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 I have been working at the Zone the past few days on a new project called “Hockey! with Jeremy.” My challenge is to create a hockey feature to be broadcast on the radio during the intermission of Victoria Royal‘s hockey games. I have only made two so far (its a lot of work to produce spoken word radio… who knew?).

I have enjoyed the practice thus far… and look forward to trying to create compelling audio and improving my style as the season progresses.  Have a listen to the first two segments.

Mixcloud >> Hockey! with Jeremy – Practice
Mixcloud >> Hockey! with Jeremy – Hockey Sense

“Practice” was fun because I got actually sit on the bench and yap with the boys during a rest in practice.  Plus I had the chance to talk with Kevin Sundher and he is the Royal’s first line stud.

“Hockey Sense” I recorded this morning after practice and I had the chance to interview the boys (and a coach!) as they came off the ice.  I of course caught up with homeboys Jesse Pauls and Brenden Persley again.  But I missed my boy Timmy T who might be the most hilarious Royal I’ve talked with so far.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, November 8th), The Royals are at home against the Edmonton Oil Kings. The PR flaks from the Royals said I might get to sit in the suicide box at ice level and record the sounds of the game.  Nice.  Better bring my helmet.  I might also interview some kids about hockey… so if you’re bringing your kid to the game and see me, say hi so I can put your midget you on the radio.

Go with yourself.

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Can you believe it?  The Canucks aced the Sharks in the NHL Western Conference Final and will be heading to the Stanley Cup vs… ? Bruins? Lightning?

To celebrate I jammed out a little Canucks audio montage to relive the magic.  The song threaded throughout is Devotchka‘s “How It Ends.”

“They All Depend on You” Canucks Game 5 audio montage

Download MP3 >> 20110525 Canucks win

Go Canucks Go and go with yourself go!

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stolen without a gun from Auntie Andra's facebook

Ahhh  GOLD!  Right, it happened yesterday afternoon.  The Team Canada Boys rocked the gold medal and capped a great couple weeks in British Columbia.

I am so happy they triumphed in the nail biter against our arch nemesis country, the USA in a thrilling overtime win.  If they had lost, it would have put a bit of a spoiler on the whole 14 Gold medal record and a Canada best 26 medals at Winter Olympics.

I get it, gold in like ice dance and I dunno, other sports… but for me, the hockey is the only one that really mattered.  Its going to be kinda hard to go back to NHL hockey on Tuesday (Nucks vs. Rick Nash and Blue Jackets).


I am happy for my friend Tyson.  He got a job playing keyboards for Florida punkers Against Me!.

We all know and love the T Razer from his days playing bass in former Zone bands of the month Moneyshot and keys/guitar for Acres of Lions.

The T Razer's Facebook Profile Picture

Against Me will be in Victoria on Wednesday playing a Zone Show with Billy Talent, Alexisonfire and Cancer Bats at the Arena.

Razer will get to travel across the country with the Florida band playing arena show for the next month or so (I can’t remember how long the tour is).  While Tyson is on the road with Against me, Acres of Lions lead guy, Jeff will be playing with another Victoria band, Theset.  Theset were added to the SnoCore tour, criss-crossing the Great White North and in Victoria on April 4th.


Wasn’t able to go grocery chopping last night, so I didn’t pack a lunch today!  I’ll have to plan that put tonight and go later this evening for the Sandwich Project.  I’ll post an update on that front later when it happens.

Go with yourself.

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This is scary, a Sasquatch monster bearing down on you with Miga strapped to his back packing heat.

Yesterday I posted about Portland, Oregon’s The Thermals and their new song “Canada.”  Using that cut as a spring board, I jammed out a quick little 34 minute set to get you jazzed on some Olympic Hockey (or luge or biathlon or ice dancing or whatever).  Best part, no Gary Glitter!  Worst part, Rascal Flatts! I can’t wait, lets go….

01) The Thermals – “Canada”

The 2  minute fist pumper leads off the playlist and sets the tone.

02) Japandroids – “Sovereignty”

The Japandroids’ song has a line that rattles through my brain all the time.  And after watching my new favourite sport this morning, Biathlon, and all the rain it makes even more sense.

“Its raining in Vancouver, but I don’t give a fuck… because I’m far form home tonight.”

Is biathlon not the best sport? It combines two of the greatest things, insanely disciplined accurate killing technique and skiing!

03) Constantines – “Trans-Canada”

I searched “Canada” into my iTunes… now i have a lot of songs but I was surprised how few have the word Canada in them.  This is one of two.  The other being track one of our playlist.

Driving beat… it reminds me of driving the trans-Canada highway when I was younger lad.

“There is no short cut, there is no straight line.”

Whoa, they drove through Saskatchewan too!

04) Sloan – “The Rest of My Life”

When I first heard The Thermals “Canada” I immediately thought of Sloan, and this song in particular.

“One thing I know about the rest of my life, I know that I will be living in Canada.”

05) The Replacements – “I’ll Be You”

The Minnesota 80s alt-rockers must have spent some time in Winnipeg.  Must have…

“Lonely, I guess that’s where I’m from.  If was from Canada, then I’d best be called lonesome.”

Maybe that is some old 80s Canadiana?  Do we say lonesome?  sure, I do now.

06) The Tragically Hip – “Lonely End of the Rink”

Hockey metaphors explode in this song about Gord Downy’s days of playing minor hockey and being a goalie wishing he was joining the rush… and about his old man who’d come and hang out behind the net at the “lonely” end of the rink to cheer his boy on.

07) Tom Cochrane – “Big League”

Talking about kids and hockey, then we should be talking about one of Tom Cochrane’s most enduring hockey anthems.  This one is lot more somber.

08) Rascal Flatts – “Life is a Highway”

A throw back to my days working at Starbucks with Ashley, Michelle, Jayne and Rachel (well actually I shouldn’t lump Rachel in there, she always fired up good music! ha).  Rascal Flatts was on heavy rotation during those early morning hours slinging lattes in the suburbs.  I heard it so often it grew on me… and this song has maximum use of “Vancouver’s Lights” in the song.  Originally down by the man, Mr. Tom Cochrane… I decided to change gears and include the Rascal Flatts cover to spice up the end of the playlist a bit.

09) Moneyshot – “Blades of Steel”

The Canadian male hockey experience would not be complete without Moneyshots greatest creation about the game.  A song about working hard and having fun in Midget Triple A when the scout form Kamloops catches a game, and gives you shot at Junior.

10) Stompin’ Tom Conners – “The Hockey Song”

Its a bit of a cliche, so kill me.  Last song, time this playlist out to have this song playing just as the puck drops and their is no reason why Team Canada’s Olympic Women’s team can’t put 19 goals in the net!

Go with yourself.

Check out Quatchi's tattoo. Bad ass.

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I went home for lunch today.  Coral went to get a haircut and Nana was over watching Mads and I crafted a yummy portobello mushroom sandwich.  Success.

Nana and I sat down to the news and our sandwiches at noon like we used to do when she looked after Madelyn more often and out on the street we noticed cops everywhere.  They had the street blocked off and the SWAT team out, an armoured car, the dogs and officers everywhere.  Standing around in the pouring rain waiting for “Andrew” to come out peacefully.  I guess Andrew thought if he ignored them long enough, they’d go away?  or maybe he was truly and magnificently coked out and thought it was a cruel extension of the Star-Trek rerun he was watching…. I dunno, but he had other ideas than surrendering.  And so the good folks of the Victoria Police Department huddled in the rain.

Now this “Andrew” character, Coral I know him well.  He has some of the most dramatic tantrum and domestics outside our building.  They tend to happen more often in the summer but they also happen any day.  Wednesday morning at 4AM?  “Sure I’ll call my girlfriend a prostitute crackhead whore and she can yell worse back.  And it can spill it on the street and continue for over an hour.”

There will be no one missing Andrew when he finally gets dragged out of his apartment to spend two-years-less-a-day at Wilkinson.  It’ll be almost 2 years of bliss for me.

Drives me crazy.  I hate the “law” and the “government” as much as anyone and I truly believe we should be free to govern ourselves however we feel fit, but when your idea of a drug filled bender interferes with my life, we gotta problem and you gotta go.  In the olden days, Andrew would be tossed outside the walls our village and the Sasquatch would take him away.


Maybe this ties in, or maybe it doesn’t, but did I see on the news yesterday that California and Washington State are thinking of legalizing it?

I seem to recall that whenever talk of legalizing hits BC, the anti-druggie lobby says; “but what George W. do to us?”

Looks like nothing.  He ain’t the president anymore and if California and Washington legalize it, its open season.


On a hockey note, the Abbotsford AHL team The Heat had their first sellout of the year last night against the Manitoba Moose.  I saw in the paper that the Heat average about 3,700 fans a game, less than the ECHL Salmon Kings.  Could Victoria rock an AHL team?  Could we wrestle the Canucks affiliation away from Manitoba but before Abbotsford does?

The Heat are the only team in west for the AHL.  Rumblings I’ve heard speculated on say the AHL wants to come out west.  Could the AHL pickup the top ECHL west coast teams?  Victoria vs. Abbotsford rivalry would be amazing.

The Mighty Ducks don’t have an AHL affiliate and are the only team without one…. hmmm.

Go with yourself.

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Growing up in the wilds of Coquitlam, there were two records I remember playing exceptionally heavy.  R.E.M.’s Green and Alice in Chains’ Unplugged.

Every night before bed, I’d throw the AiC record in my discman, tuck into a book about war and go away.

Many nights, I would go through the record two times before falling asleep.

The habit was so entrenched, that even to this day, I still love listening to music before bed and if I am ever feeling the weights of life pulling down on me, a little music before bed or laying on the couch in the dark with the headphones on will make me feel infinity better.

A great modern rock shame in those days was that I never did go see Alice in Chains in concert.  I do think a bunch of my friend did see them once at some arena show in Vancouver, but I missed that one.

Later, after the band was on the hiatus, I had the chance to see Jerry Cantrell twice.  Once at Richards and another time opening for Metallica at Thunderbird Stadium.  Both times were special but the Richards show was the better.

Jerry had this band on tour with him called Comes With the Fall (circa 2002 I think… Wagner, were you at this show with me?).

I didn’t know what to expect at the Jerry Cantrell solo tour other than I was sure to hear some Boggy Depot and Degradation Trip.  My life erupted with joy when Jerry launched into many classic AiC songs… and filling in the part of Layne Staley was William DuVall, lead singer of Comes With The Fall.

Sounded mighty and was at the time, as close as I was going to come to an Alice in Chains show.  I’d have to relieve the live days on the DVDs I had (and my brother CJ had a great old VHS with lots of early footage too).

I guess William did a good job and the band felt it was time, after 14 years, to put out another record, revive the Alice in Chains handle, and get out there!

Today I had the chance to talk to bass player Mike Inez.  I made a little podcast of the interview and included far more than what you’ll hear on the radio or countdown this weekend.  if you are an AiC fan like me, please take a second to have a listen (well many seconds total running time is 15 minutes).

Download: Interview: Mike Inez of Alice in Chains

Mike gives the cole’s notes version of joining Alice In Chains.  He was on tour with Ozzy and working in Reno recording when he got a call from Sean Kinney inviting him to join the band.

He goes on to talk about the natural progression he felt as the band got back together including the original genesis… the Tsunami of 2005.

The band toured a bit and the shows got bigger and bigger and it showed them it was time to do it right.  AiC financed the record independently before even thinking about sending to a label for distribution.

Then I find out, Mike Inez is a hockey fan?  SWA?  LA Kings? I’ll TRY not to let that ruin his musical legacy.

Mike talks about the meaning behind the title of the album Black Gives Way to Blue.  He tells the story of floating in Jerry’s pool as they debated album title names and why song is special for the band.  the title track was especially hard to record because of its meaning and Jerry battling an illness at the time.

Then he reflects on Layne Staley and what he was like living and tells the story of the Grammy Awards snubbing Layne after his death despite the fact AiC has been nominated for Grammy Awards… what 5 times, 6 times?

Mike Inez is a great guy and I loved interviewing him and having the chance to hear his stories.  I hope you do too.

Go with yourself.

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me and razer

What an odd night I was having.  I was tired and went to bed fairly early.  I was lying in bed thinking about our bedroom and how, of all our rooms it is the one I wish the most different.  Its a combination of boring and… well ugly.

Right now, there is a whole mess of miss-matched furniture and piles of CDs.  Some work out equipment, a dining room chair?  sure.

The room needs a makeover but I don’t have any money to spend on that right now.  Then I thought, “what the hell am I doing, I am dreaming about interior design, what happened to my life?”  At least it was a Monday and not a Friday or that would cause me to wake the fuck up and start drinking.

But seriously, I’ll need to get creative about the bedroom.  Casa La CorJ won’t feel complete until it is tackled.

It was weird feeling, but then when I thought about the weirdness, and my mind starting going, I couldn’t sleep and now I’m up.  I tried watching Peak Season on MTV but that show makes me sad for humanity.

I trolled the internet, read my radio gossips, downloaded another Slipknot song… Sloan comes on after Slipknot on my iTunes, so now here I am… sometime past midnight hearing… “believe in me!”


Vegas sign

One of the biggest obstacles I encountered from our wedding shenanigans was taking pictures.  Our Nikon SLR crapped out and we haven’t got it fixed and I generally dislike hauling around a camera to stop the party to take a fucking picture.

Luckily, others did take some gems and now that Jamie has posted, wow… he was there at a few important parties and milestones.  A couple pictures I don’t even remember so I thought I’d share.

Jamie is Coral’s friend Allie’s boyfriend.  I know Jamie fairly well, but in Vegas I had the chance to spend more time with him and I found he was generally around when needed most.

Just before the wedding, I was down at the venue alone trying to be the first one there, and it was Jamie that showed up next.  We had some time to kill and Jamie and I waled around the Flamingo gardens trying to keep it cool before the wedding.  Jamie took this pic of me moments before the wedding.

me by the waterfall

Now lets Tarantino this story and go back about 16 hours.

Late Saturday night it had dawned on Coral and I that we did not have our marriage license.  Doh!  Clarke County Office is open till midnight and it was 11PM when we went… “shit, oh shit.”

Coral, wanted to get a posse together, canvas her friends, see who wanted to go to Downtown Vegas, visit, stop by someone’s room… wah wah wah.

At the Al(i)(y)x’s room, everyone was gathered… and as you can imagine, a room FULL of women, on a Saturday night, in Las Vegas move very slowly… so finally I had to say, “sorry ladies, but we GOT to go.”  Jamie and Allie were ready to go too and agreed to accompany us downtown to the County office.  It is 11:30PM.

We run down to the cab stand and grab a cab.  We tell the cabbie the plan and he says… “It’ll be close.”  We leave at 11:40PM.

As we pull out onto Flamingo Boulevard, his radio crackles… something about an accident on the Interstate 15, closers, delays.  This bad.  Its 11:45PM.

Cabbie says not to worry and pushes forward… was the radio bulletin a hoax?  Freeway clear and off we go.  We arrive at the County Office ten minutes later.  Its 11:55PM, the sheriff is about to close shop, he lets us in as the last couple of the night and we get our license.  Huzzah.

We leave the office to find we’re somewhere downtown, but not on Fremont.  Where are we?  And why didn’t we bring a camera to document this exciting adventure.  That is when Jamie pulls out his camera, and moments after midnight on October 11th, he snaps this picture of Coral and I with our wedding license on the corner of 3rd and Bridger.

wedding license

Lets travel further back in time.

Thursday.  The first full day in Vegas and honest moment, I am sorta grumpy.  Few of the boys have arrived.  My brother Matt is in Vegas, and Jamie.  My besties from Coquitlam aren’t here, my brother CJ arrives later, Razer and my folks come on Friday.  I’d spent most of Wednesday running around, traveling, wrangling my daughter, helping others, getting rental cars, shopping for baby stuff, checking in, dealing with “room issues” and on top of all that, Wednesday night I had a terrible pink eye.  So after I had done all this work I just wanted to rest and everyone else wanted to party.

Thursday was better, but still… another trip to Target, doing things for others… by late Thursday… aside from malls and shopping plazas, I hadn’t had much time to really get into Vegas.  Thursday night all I wanted to do was go to a hockey game and as 7PM approached… that almost didn’t happen as other people’s plans started to creep in.  Last minute, I decide fuck it, I’d go be myself.  That’s when Jamie stepped up and said… “hey man, if you’re going to go by yourself, I’ll come too.”  My brother Matt also volunteered and our little man-team was whole.

We headed off the strip to the Orleans Casino to see an ECHL Las Vegas Wranglers game.  I wore my S-Kings shirt.

We find the casino and the arena and buy tickets for the game vs a team called the Ontario (California) Reign.  Its finally time to party and I reserve myself to the fact that in the land of the $1 beers, I’ll need to settle for the $7 Bud’s they charge at hockey games.

I ask the lady for a large at the counter and she tells me, “sorry, we don’t have any larges.”

SWA?  Grumpy Jeremy wants to strangle the kind old lady.  Captain Go wants a drink.

“fine, I’ll have a small,” I grind out between clenched teeth.

“that will be one dollar,” the concession worker demands.

“What?  a buck?  for a beer at a hockey game?” disbelief.

“yup, its Thirsty Thursdays, all beers are a buck.  Would you like two?”

“yeah two-hundred!”

I kiss the woman full on the lips and fill my arms with beer!  I love America.

Matt, Jamie and I proceed to get destroyed and watch shitty pre-season hockey where we don’t know any of the players.

me and matt

The thing about American hockey… it attracts quite the crowd.  What surprised me in a good way… the Wrangler fans that were WRANGLER fans.  Jerseys, foam fingers, hats, cheers, jeers.  Good times.  As the beers went down, I really started to get into it.  Jamie, Matt and I started belting out random hockey jargon and just sucked up all the ECHLy goodness of the room.


Matt started getting aggro and spotted a young lady a few seats in front of us.  In fact I think she enjoyed our commentary and choruses of “dump and chase!” throughout the game (or I hope she did?).


the blonde
*The young lovely is in the pink shirt and you can kinda see D-Bag BF

After the game we wandered into the Orleans Casino and found an empty sports bar where the ends of some hockey and baseball games were playing out.  I found the bartender and dropped the James Sutton line, “please sir, give me your finest/cheapest beer.”  The man was not impressed and said that did not exist.

I protested but he had non of it.  Sadness.  Fine, this bar looks like an Irish bar of some degree, make it three Guinness.  $20 later we are happy and drunker.  But what is up with the cooler on the bar?

Oh, $1 beers continue throughout the casino on Thursday?  Excellent.

Then we climbed statues.

climbing a statue at the Orleans

Matt was a mess.

matt is a mess

Thank you Jamie, you’re camera caught some of the glory (and most of the mess!).


Go with yourself.

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