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The above picture has very little to do with what’s about to happen in this post, I just thought it was a pretty album cover.  The band is called The Rural Alberta Advantage and their record is new and mega-hyped by the internets.  I am sure I’ll buy it sometime over the next couple weeks, so I’ll let you know what I think about it then…

The point of this post is simple really.  Madelyn got her tiny little baby hands on Coral’s phone today and somehow managed to call me during my show.  if you want to hear cute baby banter; you can by…

Clicking right here: Madelyn Calls The Zone

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I have been working an epic week of production, filling in for Sheldon in the studio.  On Friday, Coral and Maddy O came for a visit.  Coral voiced a couple spots and Madelyn got jealous!  She wanted a turn.  This is Madelyn’s broadcasting debut.

Have a listen: Madelyn rocks the mic!

Go with yourself.

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Our baby girl Madelyn turned one on Tuesday.

And because I yap on the radio for a living, I talked about oranges (and Madelyn).  Dad better send one out to Maddy O on her birthday during the Picks @ 6!

Have a Listen: I am Happy For Two Reasons


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Lots of emails today.

Interviews being scheduled including this gem in march.

BASH’d : A Gay Rap Opera

starring: FEMINEM & T-BAG

Yeah, pretty awesome.


Maddy O is one year old today!  Huzzah!  Coral and I managed to keep her alive, fed and in diapers for a whole year.

We had a big party with all our family and friends at Moxies on Sunday.  Thank you to everyone that took some time on a Sunday afternoon to spend it with us.


The starter button on my scooter hasn’t worked in a couple months.  I’ve had to kick start the beast everyday.  Yesterday on my drive into the Zone, the scooter stalled out on Blanshard.  Yikes!  I was worried I’d have to get off my bike, put it up on the stand and kick start it right in the middle of traffic.  How embarrassing!  As a sign of desperation, I hit the starter button and eureka!  it worked.  Now it works again.  funny little Honda, it fixed itself.


David Armano is my social media guru and he posted this very interesting paper about customer service.

Robert J. Glushko and Lindsay Tabas, “Bridging the “Front Stage” and “Back Stage” in Service System Design” (June 15, 2007). School of Information. Paper 2007-013.

If you work in the service industry (and most North American trades these days have a boat load of service involved) then you might want to read it.


That’s all I got for now, going to hop into the studio and try to get my Capital Rock City #46 done before 3PM!  Its going to sound so good!  Interview with Carpenter with a couple Carpenter tracks AND an older cut from All State Champion.

Go with yourself.

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Whoa, yesterday I got so sick.  I was in the studio in the afternoon getting my weekend shows produced (countdown, Event calendars…) and I got very achy and had a hard time looking at the screen.  Headaches followed.

By the time I hit my show, I was feeling very sore.

I came home and a fever rocked me.  Chills, shakes… woke up today… feel pretty good.

Weird.  I have gotten sick like that a few times in my life before.  so its not new.  It sucks, but I finished my day of work and I think if you were listening last night you wouldn’t have noticed.  yeah, weird.

The 25 Things About You phenom spread around Facebook like a deadly SARS virus.  That was fun.  Time to move on to the next one?  This is a Mommy Survey that I stole off Jen’s facebook.  I’ll answer it as a Dad as best I can (I might have to ask Coral for help).


Here you go mommies – a different kind of survey for a change – it’s all about your first born! Just copy and paste it in a new note for yourself! Then tag 10 of your mommy friends!

Let’s see how much you remember!

1. WAS YOUR FIRST PREGNANCY PLANNED? Nope.  Coral and I had talked about how we wanted a family and that maybe in a year or two would be ideal.  Then like seriously days later, Coral says… “funny story…”

2. WERE YOU MARRIED AT THE TIME? No, Madelyn was an immaculate conception.


4. WAS ABORTION AN OPTION FOR YOU? I wouldn’t say that it was completely off the table at the time.  I never advocated for it.  It wasn’t a serious discussion between us outside of me saying on the day I found out, “do you want to keep it?” and Coral said, “yes.” and I said, “gold, we’re having a baby!”  I think she would write that she battled with the decision privately until the first ultrasound.  Then after the first ultrasound it became real and it was all systems go for take off.

5. HOW OLD WERE YOU? I was 27 when Coral told me and 28 when Madelyn was born.

6. HOW DID YOU FIND OUT YOU WERE PREGNANT? MONSTER TRUCKS!  I was hosting some Zoners in the Zone’s luxury suite at the Arena for the Monster Truck Spectacular.  After my show I grabbed the Zone car and drove to pick up Coral.  She was waiting for me on Yates Street outside our old apartment.  She climbed in the passenger seat and just started crying… I was like “what’s up?”

“I’m pregnant.”

“Do you want to keep it?”


“Gold, we’re having a baby.”

Then I was, like get yourself together dude (because I call Coral dude all the time like Justin Bobby in The Hills) we got some Monster Trucks to get up in.  We got to the arena and there were so many beers.  Coral said, “I don’t think I am supposed to drink any beer now that I am pregnant… like I’m no doctor or anything, but I think I saw a Degrassi on fetal alcohol syndrome.”

Me, being the rational one said… “look sweetheart, this is a celebration… and like any celebration we should be drinking.  Besides, what if you took your pregnancy test tomorrow?  Then you *could* drink… soooooo.”

She replied, “GAWD man! you’re bad father already!”

So we sat in the Zone suite and we couldn’t tell anyone why Coral wasn’t drinking and made up something about like driving or some PC bullshit like that.  It was hard, cuz when you have such huge news, you want to share it!

7. WHO DID YOU TELL FIRST? hmmm.  My Mom.  I remember telling Sara P and Rick Lee one day at breakfast fairly early.  I think they were the first of my friends to know outside of family.

8. DID YOU WANT TO FIND OUT THE SEX? Yes.  I understand people that want to wait.  But it was our first and I wanted to have things planned out and the appropriate cloths and stuff ready for day one.  Besides, its a surprise the day they tell you the sex… so you get a surprise.

9. DUE DATE? February 20th, 2008 (I had to double check with Corj)

10. DID YOU HAVE MORNING SICKNESS? Yes,like everyday I feel sick… oh you mean Coral?  She didn’t have to much of the cliched puking all the time thing.  (a little I guess).  But she did have wicked heartburn for almost the entire pregnancy which was very uncomfortabl for her.  And she had to go easy on a lot of her favourite foods.  So no beer or hot wings.  sadness.  Madelyn will owe her big.

11. What did you crave? I craved sex.  I think Coral craved me leaving her alone.  She LOVED the baked potato type thing they make at Moxies.

12. WHO/WHAT IRRITATED YOU THE MOST? Like Jen, it drove Coral mental when people rubbed her belly.  Close family and friends was alright… but people do that all the time to pregnant ladies.  Its like, you wouldn’t just rub a woman’s belly on the street normally unless you look forward to a face full of pepper spray, why would you do it to a pregnant lady.  That said, its pretty wonderful to see a pregnant belly, so for you belly touchers, I get it.  Just ask first.


14. DID YOU WISH YOU HAD THE OPPOSITE SEX OF WHAT YOU WERE GETTING? I always thought I’d be into a girl.  But then when Coral got pregnant I started being into the idea of a boy because of the all fun things we could get up when he’s older.  But then I remembered it was the year 2009 and since I no longer have to trade my female children to wealthy landowners for goats, we could get up to all the fun things I could do with a boy.  Coral is still not too jazzed on Mads playing hockey, but I’ll break her down over the next four years.

15. HOW MANY POUNDS DID YOU GAIN THROUGHOUT THE PREGNANCY? I think I lost weight and looked pretty hot IMHO.

16. DID YOU HAVE A BABY SHOWER? Coral did and it was pretty fun.  Actually she had two!  spoiled much.

17. WAS IT A SURPRISE OR DID YOU KNOW? She knew about them.  I think she might have also planned them?  with help?

18. DID YOU HAVE ANY COMPLICATIONS DURING YOUR PREGNANCY? Coral got gestational diabetes.   Not the end of the world, but she had to monitor her food, and go to the hospital more often.

20. HOW MANY HOURS WERE YOU IN LABOR? hmmm, 12ish from beginning to end.  Coral woke me up at about what?  1AMish… we drove to the hospital.  The nurses took one look at her and said, yup, its go time.  Around noon the next day it was battle time.  The forces of good lined up on the ridge.  Braveheart yelled “Freedom.”  there was blood.  and at 1 something, Madelyn was alive.

It was funny.  All night, you hang out with one nurse.  Then when it gets real serious, a bunch of nurses are there.  Your doctor… and sure, maybe its Greys Anatomy day so an entire class of doctors.  A couple cocktails and it would have been an honest to god bar mitzvah.

21. WHO DROVE YOU TO THE HOSPITAL? I drove.  I was all, “Coral I ALWAYS drive… its YOUR baby, you drive.”  But then she roundhoused me to the jaw bone and with that, argument over.

22. WHO WATCHED YOU GIVE BIRTH? A small crowd.  Many bands in Victoria wish they could have as many people at their show as we had in the birthing room.  Coral (obvs).  Nana, me.  Nurse lady.  Doctor.  Another nurse.  Child doctor (gestational diabetes and meconium meant there needed to be a specialist on hand),  A gaggle of wide eyed newbie doctors.  Good times.


24. DID YOU TAKE MEDICINE TO EASE THE PAIN? Coral did every drug they’d give her.  At one point I think I saw her free basing cocaine with a janitor.


28. WHEN WAS YOUR CHILD ACTUALLY BORN ? February 24th, 2008 @ 1PM (it was one something but I can’t remember exactly)

30. WHAT DID YOU NAME HIM/HER? Madelyn Olivia

31. HOW OLD IS YOUR FIRST BORN TODAY? almost a year!

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I was sitting around with David Eleanor and Lindsay the other day (I think it was at a Salmon Kings game) telling them about the time I coached a soccer team.  Well I coached my sister Andrea’s team.  I am not too sure they believed me.  But here is the proof!


I am the gomer with the Expos hat on.  I think our team was called the Hurricanes.


I talked to Webguy Bud on Friday (he was one of the few people floating around the Zone over the holidays) and Capital Rock City will make its triumphant return to the blogosphere next week!

So far, music from Everyone Everywhere, Paper Cranes, Acres of  Lions… and then I need a few more tracks.  I am thinking the Racoons, and maybe Laura Smith and I call that a show number… one… but I think I’ll pick up the naming ritual I had going on which make the show like #39 or #42 or something.

I have an idea for another podcast or even two or three.  One at a time for now.  gotta get back into the swing of it.


Coral and I went for a walk today to grab a sandwich and some formula for Madelyn.  I tub of the powder costs about $20 and lasts a week-ish.  We crunched some numbers and we figure it costs us about $5 or $6 a day to keep Madelyn alive with formula, food and diapers.  Not too much at this age.  hmm.  neat.

Go with yourself.

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Just thinking about a few things.

1) Marley & Me used to be a book.
2) The Coyotes are recieving Corporate Welfare from the NHL.  I wonder how much money the Winnipeg Jets got in handouts from the NHL headoffice before being forced to relocate to Phoenix? As they say, the grass is always greener in the… umm desert… SWA?
3) I got a couple books for Christmas and I am very excited to read them.  Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” and Seth Godin’s “Tribes.”

I am dripping from inspiration right now which is very good and frustrating feeling.  It is like being exceptionally horney and knowing you will get some action… but not yet.  Its actually hurting my head.  I have been reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book and the crux of it is this, “work hard, and get rewarded…. later.”  Well, I think its that… I am only part way through the book.

Yikes, so I am excited to start some projects and hammer away at them… but I know there will be no tangible reward for what?  ten years!  holy fuck (great band too!).

I read this bit some time ago about ther 4 stages of learning.  If I remember it went something like…

01) You don’t know what you don’t know
02) You know what you don’t know
03) You know what you know
04) You don’t know that you know

whoa right.

So taking that model and then reading Malcolm who says it will take you 10,000 hours to achieve leval 4 or about 10 years if you dive head first into your passion… or just over 3 years if you do your passion as a 60 a week obsession.

Right… I want to improve my persoanl brand and get paid more money.  I think I am at number 2.  I know that there are things I do not know.  I have to learn what they are and then practise, practise and practise for 10 years… and then maybe I will be a rock star at what I want to achieve.  I will be 38 (almost 39) and Madelyn will be 10.  If all things work (and they will if I make them work) and the gears turn and I grind away, I should be making top dollar by the time Madelyn starts caring about spending all my money.

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I sitting here in front of my fake fire, looking over the news, looking out the window at all the snow and looking at Madelyn play with the Christmas ornaments she has pulled off the tree (Coral puts the body count at 7).

I have a weird week of work.  On the show today and tomorrow… then off for the 24th and 25th.  Then I’ll be yapping on Friday.  Boxing Day will actually be a busy one for me.  After the show, I’ll bee-line down to the Jellyfish Lounge downtown to DJ and MC the Armchair Cynics and Acres of Lions show.

Coral wrapped presents like crazy last night.  We have them all piled up on the table to keep them out reach of little Miss baby RAMPAGE.  I think we kept our Christmas budget in check pretty good.  Coral goes back to work in February but her benefits end sometime in January so there is a dark side of the moon moment when we have lots of money coming out and little coming in, so we needed to set some cash aside.  The fact we got a table of presents and still some money in the bank makes me feel good.

Coral was concerned that we should have bought more for Madelyn.  But cardboard tubes of wrapping paper get her all giggles, so I am not too worried about her.

Go with yourself.

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