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Nardwuar the Human Serviette and The Evaporators have a new compilation album called Busy Doing Nothing.  The record features some new original songs, some cooperative tracks and a few covers.  Some being other bands covering the Evaporators and some being random bands covering other random bands but showing up on the record.  An interesting song I heard was Scottish modern rock giants Franz Ferdinand covering 1970s Vancouver punkers Pointed Sticks. The new compilation comes with a calendar and the calendar has a story… this is the part where Nardwuar talked about Franz Ferdinand covering the Pointed Sticks.

If you
look closely at the back
of the record you will
see Alex from Franz
Ferdinand wearing a
headdress while wolfing
down a Skookum
Chief Hamburger at
The Tomahawk BBQ
in North Vancouver,
BC, Canada. Alex
was in town producing
The Cribs at the
Warehouse Studios, which
interestingly enough is
owned by Bryan Adams,
who once worked at the
Tomahawk doing the
Not too far from the

Warehouse in Gastown, lies
JC/DC Studios where with David
Carswell and John Collins, Franz Ferdinand
recorded a version of The Pointed Sticks’
Real Thing. JC/DC Studios is in the same space
as Studio J, where Cub had their New Years Eve
1993 gig with Dimwit of the Pointed Sticks on
drums! Furthermore, Kate Nash has eaten at the
Tomahawk, so perhaps you can see where this is

Not really… but I am glad Nardwuar is here to draw all the lines together.  I think this cover is pretty cool.  It sounds modern and Franz Ferdinand-y but also classic.  The song apparently features guest vocals Nardwuar….but I have a hard time picking it out.

Franz Ferdinand – “Real Thing” (Pointed Sticks Cover)

Dig it.

Interview with Nardwuar on The Zone @ 91-3 Victoria

Go with yourself.

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Montreal’s Plants and Animals will come to Victoria on March 20th for a show at Lucky Bar. The same place I saw P&A years ago… and the show was so impressive.

I had heard their music from the acclaimed 2008 record Parc Avenue. But I didn’t know what to expect.  I assumed they were a giant jam band for some reason…well they do have lengthy jams, but I guess I expected more.  When they came to Victoria, there was just three of them.  Very rock & roll looking, in that working class sense of the word.  The show expanded my mind, two times (and I bought the t-shirt… and a t-shirt for my Dad).

Since that time, I have followed along on the band’s journey.  Enjoying 2010’s La La Land, and now getting excited for The End of That.

Today, Lyle at EMI sent some vinyl copies of their LP and a stack of 45s for the single “Light Show.”  How old school, I love it. Thank you Lyle!

I immediately retired to the Zone studio where we keep our turntable (yup… we have a turntable.  I wonderful Technics, plus Boitano’s DJ set up with a pair of Stanton’s and Serato Scratch).  I dropped the needle on the b-side of the “Light Show” single.  Right away the lead singer Warren Spicer sets the stage at a live show…  “This is a cover.  By one of the first bands that took us out on tour. And showed us how to rock as it were. One of the best Montreal bands that there is.”

Plants and Animals – “I’ll Believe in Anything” (Wolf Parade cover)

Download MP3 >> Plants and Animals – I’ll Believe in Anything

The original song was an old Sub Pop single originally from 2005’s Apologies to the Queen Mary. Listening to the P&A version… just makes me want to hear the strained yelp of the Wolf Parade original.  The P&A version makes the song a little more humanistic and easier to digest for sure.  But I do like the weirdo jams of Wolf Parade too…

Go with yourself.

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Back in September, Brian Fallon of Gaslight Anthem fame released a side-project record as The Horrible Crowes.  At the time, we spun the feature song a bit on the Zone and I remember Dave Sawchuk being a bit of an early convert on the project.

It never really jelled on the Zone, song went away to be replaced by the next “it” thing in modern rock and I didn’t think too much about it.  Till about a week ago.

Talking with my sister-in-law Alyx… she was telling me that she LOVES the Horrible Crowes Elsie.  “OK, I’ll give it another listen,” I says to her.

A day or two after that… outta the blue!  Homeboy Tyson sends me a text saying… check out the Horrible Crowes.  Great sad bastard music.

He was right.  Great sad bastard music… and the launch point for today’s mixtape.

Mixcloud: Mixtape >> Sad Bastard Music

Using the Horrible Crowes’ dark sad sack tale of woe as a jumping point… I went on Facebook and twitter to ask best friends for their sad bastard songs to add.  here we go.  Strap in, its about to get sad.

01) The Horrible Crowes – Lady Killer (me)
02) Nada Surf – “Inside of Love” (Adrienne)
03) Farside – “I Hope You’re Unhappy” (Jared)
04) The Low Anthem – “To Ohio” (Simon)
05) The Helio Sequence – “Lately” (Simon)
06) Hayden – “Bad as they Seem” (me)
07) Hayden – “Stem” (Alix)
08) Frightened Rabbit – “Backwards Walk” (Me)
09) Jeff Buckley – “Hallelujah” (Carrie)
10) CKY – “To All Of You (Acoustic)” (Conner)
11) Pete Yorn – “Lose You” (Chelsea)
12) Damien Rice – “The Blower’s Daughter” (Geoff)
13) Radiohead – “Creep” (Krysta)
14) Morphine – “I’m Free Now” (Sean)
15) The Horrible Crowes – “Teenage Dream” (Me)

So many great songs.  Many of these new to me and I hope you’ll hear a few new ones to you.

Reading about the Horrible Crowes I was excited to discover they will be releasing “Lady Killer” as a 7 inch single in February.  B-Side…. their cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.”  Wow.

Download MP3 >> 02TeenageDream

OK, happy listening?  Sure.

Go with yourself.

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We slowly crack

One of my heroes in rock & roll is The National‘s Matt Berninger.  He was talking to the AV Club about the measured rise of the band. “We slowly crack; it’s never been a big explosion.”

I love the imagery of that little quote, like how I love almost all the pictures painted in their songs.

The National are great because they write smart sexy music that requires a little investment in time from the fan to appreciate.  The band stays pretty consistent and on point with creating new work and has very methodically grown.  Really earning the success they have.  Its inspiring.

The first single from 2010’s High Violet was a song called “Bloodbuzz Ohio.” (download an MP3 here)

The song is interesting for a lot of reasons to me.

It begins with a sensual scene.  The intimate and gritty real sort of life that you get up to when you’re married or in a relationship or basically not a porn star having sex.  Getting ready for bed with someone you get ready for bed with everyday.  Its mundane, but its also pretty.

The song then delves into the trials and stresses that we all… ok, well I do, you’re probably more financially astute than me.

“I still owe money, to the money, I owe.”

Then he escapes or has a dream where he travels back to the place where he grew up, Ohio.  Neat.

On the weekend, a cover version of “Bloodbuzz” bounced around my twitter feed from Brooklyn-by-way-of-Denmark singer Oh Land. (what is it with cover songs lately? I’m really on a kick)

Oh Land’s version keeps true to the prodding pace of the original.  But Oh Land has a sugar sweet voice and adds some echoey crashes and electronic bee-boops.  When she sings, “Stand up straight at the foot of your love/I lift my shirt up,” its positively adorable…  or it might be more so if the picture I found wasn’t some sort of fembot with feathers.  Before I saw a picture of her however, I imagined some lithe hipster lovely nerd getting naked and it was a good thought.

Her version soars and is definitely lighter by the simple fact, she has a light female voice singing the words and not Berninger’s baritone saddening it up.

Oh Land – “Bloodbuzz Ohio”

Download MP3 >> Bloodbuzz-Ohio

The National make me happy, this cover makes me happy… OK good talk.

Go with yourself.

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Blame it on my old sick pride

Wells, Nevada. photo: chrstwzrd

Is it good to be back in Victoria?  Kinda, ha.

It is nice to not be in Wells.  Truth. And I missed my kid more than I thought I might.  I hope you missed my blog at least a little bit?

Where was I?  Last week, David Eleanor, Christi Wizard and I took off to Las Vegas for a radio/Chevy Cruze adventure.  If you’re into checking out, hit The Zone dot FM.  I do hope to blog some stories on here but right now, I am more interested in music.

Because… music soothes even the savage beast.  And I could use some of that.

When I got back early yesterday morning, there were many correspondents to correspond with.  One was an email from my ganger Jason Cook sharing with me Geoff Lundstrom’s cover of AWOLNATION‘s “Sail.”

If you love that cut you gotta check this out.  If cover songs are not your style, move along.

Geoff Lundstrom – “Sail” (AWOLNATION cover)

Download MP3 >> Sail

Geoff and Jason perform as Adults on Thursday nights at the Canoe Brewpub. My man Josh heard the song the other day and implored me to check it out… so just before we were off to Vegas, Dave and I popped in and were impressed with Geoff’s interpretation.

The song takes on a whole different and sadder direction when the party beats and anthemic driving bass is removed.  What we’re left with is a very mellon collie bluesy tune that boils the song down to some very humbling and basic truths.  There is a lot of remorse and regret permeating throughout the song.

Jason and the rest of Geoff’s band, continue to push the song forward with the drive of the original, but where the original has the bass as the central story, the insecurity of the character shines to wrap you in his misery.

And of course, maybe it sucks and I’m an idiot or perhaps I just heard the song in the right frame of mind and it grabbed my ears.

Love your thoughts.

I have a mixtape welling up in me, might bubble out tonight if I find the energy, look for that if you care.

Go with yourself.

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I was up late reading about the ancient Christian philosopher St. Augustine.

Augustine of Hippo grew up in North Africa where Algeria is now and lived during the actual last days of the Western Roman Empire.

Like many people of the Dark Ages (or Early Middle Ages), he believed that they were in fact living in the time of Apocalypse.

And like college kids today, he also went off to college where he got up to (or lied about) all sorts of sex.  And he’s the patron Saint of Brewers… of course you are Augustine.

Since the times of antiquity, young gentlemen have gone off to college, had sex and believed that their generation would be it.  The end.

Fast forward a whole bunch college toga parties (some actual toga parties, others ironic) to the 60s and whole other generation believing that this will be it.  War, civil unrest, Woodstock.

Mick Jagger told Rolling Stone magazine in 1995 that their 60s jam, “Gimme Shelter” wrapped all these ideas up in a song.  “It’s Apocalypse.”

No Mick, THIS is  Apocalypse!

Trolling the net brought me face-to-face with a wobble and glitch explosion.  Toronto dubsteppers Zed’s Dead remixed the Rolling Stone’s “Gimmie Shelter.”

I am not too down with whole dubstep phenomenon so I wouldn’t be able to tell you if low bass warble is any better or worse then the next glitched out production… but I did enjoy the Stone’s hooks thrown into the mix.

I check out some comments on the youtube view and not surprisingly, many people thought the remix was an abomination.  You can check it out for yourself… if you dare! muhahahahahaha

Rolling Stones – “Gimmie Shelter” (Zed’s Dead Remix)

Download MP3 >> Gimmie Shelter (Zeds Dead Remix)

I am pretty liberal on my view of a remix or cover.  Remixes or covers don’t go back in time and erase the old classic.  They always have the ability to generate excitement for the original and enable discussion and reflection.

I enjoy this song for what it is… dubstep but with the Stones.  In fact, that is why I like.  If I had to be at a dubstep party, I might as well get some Stones in there. I could also imagine this cut being a real banger on the dancefloor.

Mick says the song was created in a time of unrest and uncertainty.  Nothing amplifies that feeling of dred more than the post-industrial noise of dubstep.

I an appreciate the challenge of trying to merge the two conflicting styles into a cohesive song.  For the most part I think it works alright.  It does feel a bit like the Rolling Stones vocal track floats over a dubstep base.  The “gun click” sound was a little heavy fisted for my personal taste as well.

One of the best parts of Gimmie Shelter is the end when Mick sings, “Love sister… its just a kiss away, its just a kiss away.”  But I don’t recall hearing that in the Zed’s Dead version.  Maybe that was intentional in their reinterpretation or maybe they didn’t fully appreciate the context of the original?  I’ll hope for the first.

Either way… if “Gimmie Shelter” was Apocalypse before, its Armageddon now.

Go with yourself.

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