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I have been enjoying Montreal’s Plants and Animals for many years. I’ll always remember seeing them at Lucky Bar in Victoria many years ago. I bought a t-shirt…where the logo looked a little like Plant Sand Animals. Which is awesome. My Dad weirdly loved it so much, I had to order him one and he doesn’t know the band. I guess that is a testament to good design?

Their new record is out now and is called Waltzed in from the Rumbling.

Tyler from Said The Whale really likes it. And I like Tyler, so I’ll bite.

Shows in the Pacific Northwest!

6/16: Vancouver, BC – The Imperial Theatre
6/17: Victoria, BC – Sugar Nightclub 
6/18: Seattle, WA – Sunset Tavern
6/21: Portland, OR – Mississippi Studios

Go with yourself.

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I don’t know who Annie Mac is, but I love her.  She has an accent and sounds like a sexy Replicant!

Annie Mac hosts a dance music show in England on the BBC.  Turns out I have a Annie Mac megamix on my iTunes of a Vampire Weekend/Lykki Li mash-up song she did.  Solid.

I was reading on Pitchfork about M83 doing a remix of the song “Reunion.”  They also are performing in Vancouver on April 27th at the Vogue.  Not sure if I’ll be able to make that show, but damn, I sure wish I could.  The sample of the Reunion (Mylo Remix) that Pitchfork links to is a rip from Annie Mac’s show Friday night and posted to Youtube.  Gosh dang, Annie Mac has a smooth voice, I’ll forgive the M-8-3 when she introduces the song (unless of course they pronounce their band name that way…in which case, please forgive me).

M83 – “Reunion (Mylo Remix)”

Download MP3 >> M83 – Reunion (Mylo Remix)


Plants and Animals were in town yesterday to perform at a packed Lucky Bar.  Being an old man, I only stayed for part of the set then had to retire.  Just HAD to… so tuckered out.  I am so thankful they were able to stop by my radio show to perform my current favourite “Light Show” just for me (and you).  Its not our best mix job here at the radio factory… but still, sounds pretty good.

Soundcloud >> Plants and Animals on the ZAS


Read THIS ARTICLE in the New York Times about the Old Fashioned cocktail.

Now I want to see if Ryan at Sauce will let me make a Don Draper Old Fashioned.

Surely, Don Draper, the essence of the Esquire Man, would have been acquainted with this compendium. Mr. Draper has been shown making his preferred drink, step by step, only once, in Season 3. His execution wasn’t the daintiest, but it was probably period-correct. He used rye, diluted the drink with club soda and muddled the cherry.


Lastly… do I have any angel investors reading my blog?  I have two price points for you to show your love.

01) $20 million dollars.

Recently it was announced that Canadian mega corporation Bell wants to buy Canadian mega  corporation Astral.  Neat.  However… both companies already own a Clear Channel-esqueian amount of radio stations as is… and the Government will likely force Bell to divest itself of a few frequencies.

I propose that YOU give me something like $20 million… I buy the Shore (for way less than the $20 milli, don’t worry, I need the rest to buy a house with a waterfall)… turn it into the radio version of this here blog… and like, I’ll totally pay you back.

02) $4,230 (plus tax and shipping!)

To buy THIS!  First release?  THIS! (on coral coloured marbled 7-inch)

Go with yourself.

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Montreal’s Plants and Animals will come to Victoria on March 20th for a show at Lucky Bar. The same place I saw P&A years ago… and the show was so impressive.

I had heard their music from the acclaimed 2008 record Parc Avenue. But I didn’t know what to expect.  I assumed they were a giant jam band for some reason…well they do have lengthy jams, but I guess I expected more.  When they came to Victoria, there was just three of them.  Very rock & roll looking, in that working class sense of the word.  The show expanded my mind, two times (and I bought the t-shirt… and a t-shirt for my Dad).

Since that time, I have followed along on the band’s journey.  Enjoying 2010’s La La Land, and now getting excited for The End of That.

Today, Lyle at EMI sent some vinyl copies of their LP and a stack of 45s for the single “Light Show.”  How old school, I love it. Thank you Lyle!

I immediately retired to the Zone studio where we keep our turntable (yup… we have a turntable.  I wonderful Technics, plus Boitano’s DJ set up with a pair of Stanton’s and Serato Scratch).  I dropped the needle on the b-side of the “Light Show” single.  Right away the lead singer Warren Spicer sets the stage at a live show…  “This is a cover.  By one of the first bands that took us out on tour. And showed us how to rock as it were. One of the best Montreal bands that there is.”

Plants and Animals – “I’ll Believe in Anything” (Wolf Parade cover)

Download MP3 >> Plants and Animals – I’ll Believe in Anything

The original song was an old Sub Pop single originally from 2005’s Apologies to the Queen Mary. Listening to the P&A version… just makes me want to hear the strained yelp of the Wolf Parade original.  The P&A version makes the song a little more humanistic and easier to digest for sure.  But I do like the weirdo jams of Wolf Parade too…

Go with yourself.

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When did I first see Plants and Animals at Lucky Bar?  Part of me thinks I saw them with Coral and I wanna say 2008 sometime.  I am pretty sure Madelyn was alive and I am pretty sure Coral and I got to sneak away to see them.

I do remember being surprised.  They were “less” on stage than I expected.  They were three rock & roll shaggy looking fellas.  Not the Arcade Fire-esque band I had dreamt of.

Their sound that night was perfect.  The style was a raucous, joyful, style of rock.  On record, they remind me of a hillbilly version of the Arcade Fire…I guess that’s why I thought they’d look like them too.

Plants and Animals will rumble back to life with a new record called The End of That (Feb 28th, Secret City Records).  The first single will get the 7 inch treatment (so that means I MUST have it). The song is called “Lightshow” and it’ll be backed with a cover of Wolf Parade’s  “I’ll Believe in Anything.”

Plants and Animals – “Lightshow”

Download MP3 >> 04 Lightshow 1

Plants and Animals will be in Victoria for a show on March 20th at Lucky Bar.  Not sure my schedule that day, but I’d like to go.  I am listening to 2008’s Parc Avenue right now… oh, good memories with this record.  So pleasant.


 The snow was falling (at times) fiercely in  Victoria today.  I skipped out of the office for a few moments today and asked friends on Quadra Street what they thought of the snow for a segment I am going to call… “Living in the City.”

Have a listen from my new Soundcloud>> Living in the City: Snow

If you are into it… maybe leave a comment or share the link or whatever.  Having a new social media thing is always a slow grind at the beginning.  But I love how slick Soundcloud is… so that will be the new home to short features.  Long features and mix tapes will continue to live on Mixcloud.

Right, so mixcloud AND soundcloud.  Basically the same thing?  neat.

I’ve been hoping to get a new Hockey! segment done, but having a dilly of a time trying to get Jordie Benn nailed down for an interview.  But if that sorts itself out… then coming soon…


Lastly, Coral has been all about Pinterest.  Seems like it might be yet another social media type thing to corral into the mini-media empire.  Huzzah! I requested an invite.  How professional.  If they accept me, then maybe I’ll try it.

Go with yourself.

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ahhh, it happened today.

My grandparents are in town for my brother’s wedding.  They brought my little cousin Conner from Kamloops too.  I met up with them this morning before the show to have a coffee.  We walked the West Bay Walkway into town and I stopped by Ditch… and huzzah, new shipment of Band of Horses records.

The reviews have not been stellar, but I am still really excited to listen to it.


Go an email about buying record player guts to build my own turntable and so far not encouraged.  the pieces are all very pricey.  Too much for this guy.  I think I’d rather buy a Rega already put together…. for now.

For Scheu Analog parts, the followings are available.

1)       Standard motor with housing (chrome or black) and controls (plus string) – $769
2)       Power supply for standard motor – $89
3)       30 mm, 50 mm and 80 mm platters – $319, $454 & $883
4)       Bearings for 30 mm, 50 mm and 80 mm platters $319, $319 & $389
5)       Bearing oil – $1
6)       Premium motor with housing (black) and controls (plus belt) – $1,459
7)       Power supply for premium motor $69

yikes. The hunt continues.


Check out this tour diary from Plants and Animals, too awesome.

Go with yourself.

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Yesterday on the Zone Afternoon Show I was swarmed by rock and roll.  I had the opportunity to interview and hear a live performance from the groups Plants and Animals, Hollerado and Said the Whale.  here we go!

Montreal’s Plants and Animals were the first band to stop by. We talked about May the Forth Be With You;  how much their first record Parc Avenue ripped and came in second place a bunch when it was nominated for Junos and other prestigious things;  how much they crush live; the sonic differences between Parc Avenue and La La Land (their new album);  Adam Lambert and cruise ships; Tea; then they perform “Game Shows.”  Fun.

Download: Plants and Animals on the ZAS

Ontario’s Hollerado came by next.  They were playing at Lucky Bar that night and their show was fantastic.

Hollerado are from a small town outside Ottawa… but are they Sens fans, or do they cheer the Canadiens?

We talk puck; how they live in a van; how much they have traveled; London, Ontario totally sucks and Brazil totally rules; Record in a Bag is their album… but does it actually come in a back?; Juliet is the name of Hollerado’s hit song, but the video is a real trip.  In the video, the old lady is played by non-other than Ms. Margot Kidder aka Lois Lane in Superman!  believe that; They drank with her and those times they shared were special; they talk about Global Warming (but don’t worry I set them straight on the MYTH of global warming) and then they play “Americanarama.”

Download: Hollerado on The ZAS

The show ends with a return visit by everyone’s favourite magician singing band, Said the Whale.

STW lead singer Tyler sat on an airplane with Canadian indie rock royalty Emily Hanes, but does he spill the beans?; Said the Whale talks about the song “The Light is You.”  Wait an minute, I know that song?  But from where?  Turns out it is used in a Sun-Rype commercial!  Funny story about Sun-Rype… owned by Jim Pattison, the SAME local billionaire that owns the Zone… whoa.

Pretty song, fun interview.

Download:  Said the Whale on The ZAS

That’s all I got, go read a book.  And go with yourself, always.

oh and a baby.

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I have this Plants and Animals t-shirt that I love love love.  Whenever I wear it out in public, people always come up to me and say, “Plant Sand Animals… ha ha, nice.”  I just nod and smile, its not worth correcting them.

I had one of those magical weekends filled with family, friends, sun and lakes.

On Sunday, Coral and I packed Mads, her Mom and sister up in the Jeep and headed to her Uncle and Aunt’s place on the beach of Lake Cowichan.

Lake Cowichan reminds me so much of summer’s at Bob’s cabin at Christina Lake.  For the hour and a bit drive from the city to Cowichan I quickly crafted a playlist.  Here are some selected faves from the list.

Off to Cowichan

01) Phoenix – “Love Like a Sunset Part 1”
02) Phoenix – “Love Like a Sunset Part 2”
03) Phoenix – “1901”
04) Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – “Zero”
05) The Rural Alberta Advantage – “The Ballad of the RAA”
06) The Rural Alberta Advantage – “Four Night Rider”
07) Cage the Elephant – “Ain’t No Rest for The Wicked”
08) Foals – “Balloons”
09) Friendly Fires – “Jump in The Pool”
10) Hadoukan! – “Declaration of War (Whip Remix)”

The first ten tracks are a great illustration of what I’ve been feeling lately.

Phoenix have this epic instrumental cut on track 4 of their album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.  I always thought it would have sounded for more promising as the opening of the record, but hey, I’m not a French rock star.  Its a very pretty slow jam and I think it lends itself well to the radio hit, “1901.”

“1901” is where we pick this show up and the design was, we’d be just climbing into the Jeep during our opening track, adjusting volumes, doling out the McDonald’s breakfast and getting the A/C set… by the time we were on the highway and feeling good, “1901” would be firing up and the drive could really begin.

After picking up Alyx we b-lined for the Douglas and headed north.  Coral’s current obsession is the YYY’s “Zero.”  She can’t hear it enough so it had to come with us.

I have the Rural Alberta Advantage in my head most days lately… I thought I better add a couple.  I love to sing along to RAA at the top of my lungs and really strain to find the emotion in the songs.

Cage the Elephant is one of Coral’s Mom’s fave son the radio right now, neat.

Foals have that fine dancey rock beat going on, this would be a great example of something I’d fire up at The Clubhouse on a Thursday.  Then some chick would fly upstairs because she can’t dance to it.  I laugh (on the inside) apologize for have the audacity to play something interesting and quickly find something retarded that everyone knows the words to and the cycle continues.  Whatever, its a small victory if I can get a few punchy ones in before the request for Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” comes in.

Friendly Fires and Hadoukan! are also what I call alternative dance songs… I think, if /when I become a better vinyl/serato DJ and look the part, you know… I’ll belt my jeans just below my bum and wear some sort of 80’s neon either on a t-shirt of fanny pack…  I’ll be able to pull off spinning this music in a nightclub and not be bothered about it.

As it stands now, thou Hadoukan! should change any young lovers dancing world, it does not. To be honest, I didn’t get it the first couple listens either, but now the song “Declaration of War” lives in my brain.  This song might make a gnarly workout track for you kids that actually… you know, work out.

I guess I better hit The Patch to find me something ironic to wear and practice my DJing.

This video is not the Whip remix, but a groovy video still.

Go with yourself.

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I was jamming out Terra’s blog today (as I do most days) and she said that I one of her top referreres? neat.

hmmm, My top drivers for traffic here as of today are Vancityrockgirl, Terra, Jamie and Laura.

Fun.  Thank you guys!


I finally got through my Top 10 of 2008.  But I have a feeling I am missing some gems.  If they come to me later, I’ll fix that on here.  We’ll explore my top 10 in Youtube video magic.

10) Jack Johnson – Sleep Through the Static

I just put this record here to start and then as I thought about it, yeah I like Jack Johnson… so what?

09) Mother Mother – O My Heart

Fun poppy band from Vancouver.  I played this record a ton over Hallowe’en.

08) Bloc Party – Intimacy

There are a ton of cool songs off this record.  “Signs” showed up on Gossip Girl last night during a big scene.  “Flux” is my favourite but isn’t a “true” single as it was recorded between albums and included on the North American physical release of Intimacy only.

07) The Hold Steady – Stay Positive

This record didn’t change my world like Boys and Girls in America, but the disc did get lots of play and still lives in the Jeep.

06) MGMT – Oracular Spectacular

I think this was 2008…

05) Plants and Animals – Parc Avenue

One of my best surprises on the year, a go to when making a playlist, and a favourite night out with Coral back in the Spring.

04) Grand Archives – The Grand Archives

Another favourite for late nights when I am alone or feeling lonely.  The song “Swan matches” is the soundtrack to Madelyn’s birth and the first few days home from the hospital.  Actually this record should be number one… but I already handed it in, so I’ll call it a strong 4.

03) Radiohead – In Rainbows

A record that got lots of spins int he winter of ’08 and one of Coral’s favourites.  We had a Valentine’s Day dinner at home when Coral was pregnant and we put this disc on front-to-back and it was perfect.

02) Coldplay – Viva La Vida

No record got more play over 2008 in the Jeep than Coldplay.  It was the soundtrack to our summer holiday and big part of the hype for Pemberton.

01) Kings of Leon – Only By the Night

fuck this album kills.  Its a tie between Akon (anything he touches) and “Use Somebody” as my song of the year.


I also really jived on Alkaline Trio this summer, Nine Inch Nails, if only for the outrageous concert, I am late to the party, but Fleet Foxes is growing on me.  I listened to a ton of top 40 and dance music and Cut/Copy stood out.  Fucked Up is also new so I have not had time to digest it fully, but pretty rad.  Deerhunter is another solid one that I just downloaded but haven’t had time to full appreciate.

One of Coral’s faves might also include Jason Mraz.

hmmm, how’s that?

Go with yourself.


ACK!  I forgot Beck – Modern Guilt

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Coral and I finally got to putting up our Christmas Tree.  Its a lot of work, putting up Christmas Trees.  But in the end, I feel so much better having done it.  I think I’ll keep it p till January 7th… which is like Ukrainian Christmas I think.

Our home is now very festive, until tomorrow when Madelyn wakes up and RAMPAGES everything.


o rly? Coral.


I was not feeling a blog at all after all the work.  Coral and I somehow got on watching Los Angeles  news which was mega depressing.  We flipped it over to A, and it was almost as depressing, except nearer to us, so back to KTLA it went.  I think the CBC is the only station that manages to be serious and less scary.

So now I am typing away, my computer is as slow as shit.  James is coming over on Thursday so hopefully we can track down what is bogging it down so savagely.  I have not been into writing lately, I read other people’s blogs and they are so good.  The ladies I read put WAY more “out there” into internet land.  They share.  Crazy fights, feelings, relationships, drama…you will find it all on someone’s personal blog.  My blog, less so… I just jibber jabber and things.

I was thinking about this the other day.  There has been another round of babyitis infecting the Zone office building.  A few staffers have made the announcement that they expecting kids.  Very exciting, got me thinking back to when Coral and I were expecting Madelyn.  People were sharing their birth stories with us and it would inevitably go something like, “Oh wow, you’re pregnant, let me tell you about our first child!  Man, I’ll tell you, I was in labour for thrity-seven hours.  All my women bits where tearing and bleeding… the doctors would give me no pain killers.  They were amazed I could withstand so much excruiatingly violent pains, they said a man would have passed out hours ago.  But not me, I felt it all.  So the forty hours dragged on, oh did I say thirty-seven earlier?  it was forty.  Forty-two hours of labour, my child came, she was born backwards and with spikes.  The doctor said it was the most painful way to come.  Doctor?  heck no, the doctor was sick, I actually delivered the baby myself.  Lost a lot blood.  Oh man, kids are special, I am so excited for you!”

and then, you sit there all pale and meekly thank them for sharing their joyous birth story with you.

Did I mention my computer was as slow as shit?

All I tell Dad’s to be is, pack some food.  And leave as soon as your girl passes out.  Go home and have a shower and brush your teeth, then on your way back to VGH, stop at the drive-thru and get your girl an epic burger.  She earned it.


We got to dream up our annual top 10 list at the Zone of our favourite records and this year will be a challenge.  I do have some favourites but to be honest, I don’t really have ten STAND outs.

Hmm, I remember listening to a lot of Coldplay, Kings of Leon, Beck, and RadioheadMGMT on my walk to work.  Plants and Animals was good.  Fleet Foxes sometimes.  hmm, right.  Does Akon count?


Casey-Jo sent me some clips from A TV when Eric from the morning show put my picture on the TV last week.  After Movember.  I fired it up on the Youtube.

Now right at the end he sorta has a laugh… hmmm?  And he showed me on TV during some witching hour when no one watches… hmmm indeed.  Does he have no respect for the sash?  I had my operatives at A track down Eric’s cell phone so maybe I’ll call him tomorrow on the show.

Anyways, thank you Casey-Jo for taking the time to send me some clips.

Time for a tub and some book read’n.  Go with yourself.

Oh, riiiight, Casey-Jo also sent me this wonderous track.

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