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Tomorrow (Thursday, July 22nd) Billy Bishop Goes To War opens at the Belfry Theatre.

Actor Ryan Beil stars as Billy Bishop who… goes off to war.  First as a Calvary Officer but then later, as one of the greatest flying aces of the epic ordeal.

Many of us know Ryan as “that guy from the A&W commercials.” But there is so much more to this Vancouver actor!

Zach Gray is from Vancouver band The ZolasHis father wrote the original musical!  Nice.

Have a listen>> Interview with Ryan Beil and Zach Gray

Thank you for making the time to check out this interview.

Go with yourself.

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On Friday, Victoria singer/songwriter Vince Vaccaro came by my radio show to co-host for the day. We shared some mighty times including a performance of his hit, “Costa Rica.” Kim from the Traffic Department made the journey down the hall from her office to sing with Vince. They used to be in choir together back in the day! Small world. Enjoy.

Mixcloud>> Interview and live performance: Vince Vaccaro
Tall Tree Festival

Go with yourself.

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The pride of Newmarket, Ontario… Tokyo Police Club have a brand spanking new album out today called Champ.

Yesterday on the ZAS I had the chance to talk with Graham Wright, TPC’s keyboardist about their radio song “Wait Up (Boots of Danger)”

SWA?  Boots of Danger what does that even mean?  lets find out.

Interview>> Graham Wright on The Zone Afternoon Show
MP3>> Tokyo Police Club “Wait Up (Boots of Danger)”
MP3>> Tokyo Police Club “Wait Up (Boots of Danger) [Dom Remix]”

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Yesterday on the Zone Afternoon Show I was swarmed by rock and roll.  I had the opportunity to interview and hear a live performance from the groups Plants and Animals, Hollerado and Said the Whale.  here we go!

Montreal’s Plants and Animals were the first band to stop by. We talked about May the Forth Be With You;  how much their first record Parc Avenue ripped and came in second place a bunch when it was nominated for Junos and other prestigious things;  how much they crush live; the sonic differences between Parc Avenue and La La Land (their new album);  Adam Lambert and cruise ships; Tea; then they perform “Game Shows.”  Fun.

Download: Plants and Animals on the ZAS

Ontario’s Hollerado came by next.  They were playing at Lucky Bar that night and their show was fantastic.

Hollerado are from a small town outside Ottawa… but are they Sens fans, or do they cheer the Canadiens?

We talk puck; how they live in a van; how much they have traveled; London, Ontario totally sucks and Brazil totally rules; Record in a Bag is their album… but does it actually come in a back?; Juliet is the name of Hollerado’s hit song, but the video is a real trip.  In the video, the old lady is played by non-other than Ms. Margot Kidder aka Lois Lane in Superman!  believe that; They drank with her and those times they shared were special; they talk about Global Warming (but don’t worry I set them straight on the MYTH of global warming) and then they play “Americanarama.”

Download: Hollerado on The ZAS

The show ends with a return visit by everyone’s favourite magician singing band, Said the Whale.

STW lead singer Tyler sat on an airplane with Canadian indie rock royalty Emily Hanes, but does he spill the beans?; Said the Whale talks about the song “The Light is You.”  Wait an minute, I know that song?  But from where?  Turns out it is used in a Sun-Rype commercial!  Funny story about Sun-Rype… owned by Jim Pattison, the SAME local billionaire that owns the Zone… whoa.

Pretty song, fun interview.

Download:  Said the Whale on The ZAS

That’s all I got, go read a book.  And go with yourself, always.

oh and a baby.

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Band of Skulls from left: Matt, Emma, Russell

South Hampton, UK rockers Band of Skulls are in Victoria tonight, and they came by the Zone Afternoon Show for a performance.  They give us a couple magical acoustic songs, “Fires” and “Impossible.”

Download: Band of Skulls on The ZAS

I’ve interviewed a ton of bands and heard countless acoustic numbers and “Impossible” is one my more favourite ones.  It is the second song they perform.

Go with yourself.

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Growing up in the wilds of Coquitlam, there were two records I remember playing exceptionally heavy.  R.E.M.’s Green and Alice in Chains’ Unplugged.

Every night before bed, I’d throw the AiC record in my discman, tuck into a book about war and go away.

Many nights, I would go through the record two times before falling asleep.

The habit was so entrenched, that even to this day, I still love listening to music before bed and if I am ever feeling the weights of life pulling down on me, a little music before bed or laying on the couch in the dark with the headphones on will make me feel infinity better.

A great modern rock shame in those days was that I never did go see Alice in Chains in concert.  I do think a bunch of my friend did see them once at some arena show in Vancouver, but I missed that one.

Later, after the band was on the hiatus, I had the chance to see Jerry Cantrell twice.  Once at Richards and another time opening for Metallica at Thunderbird Stadium.  Both times were special but the Richards show was the better.

Jerry had this band on tour with him called Comes With the Fall (circa 2002 I think… Wagner, were you at this show with me?).

I didn’t know what to expect at the Jerry Cantrell solo tour other than I was sure to hear some Boggy Depot and Degradation Trip.  My life erupted with joy when Jerry launched into many classic AiC songs… and filling in the part of Layne Staley was William DuVall, lead singer of Comes With The Fall.

Sounded mighty and was at the time, as close as I was going to come to an Alice in Chains show.  I’d have to relieve the live days on the DVDs I had (and my brother CJ had a great old VHS with lots of early footage too).

I guess William did a good job and the band felt it was time, after 14 years, to put out another record, revive the Alice in Chains handle, and get out there!

Today I had the chance to talk to bass player Mike Inez.  I made a little podcast of the interview and included far more than what you’ll hear on the radio or countdown this weekend.  if you are an AiC fan like me, please take a second to have a listen (well many seconds total running time is 15 minutes).

Download: Interview: Mike Inez of Alice in Chains

Mike gives the cole’s notes version of joining Alice In Chains.  He was on tour with Ozzy and working in Reno recording when he got a call from Sean Kinney inviting him to join the band.

He goes on to talk about the natural progression he felt as the band got back together including the original genesis… the Tsunami of 2005.

The band toured a bit and the shows got bigger and bigger and it showed them it was time to do it right.  AiC financed the record independently before even thinking about sending to a label for distribution.

Then I find out, Mike Inez is a hockey fan?  SWA?  LA Kings? I’ll TRY not to let that ruin his musical legacy.

Mike talks about the meaning behind the title of the album Black Gives Way to Blue.  He tells the story of floating in Jerry’s pool as they debated album title names and why song is special for the band.  the title track was especially hard to record because of its meaning and Jerry battling an illness at the time.

Then he reflects on Layne Staley and what he was like living and tells the story of the Grammy Awards snubbing Layne after his death despite the fact AiC has been nominated for Grammy Awards… what 5 times, 6 times?

Mike Inez is a great guy and I loved interviewing him and having the chance to hear his stories.  I hope you do too.

Go with yourself.

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Glee Cory Monteith

It was a magical few minutes I shared with Victoria’s Cory Monteith.  Cory plays the character Finn on the musical situation comedy Glee.

My day begun today trying to track down Cory (see, I supposed to interview him on Monday but uh oh… I forgot).  We were exchanging Facebook messages at around 10 something this morning when I heard Whoopi on The View (I watch it daily) say, “Coming up, actor Cory Monteith from Glee…”  SWA?  That’s a trip I am messaging the guy right now on Facebook.

Low and behold, in New York they have the internet and he messaged back.

Have a Listen: Cory Monteith on The Zone Afternoon Show

Cory and I talk about how great Whoopi is, how he landed the role of Finn on Glee, growing up in Victoria, his fave actor on Glee is Jane Lynch because she is hilarious, and he used to be in a band in Victoria called Porch Life AND they actually played a Zone show or two at Steamers opening for old Zone Bands of the Month!  wow.  Oh and he is friends with Tegan and Sara guitarist Ted Gowans.

OK, good talk.

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thanks Two for the awesome pictures. *all pictures are from Two in this post.

Monday night had a trifecta (I don’t know if that is a word or not), Monday night had three great modern rock bands invade our Island for a show at The Royal Theatre.

Before the concert all three bands came by The Zone to hang out and The Silversun Pickups and Cage The Elephant made it to The ZAS.

Here is the audio of their interviews/live performances.


Check out the stream of the event at http://thezone.fm/jeremy

we had some technical issues during the Silversun Pickups of our broadcast feed (which is what this recording is of) so the first couple songs are heavily distorted which is a real shame.  The end of the performance is decent.

The interview with SSPU was a little more awkward as we couldn’t hear each other too wel and were on a stage with everyone, so it takes me a second to get comfortable… so yeah, first half of the interview is a little weak and I apologize for that, but our second talk about the recoding process half way through the set is a little bit better.  Brian gets all James Hetfield at the performance and away we go.  Brian is singing/guitars and Nikki is playing bass.

They perform four songs:

01) “Growing Old is Getting Old” (worst of the audio)
02) “Panic Switch”
talk about recording/song craftsmanship/drilling holes in pianos
03) “Substitution”
04) “Lazy Eye” (best of the audio)

After the show on Monday, you might have found the SSPU playing bubble hockey in the Games Room of the Strathcona Hotel.

Check out the stream of the event at http://www.thezone.fm/jeremy

Matt Schultz and I talk about who he likes better, SSPU or Manchester Orchestra, what is better? a tour bus or hotel room, what are some of his favourite bands, who is he singing about in the song “In One Ear” and what is the best part of the great state of Kentucky.

I thought the interview was alright, but later that night at the Royal, I ran into Matt (he was hanging out drinking and watching the other bands in the seats with all us plebes) he was very apologetic.

After the show the groups was off to drink at local peeler bar The Fox.  (and Manchester Orchestra was at Smiths for pints).

The band performed a couple songs with brother Brad and guitarist Lincoln.


01) “Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked”
02) “Back Against the Wall”

I hope you enjoy.

Read Mike Devlin’s Review in the Times Colonist

Two’s Flickr inclusing pics of CTE and SSPU
Two’s Vimeo of the live performances


Go with yourself.

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Me and actor/director/producer/writer Eli Roth are besties!  True story, I interviewed him today about his new film ‘Inglourious Bastards,’ Brad Pitt, horror movies, how he single-handily propelled Lionsgate Studio to insane profitability,I pitched a movie idea AND recommended he check out the Silversun Pickups tonight Vancouver… all in five minutes.  Good times.  You should have a listen.

Download: Eli Roth on The Zone Afternoon Show

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Today on the Zone Afternoon Show I had a chance to interview Nanaimo/Victoria MMA fighter Nick “The Juggernaut” Hinchliffe.  Nick will be battling at the AFC #1 on Saturday, August 22nd at Bear Mountain Arena. Last weekend Nick won his 12th fight!

Interview: Nick Hinchliffe on the ZAS

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