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illScarlett performing in the Zone (last summer, but it was the only picture I could find)

The past couple weeks have seen a parade of bands come through The Zone Afternoon Show.  Here are the interviews with a bunch of them.

Download: illScarlett (perform “Milkshakes and Razorblades”)
Download: USS (perform “Laces Out”) *this interview is too funny
Download: Daniel Wesley (perform “It’ll Be You”)
Download: Priestess

The USS interview is my favourite.  I always enjoy hanging out with Ash and the Human Kebab.  Ash tells his Lenox Lewis story and we even dabble  with some wrestling talk.

Thank you for finding my blog and downloading.

Go with yourself.

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Johnny B. Shields is pulling away on the Movember race and is crushing me.  Boitano has also pulled in front of me too!


Priestess‘ Mikey Heppner stopped by the Zone today… we chatted about a bunch things that he had recently blogged about.  He is such a dude.  New record from Priestess is coming soon and you better believe you’ll hear it on my show when there is something to play.


Band of Horses is also working on some new music which gets all of us here at Casa La CorJ hot and bothered.  When I talk fave bands, Band of Horses is near the top of that list.


I got a call on the Zone phone today from some guy completely outraged that I went on the radio yesterday saying I wasn’t so jazzed on the new Guns N Roses. I don’t think he is a regular listener of the show.  He had “heard” through the grapevine that I had “slammed” G ‘n R so this knight had risen to the challenge to defend Axl’s honour and tell me off.  Turns out my head needs to be “shaked” because it wasn’t clear to me that Chinese Democracy was the “BEST record of the last few years.”  O RLY? He got many facts wrong and we talked it out… I think its all good now.  Maybe its good that people talk about my show with their friends, but getting the facts so off… yikes, I don’t think they were saying nice things about my show.  So I guess they are forgiven for never finding the blog either… then they’d know, I am trying to like G ‘n R and I am an odyssey of discovery.  I downloaded “Better” today.  Kinda good.

One good song on the new G n’ R record… to me that is a triumph as I expected zero.

Heard some Mother Mother on the modern rock inbox the other day.  very nice.  The main dude grew up on Quadra Island.


Corj and I are taking Madelyn to visit Grandma Mom and Grandpa Jack this weekend, so I’ll rap at cha on Monday.  On Monday I am taking a turn driving the Desert Bus!  Tuesday is Straight Up Modern Rock night at The Clubhouse, giving away some Nine Inch Nail Tickets; Thursday is the Movember gala; Friday I shave my stache and then it is the NIN show at the arena; I’ll be broadcasting live outside; Saturday is the Zone’s Christmas Party!

Have a good weekend.

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