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Cue up Kings of Leon’s “Knocked Up (Lykke Li vs Rodeo Remix)

I’ve always wanted to live in the desert (and oddly, Omaha, Nebraska… I have a recurring dream where I move to Omaha to be on the radio and live by the airport… weird).

But the desert, the desert is somewhere where I think I could live.  I suppose in a pinch I could settle for the Okanagan… but that’s not really what I’m thinking.  I want to live where its flat, desolate, strange creatures dwell, and its hot.

Living in the desert shouldn’t be that challenging of a goal to achieve one day.  No one wants to live there, so it should be matter of just going, and finding a patch of sand to settle.

What got my imagination turning was reading the story of the Meat Puppets.  The Meat Puppets started in the late 70s and early 80s in Phoenix, Arizona.  But not even right in Phoenix the city, but a suburb.  The Meat Puppets began as this crazy hardcore lo-fi (I guess all 80s indie rocker bands would be lo-fi by today’s standards) band but then evolved into a pioneering alternative group.  The Kirkwood brothers, Curt and Cris started the band in a town called Paradise Valley.  I don’t know what Paradise Valley might have been like in the late 70s, but today its one of the more affluent areas of Arizona.  I was reading their bio on wiki, and its a pretty straight forward, they did this, then this happened, then they did this and then this happened and next… you know how it is.  Doesn’t paint much of a picture.  But I was interested in what life might have been like, being a teenager in suburban Phoenix in 1979… being into hardcore music and starting a punk rock band.  What was happening in Curt and Cris’ world to shape them and create the Meat Puppets?  History tells us what happened after.  It took some time, but their sound gelled, they influenced Nirvana, they had some success in the mid 90s when the world went ape shit for grunge… but a lot of that happened 10 years or more after they were high school kids.  I wonder….

Does anyone remember that movie SLC Punk?  What a cool movie, a little goofy but maybe it kinda reminds me of the film I wish I could see about the Meat Puppets.  Fun fact, Jason Segel (who is 8 days my junior) makes one of his first movie appearances in SLC Punk.  huh?  He’ll later go on to star in I Love You, Man, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Knocked Up.

jeeze, all this talk on the 80s has me listening to old Fear and Exploited records.  Oi.

“Hold it, hold it! No way, pal. That’s a bald-faced lie! We caused $500,000 worth of damage, a cool half a million dollars worth of damage, ‘cause we’re professionals, and I counted the damage myself.” – Fear leader Lee Ving talking to the New York post in 1981 about trashing the set of Saturday Night Live.

Go with yourself.

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I am going to begins today’s blog with a call for help.  Dylan Willow‘s GF Jacquelyn is trying to help an organization raise $10,000 to build a school in Africa.  She asked me to find 10 people that want to give $10 for the cause.

Please take a quick sec and pledge $10 right here: Help Build a School


I thought this was pretty cool.  Trolling the doubleUdoubleUdots today, I saw an interesting fact.  Only four independent bands in the history of Billboard’s modern rock chart have ever reached number 1.

The Offspring – “Self Esteem” (1994)
Everlast – “What Its Like” (1998)
Silversun Pickups – “Panic Switch” (2009)
Phoenix – “1901” (2010)

I don’t know if Billboard has updated their chart or what, but they are still showing them at number 2 despite this news article to the contrary.  Maybe I got the wrong chart?


I know we should be thinking winter Olympics in this part of the world… but with the weather so nice, I can’t help but look ahead to baseball season.

Our local pro team is the Victoria Seals and in their second season they will begin by playing the new expansion team from Maui.

The Victoria Baseball Blog had a look at their new jerseys.  I am not so much a fan, but David Eleanor seemed to like.

ahhh, I don’t know… But I do know I’d love if we could organize a Zone road trip to Maui…

Go with yourself.

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The Times Colonist asked, “should we invite him to Victoria?”  Heck yes we should.

Phoenix rocked Vancouver the other night, and it turns out I missed quite the party!

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01) Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

No record got more play at home, in the car, or in the club for me then Phoenix.  I genuinely enjoy the whole disc from front-to-back.  Remixes, love them, instrumentals are mighty, catalog (now that I am going back) all good.

02) Propagandhi – Supporting Caste

Propagandhi will be a band that i will always adore.  I forgot how much I listened to this record this year till I hit my Last FM, and for bands that had new music in 2009, Propagandhi was number 2!  I remember looking forward to this record, then getting as soon as I could.  Admittedly, a lot of those spins for this record were for the song “Dear Coaches Corner.”  My great rock and roll shame is that I still have never seen Propagandhi live, ever in all my years.

03) The Dudes – Blood Guts Bruises Cuts

The Dudes get to be one of those bands that I love hearing the singles on the Zone, and I love exploring their album.  Another front-to-backer that I can put on and let it play right through… into their previous record.

04) The Rural Alberta Advantage – Hometowns

a summer record for me.  It got heavy play on the iPod when Coral and I visited Alberta.  Just too cliche to not love while I was driving around Wetaskiwin.  Very pretty music.

05) Japandroids – Post-Nothing

Finally some local(ish) rock on the list.  I have a huge hard-on for Japandroids.  I can’t remember why I was taking the ferry by myself last year.  I am generally herding an entire family with my on the voyage, but there was a time I had the opportunity to listen to music for the crossing on the boat and Japandroids were so perfect.  “Its raining, in Vancouver… but I don’t give a fuck!”  Super fuzzy.  Super great.

06) Silversun Pickups – Swoon

This album remains a steady play on my stereo at home, I enjoy hearing the singles on the Zone and a highlight of the year in concerts was the Zone Show at the Royal.  I loved their set at Sasquatch last May.  Lots of stand-out cuts on this record, but basically, the first 5 song son the record I never skip over.

07) Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz

The sound track to our trip to the Sasquatch Festival (well this and Passion Pit and Bon Iver and Explosions in the Sky and ….).  It’s Blitz is one of the few 2009 vinyls Coral and I added to our collection and I enjoy the dancier ones when I am DJing.

08) Alice In Chains – Black Gives Way To Blue

Growing up, AiC would have to be one of my top 5 90s bands.  Their catalog songs still get regular play at home.  I wanted to pan this record when it came out but something funny happened, its good.

09) Pearl Jam – Backspacer

Another record that hipster Jeremy wanted to hate-on… but its good.  “Just Breathe” is a highlight of the my sets on The Zone Afternoon Show.  I missed the concert in Van but hear only great things.  When I read about Eddie Vedder in the music gossips its for good things.  PJ makes me smile still and I enjoy this record as a stand alone or mixed in with a set of PJ catalog cuts.

10) Passion Pit – Manners

Passion pit got slightly more spins at home this year than PJ… but PJ crushed in total times (because of the Zone) so I made PJ 9 and Passion Pit 10.  I like Passion pit at the club and sometimes at home.  Great in the car.  They were a huge disappointment for me at Sasquatch (maybe I wasn’t drunk enough?) and some album cuts I skip over.

Still, can’t deny that the songs I like from Passion Pit, I REALLY like and play them often. “Little Secrets,” “Moth’s Wings,” “The Reeling,” “Sleepyhead,” all magical.


My favourite album covers (if Coral reads this and wants to know a Christmas present) are the Japandroids, Rural Alberta Advantage and Propagandhi.  Just say’n dear.


Go with yourself.

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Blinking lights, smoke machine, purple tights and a black mini-skirt/shortshorts on a dude… yup I was at a Marilyn Manson concert… I’ll talk about that in a second but first:

A Zoner named Dylan made me aware of the website Music Under Fire and their list of Phoenix remixes.  What a way to start the night!

Check it out: Music Under Fire

The site also has some Fleet Foxes remixes?  what?  sure I’ll have to listen to those too.

Just got back from the Marilyn Manson concert.  If you were reading my twitter feed… then you’ll know, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the MM experience.

I hate coming down on rock shows because I know that there were many people at the show that LOVED it and I become “that guy” harshing on their buzz, but on the list of shit shows I’ve seen at the arena, if Manson is not the bottom, he then shares it with Sum 41.

Uninspired would be the best word to describe.  The show basically consisted of Manson frolicking around on stage with lights blinking and a smoke machine belching fog for a solid hour.  Admittedly, I am a minor MM fan, but I didn’t recognize any songs till “Dope Show” late in the set.  The vocals were so affected and muddy it was hard to hear the main attraction and there was virtually no production.  No screens, crazy lights, midgets or demons!  I guess expected more from the man than the goth lite served up.  He came, cashed the cheque and will move on to the next show.

The brief moments of energy came from the sparse hits he served up, “Dope Show,” “Sweet Dreams” and the encore “Beautiful People.”  The one song encore of “Beautiful People” was by far the best part of the night.  If the group had that production and energy all show… it would have been a far superior rock show.

From what I learned of the man, he has lots of hats and changes them often on stage (costume changes are totally rock & roll!), knew we’re in Victoria and kept saying, “Victoria!” and he likes to spit water into the crowd.  I ran into a few morning show announcers up past their bed time.  Both Jason and DW were there and after the show I bumped into the Kool FM gang including a giddy Robin!  Pretty rare to ever see any morning radio show announcer out and about on a school night, let alone three of them.  Its like spotting a unicorn riding a leprechaun, rare indeed.

If you are a huge Manson fan, then I am sure the show would have served.  The show had some flashes of awesome but if you’re a moderate to curious fan then I’d put a skip on purchasing tickets to see Manson age poorly on stage.


Finally… FINALLY started reading the text book I acquired on Photoshop.  huzzah.  Maybe one day I’ll be competant.


That’s all I got right now, I wanna make some couscous and think about bed.

Go with yourself.

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I have this Plants and Animals t-shirt that I love love love.  Whenever I wear it out in public, people always come up to me and say, “Plant Sand Animals… ha ha, nice.”  I just nod and smile, its not worth correcting them.

I had one of those magical weekends filled with family, friends, sun and lakes.

On Sunday, Coral and I packed Mads, her Mom and sister up in the Jeep and headed to her Uncle and Aunt’s place on the beach of Lake Cowichan.

Lake Cowichan reminds me so much of summer’s at Bob’s cabin at Christina Lake.  For the hour and a bit drive from the city to Cowichan I quickly crafted a playlist.  Here are some selected faves from the list.

Off to Cowichan

01) Phoenix – “Love Like a Sunset Part 1”
02) Phoenix – “Love Like a Sunset Part 2”
03) Phoenix – “1901”
04) Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – “Zero”
05) The Rural Alberta Advantage – “The Ballad of the RAA”
06) The Rural Alberta Advantage – “Four Night Rider”
07) Cage the Elephant – “Ain’t No Rest for The Wicked”
08) Foals – “Balloons”
09) Friendly Fires – “Jump in The Pool”
10) Hadoukan! – “Declaration of War (Whip Remix)”

The first ten tracks are a great illustration of what I’ve been feeling lately.

Phoenix have this epic instrumental cut on track 4 of their album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.  I always thought it would have sounded for more promising as the opening of the record, but hey, I’m not a French rock star.  Its a very pretty slow jam and I think it lends itself well to the radio hit, “1901.”

“1901” is where we pick this show up and the design was, we’d be just climbing into the Jeep during our opening track, adjusting volumes, doling out the McDonald’s breakfast and getting the A/C set… by the time we were on the highway and feeling good, “1901” would be firing up and the drive could really begin.

After picking up Alyx we b-lined for the Douglas and headed north.  Coral’s current obsession is the YYY’s “Zero.”  She can’t hear it enough so it had to come with us.

I have the Rural Alberta Advantage in my head most days lately… I thought I better add a couple.  I love to sing along to RAA at the top of my lungs and really strain to find the emotion in the songs.

Cage the Elephant is one of Coral’s Mom’s fave son the radio right now, neat.

Foals have that fine dancey rock beat going on, this would be a great example of something I’d fire up at The Clubhouse on a Thursday.  Then some chick would fly upstairs because she can’t dance to it.  I laugh (on the inside) apologize for have the audacity to play something interesting and quickly find something retarded that everyone knows the words to and the cycle continues.  Whatever, its a small victory if I can get a few punchy ones in before the request for Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” comes in.

Friendly Fires and Hadoukan! are also what I call alternative dance songs… I think, if /when I become a better vinyl/serato DJ and look the part, you know… I’ll belt my jeans just below my bum and wear some sort of 80’s neon either on a t-shirt of fanny pack…  I’ll be able to pull off spinning this music in a nightclub and not be bothered about it.

As it stands now, thou Hadoukan! should change any young lovers dancing world, it does not. To be honest, I didn’t get it the first couple listens either, but now the song “Declaration of War” lives in my brain.  This song might make a gnarly workout track for you kids that actually… you know, work out.

I guess I better hit The Patch to find me something ironic to wear and practice my DJing.

This video is not the Whip remix, but a groovy video still.

Go with yourself.

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I enjoyed an amazing BC Day weekend.  Saturday, my fiancee Coral and I took Madelyn to Beacon Hill Park to feed the ducks then off to Bear Mountain Stadium to watch the Victoria Rebels defeat the Okanagan Sun 34-21 in their football season opener.  Sunday we trucked off to Lake Cowichan for a day of swimming, beach, boating and sun.  I am a little sun burned.  The playlist for the drive up included Coral’s current fave, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Zero,” some Cage the Elephant, Phoenix, Interpol, Japandroids and The Rural Alberta Advantage.  Plus some electro sounding Hadoukan!

Monday, back to it broadcasting a BC Day holiday program.

Holidays are always a little slow on the Zone Phone (250-475-0913) but my-oh-my, the first three phone calls set up a “one of those” type of days moment.

The first call was some champion trying to be funny, “why do all radio DJs sound the same?

Then someone wanted to know if it was true that Lady Gaga is of The Third Sex?

and finally, Hep C outbreak at Thetis Lake.

Those were my first three calls sitting down for a BC Day afternoon… ahhh good times.

Download: BC Day on the Zone Phone

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