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On Friday, Victoria singer/songwriter Vince Vaccaro came by my radio show to co-host for the day. We shared some mighty times including a performance of his hit, “Costa Rica.” Kim from the Traffic Department made the journey down the hall from her office to sing with Vince. They used to be in choir together back in the day! Small world. Enjoy.

Mixcloud>> Interview and live performance: Vince Vaccaro
Tall Tree Festival

Go with yourself.

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Band of Skulls from left: Matt, Emma, Russell

South Hampton, UK rockers Band of Skulls are in Victoria tonight, and they came by the Zone Afternoon Show for a performance.  They give us a couple magical acoustic songs, “Fires” and “Impossible.”

Download: Band of Skulls on The ZAS

I’ve interviewed a ton of bands and heard countless acoustic numbers and “Impossible” is one my more favourite ones.  It is the second song they perform.

Go with yourself.

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illScarlett performing in the Zone (last summer, but it was the only picture I could find)

The past couple weeks have seen a parade of bands come through The Zone Afternoon Show.  Here are the interviews with a bunch of them.

Download: illScarlett (perform “Milkshakes and Razorblades”)
Download: USS (perform “Laces Out”) *this interview is too funny
Download: Daniel Wesley (perform “It’ll Be You”)
Download: Priestess

The USS interview is my favourite.  I always enjoy hanging out with Ash and the Human Kebab.  Ash tells his Lenox Lewis story and we even dabble  with some wrestling talk.

Thank you for finding my blog and downloading.

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Capital Rock City #81 was a fun and special production.  This week the show comes to you live from the Black Stilt Coffee Lounge.

Download: CRC 81 LIVE From the Black Stilt


DJ Notes

Sadly, I don’t have a set list, but the order of performers goes like this.

01) Jason WalshDownload his set
02) Doc CurrieDownload his set
03) Liz and SimonDownload their set
04) JP MauriceDownload their set

Cast of Characters:

Principle Organizer: Tyson Elder
Sound: Scott Lougheed
Poster: LadyMix
Door: MissAllyB

Thank you for all your work and help in putting on the event.

Tyson is already dreaming up the next live event.

I hope you enjoy the production and if you like any of the tunes please share the link with a friend.

Go with yourself.

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CRC 79 is a real treat for me.  After years of being the drunk heckler at Maurice shows calling for JP to lay down my fave old Maurice cut, “High School Sweetheart;” JP agreed to come on Capital Rock City and perform it live for me (and I guess you too).  Also this week, Liz Beattie and Kelowna’s We Are The City.  Thank you for taking the time to check out Victoria rock and roll. You need to talk to me?  jeremy@thezone.fm

Download: Capital Rock City #79


DJ Notes

01) Maurice – “Kerosene”
02) JP Maurice – “High School Sweetheart (live/acoustic)”
03) Liz Beattie – “Killing Time”
04) We Are The City – “Time, Wasted”


Jean-Paul and I chit about so many wonderful things like… what the heck does Indelible mean?  In Medias Res was a pretty rad band, his high school sweetheart lives in Berlin, JP moved to Vancouver. Maurice’s record ‘Young People With Faces’ will get released in January b/c of business man… business. The Racoons won’t let JP hang out with him till he gets at least a Gold record. Maurice is playing on Wednesday November 4th at Logan’s Pub.

JP then picked a fave off Liz Beattie’s solo record ‘Under The Ivy.”

JP and Mark also turned me on to this group from Kelowna called We Are The City.  Wow.  We Are The City is a featured band from The Zone’s friend station Vancouver, The Peak 100.5 and they are playing with Maurice on Wednesday at Logans.  Their music video of the song “Time, Wasted” is stunning.


And that’ll do it for this week’s Capital Rock City.  Thank you for finding it!  If you like the show please consider sharing the link with a friend (or friends on your social network).

I want to say hello to Kris rocking the podcast in Holland!  Thank you for the picture.  And he sent these kind words;

I’m really not trying to kiss your ass but I think your show is really important and I hope the music community appreciates your hard work.  I think all music communities across the country would benefit greatly from a local radio show.  It shows how much amazing music is in our communities
and our country as a whole.

Have a great weekend.


Thank you Kris, that was very nice.  Coming soon, Capital Rock City LIVE from Black Stilt Coffee Shop, Monday November 16th.  I need a band!  Could it be you?  jeremy@thezone.fm

Go with yourself.

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Zoner Adam sent me a link to a video he edited from Saturday’s Tragically Hip concert.  This is a great quality DIY video from the show and must watch for all the Hip fans (and losers like me that missed the shows).

Adam will be uploading 13 more videos to his Youtube channel over the next few days.  nice.

Two sent me a link to his Flickr page.  The thing with Flikr or Flicr or whatever the site is, I can link to any pictures or save image as?

Two’s Pictures

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To Download, click the link and follow the directions: Coldplay – LeftRightLeftRightLeft

Track List

01) Glass of Water
02) 42
03) Clocks
04) Strawberry Swing
05) The Hardest Part / Postcards From Far Away
06) Viva La Vida
07) Death Will Never Conquer
08) Fix You
09) Death and All His Friends

I don’t know if you’re planning on hitting the Coldplay show(s) in Vancouver June 20 and 21st, but this free live record should get you in the spirit.

Singer Chris Martin says on FMQB, the songs on LRLRL are songs “that you might not hear if you didn’t go to a concert, but things that we really love playing. And also songs we think the audience sing really well.” (…) “In a way it has to be free because there’s so many backing singers on it. There’s no way we could afford to pay them all… Our crowd make Bohemian Rhapsody sound like a two-track demo.”

Oh Chris Martin, you know how to bring the lolz.

The song “Clocks” always sounds dreamy, but you get a great understanding of this song’s power on the live recording.  That early piano noodling gets the fans amped up and you can hear them singing right away and then during the whole song.

Of course the hits are definitely the songs that get the crowd fired up.  “Viva La Vida” is another high point on the record and I have always been a sucker for “Fix You.”  Sara hates that song, but I think its one of their best.  Most of “Fix You” is sung by the audience.

For the low low cost of free, this is a pretty easy recommendation for me to make. Hit the link already.

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***Hey all you fine Killer’s fans discovering my blog.  Thank you for visiting, and maybe you’ll take a minute to subscribe to my podcast Capital Rock City (you can also search for ‘Capital Rock City’ in the podcast section of the iTunes store)and discover some great new music to take with you from your visit to my blog (like an audio goodie bag!).  Thank you for finding my blog and sharing the link! ***


Thursday, April 23rd, The Killers came to Victoria for first time since what?  the summer of ’03?

This time, sold out in the Save On Foods Memorial Center and before the fantastic show, the Brandon and Ronnie came by the Zone suite for a chit-chat.  Because of the mega loud sound check going on below, we took the interview outside on the deck to soak up the sunshine.  The Killers thought it was cold, I disagreed and that set the tone for 6 wonderful minutes where we cover their stage setup and its Vegas influence, the upcoming covers record, Oingo Boingo, Danny Elfman’s influence on the song “Bones,” future real estate endeavors, alternate names for Killers songs, family life on the road, and Brandon’s wife’s favourite (or lack there of) Killers song.

Unfortunately off the mic, we talked about the Kanye West/Brandon Flowers collaberation (BULL SHIT! True story according to Mr. Flowers: Brandon was in Hawaii, walked past Kanye’s studio and popped in to meet him.  Next day, Kanye releases crazy news to world.  Brandon didn’t want to call him a liar on the radio because “Kanye is a nice guy.”), Camping in Oregon (Ronnie wants to buy property there), Cuervo Loran calling Ronnie the guitar player, Brandon’s kid and wife were at the show and expecting another son, they filmed some of the Vic show for possible future DVD projects and Brandon telling David Eleanor that Ronnie will talk Cuervo and my face off in the suite for hours after the interview (it wasn’t hours but the man likes to talk).

We never touched on the breakup rumours. (but this article says the collaboration with Kanye is true… so???)

Then the Killers hit the stage.

Highlight: Brandon saying “How you doing VICTORIA!?!”
Hilariouslight: Lead singer dude of Wild Light: “How you doing VANCOUVER!?!” (SWA?)


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Yesterday afternoon the boys from the band Hey Rosetta! stopped by the Zone Afternoon show for a chit-chat and live performance.  Have a listen.

Download: Hey Rosetta! LIVE on The Zone @ 91-3
Song: Red Heart
Song: Red Song

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