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01) Nelly – “Just a Dream”

Hey, be easy… I like this song.

Now, I’ll always love you Beat 94-5, you have superior DJs and generally a better broadcast experience compared to most radio stations.

That said, Sirius Hits 1 plays this song pretty much twice an hour.  No sane radio station should be burning songs this mental, but I am sure glad Sirius doesn’t care about convention and plays this song over and over and over and over… and you get the idea.

I don’t know why I love it so much.  I was going to post the single cover for this song on my blog… but then I saw Nelly on the cover and I hated myself.

I guess the song makes me think of Coral.  That is nice.  I was thinking about her today in fact while the song played and she phoned me.  Whoa, kismet.  I told Coral about my cosmic experience but she didn’t look impressed.  She said, “You know the song is about breaking up with your wife right?”  hmmm.

02) The Daylights – “I Hope This Gets To You”

The cover art at the top is for this LA band that I also heard on Sirius Hits 1 between Nelly.  I like that Hits 1 plays some modern rockish type songs between the pop. This is one of them.

They give me the expansive melodramatic feel of the Airborne Toxic Event.  Speaking of the Airborne Toxic Event, I should put that song on.  Damn they were good.  Why they aren’t major rock stars is a tragedy.

03) Floyd Cramer – “On The Rebound”

We travel back to 1961 for Mr. Cramer’s (RIP) #3 instrumental hit.  This song you might recognize from the opening credits of the film “An Education.”

Was it just me, or were you also pretty let down when Peter Sarsgaard asked to see Jenny’s tits and the camera angle was so artistic as to not actually show anything?  It was just me? oh.

Coral heard this song during the film and we had to add it to the collection.  now it lives during my sets at the Veneto Lounge.

04) The Killers – “Leave Your Bourbon on the Shelf”

I says to my iTunes the other day, I says, “iTunes, do I have any songs about bourbon?”

Yup, I got one.

The companion song for my video that I made yesterday.

05) Fitz and the Tantrums – “Moneygrabber”

Fitz & Company like the soul music of the 60s. I like soul music from the 60s.  Despite your gimmicky name, we can be friends.

What’s that? No guitar? You don’t say.

This song is currently my ear candy song on the Zone.  Its a good song, but sounds GREAT on the FM stereo sound of 91.3 FM.

06) Atomic Tom – “Take Me Out”

Brooklyn hipsters begin career by selling out… basically they perform their song “Take Me Out” (not a Franz Ferdinand cover) on a NYC subway car using iPhones.

The video gets viewed a bunch… and now they get played on the radio a half world away on the Zone.  My bones tell me to not like this song, but I always sing along when I hear it.  Whatever, I’m weak sometimes.

Go with your bad self.

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A mix of songs of music I generally found as free downloads off http://pitchfork.com .

I presented them at the Veneto Lounge (http://hotelrialto.ca) on the weekend. I normally pick songs that have similar BPM when I craft a mix because that is all I can do to blend them together. These songs are all over the map, so the best I could do on the Vestax VCI 300 was fade them in and out. I am considering getting an effects add-on for my Numark NS7, I think that might allow me to create some more interesting transitions, but I am not sure. If any DJs stumble on my mix, maybe you could post some ideas in the comment section as I am still learning and could really use the advise.

I hope you like the songs, that Pallers cut, “The Kiss” absolutely crushes.

Click to Listen: MIX – 5 Candies


DJ Notes

01) The Books – “Beautiful People” (mp3)
02) Kisses – “Bermuda (Active Child Remix)” (mp3)
03) Fol Chen – “In Ruins (Baths Remix)” (mp3)
04) Pallers – “The Kiss” (mp3)
05) Kraftwerk – “Neon Lights”
06) Spirituals – “Wanderings” (mp3)
07) Twin Sister – “I Want a House” (mp3)
08) Woodsmen – “When Morning Comes” (mp3)

Look at that, so much free music from the Pitchfork Forkcast!

The Books start the set with some trippy reversed singing and then a bunch of math?

I dived into some Fol Chen just for Huckdoll who loves them.

Pallers are changing my world right now. “The Kiss” is an incredibly romantic song.  It definitely is a day-dream song that for me personally takes me into a kind of fantasy world.  I kinda wished I lived in this song.

I decided on some Kraftwerk because Pitchfork used their song “Neon Lights” to describe the style of Pallers.  “Neon Lights” comes from the 1978 record The Man-Machine.  I never really listened to much Kraftwerk which is a bit of a shame, there music is pretty interesting, and to hear what they did with far more primitive sequencers and processors is kinda neat.

This record does feature a #1 single in the “The Model” which actually didn’t chart so high till 1982 when it was included as the B-side with “Computer Love.”  DJs started jiving on the b-side so it was re-issued as an A-side and climbed the charts to number 1.

A song for Coral, Twin Sister sounds like a band you might hear on the Juno Soundtrack.  “I Want a House” is something Coral says to me all.the.time.  maybe if we lived in Texas where they give them away…

The set ends with my theme song for the morning after… when morning comes.  nice.


The title for this set comes from a conversation with Madelyn Friday morning and doesn’t have anything to do with the music.  Lately my two-year-old has become completely driven by candy.  One morning she just started on a baby babble train and I pulled out “five candies” and “three blue ones.”

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my mix.  If you like it, please share it with a friend.

Go with yourself.

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If you look at the top of my wordpress blog, you’ll see on the header a picture of Clint Eastwood from the movie, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The movie is considered a (the best) spaghetti western (of all time).   A spaghetti western is a weird hic-up in history where during the 1960s, Italian and Spanish producers would make low budget movies based on themes that revolved around the American frontier west and Mexico

As of late I have been enjoying a fascination with all things desert, and this film played right into my obsession.  The last few nights, after DJing at the club or lounge, I’d come home at some weird hour and punch up The Good for a bit before falling asleep on the couch. (thank you Randy!)

A couple nights ago I finished my visual adventure and I was a little sad it was over.  I haven’t smoked pot in a few years now, but man, these past few nights had me hankering for a joint while I watched this crazy adventure for stolen Confederate gold.  The vistas and geography had me lusting for an adventure to New Mexico territory (but then I read the film was shot in Spain, so maybe I really want to go to Spain?).

The movie is amazing, if you have the chance to see it or download it or something, I say do it!  then we’ll get some horses and ride south and find a grave to dig up for gold.  Oh the times we’ll share!

The scene from the picture above happens at about 4:25 of the clip.  It is the final “Mexican standoff” in the film so yeah… SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen the film.


I remember I made a desert playlist way back in 2008 for Vancityrockgirl’s wedding that I brought on my iPod.  I am going to post this best of… for now, but I am so going to update tonight when I get home now that I found it (there are some better songs and some that i would cut given my 20/20 hindsight)!

somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert

01) QOTSA – “Better Living Through Chemistry”
02) QOTSA – “First It Giveth”
03) Constantines – “Trans Canada”
04) Fu Manchu – “Thinking Out Loud”
05) The Killers – “Sam’s Town”
06) The Hold Steady – “Chips Ahoy!”
07) Alkaline Trio – “Help Me”
08) Hermano – “My Boy”
09) Spoon – “Rhythm and Soul”
10) Teenage Head w/ Marky Ramone – “Let’s Shake”
11) Mondo Generator – “So High, So Low”
12) Corrosion of Conformity – “Redemption City”
13) Solace – “King Alcohol”
14) Eagles of Death Metal – “Miss Alissa”
15) Desert Sessions 9&10 – “I Wanna Make It Wit Chu”
16) Kyuss – “Thong Song”
17) The Sword – “Barael’s Sword”
18) Why? – “The Hollows”
19) Rehab – “Sitting at the Bar”
20) Hot Water Music – “Remedy”
21) QOTSA – “The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret”
22) The Section Quartet – “Such Great Heights”

That’s all I got for right now.  Go with yourself.

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This is scary, a Sasquatch monster bearing down on you with Miga strapped to his back packing heat.

Yesterday I posted about Portland, Oregon’s The Thermals and their new song “Canada.”  Using that cut as a spring board, I jammed out a quick little 34 minute set to get you jazzed on some Olympic Hockey (or luge or biathlon or ice dancing or whatever).  Best part, no Gary Glitter!  Worst part, Rascal Flatts! I can’t wait, lets go….

01) The Thermals – “Canada”

The 2  minute fist pumper leads off the playlist and sets the tone.

02) Japandroids – “Sovereignty”

The Japandroids’ song has a line that rattles through my brain all the time.  And after watching my new favourite sport this morning, Biathlon, and all the rain it makes even more sense.

“Its raining in Vancouver, but I don’t give a fuck… because I’m far form home tonight.”

Is biathlon not the best sport? It combines two of the greatest things, insanely disciplined accurate killing technique and skiing!

03) Constantines – “Trans-Canada”

I searched “Canada” into my iTunes… now i have a lot of songs but I was surprised how few have the word Canada in them.  This is one of two.  The other being track one of our playlist.

Driving beat… it reminds me of driving the trans-Canada highway when I was younger lad.

“There is no short cut, there is no straight line.”

Whoa, they drove through Saskatchewan too!

04) Sloan – “The Rest of My Life”

When I first heard The Thermals “Canada” I immediately thought of Sloan, and this song in particular.

“One thing I know about the rest of my life, I know that I will be living in Canada.”

05) The Replacements – “I’ll Be You”

The Minnesota 80s alt-rockers must have spent some time in Winnipeg.  Must have…

“Lonely, I guess that’s where I’m from.  If was from Canada, then I’d best be called lonesome.”

Maybe that is some old 80s Canadiana?  Do we say lonesome?  sure, I do now.

06) The Tragically Hip – “Lonely End of the Rink”

Hockey metaphors explode in this song about Gord Downy’s days of playing minor hockey and being a goalie wishing he was joining the rush… and about his old man who’d come and hang out behind the net at the “lonely” end of the rink to cheer his boy on.

07) Tom Cochrane – “Big League”

Talking about kids and hockey, then we should be talking about one of Tom Cochrane’s most enduring hockey anthems.  This one is lot more somber.

08) Rascal Flatts – “Life is a Highway”

A throw back to my days working at Starbucks with Ashley, Michelle, Jayne and Rachel (well actually I shouldn’t lump Rachel in there, she always fired up good music! ha).  Rascal Flatts was on heavy rotation during those early morning hours slinging lattes in the suburbs.  I heard it so often it grew on me… and this song has maximum use of “Vancouver’s Lights” in the song.  Originally down by the man, Mr. Tom Cochrane… I decided to change gears and include the Rascal Flatts cover to spice up the end of the playlist a bit.

09) Moneyshot – “Blades of Steel”

The Canadian male hockey experience would not be complete without Moneyshots greatest creation about the game.  A song about working hard and having fun in Midget Triple A when the scout form Kamloops catches a game, and gives you shot at Junior.

10) Stompin’ Tom Conners – “The Hockey Song”

Its a bit of a cliche, so kill me.  Last song, time this playlist out to have this song playing just as the puck drops and their is no reason why Team Canada’s Olympic Women’s team can’t put 19 goals in the net!

Go with yourself.

Check out Quatchi's tattoo. Bad ass.

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I typed the word “swim” into my iTunes and this is what I got, a swimming playlist.

01) Brand New – “Jaws Theme Swimming
02) Broken Social Scene – “Swimmers
03) Bush – “Swim
04) Frightened Rabbit – “Swim Until You Can’t See Land
05) Great Lake Swimmers – “Moving Pictures, Silent Films
06) Iron & Wine – “Swans and Swimming
07) Jack’s Mannequin – “Swim
08) R.E.M. – “Nightswimming
09) Surfer Blood – “Swim

Well didn’t this playlist turn out sorta neat?  I was thinking about the Jack’s Mannequin song oddly tonight.  Uplifting track.  Too me it has a similar vibe of theme to Frightened Rabbit or the new Surfer Blood.  Kinda interesting to think about the “swimming” metaphor.

The “swim” search brought up a bunch of songs but 9 different bands.  I just included one Great Lake Swimmers cut.  My favourite oldie.

I left the list in alphabetical order too… seems to fit.  spooky.  Starts with the Brand New song “Jaws Theme Swimming.”  I like that the playlist has an intro or theme song to start. and sharks man, sharks.  Deje Entendu does not get enough love.  Very cool record.

I think the BSS song “Swimmers” is the one that includes Miss Emily Hains of Metric?  yes/no?  Sounds like her and i’m too lazy to look it up.  But when I searched on wiki it had some tid-bit about how the original art was going to use a cartoon of Pangaea?  SWA?  My next playlist should be about Pangaea!  Reminds me of the songs from Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, “Pangea.”  They spell it different.  hey nerds, if you’re gunna be super nerdy, figure it out already.

“Pangea, we used to be together/why did we have to drift apart?”  lovely.

Alyx requested Bush tonight at the Clubhouse.  weirdo.

I guess Sixteen Stone was a big deal in like 1900 and something.

Frightened Rabbit is my favourite band and they have a song for all occasions!

Great Lake Swimmers are a band that you might know, you might love, but you might not be aware that this cut was recorded in a barn grain silo in Ontario one summer.  Listen, really really listen and you’ll hear all the nature buzzing around the mics.  OK, you don’t have to listen to hard, I’m half deaf from all my years in radio and being a hipster and I can hear it pretty easy like.

Iron & Wine is really just one dude, Sam Beam.  He was a University professor before deciding to becomes a folk star.

Turns out I’m super cool and got the limited press of Endless Summer Nights as ‘Swans and Swimming” was on the bonus CD.  If I were less cool, I might get Iron & Wines odds and sods comp, Around the Well.

OK, its the honest segment of today’s playlist… I heard Jack’s Mannequin’s “Swim” during a promo for Grey’s Anatomy or something just as sickening.  I heard it one time, it burrowed into my brain and I downloaded it that night.  The chick that brought us Twilight likes these guys and directed a music video?… so hmmm, I’m a 12 year girl for this song.  I’m not proud but  I like it.

R.E.M. might give me some redemption, but “Nightswimming” is from Automatic for the People… so you can make the call of its redeemness.  “Nightswimming” is one of the better songs from the record, does that help?  no? oh.

The final cut is a new one and that how I like it.  Fugly dudes from Florida called Surfer Blood.  Pitchfork creamed themselves over their debut album Astro Coast the other day.  I bought into the hype partially and downloaded one song, “Swim.”  Its good.

The end.

Go swimming and go with yourself.

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There are many reasons why I love the internet, but the most important for me is the randomness of discovery.

The last few days I’ve been jiving on lots of garage, mod, protopunk and 60s pop.  Reading about protopunk took me to discover and download some music from a band called ? The Mysterians.  They were the first band to ever be described as “punk.”

I was talking about about ? and the Mysterians on the radio last week when a Zoner far wiser than I called up to say, “The Mysterians might have been called the first punk band, but the actual first hard rocking punkers were a 1960 garage band from Seattle called The Sonics.”

The Sonics?  Sure enough, they have a groovy harsh punker sound.  I went to iTunes to try and find one of their classic records, either ‘Here are the Sonics’ or ‘Boom.” Sadly, neither were available.  But searching led me to a podcast for a theatre sound technician form the UK named Steve Brown.  Steve’s blog/podcast is nothing but audio soundscapes and weirdness.

I ended up poking around there this evening listening to the sounds of streets in Brighton or Seoul or wherever Steve decided to plant a mic and hit record.  One of my favourite posts is this audio/visual collage of Cold War era radio transmissions.  Very geeky stuff for you audiophiles find my blog.  I subscribed to his podcast.  Lots of great stuff to inspire and maybe one day sample for a project.


Coral and I took Mads to Coquitlam this weekend for a little visit.  Coral bought a book on the boat called “The Book of Negros,” by Lawrence Hill.  Coral can’t put it down.  I’ll need to get in line to read it when she’s done.

The book basically follows the life of a young girl who is captured in her village in West Africa.  She is 11 years old and sent to the Americas to become a slave.  She gets freed during the American Revolution and is resettled in Nova Scotia before returning to Sierra Leone.

While reading, Coral occasionally pops up to ask me about some historical event that they mention in the novel, like Saint Helena Island or the old French colony of Saint Domingue.   I’d find it for her, do a quick read then have to keep poking around.  Saint Domingue is now Haiti!  One of the poorest countries (and THE poorest in the West) in the world.  But in the colonial times, it was the wealthiest colony.  Haiti was the site of a slave rebellion that led to its independence, the only successful slave rebellion in Earth’s history.  And yet 200 years later, the country is in shambles.  Its sad to think about.  In the late 1700s and early 1800, these black slaves are besting the armies of Britain, Spain, and Napoleon’s France… but get successfully manage their resources, and today the nation is broke and the people are poor.

The book isn’t about the slave rebellion of Haiti, but they mention it in the book… the whites in British colonies are freaking out, “what if it happens here?”

Go with yourself.

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Where is my red baseball cap?  The playlist I am listening to right now makes me want to punch a clarinet player.

The Mega D-Bagger (some choice cuts)

Rise Against – “Savior”
Shinedown – “Devour”
Three Days Grace – “Time of Dying”
Hollywood Undead – “No. 5”
(yeah that just happened, MySpace music circa 2005)
“Lets take some shawtz!”
Rev Theory – “Hell Ya”
Hinder – “Get Stoned”
Hell Yeah – “Alcohaulin Ass”
Asher Roth – “I Love College”
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – “Damn Regret”
Sum 41 – “Some Say”
Apocalyptica – “I’m Not Jesus”
Chevelle – “I Get It”

*special bonus D-Bagger tune: Hinder – “Lips of an Angel”

Damn, I hate myself after rocking this set out, but you know what?  Even I break down and want to hear some base drinking tunes.

iTunes REALLY wanted me to download some Puddle of Mudd to you know, make it complete… but I gots none and I’m not sure if its worth the .99 cents.

Rise Against is an old favourite, that I got bored of once they started getting their due on the radio… but “Savior” is bringing me back into the fold.  When that track pops up on the rotation on the Zone, I stop stalking you on Facebook and crank it in the studio.  I thought RA would be a good jumping off point and low and behold, my listening took me into jock rock territory.  I figure if I played lacrosse for the junior Shamrocks, this is the sorta music I’d be listening to before challenging the skinniest kid in the room to a fight… who’d normally be me! ah, but this time I got the letter jacket.

Shinedown’s “Devour” is a song that my man James Sutton turned me on to.  I came into the Zone one day just before he took off to The Peak and he said, “don’t hate me, but I sorta like a Shinedown song.”  I don’t hate you James, just disappointed.  Fuck the song is catchy.

Three Days Grace… spooky, “I will not die! I’ll wait here for you…”  hmmm, future cut showing up on Edward Cullen’s mixtape for Bella?

Hollywood Undead, um… I have no excuse.  Kill me now.  WTF is up with these guys, seriously?  Its like the Mayfair Mall had too many ‘shawtz’ and puked out a band.

Rev Theory is the music I would fire up just before I broke into a drug dealers house to steal his stash.  This might be what dude cheerleader music sounds like?  “Give me a HELL!  Give me a Yeaaaaaaaaah!”  Oh boy, this will end poorly.  “I am a junkie 4 lyfe!”

Rev Theory had some iTunes recommendations for Hinder, but not “Get Stoned.”  You mean the band has any other song?

Oh right, “Lips of an Angel.”  Holy shit, I remember when this song was changing lives and we never played it on the Zone.  But oh man it was requested. all.the.time.  The odd guy… sure I get it, its a fantasy song about being a rock star and having a couple girls on the go… but the ladies that request it…for shame, have some respect for yourselves.  I asked Coral about it once, “Coral, what is up with girls requesting ‘Lips of an Angel?’  First off, ‘Get Stoned’ is the only song by Hinder anyone should care about ever, for the rest of time, on their tombstones, it should say… the guys that got stoned, lest we forget… and second, the song is about Johnny D-Bag lusting after some chick that has ‘lips of an angel’ while his boring ass girlfriend is sleeping in the other room?!?”

Coral said, “no girl is thinking they are the one sleeping in the other room.”


Hell Yeah… get it, “Alcohaulin Ass.”  cute.

Asher Roth had a brief, very brief, time on the Zone… then banished.  Too bad, hit my LastFM page and it is one of my most played songs!  ha.  I fucking loved college, I loved it so much, I did it twice and I’m trying to go back for a third round.

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is that type of “punk” band that ends up on Top 40 radio… so is that punk?  Is Good Charlotte punk?  Is anything really punk?  I think the second your song goes something like… verse chorus verse and you have a branded band name, you left “punk” behind.

Sum 41, the band I love to hate.  I first met these dudes when I did security for Blink 182.  I was trolling around back stage at some huge “punk” concert at Thunderbird Stadium and I happened by the boys.  I had noticed in one of their music videos a reference to the classic film Howard the Duck and thought I’d share it with Sum 41, finally finding my soul mate band that appreciates Lea Thompson and a puppet alien duck as much as I.  They weren’t too impressed and ignored me.  sadness.  The search continues.

(so you know what I’m talking about… 8:02 into this clip of the movie and then Stevo’s jacket of this video.  See! me and Stevo should be besties, not frenimies.)

Years later I had the chance to interview them outside the arena here in Victoria.  Still dinks.  Well Stevo is and the spikey haired one,  but Cone, Cone is cool.

Apacolyptica maybe shouldn’t be on my list.  But I don’t have any Slipknot on my playlist.  Do me a favour… never tell me you’re really into metal then tell me your favourite band is Slipknot… a little part of me dies when you do that.

Chevelle… a perennially guilty pleasure of mine.  They can do no wrong by me… fire your own brother from the band?  Hey as long as you keep making your super dreamy hard rock you can fire Obama!

At the end of my list, if you find yourself asking, “Where’s the Nickelback?” well friendo, you’re a bigger D-bag than me!

Go with yourself.

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I have this Plants and Animals t-shirt that I love love love.  Whenever I wear it out in public, people always come up to me and say, “Plant Sand Animals… ha ha, nice.”  I just nod and smile, its not worth correcting them.

I had one of those magical weekends filled with family, friends, sun and lakes.

On Sunday, Coral and I packed Mads, her Mom and sister up in the Jeep and headed to her Uncle and Aunt’s place on the beach of Lake Cowichan.

Lake Cowichan reminds me so much of summer’s at Bob’s cabin at Christina Lake.  For the hour and a bit drive from the city to Cowichan I quickly crafted a playlist.  Here are some selected faves from the list.

Off to Cowichan

01) Phoenix – “Love Like a Sunset Part 1”
02) Phoenix – “Love Like a Sunset Part 2”
03) Phoenix – “1901”
04) Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – “Zero”
05) The Rural Alberta Advantage – “The Ballad of the RAA”
06) The Rural Alberta Advantage – “Four Night Rider”
07) Cage the Elephant – “Ain’t No Rest for The Wicked”
08) Foals – “Balloons”
09) Friendly Fires – “Jump in The Pool”
10) Hadoukan! – “Declaration of War (Whip Remix)”

The first ten tracks are a great illustration of what I’ve been feeling lately.

Phoenix have this epic instrumental cut on track 4 of their album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.  I always thought it would have sounded for more promising as the opening of the record, but hey, I’m not a French rock star.  Its a very pretty slow jam and I think it lends itself well to the radio hit, “1901.”

“1901” is where we pick this show up and the design was, we’d be just climbing into the Jeep during our opening track, adjusting volumes, doling out the McDonald’s breakfast and getting the A/C set… by the time we were on the highway and feeling good, “1901” would be firing up and the drive could really begin.

After picking up Alyx we b-lined for the Douglas and headed north.  Coral’s current obsession is the YYY’s “Zero.”  She can’t hear it enough so it had to come with us.

I have the Rural Alberta Advantage in my head most days lately… I thought I better add a couple.  I love to sing along to RAA at the top of my lungs and really strain to find the emotion in the songs.

Cage the Elephant is one of Coral’s Mom’s fave son the radio right now, neat.

Foals have that fine dancey rock beat going on, this would be a great example of something I’d fire up at The Clubhouse on a Thursday.  Then some chick would fly upstairs because she can’t dance to it.  I laugh (on the inside) apologize for have the audacity to play something interesting and quickly find something retarded that everyone knows the words to and the cycle continues.  Whatever, its a small victory if I can get a few punchy ones in before the request for Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” comes in.

Friendly Fires and Hadoukan! are also what I call alternative dance songs… I think, if /when I become a better vinyl/serato DJ and look the part, you know… I’ll belt my jeans just below my bum and wear some sort of 80’s neon either on a t-shirt of fanny pack…  I’ll be able to pull off spinning this music in a nightclub and not be bothered about it.

As it stands now, thou Hadoukan! should change any young lovers dancing world, it does not. To be honest, I didn’t get it the first couple listens either, but now the song “Declaration of War” lives in my brain.  This song might make a gnarly workout track for you kids that actually… you know, work out.

I guess I better hit The Patch to find me something ironic to wear and practice my DJing.

This video is not the Whip remix, but a groovy video still.

Go with yourself.

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Inspired by Sirius Hits 1, The Beat 94-5 and this article from Sean Ross, here is a fun mix of some top 40 tracks (and a couple poppier indie rockers, for the audio fibre) to soundtrack a summer drive, a run, or drinks with friends.

Download my Playlist off iTunes (or don’t I don’t get a nickel… maybe I should see if I can have my own iTunes store?)

01) Madcon – “Beggin”
02) Kristina DeBarge – “Goodbye”
03) Kid Kuddi – “Day n Nite” (Crookers Remix)
04) Phoenix – “1901”
05) 3Oh!3 – “Don’t Trust Me”
06) Black Eyed Peas – “Boom Boom Pow”
07) Cobra Starship – “Good Girls Go Bad”
08) Rehab – “1980”
09) Katy Perry – “Waking Up in Vegas”
10) 3Oh!3 – “Starstrukk”
11) Flo Rida – “Jump”
12) Kelly Clarkson – “I Do Not Hook Up”
13) Linkin Park – “New Divide”
14) Kevin Rudolf – “Welcome to the World”
15) Pitbull – “I Know You Want Me”
16) Sean Kingston – “Fire Burning”
17) Soulja Boy – “Kiss Me Thru the Phone”
18) Bat for Lashes – “Daniel” (Death Metal Disco Scene Remix)
19) Grizzly Bear – “Two Weeks” (Fred Falke Radio Mix)
20) Passion Pit – “Sleepy Head”
21) Flo Rida – “Right Round”
22) Shiny Toy Guns – “Major Tom”
23) Lady GaGa – “Lovegame”
24) MC Joe and the Vanillas – “Africa”
25) Flo Rida – “Sugar”
26) Does it Offend You, Yeah? – “Dawn of the Dead”
27) Passion Pit – “Moth’s Wings”
28) Deadmau5 – “Not Exactly”


DJ Notes

The first couple tracks Coral and I like because they sample or feature some fine classics. Madcon has some Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons going on, and Kristina jams out the Dave Clark Five.  Nice.  Just the other day I was thinking that DC5 would make the base for a fine modern dance song.  I guess I was not the only person to think it.

Phoenix is so hot right now.  The hipsters like it, The Zone is jamming it and the record is a gorgeous spin.

I heard a fairly in depth interview with Katy Perry on Sirius Hits 1 on our drive home from Sasquatch that made me like this chick a little bit more.

Coral loves Bat for Lashes and trolling the internets the otherday I found some remixes of her fave BFL track.  The EP also had a cover of the Cure’s “A Forest” which would be worth your time if you’re a fan.

Go with yourself.

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An epic selection of Sasquatchi bands for your drive to the festival.

Beard Lust Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head
Sleepyhead Passion Pit
Believe E.S.P. Deerhoof
Not Exactly Deadmau5
(How Can I Keep You) Outta Harms Way King Khan and The Shrines
Skinny Love Bon Iver
Panic Switch Silversun Pickups
Your Hand In Mine Explosions In The Sky
The Lion & The Tea Cup Bishop Allen
Summertime Clothes Animal Collective
Black and White Town Doves
The Greatest Sum (Electric) The Avett Brothers
Two Weeks (Fred Falke Instrumental Mix) Grizzly Bear
Cheated Hearts Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Black River Killer Blitzen Trapper
You, Me and the Bourgeoisie The Submarines
Two Weeks (Fred Falke Radio Mix) Grizzly Bear
Shove It (feat. Spank Rock) Santigold
For Beginners M. Ward
Land of the Freak King Khan and The Shrines
Old White Lincoln The Gaslight Anthem
Woman Friend Chromeo
The Strangers St. Vincent
Charmer Kings of Leon
DLZ TV On the Radio
Province TV On the Radio
Gold Lion Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Grass Animal Collective
Crimewave Crystal Castles vs. Health
Fools The Dodos
Cato As a Pun Of Montreal
Actor Out of Work St. Vincent
Click, Click, Click, Click Bishop Allen
D.A.R.L.I.N.G. Beach House
He Lays In the Reins Calexico & Iron & Wine
Two Weeks Grizzly Bear
Satellites Doves
Bunny Ain’t No Kind of Rider Of Montreal
Closer Kings of Leon
The Weight of Lies The Avett Brothers
Steal My Kisses Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
The Birth and Death of the Day Explosions In The Sky
Sophisticated Side Ponytail Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head
Sex On Fire Kings of Leon
Never Had Nobody Like You (feat. Zooey Deschanel) M. Ward
Fancy Footwork Chromeo
Two Weeks (Fred Falke Extended Mix) Grizzly Bear
The Rake’s Song The Decemberists
Untrust Us Crystal Castles
White Winter Hymnal Fleet Foxes
The World In 1984 Shearwater
Furr Blitzen Trapper
Wedding Bell Beach House
Wolf Like Me TV On the Radio
Tenderoni (MSTRKRFT Remix) Chromeo
Frank’s Tavern Calexico
+81 Deerhoof
Reservoir Park The Dutchess & The Duke
Lazy Eye (Jimmy Tamborello Accordion Mix) Silversun Pickups
My Girls Animal Collective
Rooks Shearwater
Kim & Jessie M83
A Sentence of Sorts In Kongsvinger Of Montreal
Id Engager Of Montreal
Dying Is Fine Ra Ra Riot
The Wanting Comes In Waves / Repaid The Decemberists
Dancing Choose TV On the Radio
Needy Girl Chromeo
The ’59 Sound The Gaslight Anthem
Discipline Nine Inch Nails
Closer Nine Inch Nails
In the New Year The Walkmen
Kingdom of Rust Doves
Rusted Wheel Silversun Pickups
There Goes My Baby The Walkmen
Blood Bank Bon Iver
Here’s Looking At You, Kid The Gaslight Anthem
The Crane Wife 3 The Decemberists

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