the speed of light.  and she’ll make Coke Zero taste good… and I’ll be thin with awesome hair and a laser machete.

Go with yourself.

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I love our laptop.  OK, so I am not using the laptop right now… Coral is in the main room watching her stories and I like to listen to music while I blog.

My other minor obsession right now is iTunes’ Genius.  It is not just a clever name, this thing is genius.  I just punch in one song that I am feeling, and it culls my epic playlist for a nice bite sized 25 song playlist based on… magic.  Its gunna put my playlist making in the BC Museum, but I don’t really mind.  I had a baby and spending hours researching and listening to music for no reaosn other than enjoyment is silly.  You’re not suposed ot enjoy music, just consume it.

This is guy is a little more critical than me.

I like how I pick one song I am feeling, and then the machine goes through my 9,000 songs and picks out about 25 that fit the vibe.  I like that it picks some favourites and some album cuts that I wouldn’t normally associate (and I think Mozilla’s spell check just crapped out… silly beast) with what I am feeling today.

I am sure I’ll tucker of the whole thing tomorrow, but today, it is mighty fine.


Read this interesting article today.

Study Draws New Portraits of Narcissism

Basically it says that if you work in the media, you’re fucked up.  That is true.


Next week, I’ll be filling in for Dylan on the Morning Zone.  I think I’ll be having Vegan Author Sarah Kramer on the show.  Plus… this might be a little epic, but I want to try and call some famous Daves for “Is Dave There?”

like Dave Babych… and I’ll talk to his mustache and maybe ask him about how weird it was being married to his brother’s wife’s twin sister.  Like what?  His brother was his brother-in-law?  weird.

Also, Mike Devlin at the Times-Colonist spoils me and has a copy of Kings of Leon’s new record for me.  Huzzah.  Maybe some  KOL preview action and Mike’s thoughts, tomorrow on the show.

Local Vic rockers theset will be coming by on Friday for a chit-chat and live performance.

And what else on the work front?  Oh, I am trying to get Sheldon the producer to put Pro-Tools in another production studio so we can both work at the same time during the day and I can continue my production journey and go home at 7PM.

Almost done reading “The Grapes of Wrath.”  A L M O S T.  God, I have battled the book for awhile, but so close.  I can see why it is a classic.  Very good.  Not going to get into it here.  But if you are like, “Swa?  What is the Grapes of Wrath.?”  You can coles-notes it here.

The parallels of of what the Jodes went through and what is going on today with this planet today are crazy.

There are many quotes I want to take from the book.  A couple I want to share here are:

1) This one is for Coral and for my mother.  I think it is really sweet and I want to get it printed on a poster or a mother’s day card:

“(…) seemed to have experienced all possible tragedy and to have mounted pain and suffering like steps into a high calm and superhuman understanding.  She seemed to know, to accept, to welsome her position, the citadel of the family, the strong place that could not be taken.  And since old Tom and the children could not know hurt or fear unless she acknowledged hurt and fear, she had practiced denying them in herself.  And since, when a joyful thing happened, they looked to see whether joy was on her, it was her habit to build up laughter out of inadequate materials.  But better than a joy was calm.  Imperturbability could be depended upon.  And from her great and humble position in the family she had taken dignity and a clean calm beauty.  From her position as healer, her hands had grown sure and cool and quiet; from her position as arbiter she had become as remote and faultless in judgement as a goddess.

I like that passage in the book.  I thought it was very pretty.

The book takes the Jode family to some pretty dark places.  When they get to California it ain’t all movie stars and rock & roll music.

2) The Jodes have a hard time finding work and all the landowners call anyone wanting a fair wage a red.  Tom gets a job digging for a farmer and sure enough, on day one, he gets his wage cut down.

Tom stepped clear of the ditch and wiped the sweat out of his eyes.

“You hear what that paper said ’bout agitators up north a Bakersfiel’?”

“Sure,” said Wilkie.  “They do that all a time.”

“Well, I was there.  They wasn’t no agitators.  What they call reds.  What the hell is these reds anyways?”

Timothy scraped a little hill level in the bottom of the ditch.  The sun made his white bristle beard shine.  “They’s a lot a fellas wanta know what a reds is.” He laughed.  “One of our boys foun’out.”  He patted the pile of earth gently with his shovel.  “Fella named Hines – got ’bout thirty thousan’ acres, peaches and grapes-got a cannery an’ a winery.  Well, he’s all a time talkin’ about ‘them goddamn reds.’ ‘Goddamn reds is drivin’ the country to ruin,’ he says, an’ ‘We got to drive these here red bastards out.’ Well, they were a young fella jus’ come out west here, an’ he’s listenin’ one day.  He kinda scratched his head an’ he says, ‘Mr. Hines, I ain’t been here long.  What is these goddamn reds?’ Well, sir, Hines says, ‘A red is any son-of-a-bitch that wants thirty cents an hour when we’re payin’ twenty-five!’  Well, this young fella he thinks about her, an’ he scratches his head, an’ he says, ‘Well, Jesus, Mr. Hines, I ain’t no son-of-a-bitch, but if that’s what a red is-why, I want my thirty cents an hour.  Ever’body does.  Hell, Mr. Hines, we’re all reds.'”


I’m going to leave you with a couple “red” cuts for those of you out there trying to make a buck… then I am going to pour a hot bath and finish the Grapes of Wrath.


I hope you kept the receipt for that tiara Bee.

You know you love me.


Gossip Girl

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