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Vince Vaccaro at the Peak Performance Project. Photo: McAvoy

I woke up today much like any other; with a sore throat.

It just won’t go away.  BUT unlike any other day, I also woke to a winter wonderland!  Which normally I love, but it did give me a moment of heart palpitations as I am currently driving a borrowed car.

Yeesh… a borrowed car?  Yes.  Its been awhile since I last blogged because I have been so busy putting out fired and starting new ones.

Last week was the Peak Performance Project in Vancouver featuring my man Vince Vaccaro, plus music from Said the Whale and Kyprios. The concert was a music prize showcase and the winner would win $100,500.00 in grant money to help boost their career.

Vince called into my show last week and had an extra ticket for me if I could find a ride.

Bippity boppity promo… and Brett from Dave Wheaton Chevrolet called me up to offer to let me drive a tester Chevy Cruze car.

Twist my arm… I’ll take a free car.  Thank you Brett and off to Vancouver I went!

My adventure to Vancouver began on the 7AM ferry.  I piled all my broadcast gear into the trunk of the Cruze, filled up the gas tank and away! The ferry took me to 100.5 The Peak where I hung out with James Sutton and Tamara Stanners.  Then off to downtown to broadcast my afternoon show from the Tom Lee Music on Granville.

Vince stopped by the show with Nick Blasko for an interview.  He may have tried to grab my penis after I called him Sam Roberts.

The party at the Commodore Ballroom was completely sold out.  Vince was the first guy up and being the homer that I am, I thought he was the best.

In the end, Vince finished the competition as 3rd place.  He earned a grant for $50,000.  Said the Whale finished second ($75k) and Kyrpios ($100k) won the whole dealio.

me and Ben Worcester of Said the Whale.

Tyson from Acres of Lions and Jeff from The Racoons.

looks like Lewis from Acres of Lions and the lovely Laura Smith.

Vince Vaccaro with his hilarious novelty sized cheque.

Vince Vaccaro – “Costa Rice” (album edit)

Thank you Brett and Dave Wheaton Chevrolet for allowing me to use the Chevy Cruze on my adventure. Thank you to Vince Vaccaro and my freinds at the Peak and at Tom Lee for allowing my broadcast to run smoothly in Vancouver.  And the Victoria team of Bossman John, Boitano, Doug Marin, Jade, Webguy Bud and Russ for taking care of the project.

It takes a lot of people to make the radio go and the DJ is just one cog in the machine.

Go with yourself.

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A weekend in Twitpics!

Mads enjoying some ice cream backstage at The Blue Sky Festival

Afra, Mark and Vince Vaccaro getting ready for their set at The Blue Sky Festival.

Sunday, we headed to Sidney to see Jon and Roy! Sunny at the Sea.

A pic from Coral's phone. We hit Sea Cider for some patio drinking and farm life late on Sunday afternoon.

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On Friday, Victoria singer/songwriter Vince Vaccaro came by my radio show to co-host for the day. We shared some mighty times including a performance of his hit, “Costa Rica.” Kim from the Traffic Department made the journey down the hall from her office to sing with Vince. They used to be in choir together back in the day! Small world. Enjoy.

Mixcloud>> Interview and live performance: Vince Vaccaro
Tall Tree Festival

Go with yourself.

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My staycation be damned!  You’re getting a podcast.  The reason I was jazzed to come into the Capital Rock City studio so late on a Monday night was to share with you an interesting find.  My wife, Coral, was digging through some old boxes and found a burned copy of Vancouver band In Medias Res’ first ever rock show.  They performed “Best Kept Secret,” which is a crushingly great song.  Vince Vaccaro sent in a demo he is working on and the show ends with some harder rock from Black Hat Villain and new music from Great White Shark. Thank you for downloading my podcast, share it with a friend.

Download: Capital Rock City #89

Please tell a friend about the show to help me grow the weekly downloads and/or hit the RSS Feed to subscribe, or on iTunes in the podcast section, just search ‘Capital Rock City.’


DJ Notes

01) In Medias Res – “Best Kept Secret (Live)”
02) Vince Vaccaro – “Dawson City Anthem (Demo)”
03) Black Hat Villain – “My Generation”
04) Great White Shark – “There’ve Been Times”

When I first got into radio many moons ago, I had an indie rocker program on CiTR in Vancouver and my first paid gig was a place called CFUN.  CFUN was a groovy AM radio station back in the Paleolithic era, but by the time I was there it was basically the a place for infomercials, Dr. Laura and ghost stories at night.  My job was to punch a button or two every thirty minutes and for that I was paid the princely sum of $8 and hour.  The best of times.

I did this while attending broadcasting school at BCIT where I knew a guy named Ash Poon.  He applied for a job at CFUN and the boss man asked if I knew Ash and if he would make a decent worker… I said basically, “well he’s not meth addict… I don’t think,” and he was hired.  It also turned out that Ash was in a new band with a very progressive post rock vibe called In Medias Res and one day he left me a CD of a demo that they put together from a live show to play on my radio show or maybe it was to book a concert at the John B. Pub… either way, that CD survived and you are hearing my all time fave IMR song, “Best Kept Secret,” from their first ever love show… at a church I think?  At the beginning of the podcast you hear Ash about to say “all honour to the builder,” but he isn’t sure the mic is hot and yeah, it didn’t start with the bang that I am sure a young Mr. Poon would have liked.

The old CFUN splitter I lifted from Radiowest.

Go with yourself.

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Lots of great new music this week beginning with a new fave local group, Johnny Tango and their song “Hills.”  January’s Band of the Month, Dead Eyes Open sing about the impending Zombie holocaust.  Rorschach give a spirited desert/blues sounding jam and the show ends with Vancouver based Beautiful Places and Faces.  Thank you for downloading!

Come and Get it! Download: Capital Rock City #87

And remember friends, the refs start calling it our way when you subscribe and rate ‘Capital Rock City’ in the podcast section of the iTunes store or subscribe via this handy RSS feed.  I also post the show in Mixcloud if streaming audio is more your bag.


DJ Notes

01) Johnny Tango – “Hills”
02) Dead Eyes Open – “Newspapers and Empty Streets”
03) Rorschach – “Horns of War”
04) Beautiful Places and Faces – “Audrey”


Zoinks, I forgot to put a little sauce on the old vocal tracks and I am feeling sick, so they sound a little far away.

Johnny Tango is one of my new fave Vic rockers.  Dave sent me their “Hills” version 2, recorded by Mr. Jason Cook at Adam’s Infinity studio and I think this is a mighty song.  A great chorus, already stuck in my head and I sing all the time. “Where I come from, there are no hills.”  Total sci-fi nerd alien stuff going on here.

Dead Eyes Open are the Zone Band of the Month for the wet and warm month of January.  We’ll get a chance to see them perform their zombie apocalypse inspired rock at Evo on January 28th.  DEO are not the first artistic group to use the moniker “Dead Eyes Open” for a zombie product.  Check out this comic about a man who becomes a living dead but also has the headache of raising a kid and married life.  Oy-Vey!

Dead Eyes Open Comic

Also from the land of comics, Rorschach.  He was kinda of a big deal in The Watchmen.  Or maybe the boys were into Swiss towns?

Rorschach has a sound that reminds me of blues meets desert outlaw rock.

My final selection this week is Vancouver band with roots in Victoria.  When my sister used to work at the Whitespot on Quadra at MacKenzie.  The hostess was a young lovely named Kelly who we used to always try and hook up with our brother Matt.  No dice on the love connection, but Kelly did join a neat dreamy kinda rock band called Beautiful Places and Faces.  Lots of audio space, harmonies, pretty.

That’s all I got for this week.

Booked: Last week of January will be Forestry

Developing: Vince Vaccaro Live from a forest.

Go with yourself.

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This week I sit down with my man Aidan Knight (Maurice, Counting Heartbeats, Black Tie Social) to talk about his solo career and his upcoming CD release party at Lucky Bar (01/08). He brought some of his fave music including the first new song from Vancouver band In Medias Res is over 4 years! I hope you like the show and thank you for taking the time to download.

Download: Capital Rock City #86

and as always friends, I love and respect (and kinda need) you love, ratings and comments on iTunes.  Please search for, find and subscribe to Capital Rock City for free from the iTunes store.  For you fans of the RSS, here is the feed.

Other friends of Capital Rock City and include: Mixcloud and DoubleDance.  Thank you!


DJ Notes

01) Yukon Blonde – “Wind Blows”
02) We Are The City – “Time, Wasted”
03) Aidan Knight – “Jasper”
04) In Medias Res – “Tonight, I am New”
05) Black Tie Social – “Silver Screens”

Aidan came by to talk about his show coming up on Friday AND I am turning 30 this weekend… so I thought, that would be a good place to celebrate.

I haven’t had the chance to see In Medias Res in many years and was wonderfully surprised to hear they were back, active, recording AND coming back to Victoria around my birthday time.  fun.  They made a music video for the song I featured on the podcast.

Working on having The Forestry stop by the studio and Vince Vaccaro and I might go hike into the woods to record the next CRC LIVE from a Forest.

Hey, you’re alright.

Go with yourself.

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Its a Capital Rock City Christmas!  ho ho ho, merry Christmas, enjoy.

Download: Capital Rock City #85


DJ Notes:

01) Said the Whale – “The Weight of the Season”
02) Said the Whale – “Wanting like Veruca”
03) Colin McTaggart – “O Holy Night/Silent Night”
04) Vince Vaccaro – “Little Drummer Boy”
05) theset – “Christmas Song”
06) Vegan Holocaust – “Black Christmas”
07) The Blue Violets – “Blue Christmas”

Go with yourself.

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I woke up this morning to find a pile of shit in the middle of my kitchen floor.  How that pile shit came to be is a story with roots that stretch back to Friday night.



Friday night Coral and I had a date night.  It was payday, Margot took Mads for the evening, and the movie Pirate Radio was playing (fun movie BTW).

As luck would have it, I started developing a head cold Friday afternoon at work, but I didn’t want to cancel the first night in forever when Coral and I had a chance to hit the town, spend some money and have fun so I manned up and trudged on.

After the film, I was pretty sick and when we got home I crushed a cup full of NyQuil and headed off to dreamland.

The thing about NyQuil is that it is a horrible narcotic.  NyQuil is supposed to pass you the fuck out so can sleep well and get better medicine (that is what the commercial says right?)  But I just ended up having lucid dreams and at 4AM, I woke.  Sick  but very much awake.  I couldn’t sleep so I woke up and watched infomercials and music videos.  They still show videos on the TV overnight, neat.

I didn’t get any better and by 6AM I needed to sleep because I was working at The Zone.  I didn’t want to call in because I was already filling in due to the Zone being short staffed with holidays going on.  I trudged in and kinda half slept, half push buttons.  By 3PM, I was full on sleeping in the chair at the Zone and wiping snot off my face.

Sadness, Saturday night was my brother CJ’s 28th birthday.  I texted Coral and told her there was no way I’d be in shape for dinner, but if I slept maybe I could do the hockey game.

I came home had a little nap… then found the DayQuil.  Looking back now, I would call this the TSN turning point.  I felt like a regular champion and met up with the boys for CJ’s birthday feeling no pain.

A few beers and an S-Kings shutout victory later, I am at Sugar to see Armchair Cynics/Acres of Lions/Vince Vaccaro.  I am drunk… nothing out of the ordinary for a night club on  a Saturday night.

The show ends, its 1 o’clock in the morning, Coral’s sister drives me home.  I hang up my coat, put away my cell phone and wallet, lock up the house, gear down and climb into bed with Coral.

I wake up in the morning, go into the kitchen to get a pot of coffee going and to my shock and horror, someone… or some thing has shit smack dab in the middle of my kitchen floor.

I yell to Coral, “Coral!  Someone broke into our house last night and shit on the floor!  or like a dog maybe…”

“A dog didn’t shit on our floor, you did!”


“Well it makes sense, you peed on the floor in the bedroom.”

wow… Coral had to fill me in on what happened in the middle of the night.

As I said, I rolled into the apartment a bit after 1AM, geared down and went to bed.  But what really happened shocks and frightens me.

Coral says she woke up at 4AM to see me sitting naked on a stack of CDs in the corner of our bedroom.  It was dark and all she could make out were eyes that looked like a raccoon’s at night and my hand pushing my penis down as I urinated on the floor.  She screamed at me, “what are you doing?”  I answered back matter of factly, “going to bathroom.”

“On the floor in the bedroom?”


“well you are.”

That must have spooked me, she says I got up and ran out of the room like a naked jangly alien.  She said I went into the apartment and she could hear me crashing around and I was gone for some time.

I came back to the bedroom and crawled into bed like nothing happened.  Coral turns to me and asks, “why did you pee on the bedroom floor?”

I reply, “no I didn’t, don’t be crazy.”

“Yes you did, I saw you.  Right over there,” and points to the corner of the bedroom.  I get back out of bed, turn on the light and investigate.  Would you look at that, I peed on the floor of my own bedroom.  I then go back to the kitchen and return with a cloth and start cleaning.  Go back to bed.

I remember none of this.  I woke up this morning and was genuinely horrified to find dumps on my kitchen floor.  Coral said she can only imagine that it happened while I was crashing around when I ran out of the bedroom. She speculates that maybe I thought I was outside squatting.  But still, questions remain, are there any more surprises around our home? Is my sleepwalking something to expect in the future? And if so, can there be a way to corral me into the bathroom to do my deeds, or even a bucket somewhere?

DayQuil is a hell of a drug.

I am not one to get blackout drunk, but there have been times in my past where I’ve put on similar productions and almost all of them begin with me being sick, taking cold medicine, then drinking.

Many moons ago, my band had a show at The Cobalt and I was sick.  I swallowed a variety pack of sudafeds, DayQuil and whatever else was around.  The band headed down to the Cobalt and I started pouring back their cheap draught beer.  By the time it was Smut Peddlings Sam’s turn to rock the stage I was not me anymore, I was some other creature.  I don’t remember the set at all.  But it was one of the few shows we taped and it was both horrible and heroic.  I spent much of the set doing one of two things, screaming obscenities at the skids and punks watching our set or laying on my back doing a Jim Morrison free form thing.  It was terrible.

At one point, some guy was heckling the band and I stopped down and started calling him a Megadeth wanna be mother fucker or something.  He whipped out his dick and started flopping it about.  Then he picked up a chair and threw it at me.  So I grabbed the chair and hurled it back at him and the bouncers came and peace was restored.  Set continued.  I sang lyrics to songs we didn’t have, different words to the wrong song. A real rock and roll tragedy.

After the set I went up to Wendy the manager to apologize and she said, “are you kidding?  That was great!” and handed me a pile of money.


Then there was that time I was down at the beach in Gordon Head… but I think I’ve told enough embarrassing stories for a night.

Go with yourself.

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* picture stolen without a gun from NxEW Blog

Wow, Rifflandia is currently crushing Victoria and creating such a wonderful vibe in the city.

Mike Devlin wrote a better article about the energy of Rifflandia than I ever could so read that to get the jist of what is happening in our Garden City.

All this rock and roll coming through the port of Swartz Bay has been good for my radio show.  I was visited by no less than than 5 musical troubadours and ensembles.  I collected a few downloads for you today.  Please have a listen to the interview and music of Said the Whale and A Trophy Life.

On Monday I’ll post my interview with Champion and my interview and performances from Vince Vaccaro and The Dudes.

Download: Said the Whale Interview + Performance
Download: Said the Whale – “Camilo (The Magician)” [song]

Download: A Trophy Life Interview + Performance
Download: A Trophy Life – “Samsonite (I was Way Off)” [song]
Download: A Trophy Life – “New Song” [song]

I was very impressed by how great A Trophy Life sounded stripped down in the studio.  If you’re new to that band, their acoustic songs won’t disappoint so take a chance and download the tracks.

On Monday we’ll find out about The Dudes’ cursed BMX bike and what it did to the face of one of them, why they love Victoria (and hate Winnipeg), their new side project Dojo Workhorse a live performance.

Champion did not perform but the interview with him in good times with his crazy French Canadian accent.

Vince performs my favourite of his songs, “Costa Rica.”

Go with yourself.

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A day late a buck short… I’m writing the report… oh wow, Blink 182?  really?

Capital Rock City #71 is a couple days late, and I apologize to you passionate CRCers out there who wait breathlessly each and every week for your fix of some fine BC rock & roll.  Corj and I took Mads on a trip of the interior, then yesterday was just way too busy and I was sick and blah blah blah… yeah.

Today is the day, and I thank you for finding Capital Rock City and downloading the show.

Download: Capital Rock City #71


DJ Notes:

01) Vince Vaccaro – “Costa Rica (acoustic)”
02) A Trophy Life – “Samonite (I was Way Off)”
03) TV Heart Attack – “A/O”
04) Daniel Wesley – “Pilgramidge (live on The ZAS)”

Vince Vaccaro crafted a video for an alternate recording of one my favourite VV cuts, “Costa Rica.”  Whenever I play this song for someone they become a Vince fan.  Both my sister and Coral love the song.  The video is an excellent DIY creation and well worth about 3 minutes of your time.

The only thing Vince… I noticed a shot of Vancouver radio station The Peak 100.5, but no clips of The Zone?  next video I’m sure.

Our September Band of the Month ’round these parts is a group called A Trophy Life.  You can hit the Band of the Month PAGE on THEZONEDOTFM and download some songs for totally free man.

TV Heart Attack is a Vancouver band that I have featured on the show before.  Peak (and former Zone) music director James Sutton turned me on to the group.  They recently competed in the Peak’s Performance Project where they were a finalist.

TVHA’s new record is called Lost in the Sway and is available now at finer record stores or on iTunes.

On October 20th I will have been married for 9 days AND I’ll be able to get my paws on the brand spanking new Daniel Wesley record.  Before taking off on holidays last week, Daniel came by the Zone and recorded a song called “Pilgrimage.”

The shows today starts with a fine taste of the group Holy Fuck.  I love this group with features the dude from the band By Devine Right!  remember them?

Holy Fuck is going to be in Victoria for the Rifflandia Festival and as luck would have it, they are playing on the only night I have free that weekend to hit a rock show!  Rifflandia looks amazing this year and I wish I could check out more shows… I know a few Morning After Show readers would be interested in Sam Bradley yup, he’s playing too all you R Pattinson fans.

Next week on CRC 72 I am hoping to have the boys of Saul in the studio.  Steve of the band Rotterdam and his set of Vic metal for CRC 73 and then maybe Two and I will be ready for the special live acoustic CRC 74?  maybe?

That’s all I got, thank you for downloading Capital Rock City and if you like the show, please share it with a friend.

Go with yourself.

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