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On Friday, the news of Adam Yauch’s death bounced around the world.  The Beastie Boy was much loved in the world of music.

I am not going to write about how I was a mega Beastie Boy fan or how they inspired me greatly… because I wasn’t and they didn’t… on a personal level.

I grew up with the music. I enjoy a bunch of their singles… that is about the extent of my Beastie Boys fandom.

I did hear the Chris Martin piano based tribute to the band.  And I thought it sounded pretty good.

Coldplay – “Fight For Your Right”

Download MP3 >> Coldplay – Fight For Your Right To Party

Go with yourself.

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Dear internet,

Feels good to be back to a kind of regular day at the radio factory.  Today I only met Jim Pattison, Canada’s forth richest billionaire.  Yesterday I was wandering around East Vancouver in the rain at 7:45AM.  Its been a couple of interesting days to say the least.

Monday, I hopped on the ferry with 100.3 The Q! music director Scott James to see Ed Sheeran and Snow Patrol at their sold out Orpheum show.

It was a bit of a whirlwind as Scott and I rushed to the 3PM ferry to discover it full.  We walked on and abandoned Scott’s choice 1991 Honda CR-X.  We took the PCL into Vancouver and checked into the Rosedale on Robson. No sooner had our bags hit the bed, we were taking the elevator down for a quick pint and then the show.

The Orpheum was packed for the show.  Ed Sheeran is a young gentleman from the UK via Hollywood (or vise versa?  He was born in the UK, but moved to LA).  There was a considerable amount of hype surrounding this folky-hip hoppstery-beat boxer (seriously he does a variety of things).  Immediately I ran into a group of girls excited for Ed!  His show was exceptional… I’d say my biggest concern was that it was too short.  I’d be surprised if he played more than 4 songs.  You can tell he is young and enjoying the crowds.  He is still learning how to handle the huge audience… Musically; he was on-point.

I personally prefer his folky Damien Rice type stuff over the beat-boxing raps about his ginger hair.  That is why I recorded his hit, A-Team.

Ed Sheeran – “A-Team” (live 20120430 Vancouver)
Download MP3 >> Ed Sheeran – A Team

Snow Patrol headlined the show.  I had heard through the hype-machine that Ed Sheeran was blowing SP off the stage every night.  I didn’t get that vibe myself.  Not because Ed Sheeran was bad, but because Snow Patrol’s sound and stage is just bigger.  Ed can’t… he was one guy beat boxing and layering his own music.  Impressive trick for sure… but Snow Patrol sounded way bigger and fuller.  Plus they had the lights and screens…

Scott was at the Coldplay show the other day in Vancouver and basically likened Snow Patrol to a little Coldplay.  Snow Patrol is good, but Coldplay are the masters.  And I think what I took from Scott after seeing both Snow Patrol and Coldplay… is that Coldplay is one of the biggest bands in the world for a reason. But we couldn’t quite pin down what that reason is… Scott says a lot of what Snow Patrol does, Coldplay does, but with Chris Martin it came off as more believable?

Gary Lightbody is flying around the stage, doing a humility schtick, talking to the audience and being very flamboyant and upfront.  And then there were maybe 6 other guys back in the shadows behind him making the music.

The set also felt light for me, which is probably good… I was never bored or scratching my head during a song selection.  They played most the hits from all their records and they played my favourite song “Set Fire to the Third Bar” off Eyes Open.  I hit record (a little late) for this song.

Snow Patrol – “Set Fire to the Third Bar” (live 20120430 Vancouver)

Download MP3 >> Snow Patrol – Set Fire to the Third Bar

After the show, it was a quick beer then bed as we had to be on an early ferry… but seeing as things weren’t going right for Scott and I… we missed the PCL Bus at 7:30 and had to wait till 9:30AM.

Rolling with the adventure, I took the time to wander down Main Street into Chinatown… see the East Van sights as the city was waking up and found a coffee shop.

Go with yourself.

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Man, my kid looks like a savage warrior.  And some nights before bed, or some mornings getting ready for preschool, she acts like one too!

On our way to some swimming last night, I spied this vintage looking Harley.  I wanted to take a pic, Mads wanted to be in it… so here we are.  Then off to the diving board.  She loves to swim in the deep end, which is wonderful and scary, considering she doesn’t know how to swim.  The good is that she is actually getting kinda competent and I can now see the day when I won’t have to keep her alive in the deep end.  AND I tread a lot of water, so our swimming trips are starting to be a bit of a cardio for fat dad too.  Nice.

Back at the Baker homestead we are almost through season 4 of Sons of Anarchy.  Well Coral is… I have only watched sporadic episodes, but I think I have the story down pretty good.

The other day i wrapped season 3 and I heard a great song by an artist called Battleme.  Battleme is Matt Drenik, lead singer of a band called Lions.  But when he is solo, its Battleme.  He does a cover of Neil Young‘s Hey Hey, My My… and its pretty awesome.

Battleme – “Hey Hey, My My”

Download MP3 >> [tindeck.com] – Battleme – Hey Hey, My My

Go with yourself.

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The new Jack White record Blunderbuss is finally out there… I had a chance to hear it Monday in Boitano’s car on our romantic drive to Sidney for a meeting… then again today.  There are so many great songs.  Radio homegirl Brandy really likes the title track “Blunderbuss.”  A song I enjoyed was cut 10.

Jack White – “Hip (eponymous) Poor Boy”

Such a fun song.

“A cold shiver comes over me.  And it turns me on. When the music takes over me.”


Yesterday was Record Club at Smiths Pub.  VRC #12 featured some fine tunes as it always does… and a record that stood out for me was Jesiah’s Junius.  The album is called Reports from the Threshold of Death.  So metal.

Jesiah called it metalgaze.  Like shoegaze, but metal.

It was a pretty rad record to lock into.  Here is the single.

Junius – “All Shall Float”

Download MP3 >> Junius – All Shall Float – [MP3JUICES.COM]

Pretty huge.  The sound has a lot of fuzz and resonance.

Jesiah had the vinyl and it looks awesome.  A blue and white sunburst!

Go with yourself.

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Zone copy writer and resident Canucks fan Caleb Kirby turned us on to a song from a California band called The Silent Comedy.

This DIY indie folk band had a song called “Bartholomew” featured in the 2011 video game Dark Souls.  It has that Americana turn-of-the-century chain gang vibe.  I read one comment on youtube where the listener thought they could hear the rail-spikes being driven in to the beat!  I don’t know if that’s true but I want to believe.

The Silent Comedy – “Bartholomew”

Download MP3 >> The Silent Comedy – Bartholomew

Go with yourself.

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I don’t know who Annie Mac is, but I love her.  She has an accent and sounds like a sexy Replicant!

Annie Mac hosts a dance music show in England on the BBC.  Turns out I have a Annie Mac megamix on my iTunes of a Vampire Weekend/Lykki Li mash-up song she did.  Solid.

I was reading on Pitchfork about M83 doing a remix of the song “Reunion.”  They also are performing in Vancouver on April 27th at the Vogue.  Not sure if I’ll be able to make that show, but damn, I sure wish I could.  The sample of the Reunion (Mylo Remix) that Pitchfork links to is a rip from Annie Mac’s show Friday night and posted to Youtube.  Gosh dang, Annie Mac has a smooth voice, I’ll forgive the M-8-3 when she introduces the song (unless of course they pronounce their band name that way…in which case, please forgive me).

M83 – “Reunion (Mylo Remix)”

Download MP3 >> M83 – Reunion (Mylo Remix)


Plants and Animals were in town yesterday to perform at a packed Lucky Bar.  Being an old man, I only stayed for part of the set then had to retire.  Just HAD to… so tuckered out.  I am so thankful they were able to stop by my radio show to perform my current favourite “Light Show” just for me (and you).  Its not our best mix job here at the radio factory… but still, sounds pretty good.

Soundcloud >> Plants and Animals on the ZAS


Read THIS ARTICLE in the New York Times about the Old Fashioned cocktail.

Now I want to see if Ryan at Sauce will let me make a Don Draper Old Fashioned.

Surely, Don Draper, the essence of the Esquire Man, would have been acquainted with this compendium. Mr. Draper has been shown making his preferred drink, step by step, only once, in Season 3. His execution wasn’t the daintiest, but it was probably period-correct. He used rye, diluted the drink with club soda and muddled the cherry.


Lastly… do I have any angel investors reading my blog?  I have two price points for you to show your love.

01) $20 million dollars.

Recently it was announced that Canadian mega corporation Bell wants to buy Canadian mega  corporation Astral.  Neat.  However… both companies already own a Clear Channel-esqueian amount of radio stations as is… and the Government will likely force Bell to divest itself of a few frequencies.

I propose that YOU give me something like $20 million… I buy the Shore (for way less than the $20 milli, don’t worry, I need the rest to buy a house with a waterfall)… turn it into the radio version of this here blog… and like, I’ll totally pay you back.

02) $4,230 (plus tax and shipping!)

To buy THIS!  First release?  THIS! (on coral coloured marbled 7-inch)

Go with yourself.

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Growing up in the wilderness territory East of Burnaby… my folks used to listen to AM radio.  1410 CFUN.  Pretty much every morning and in the car.  Fred and Cathy in the morning, soft favourites the rest of the time.  I wouldn’t really consider myself an expert on the love songs of the 80s… but weirdly, I seem to know them all… because I heard them all getting shuttled to and from swimming lessons at Canada Games Pool or skating at the Coquitlam main rink.

Back in the summer…I broadcast my show from Pickers Consignment.  They have a fairly extensive collection of previously loved vinyl and lots of 45s.  After my show, the guys let me pick out a stack and I pulled out a bunch of stuff that I sort of recognized.  Like Phil Collins.

In the early 80s… Phil Collins had two interesting things happen to him.  He had a horrible divorce from his Canadian wife, and he began a solo career.  Phil Collins had been fronting Genesis but during his divorce he wrote a series of very personal and dark songs that were released as his first record, Face Value.

“I had a wife, two children, two dogs, and the next day I didn’t have anything. So a lot of these songs were written because I was going through these emotional changes.”

Face Value became a hit record and encouraged Phil to continue this solo path (while still playing drums for Genesis alum Peter Gabriel and working with Genesis).  It also brought him in contact with director Taylor Hackford who was given a list of Atlantic records artists to use for a film he was working on… Phil Collins was on that list.

Before Jeff Bridges was “The Dude” he was a movie actor (I know right?).  In 1984 he played washed up pro-football player Terry Brogan in the movie Against All Odds. (Did you see the movie Tron and wonder how they made Jeff Bridges look young? It was footage from this film they used for young Bridges)

Hackford had used a signature song for a previous film (An Officer and a Gentleman) and wanted something for his new project.  Having heard Phil Collins in Genesis he asked if Phil Collins if he had anything.  Phil had a song from his Face Value sessions called “How Can You Just Sit There.”  Phil watched a preview of the movie “Against All Odds,” rearranged and retitled the song.  Recorded it in two days, mixed it over the phone and bingo-bongo, his first Billboard Number 1 hit and a timeless breakup power ballad was born.

Phil Collins – “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)”

Download crackly 45 MP3 >> Phil Collins – Against All Odds

Poking around the internet reading about this Phil Collins classic, I discovered more than a few cover songs.  One interestingly celebrated version comes from another soundtrack, 20 years later.  Wicker Park.

For this film, The Postal Service breaks it down.

The Postal Service – “Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now)”

Download MP3 >> Postal Service – Against All Odds

There you go… not sure if you are going through a breakup right now or not… but here are a couple emotional pull sof the heart-string for you.

Go with yourself.

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What a wonderful weekend.  Had lots of opportunity to hang out with Madelyn and Coral.  We did some swimming, record shopping, thrift-storing (now a verb!) and coffee stops.  Saturday night was the co-op pre-school fundraiser.  Being the resident DJ Dad in the school, I got the gig of jamming the tunes.  I’ll tell ya, that was a night.  These folks went hard and raged it.  Lots of Moms having a couple and getting weirdly close-talky to request Flo Rida cuts…should be an interesting Tuesday morning dropping Maddy off.

The night had good energy. I think any party where the beer comes in a can and the wine comes in a box will end well.  Coral bounced a little early to hit the Acres of Lions show and I rushed there as soon as I could to hear the last four or five songs.  Wild.

Also on the weekend I got to punch up M83 on the modern rock countdown.  It was fantastic to get a flood of positive reaction from Zoners jiving on the cut, “Midnight City”.

Watch Midnight City on Carson Daily

The album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming came out last fall… but as often happens with these things, sometimes it takes some time for the great songs to reverberate.

The song “Midnight City” is moving up the modern rock charts in the US pretty fiercely, propelled by its Phoenix-esque hazy vintage synth sounds.

Like an good electronic jingle… there is a remix.  Check out this one.

M83 – “Midnight City” (Eric Prydz Remix)

Download MP3 (low quality) >> M83 – Midnight City (Eric Prydz Remix)

Go with yourself.

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Montreal’s Plants and Animals will come to Victoria on March 20th for a show at Lucky Bar. The same place I saw P&A years ago… and the show was so impressive.

I had heard their music from the acclaimed 2008 record Parc Avenue. But I didn’t know what to expect.  I assumed they were a giant jam band for some reason…well they do have lengthy jams, but I guess I expected more.  When they came to Victoria, there was just three of them.  Very rock & roll looking, in that working class sense of the word.  The show expanded my mind, two times (and I bought the t-shirt… and a t-shirt for my Dad).

Since that time, I have followed along on the band’s journey.  Enjoying 2010’s La La Land, and now getting excited for The End of That.

Today, Lyle at EMI sent some vinyl copies of their LP and a stack of 45s for the single “Light Show.”  How old school, I love it. Thank you Lyle!

I immediately retired to the Zone studio where we keep our turntable (yup… we have a turntable.  I wonderful Technics, plus Boitano’s DJ set up with a pair of Stanton’s and Serato Scratch).  I dropped the needle on the b-side of the “Light Show” single.  Right away the lead singer Warren Spicer sets the stage at a live show…  “This is a cover.  By one of the first bands that took us out on tour. And showed us how to rock as it were. One of the best Montreal bands that there is.”

Plants and Animals – “I’ll Believe in Anything” (Wolf Parade cover)

Download MP3 >> Plants and Animals – I’ll Believe in Anything

The original song was an old Sub Pop single originally from 2005’s Apologies to the Queen Mary. Listening to the P&A version… just makes me want to hear the strained yelp of the Wolf Parade original.  The P&A version makes the song a little more humanistic and easier to digest for sure.  But I do like the weirdo jams of Wolf Parade too…

Go with yourself.

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My heart melted watching and listening to Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon and Sean Carey sit at opposing grand piano’s and jam out some new, classic and cover songs.

This session was recorded at London’s AIR studio back in October.  The video and music is beautiful.  Their cover of Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” is just so perfect. I had to cut it out and make it an MP3 for you.

Bon Iver – “I Can’t Make You Love Me” (Bonnie Raitt cover)

Download MP3 >> Bon Iver – I Can’t Make You Love Me

Seriously… I just want to be 10,000 better at making music after watching this. Why can’t we live in the world of Shadowrunner where you buy “skill chips” and insert them in your brain? c’est la vie.

Happy Friday!

Go with yourself.

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